Shiva Retreats is a professional multi-style yoga school in Arambol, Goa, India, doing Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Nidra, Acro, and meditation breathwork.

Yoga Teacher Training (9)

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    Shivayogi Diggimath


    Cole Conner



    Lisa Marieke

    Akshata Jha


    Akshata Diggimath

    Reviews (25)

    Jasmine Rosal

    from United States, June 2024

    "Great and knowledgeable instructors"

    The depth of technical knowledge and experience of the instructors are some of the best I’ve witnessed in all my years practicing yoga. From teaching pranayama and asana, theory lessons, and instructions on adjustment and alignment techniques, each instructor demonstrated strength in their area of expertise.

    I was equally impressed by the instructors ability to keep the class engaged, exercise patience, show grace, and most importantly, create an environment where students feel safe and confident in their yoga practice and learning journey.

    Aakanksha Kunder

    from India, May 2024

    "Highly recommended for budget friendly yoga course"

    The yoga course was so beautiful. I gained so much knowledge. The didis cooked and took care of us so well that I felt I was at home away from home. The management was so sweet and took care of all my requirements and made me feel safe at all times. Learnt so much from all the teachers including the deeper philosophies of yoga, pranayama, understanding of anatomy and how to perfect my asana practice.

    The banyan tree visit and the sauna were also so good. There were only few students when I got there but I connected with all of them so well. Shiva Yoga has created the vibe of a community that we all need in today’s age and day. I am so overwhelmed and overjoyed with everything.

    100% recommend it.

    Macarena Marcos Willer

    from Australia, May 2024

    Andrea Balazova

    from India, May 2024

    "Sound healing teacher training"

    I finished 7-day 50 hours TTC and I absolutely loved my lead teacher Sonia. She was very genuine and shared lot of knowledge and her own experiences from the world of sound healing. I feel that in 7 days I learned so much. Big thanks to other teachers Varun, Aditya, Ali and Rashmi. They were all amazing with many years of experience and had answers to all my questions. Manager Rajat was incredibly helpful with all my needs and Akshata as well.

    Anita Pardeshi

    from India, May 2024

    "NOT the place for retreat. Budget constrainTeachertraining"

    Love the people I met. Beautiful souls travelling to India to learn and grow spiritually. Trainers Bhagyashree and Yashswani were great. I am taking these good memories with me.

    Josephine Warkocz

    from India, April 2024

    "The yoga classes were very challenging and I learned a lot! "

    It’s a really nice community!

    Katie-lee Swan

    from Australia, April 2024

    "Shiva Yoga 200hr YTT"

    Shiva and his team make you feel like the shala is your home. It may not be the fanciest, however their training and what they have created here comes from the heart and that is what matters. Excellent value for money and a great experience.

    Nathalie Schmidt-hanssen

    from India, March 2024

    "The most and best authentic playful yoga teacher training"

    If you are looking for the best and most developing yoga school in Goa, then this is the place for you!

    If you are looking for the best and most developing yoga school in Goa, then this is the place for you!

    Hvis du leter etter den beste og mest utviklende yogaskolen i Goa, så er dette stedet for deg!

    If you are looking for the best and most progressive yoga school in Goa, this is the place for you!

    Hvis du leter etter den beste og mest progressive yogaskolen i Goa, er dette stedet for deg!

    The energy and experiences I am left with are indescribable. The staff and teachers go the extra mile to give you the best experience. No matter how many of you are in your group, you will be heard and seen. The asana practice was challenging and varied enough to give you the experience you need on the way to becoming a teacher. The location and circumstances are beautifully peaceful. The food was lovely as always. Last time I was in Goa I took my 200 hours where Shiva was the teacher and (dear best kind) Gita the cook worked. It was there that I fell in love with Shiva's soul and approach as a teacher. There was no doubt where I was going to take my 300 hours when he said he was going to open a school. This is the best school to choose, you will not be disappointed. I feel very confident and enlightened about the way forward as a teacher. This is a unique authentic place that MUST be experienced. Shanti shanti, Namaste.

