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Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Koh Samui

The focus of this course is on anatomy, biomechanics, and physiology with additional relevant esoteric, psychological, and philosophical topics woven throughout to give a holistic approach. This course will directly and immediately impact your practice and your teaching.


  • Ashtanga-based framework
  • Full yoga and fitness program
  • Afternoon workshops and chanting
  • Pranayama, sitting meditation, and mantra practice
  • Full brunch and dinner buffets
  • 14 nights accommodation
  • Mineral drinking water


12 days with instruction in English
Spoken languages: English
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Samahita Retreat was established in 2003 on Koh Samui, and is known as the island’s hidden gem. Formerly known as ”Yoga Thailand”, the full service retreat center features 40 rooms, a detox and wellness center, and the celebrated health-food restaurant, Sattva Dining.

It is located in the south of Koh Samui, right on the beach. It is in a quiet area off the beaten track, with plenty of privacy and comforts, yet still close to markets and amenities. The beach is virtually ours alone, many rooms in our yoga retreat have a direct sea view, while the surroundings are lush and green.

Many of Koh Samui’s special attractions are down the south near the center, waterfalls to temples, and more. A walk down the beach brings you to the golden Laem Sor Pagoda of a realized Buddhist monk, whose force has drawn you to be established in this special spot.

The guest rooms are set back just over 50 meters from the water to provide you with a private community and greater security. A selection of our rooms enjoy this spectacular sea view, while others enjoy the tropical gardens scene.

Single superior room

Suitable for singles or couples. Approximately 35 square meters of personal space, which includes a private balcony. The room has a queen-size bed with individual reading lamps and personal built-in shelf space at the headboard.

Also included is a large writing desk, bookshelves, storage cabinet that can be locked and can accommodate even large laptops, hot-water kettle, medium-size fridge, built-in wardrobe with sufficient space for luggage, ceiling fans, and air conditioning. Fully equipped bathroom with large shower area and room for clothes hanging and drying.

Semi-private room

Suitable for family of four or two people sharing. Opening in July 2013, guests can enjoy approximately 25 square meters of personal space, including a private balcony.

Room features include a queen-size bed with individual reading lamps, writing desk, bookshelves, lockable storage cabinet, hot-water kettle, medium-size fridge, built-in wardrobe, ceiling fans, and air conditioning. The bedroom section of these rooms is private and includes a dedicated entrance as well as direct access to a fully furnished bathroom, which is shared between two rooms.

Share two-bedroom loft

Suitable for two people sharing or family of four. Approximately 50 square meters of personal space, which includes a private balcony. The room is split-level, with a loft. Each bedroom has its own private space. There is a fully equipped bathroom shared by both bedrooms. Some of these rooms are equipped with an outdoor rain shower.

Each bedroom has a queen-size bed with individual reading lamps and a personal built-in shelf space at the headboard. Also included is a large writing desk, bookshelves, storage cabinet that can be locked and can accommodate even large laptops, hot-water kettle, medium-size refrigerator, two wardrobes with sufficient space for luggage, two ceiling fans, and air conditioning.

Deluxe suite

Samahita Retreat only has two deluxe one bedroom suites located in the most private building closest to the sea. They have a private bedroom, living room, fully equipped kitchen, generous bathroom, and an extra large balcony. Both suites offer a modern open living room with sofa bed, television, working desk, and DVD / iPod stereo. They are perfect for a family or couple.

Samahita Retreat Yoga Teacher Training Program

Advanced yoga teacher certification

Centered Yoga offers two-week advanced yoga certification courses, open to all students, which focus on a specific area of study. For those who have completed the education in yoga foundation course, each of these courses is credited as an extra module adding toward the Yoga Alliance 300-hour level and the official Centered Yoga 1100-hour yoga teacher training standard.

Paul Continuing Education yoga training courses require some measure of maturity and commitment and are open to all students with a sincere interest in growing more in yoga. The morning asana practice is a basic component of these courses. Pranayama will be introduced to new students; returning students will continue to move forward in their pranayama practice.

The purpose of these courses is to go deeper in practice and continue studies in philosophy, anatomy, and other related areas.

These are two-week residential workshops that focus on a specific area of study related to the yoga practices. Each two-week period is a 100-hour module that counts as on-going education in advanced teaching and the Yoga Alliance and Centered Yoga programs. All the courses are all Inclusive of food, accommodation and training, allowing you to focus on practice and learning.

Though the courses have practical value (i.e., increasing one’s teaching qualification), their real purpose is to bring the student deeper in their understanding of yoga through direct personal experience and practical knowledge. As such, these programs are open to all interested and sincere students, whether they are teaching or not.

The morning asana practice is included in all courses. Pranayama will be introduced to new students, while returning students will continue to build on their personal practice. The point is to focus on practices and to deliver new knowledge in anatomy and physiology, philosophy, and other related areas.

