Rishikesh Yog Dham yoga school is registered with Yoga Alliance USA, offering traditional Hatha Vinyasa yoga teacher training courses of all levels.

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27 Days 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India

Jun | Jul | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec, 2019
    from US$1,100
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    Instructors (3)

    Arvind Sharma

    Manoj Ji

    Mahesh Ji

    Reviews (15)

    Flavia Sgoifo

    from United States, May 2019

    "Amazing experience amazing people "

    I loved the school, the classes, the homemade food ( delicious with so many recipes, healthy,tasty and light) and the overall vibe. Everyone was so kind and made me feel like I was home. Ira, Sunil, Machech, Mj, Arvin, Vikas, chef and all the staff were amazing.

    Every time I needed something they would be there.

    Seriously best experience ever!

    I learned so much and had so much fun!

    Going back next year for my 300h

    Nina Buljakova

    from Japan, January 2019

    "I feel very happy and satisfied for all this experience! "

    I like all my clasmates and teachers. They were very nice and friendly. All stay brought me new knowledges and great vision for the future.


    from United States, January 2019

    "Wish I had gone to an authentic YTT"

    I liked being in India. I liked having a schedule for myself, though the school did not follow any real class schedule; it changed a lot, and often without notice. I liked Rishikesh, a lot. I liked the people in the city. Unfortunately, the people at this school are not from Rishikesh—they are “foreign” indians from different states. The yoga market is quite saturated in Rishikesh, and Indians from other places are moving there in literal flocks to open businesses like this one to turn a profit. Many people from my retreat were afraid to leave the gates of the school—so they never met locals, and never realized that Yog Dham is really just one of these many businesses, and is in no way authentic to the “yoga capital” of the world (Rishikesh). I can’t recommend Rishikesh as a city enough. If you want to study yoga, GO TO RISHIKESH. But make sure the school is run by locals. This school is not. Had I known before, I would have made a different choice. Luckily, after meeting people and doing research, I was able to take my final YTT testing, and received certificate from a much more highly esteemed establishment.

    Eryk Babyn

    from Poland, January 2019

    "Very very satisfied. Couldn't be happier with the experience"

    What did I like? Everything. Food was great, something unique and different everyday. The Dham staff were all positive, and helpful (Thank you Chef, Beem, Shyam, Sunil, and team). The rooms were comfy, with a neat balcony. The top yoga hall felt modern-sacred and a comfy place to learn and practice daily. The whole complex is in a very accessible location with many extra shops nearby.

    The instructors were excellent, if we willed to give our full attention, effort, and respect, they all gave back extra. Arvinji was an absolute wonderful main instructor, very kind and respectful, thorough with his knowledge and able to direct you in a honest manner towards your asana practice goals. Maheshji's philosophy classes were very informative and interesting, plus the daily satsangs were nothing short of a blessing. Manoji's graceful morning teaching along with his peace-emitting presence may have been the greatest treat my body/mind has ever received in the morning times. Prafulji's anatomy classes were well instructed and well informative, however, at times ending the class, experiencing him deliver genuine universal life lessons and guidance from his own path of wisdom is something I will cherish - for life. Iraji was very helpful throughout the month in being open to any question and helping us students succeed, kind-hearted and downright good human. Lastly, Barfy and Hero, no words can express the importance and value of their little furry roles with Yog Dham.

    Thank you.

    Nina Gibney

    from Sri Lanka, October 2018

    "An unforgettable experience "

    The entire school - including the teachers, accomodation, food and other students - was really incredible. I enjoyed every moment of the course and loved the diversity of the classes and how we were free to ask as many questions as we liked.

    The small class sizes were so great as it allowed you one on one time with teachers and also were perfect for fostering really close relationships between students (I made some great lifelong friends).

    Fatima and Arvin are incredible people and were so very caring when I became sick - they very kindly took me to a special doctor and made sure I had the correct treatment.

    I loved the classes with Manoj who is both an amazing teacher and person. He encouraged us to explore and made sure we saw the importance in not just asana but also pranayama.

    I would recommend the course to anyone thinking of joining! The actual school is also in a fantastic location overlooking the beauitful Himalayan hillside.

    Van Romano

    from United States, October 2018

    "Life changing. Totally surpassed my expectations."

