School of Sacred Arts

The School of Sacred Arts is a Yoga Alliance registered yoga school offering teacher trainings, retreats, and workshops throughout the world.

Yoga Teacher Training (1)

Instructors (3)

Simone MacKay

Simone is trained with Yoga Arts in Australia before teaching throughout the greater Asian realm, she loves enjoying the simple, free, and romantic life of a traveling Yogini. Initially inspired by Ashtanga, then she moved on to study Vinyasa flow and Yin yoga before founding the School of Sacred Arts (SOSA). Later that, she dive into yoga Nidra in order to share the gift of yoga more deeply. She is increasingly drawn to nature-based spirituality, and she bring this essence into her yoga practice, teaching, and holding space with a gentle grace in her training.

Leticia Tika Qantu Sideris

A 5th generation member of a shamanic tradition from Chachapoyas, Leticia has studied, trained and practiced with various indigenous tribes in Venezuela, Columbia and Peru for close to a decade. She now holds medicine as well as sweat lodge ceremonies for the Sacred Valley Tribe, with strong, motherly energy, a blooming feminine wisdom and exquisite music. Leticia is a Moon Dancer and pipe carrier in the Mexican tradition of Teotiuacan. She holds Women’s Circles around the pipe arising the prayers for sisterhood, care and love for Mother Earth and all sentient beings.

Paul Temple

With degrees in botany and education, Paul, an avid rock-climber and secondary-school teacher, traveled to India, where he lived in an ashram for fourteen years, studying yoga, meditation and Sanskrit. Arriving in Peru in 1999 to explore the shamanic use of traditional plant medicines, Paul now owns and operates the Hummingbird Retreat Centre (together with his partner Suzanne) based on the principles of sacred geometry and designed to support the ceremonial use of Huachuma (San Pedro Cactus) as well as the integration of this ancient tradition into contemporary life.

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