Last year’s course involved detail on specific movements in asana, some adjustments, and the elements of sequencing; this year’s course will continue in the same manner to bridge the gap between theory and application to teaching and practice as per below. Additional topics will be covered in 2017. Topics include:

Asana and movement study

  • Recap and continue building the specific movements of transitions and actions, counter-actions of asana; this course will focus on foundational asanas samahita, mysore, anatomy, cetof, Asthanga, and Vinyasa
  • Recap and go deeper into specific research (preparatory) poses for not yet accessible or deeper asana, then using appropriate adjustment techniques based on this understanding
  • Dedicated workshops on safe progression of back bending, (including when to begin working on drop backs) and preparing the hips for safe lotus based asana
  • Detailed asana study and adjustment clinics of the key floor asana from the primary and intermediate series of Ashtanga; participant dependent and level appropriate; participant requests to review particular adjustments will be covered as time permits
  • Those students who would like to learn additional specific adjustments, get adjusting experience and receive guidance in a live setting, will be scheduled to assist and learn from the teachers in the morning mysore practice

Adjustment techniques, an introduction to somatic education

  • Recap of how to identify strain in the body and choosing the correct teaching method to help the student release it
  • Discuss soft tissue vs. structural alignment
  • Applying different physiology-based techniques in adjusting, such as proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), neuromuscular activation and dynamic movement in teaching and adjusting; when to use and what asana are appropriate

Overview of physical injuries and yoga

  • What is classified as an injury? What is pain?
  • The pathway of injury and factors that increase risk
  • Discussion on research findings of the most common areas of injury in asana, what may cause these injuries and how to modify for and work with them
  • Psychology of physical injury


  • Recap and continue to work on sequencing for personal practice and teaching.
  • Using the Ashtanga Vinyasa system as a framework, learn how to tailor your teachings to the specific requirements of a class (time, location, level, audience, etc.).
  • Learn how to modify your own personal practice as life changes.
  • Experience practical sequencing of core based yoga class, yoga for back health, yoga for anxiety and stress, and yoga for depression

Supplementary curriculum

  • Practical yoga and Buddhist philosophy, psychology - discuss how the philosophical teachings can be appropriately introduced in a class setting to help students in practice and life
  • Chanting - work with the concentration technique of sound and mantra; some of the afternoon sessions will cover introductory Sanskrit


The morning session will be devoted to practice with a 45-minute pranayama practice and a 30-minute sitting meditation and mantra practice. This will be followed by asana practice. Most asana will be Mysore or self-practice with some applied led classes. If your practice is other than Ashtanga you are still welcome. If you do not have a dedicated asana practice then you may join a daily led class with one of the other teachers. The afternoon will focus on asana study, practical sequencing, movement workshops and restorative practice. Within this time will be the lecture focus for the day coupled with your questions and answers to the best of the teacher’s ability. In the evening will be a mixture of personal time, related videos, further sitting practice and chanting.

How it works

The continuing education advanced training is available in modules. These modules are residential and take place over a period of either one or two weeks at Samahita Retreat, Koh Samui. Successfully completed, each module earns course credit of either 50 or 100 hours. These hours accumulate to make up the required 300 hours needed to for RYT-500 designation. Yoga Alliance will also request 100 hours of teaching experience. All 300 hours must be completed at one registered yoga school.


In addition to your 200-hour foundation yoga teacher training, 300 hours continuing education training modules are required to apply for the RYT-500 designation. Students who have received 200-hour certification from another school will need to state this in the application form and send Samahita Retreat a copy of their Yoga Alliance certificate.

One of these modules must be advanced anatomy, one must be pranayama. The third module can be in philosophy, pranayama, or advanced asana. The student must successfully complete all three of these modules, which means attending all sessions, continuing to practice, and participating in the teaching -assisting sessions.

The student can complete more than three modules and continue to rise toward the Centered Yoga 1100-hour level. For both Yoga Alliance and Centered Yoga, the necessary modules for the 300-hour level need to be completed within a three-year period from the date of taking the first advanced module.

Daily schedule

  • 07:00 Morning tea followed by seated practice: day opening, mantra, pranayama
  • 08:00 Asana practice: Ashtanga Vinyasa mysore style
  • 10:00 Brunch buffet
  • 15:00 Practical anatomy education sessions
  • 17:00 Q&A and applied practical session, restorative practice
  • 18:00 Dinner buffet, steam room available
  • 19:30 Optional evening program; video, tratak, kirtan, or meditation

The program begins at 17:00 on the first day of the retreat with a group welcome and departure is at 12:00 on the last day.

The schedule is subject to change at the discretion of the teacher. Sunday will be a half-day and Saturday free after morning pranayama practice.


Ellone Stockton
As Elonne's understanding of the practice grows, she feels more and more like a beginner, and she is excited to continue this journey. She feels blessed by the opportunity to teach at Samahita Retreat, and she is extremely grateful for the chance to help others while she continues her own studies
Arielle Nash – Degagne
Combined with a committed regular practice, Arielle's education has enabled her to apply knowledge on yoga as therapy, the science of pranayama, and rebuilding faulty biomechanics into her yoga teaching, guiding practitioners toward a better understanding of their physicality. As a course presenter, she has the ability to explain complex information in an interesting, practical and easy-to-understand format.