    Camille Marchand

    from France, March 2024


    🙏 what a beautiful experience 🙏 I stayed 28 days at shiva yoga and did 300h course. The teachers are all wonderful, each of them are bringing their own personality in their approach of teaching, Shiva is an amazing yoga teacher with his playful authenticity, Vinnie classes are challenging yet she has a way to motivate us and she is stunningly precise, Akshata is very humble but she knows so much about so many subjects and she is a beautiful being! Akshata (shiva’s sister) is also a great yoga teacher and amazing manager also a beautiful being! Krissy is a real arambolian and a magical woman! The rest of the staff have also been amazing teachers, thank you for making this place so special! 🙏 The food is fresh and healthy, prepared with love by wonderful women ❤️

    The place is located near the town (you can easily walk there in under 30min or get a scooty to be able to explore more) there is a heavenly cafe with a pool just 5 min walk from the shalla when you need a slice of raw vegan cake and want to listen to good live music. Arambol is a super fun place to visit, there are plenty of healthy activities to do like extatic dancing, sauna, visit banyan tree, beach… really safe also! Thank you again Shiva yoga I have learned so much ❤️ much love to you all ❤️

    Petra Luley

    from India, February 2024

    "Amazing experience :)"

    Beautiful private area surronded by nature. Very calm and soothing :) The shala provided nice shadow and enough space for all of us.

    Delucious indian food was cooked fresh by local ladies, nyami.

    Teacher were experienced and patient, trying to fit in the level and energy of the group.

    I pretty like the whole experiene.

    Eniko Schonstein

    from Great Britain, February 2024

    "Perfect place to dive deep in yoga, meditation, ayurveda"

    They have excellent instructors. We were spoilt with good quality of food. Energy is very high in the place where we did yoga and meditation. We learned a lot here. Accommodation is very good, relaxing, in nature. Excellent place to dive deep into yoga, meditation, ayurveda. We had a colourful program organized for us. I can recommend this yoga place if you'd like to be a yoga teacher or if you would like just to practice yoga, meditation or to know more about the magic of ayurveda.

    Lisa Marieke

    from India, February 2024

    "Best yoga school and teachers in Arambol!"

    De yoga lessen waren uitdagend, dynamisch en creatief. Elke les was anders, maar gaf me altijd een enorm voldaan gevoel achteraf. De sfeer en community rondom de yogaschool is heel fijn, ik heb vrienden voor het leven gemaakt.

    Anna Romanowska

    from Great Britain, February 2024

    "Beautiful quiet space"

    I like the space as it was in a quiet area, the people were lovely, the food was good and not too spicy.

    Marvin Moeller

    from Sri Lanka, February 2024

    Ich war rund um begeistert von dem Kurs! Man merkt direkt wie viel liebe in die neue Location geflossen ist und das alle Lehrer auch wirklich mit herz dabei sind :) Gerade die Yoga und Meditationspraxis am Morgen haben mir sehr gut gefallen. Das vermittelte Fachwissen in alignment & Anatomie war sehr tiefgreifend und interessant. Durch die vielen Zusatz Aktivitäten konnte ich meinen Urlaub wirklich gut nutzen und hatte das Gefühl mit den anderen Teilnehmern ein tolles Gruppen Gefühl auf zu bauen während wir Arambol entdeckt haben :) ich würde diesen Kurs jedem empfehlen!

    Dayana Dimitrova

    from Bulgaria, February 2024

    "Loved my experience with Shiva Yoga"

    The yoga school is in the nature and it is very green with amazing nature inside and around. The environment is so calm, so it is perfect immerse in the spirit of yoga.

    I loved all of the teachers. Amazing people. They were very knowledgeable while also open to learn and go deeper in their fields.

    Management takes feedback to heart and is fast to accommodate and improve.

    Delicious balanced vegan meals. Good think was that kitchen was always available to us even outside of the normal hours.

    Marina Casas Vazquez

    from Finland, February 2024

    "Expansive community and safe experience "

    I like the warming atmosphere and how my feelings and necessities were taken care of. The teachers are very supportive and wise, and patient. Shiva's yoga practices were super inspiring and balancing. He is very connected to himself and that creates a protected reflection outside in the shala.

