Be with your soul in the middle of nature with flowers, sun, green grass, and a quiet environment making you ready to find yourself.

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Semida David

Calin David

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Svetlana Saenkova

from Germany, December 2020

"Beautiful mountain area, exciting and transformative course"

In this course I definitely liked:

1. The unique program: tantra, Dattatreya philosophy, Bardo Thodol, mudras and advanced pranayamas, yoga therapy, laya, nidra, kundalini...

2. Yoga as everyday life: I emphasize that on this course you won`t feel yoga as old dead teaching centuries ago. Semida shared with us lots of info and documentaries as reflection of Yoga in our everyday life. It encourages and enlightens much.

3. Certainly, yoga practice: it was the valuable and transformative experience with Calin.

4. Nature integrity: garden and mountain environment. Thank you for the unforgettable and delightful mountain tours. Also my lovely greetings to Kali (the smart and beautiful cat I got to live together) and to Janu (big black dog, loving and hugging the good people).

:) To conclude, the overall course atmosphere is very friendly, homely and open-minded. I had my wow-effects. I got my individual yoga growth and further spiritual transformation. Having it, no doubt, I became more confident now and enriched as the yoga teacher after 200H. My sincere gratitude, Semida & Calin!

If you`re looking for knowledge expansion, personal growth and intuitive profound transformation as a yoga master, the content but not "label" (popularity, fashion); if you look for the true yoga masters that simple and kind people, living in nature, exploring the multidimensional space, sharing from heart, in alignment to 8 yoga limbs, experiencing the One concept, then this is a right course for you!

L. Talianu

from Great Britain, September 2021

"Life changing Yoga teacher experience! 1000% totally recomme"

Wow ❤! I could write a book about how wonderful and life changing the program was! Everything from the location, the food and the accommodation are absolutely perfect 🥰. Calin'Ji is a true master of Yoga ( Asthanga and Hatha ) . Semida classes about Yoga philosophy ,meditation and chanting mantra where an absolute bliss. Anatomy classes where fun and eye opening, thank you! I truly feel confident and ready to teach after the 200 program. Calin and Semida pranayama classes helped me a lot and already after 3 weeks I'm a changed person. I sleep better, I breathe better, now I'm starting to truly understand my purpose in this life and I'm 100% ready for this blessed journey 🙏 🙌 ✨. I've learned so much already , Asthanga classes where so much fun, Hatha classes where both spiritual and intense, I loved ❤ every second I spent here. The house is amazing, Yoga classes are both indoor and outdoor, the garden outside is massive and full of trees, flowers and fruit trees everywhere 🥰. They have beautiful dogs and cats around the property, the Aries river is a 5min walk, or you can start walking up the mountain straight from the back garden. The energy of the place ✨ and the teachers ✨ is absolutely divine ✨ 💖. Next week I'm back in London and I'm already starting to teach yoga 🧘‍♂️ all thanks to this beautiful and well thought program. I highly recommend the program and I'll definitely be back for the 300 and 500 ! Thank you! 🤗.

Carmen Enescu

from Romania, July 2021

"Get the Experience from Shanti Spiritual Center"

I was glad to see that in Romania you can learn the concept of Yoga with an absolutely authentic spirit coming from the culture and philosophy of India and Nepal. Coaches Calin and Semida have a special connection with yogic philosophy and teachings. Everything was superlative. A busy program, but full of asanas, Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga and culture, meditation, anatomy, mantras and good mood. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Vanessa Jorgensen

from Spain, May 2021

A beautiful and peaceful retreat lost in the mountains, with a huge emphasis on spirituality and on yoga in it's pure traditional sense. Semida and Calin have practiced and studied yoga for many years in India, and have truly dedicated their lives to the teachings of yoga. For some students this could be intense, especially since the pregnancy aspect is a very emotional one. There is meditation, mantra chanting, asanas, pranayama and shatkarma practice, along with the yogic beliefs which can be very challenging alongside a western ideology. However, after taking part in this course, I must admit that it has made me a more reflective yoga teacher, with a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of what I actually am teaching. I now feel comfortable having pregnant women in my classes, and further more feel like I have learned tools that can help them long before, during and after their pregnancy.

Nicoleta-daniela Mohor

from Great Britain, June 2019

"200h Yoga Teacher Training in Apuseni, Romania"

Everything was fabulous: the accomodation, the facilities, the food was amazing and the teaching session absolutely excellent. The teachers shared the knowledges with all their heart and attention to details. I would definitely recommend this YTT to all willing to pursue this path that transforms life.