Rishikesh Vinyasa Yoga School is devoted to spreading the knowledge of yoga, Ayurveda, and acupressure. They provide one of the best and affordable yoga teacher training courses in the world.

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Yashpal Rauotela

Sarvottam Kumar

Mahesh Bhatt

Yogi Rajesh

Ajay Dasmana

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from United States, November 2018

The teachers for Vinyasa (Deepraj) and Ashtanga (Ram Negi) teachers were fantastic ... superb

Also the philosophy (Mohit) and (Saajan) meditation were phenomenal

Aisling Reid

from Ireland, October 2017

"The best experience!"

I had such an incredible experience at this school. The expertise and knowledge that the teachers instill in their students has left me feeling fully equipped and confident to teach yoga. The small class sizes means you get the individual attention you need to advance your own practice whilst learning how to take this knowledge home and apply it to your own teaching practice. The classes are hard but amazing, the perfect balance for pushing yourself whilst learning at the same time!

Mickaelis Karagianis

from Belgium, July 2017



from Australia, October 2018

"Beautiful 100YTT Experience in Rishikesh"

The quality of the training and instruction from teachers was amazing. It felt like I was part of a family during my 100 YTT. Every class was a delight. The food provided as also incredible and healthy - definitely adequate for the amount of vinyasa yoga and ashtanga that we were doing. I have never felt more physically fit after the two weeks I spent at RVYS. You develop a deeper appreciation for the philosophy of yoga and learn about a new meditation technique almost every day.

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Kristin Hinsberg

Rishikesh Vinyasa Yoga School's website

Coming here was one of best decisions of my life – no doubt in that!

When I decided to come Rishikesh and take 200 hours Astanga Vinyasa and Vinyasa Flow Teacher Course, my friends in Estonia were happy but a bit worried too. “Will you get really what you dream about?”, they asked. And hoped that I will.

Now I can say that I got 1000% more I hoped!

From first moment this course was challenging -either mentally and physically. I learned how to push myself out from comfort zone and give myself more stretch…more stretch….some moooooooooooore stretch, more strength, more flexibility – with loooooooots of sweating..and enjoying it! ☺ It taught me to get to know borders of my body and also the fact that there are no borders. But you cannot learn these things without friendly and very professional support from best teachers. That’s what our teachers were ☺. Whatever we did in Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga Yoga class and tested how far can we go, I felt all the time: nothing bad can happen with our spines, wrists or knees because we are in really good hands. It was good feeling and I would really devote to giving that feel to my yoga pupils in the future.

The course really turned me to a yoga trainer. Inexperienced and “green” yoga trainer but definitely trainer. It didn’t only teach how to do asanas yourself but also how to help others with asanas – how to correct others, different variations of asanas – for those who can’t do harder variant. It taught how to help and be with every person who may come to my own training class in the future. Thank you, Rajesh! And thank you,Yashpal!!! And thank you for not being only super-good teachers but also persons with warmest and caring soul!

The course was really like good yoga-shower within only a month: we were really taken “to roots of yoga” as much as possible with that short time. Thank you, Satpal, for trying to make us understand such huge and deep topic as yoga philosophy within only a month! You really gave us clear stair-steps to put our legs on – when we start climbing ourselves.

Meditation class was always one of biggest day-makers. As soon as Vicky entered to the class, the room was full of smiley sunshine. He made us chant mantras, he made us sing, he made us clapping our hands and laugh but at the same time he very professionally gave more understanding about different forms of meditation and meaning of meditation itself. Thank you,Vicky !

For me our anatomy teacher Ajay is a real “miracle-man”. There are over 600 muscles in a human body, there are bones in our bodies, nerves and ligaments and joints aaaand… . How to give 9 people orientation in all of that stuff! But what Ajay did? He just didn’t let us chance NOT to understand how our body works when making asanas: when and which and why different muscles are working and which way. How we use our bones and how they support us in different postures. He didn’t give us bunch of terms in in Latin language to study and know by heart the day after tomorrow. No! He made the topic logical and made us really understand the thing. And he also gave us so many useful tips about taking care our whole health , eating habits, drinking habits, sitting habits. It all helps us to become a better yoga trainer – I really feel it! And within all of that intensive and large topic Ajay always found warm heart and good humor for us. Thank you for that!

Thank you, teachers, for also introducing us Rishikesh! For taking us to different places in that beautiful holy town! Thank to Rishikesh Vinyasa Yoga School for really comfortable and cozy accommodation – it has become real Home! And to our chief – my stomach will never ever forget you!