    Also all the activities that are integrated within the retreat like ecstatic dance, sauna and exploring the local hidden treasures add a lot of value to this yoga school.

    They really took care for the ceremonies , the music and the deepening into the Indian fillosofy and healing methods.

    I enjoyed a lot myself and I got the perfect balance from a yoga course and a holiday.


    from Germany, December 2023

    "Yoga love"

    I liked the Atmosphere and the great teachers. Everyday 2 times Yoga and other courses that are offered (Sound healing, Percussion,...). Thankful for that month.

    Diane Freche

    from India, November 2023

    "Very nice place with lovely people"

    J’ai adoré l’accueil chaleureux de Shiva et des autres intervenants. Tout est fait pour que l’on vive une belle aventure transformatrice. Étant déjà prof de yoga j’ai apprécié la qualité des enseignements et leurs profondeurs. Je reviendrais pour pratiquer ! Merci encore Shiva Yoga 🥰🫶🏻

    Manon Baptiste

    from France, November 2023

    "Quelle expérience ! "

    J’ai adoré l’esprit très familial, la propreté des lieux, le professionnalisme des intervenants, la diversité des activités, la séance de sound healing après le yoga du matin, la variété et les saveurs des repas, le fait d’avoir le choix tous les soirs d’aller se baigner à la mer, tout le monde est à l’écoute c’est top !

    Lukas Ridstrom

    from Great Britain, November 2023

    " A homely yoga experience!"

    Coming to Shiva Yoga at Dragonfly is like being invited into a warm loving family. The experience is filled with adventure, excursions, beautiful facilites, awesome welcoming people, some incredible home cooked food and an abundance of yoga. It's is a fun way to deepen your yoga practice in a place that feels instantly like home. The teachers have a wealth of knowledge and experience that they are eager to share and just do happens to be some of the most beautiful souls I have had the pleasure of meeting. There is access to the open spaces to explore your own yoga practice after, before and inbetween school hours. Didi the amazing house cook provide some of the best food in India and has been willing to share her recipies and cooking practice if one has an interest in such things. I would highly recommend Shiva Yoga to anyone who wants to do a YTTC with an experience to remeber in an environment that has the feel of a loving family!

    Ayaka Wetzel

    from Germany, November 2023

    "300h YTTC in arambol, Dragonfly Shiva yoga"

    Amazing experience! I enjoyed every Part of this YTTC, learning from kompetent teachers, deepening my practice, having fun in the different and unique workshops, the amazing food and just generaly enjoying with the group.

    I had a very comfortable stay, the dorms had good beds and it was a very nice building, with a nice calming and welcoming energy. We spent most days having the classes and doing some fun activities like learning body percussion, going to the beach and joining drum circle, Sound healing at the beautiful banayan tree, ecstatic dance and different ceremonies.

    I definitely recommend doing a course at Shiva yoga if you want to connect with others and yourself. <33

    Thankyou so much to everyone who helped creating this space!!

    Olivia Healy

    from Great Britain, October 2023

    "Beautiful Yoga Journey"

    I had such an amazing experience on my Yoga journey! Shiva went above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome, it felt like a family. The course content was great with a mixture of physical practices, philosophy, anatomy, and ayurveda lessons. We even took part in surprise classes which included gardening, sound healing, body percussion and ecstatic dance. Every day felt busy and fulfilled and it was so nice to be doing it with such a lovely group of people.

    The food was amazing! Didi cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner for us 6 days a week and I felt I really got a taste of Indian cuisine - we even had a cooking lesson one night.

    The location was beautiful, I would have my morning cup of tea outside and be surrounded by the beautiful sights of the jungle. The shops/beach were a 10-minute scooter ride away and we often spent our evenings chilling there, sometimes taking part in the local drum circle and dancing.

    I felt Shiva Yoga was a great start to my Yoga journey and would recommend it to anyone wanting to deepen their practice in a relaxed atmosphere with a community feel.