    I came to Yog Dahm because i was interested in hiring a yoga instructor for a future business but felt i did not have deep enough personal knowlege of yoga to chose wisely. i thought i would take a yrt course, learn the basics and do it in Rishikesh. there were a ton of schools. i picked yog dahm based on the price and didnt really have much expectations for what it should be.

    that said i was shocked by the quality of instruction by Arvind, and all of the knowlege that my class gained from all of the teachers. i now know all the bones in the body and most muscles and understand much better exactly whats going on inside durring my yoga practice. It was so much more than just a yoga course, one month here has permanently changed my posture, my daily diet, enhanced my personal yoga practice, my life outlook and most importantly, i really feel confident to teach others yoga , want to do it, and know i am giving them good instruction! i didnt even know i wanted to teach until after this wonderful experience.

    last note the view was awesome from my room waking up to the mountains amazing and never got old.

    Ester De La Fuente

    from Spain, February 2019

    "The best: location and food"

    The best thing was the food, really tasty and made with love by the cooks who work very hard all day.

    The location is good too, close to Laxman Jhula bridge and all the shops, cafés... apart from the main road, so is not very noisy. And the rooms are comfortable, with hot water and enough blankets.

    The teachers are nice, but don't expect a high level in any of the subjects. The best teacher was Sunil (meditation), who is always smiling, happy, humble, content and tried to teach us different meditation techniques, including a meditation by the river, so nice!

    The school planned the extra activities for us (visit to a temple and nature arround, river rafting, Aarti ceremony by the river, cooking class), which was very nice.

    Torsten Richter

    from United States, January 2019

    "Amazing experience - happy with the choice of this school"

    Yoga teacher training at the Yog Dham school in Rishikesh was a really great experience for me.

    At the beginning I was a bit afraid that I’m not experienced enough for this course, my English is not good enough, my body is too stiff and so on. But after a few days my fears disappeared because all these points are not so important as our teachers explained and I enjoyed it more than I ever expected.

    The food was really very good. Of course you need to like to eat rice, curry and vegetarian food. All the meals are very healty and fresh prepared – perfect for cleaning your body from inside by eating no processed food at all.

    You should not expect rooms like in a 5 star hotel. The rooms are not very big but completely sufficient. Attached to the room is a bathroom. The room itself, the bathroom and the beds are nice clean and this is the most important thing.

    The group size with max. 15 students is in my opinion perfect. Not too many so that the teacher has still enough time to pay attention to everybody and not too small that you still have the possibility to get to know many people from different countries.

    For Sundays outings were organised for half a day– like Rafting on Ganges or sunrise in the Himalaya and the rest of the day was for your own disposal. All the outings were included in the price – really great.

    From the theoretical lessons I liked anatomy most because you learn so much about your body. I was always looking forward to this lesson. Philosophy was for me more..

    Agostina Calvo Deiber

    from United States, November 2018

    "Excellent experience"

    Since the beginning I was very well welcome, after 12 hours travelling they waited for me with tea and fruit.

    The location is perfect, only 7 minutes walking to the main shops.

    The building is very comfortable, each room has their own bathroom, with hot water.

    Food was Indian style, super yummy!

    Teachers are incredible and staff from reception and kitchen too. I was sick and they all took care of me, teachers and stafr, which made me feel like home.

    I had such a perfect experience in RYD that I'm already thinking about doing the 300hs course.

    Pierre Laujin

    from Great Britain, November 2018

    "Amazing TTC"

    I don't think I can convey into words the experience I had at Rishikesh Yog Dham. It might not have been perfect but the staff and teachers went out of their way to make sure we had the best experience possible. The location of the school is near enough the city centre and slightly out to enjoy a more quiet environment. The teachers, all of them, were excellent, knowledgeable and friendly. Yogesh,the anatomy teacher, is not on the list above but I want to pay him credit for his amazing teaching skills. The school staff was extremely kind and helpful. The Sundays activities were breathtaking. I was also lucky to be part of a great group where the other students were an inspiration. Many thanks to Ira and Arvind to make this TTC so wonderful.

