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Rishikesh Yoga Prakash

Rishikesh Yoga Prakash is registered with Yoga Alliance USA for Hatha yoga training, yoga retreats, pranayama, meditation, yoga for beginners, and online yoga.

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Prakash Singh Bisht

Prakash is a native of Rishikesh, the birthplace of yoga. For over 10 years, he studied at many India's most illustrious yoga schools and under renowned yoga masters Shri O.P. Tiwari and Swami Rama. In that time, he gained deep knowledge and insight into yogic philosophy through the study of various traditional texts on Hatha and Raja yoga, Vedic scriptures, and modern science. While he has a deep knowledge of various yoga techniques, he specializes in yoga postures, yogic breathing patterns, deep relaxation methods, pranayama, yogic Sukshma Vyamas, and meditation.

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