Koh Samui is a tropical island located in the Gulf of Thailand. It is a beautiful place possessing lush jungles and white sand beaches, surrounded by sapphire-blue sea. Situated in a high energy zone, Samui and its surroundings has a direct effect on yoga and meditation, an ideal environment in which to focus, practice, and grow.

The training takes place at Samahita Retreat, a facility developed specifically by Paul Dallaghan of Centered Yoga for the teachings in the classical lineages of yoga and meditative practice. Opened in 2003, it is dedicated to the practice and teaching of yoga, health, and well-being.



  • Shopping
  • Spa
  • Steam room
  • Swimming
  • Swimming pool


  • Concierge desk
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Garden
  • Luggage room / storage
  • Terrace


  • Baby sitting
  • Free Wi-Fi


Full brunch and dinner buffets are included in the price of the training. Get your taste buds tingling with Samahita Retreat’s fresh and healthy dining. Drawing upon Ayurvedic principals, Samahita uses organic and local produce to create food prepared with love and delicious Thai flavours.

Sattva dining and juice bar

Great emphasis is placed on the importance of food at Samahita Retreat. It serves a dual purpose of healthily nourishing the body and mind while also delighting the senses through great taste and variation.

The food philosophy is based on the principle of “Sattva”, a Sanskrit term that means pure and light with a basis of easy to digest. The emphasis is on natural ingredients including yoghurt, kefir, soy milk, coconut milk, pieces of bread, jams, muesli, and breakfast juices all homemade daily.

Juice bar and healthy homemade sweet treats

Samahita Retreat has a full-service juice bar serving up all types of juices, including home grown organic wheatgrass, in addition to a variety of blended shakes. Guests can radically boost their well-being and change mental and emotional states by consuming good water, fresh juices and homemade, healthy treats.

Fresh juices, especially wheatgrass, can aid in detoxifying the body by restoring alkaline balance and reducing or curing many common ailments that people suffer from today. For those with a sweet tooth freshly made cookies, energy balls, muesli bars, and ice-cream are all created using pure, unprocessed ingredients.

Things to do (optional)

Samahita Retreat has taken all the elements of the programs and tailored them to fit and support your fixed date teacher training. You can choose from the detox, de-stress, weight loss or wellness spa programs; giving you the chance to enjoy massages, coaching sessions, and various detoxifying treatments.

Spa treatments

The use of a herbal steam room is included in the price of the retreat. You can also relax and enjoy the range of wellness spa add-on programs, designed to nourish body and soul. Choose from a range of massage, beauty treatments, and detoxifying therapies to compliment your time.

What's included

  • 14 nights accommodation
  • Full brunch and dinner buffets
  • Full yoga and fitness program
  • Herbal steam room
  • Mineral drinking water
  • Salt water swimming pool
  • Service charge
  • VAT government tax

How to get there

Driving directions from Koh Samui

  • From the Koh Samui ring road 4169, take road 4173 at the Namuang waterfall intersection.
  • Follow the road for three kilometers until the 4-way intersection at Ban Thale and then turn right on to road 4170 towards Laem Sor Pagoda or Thong Krut.
  • Continue for approximately one kilometer, and then turn left where you see signs for Mor Din restaurant, Easytime resort, and Samahita Retreat, fawn colored back- light sign.
  • After 700 meters, you will arrive at the end of the road on the beach and the location of Samahita Retreat.
  • The reception is right on the beach while the guest accommodations are on the opposite of the beach.

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK).

Arrival by train

From Bangkok to Samui, trains for Surathani (which actually stop in Phun Phin, 14 kilometers west of Surathani) leave from Bangkok’s Hualamphong station. The 6:20 p.m. (rapid) and the 7.15 p.m. (express) trains are most convenient, as they arrive at 5:28 a.m. and 7:00 a.m., allowing you plenty of time to catch an 8:00 a.m. boat to Koh Samui.

The bus and ferry journey will be an additional three hours once you’ve arrived in Surathani. Songserm offers a joint ticket (train plus bus plus boat) for around 1,300 THB, which lands you in Koh Samui by 11:00 a.m.

The ferry journey from Donsak pier is one and a half hours. Donsak is 30 minutes from Surathani.

Tickets for the train can be booked at Bangkok Airport, Bangkok Railway Station, and many travel agencies in Bangkok.

To purchase your train tickets in advance, Asia Discover Thailand can arrange for the tickets to be mailed or to be picked up at your Bangkok hotel. Allow at least one month before your departure date to arrange for train tickets.

Arrival by boat / ferry

From Samui to Bangkok, take the 2 p.m. boat from Nathon to the mainland, and a connecting bus will take you from the pier to the train station in Surathani.

Tickets purchased from agents in Samui normally include the boat, bus, and train fares. The ticket is cheaper if you go to the station yourself, but there is a good chance the train will be fully booked as much as a week in advance.

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