    Denise Vanessa

    from Great Britain, January 2018

    I have just finished my 200YTT at YogDham and couldn’t be more happier, the teachers were all professional and with a vast and deep knowledge on Yoga, I can’t really tell who was my favourite has they all were great, always responded to our questions and doubts, a big thank you for all the patience U guys (specially during mahesh, Ajay, Manoj classes )had with us during our classes 🙏🏽 we weren’t easy sometimes😅 I have learnt a lot with you guys!! The yogDham team were Super, the boys where always available to help us, I had a broken window in my room when I arrived, it was very cold, but the boys fixed as quickly I complained with Fatima (who was the manager)and it was all good ( oh and I got a few extra blankets as well, it was like Sahara in the end LOL) the meals was too yummy, I even forgot I am not a vegetarian, food was served 3times a day, since I’m not used to eat a lot of savoury meals for breakfast, I’ve asked the chef to make me extra porridge everyday and they were happy with that, so I was sorted 👌🏽 I just wished we had a few extra lead classes with Arvind, he was our main asana teacher, amazing instructor and observer ( he wouldn’t miss any of our mistakes on our classes 🙈) and for that reason I wish we had had more classes with him. I truly recommend this school, if you are a mature, open minded person and a hatha Yoga practitioner you will love it more. Yes I’m returning for the 300YTT soon 😊

    Johanna Bruet

    from France, September 2017

    "Very good school and teachers"

    I really enjoyed the place, it is calm and the view is amazing! The yoga studio is great. The teachers are really good, passionate and experienced.


    from Belgium, September 2017

    "Time out to study."

    The friendly caring staff at all levels. The interesting course content and open approach to subjects. All aspects of the course where fascinating.

    Chris Vasquez

    from Czechia, July 2017

    "Awesome experience "

    Arvind and Manoj were exceptional teachers. Very fun positive vibes and an amazing staff. Course was challenging but not too extreme. You will walk away knowing how to properly teach yoga classes to a variety of skill levels. Food was exceptional--Im a huge meat eater and I was still enjoying the veggie dishes the whole time. Awesome decision to come here.


    from Canada, June 2017

    1. The people I met there, including fellow students, the staff and most teachers

    2. The food

    3. The school is a little away from the main road which makes it a bit more relaxing. It's still a very busy/noisy town.

    Overall good experience although quite expensive for what you get. In our group, the majority of the students did not feel ready to teach a class after the 200hrs.

    Testimonials (5)

    Tati Maria

    Rishikesh Yog Dham Facebook page

    I had a great experience at yoga dham! I was difficult choosing between the amount of schools in rishikesh and I am so happy with my decision. The teachers and staff are all very helpful and knowledgeable of yoga!

    Grete Flies

    Rishikesh Yog Dham Facebook page

    It is not easy to decide in which yoga school in Rishikesh you should follow your teacher training. If you choose Rishikesh Yog Dham, you get the best teachers: they are all very knowledgeable, specialized and skilled. They know what they are talking about. You can really ask them anything. Just like the management. If you need something or there is a problem: Every effort is made to help you. All the people working and helping there are very friendly and sweet. The rooms in Rishikesh Yog Dham are clean and cosy and all other spaces are well maintained. After the teacher training I came back again for extra lessons and also after that I got all the answers to my yoga questions remotely. I feel all set to be a teacher!

    Elodie Danjoux

    Rishikesh Yog Dham Facebook page

    Our experience at Rishikesh Yogdham was just amazing. All the teachers are very knowledgeable and they put their 100% when it comes to teaching yoga. We gained a deep understanding about what yoga really is and also about how to share this knowledge around us. The food was great and so healthy. Thank you again Rishikesh Yogdham for helping us start our yoga journey.

    Lisa Charron

    Rishikesh Yog Dham Facebook page

    I highly recommend this school. It is quite overwhelming with all the options in Rishikesh and I'm so glad I chose this school. The groups are smaller so you get much more special attention. Some other schools have large groups and you feel like a number and most never bothered to even get back to me. The admin at Yoga Dham is very responsive and attentive to your needs. The teachers are incredible each specializing in something specific. I loved the asana practice and pranayama in the morning. The anatomy teacher was very knowledgeable and the philosophy was beyond my expectations. I chose to study in India for this philosophical aspect and Mahesh was really great. Arvind is also very knowledgeable and you will start to learn how to teach early in the course. The rooms are clean, bright and have nice views and the food is delicious. I stayed an extra month and felt like family!

    Kate Moore

    Rishikesh Yog Dham Facebook page

    I really can't put into words just how lovely my experience was at RYD. The school is situated the perfect distance from everything you need (all in walking distance) the accomodation is great, the views are incredible of surrounding mountains & a beautiful paddy field. I learnt so much in just a month from all the teachers who were very, very knowledgeable in their subjects. I loved every single class. The food was delicious & they cater to everybody's needs. I look forward to returning for my 300 YTT in a couple months! :-)