Shiva Tattva Yoga is a group of yoga professionals offering Yoga training programs based on Yoga Alliance standards and providing meditation and yoga retreats.

Yoga Teacher Training (6)

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28 Days 300-Hour Yoga TTC in Rishikesh, India

Available from March till December
    from US$2,050
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    Instructors (1)

    Yogi Sachin Om

    Reviews (3)


    from Austria, December 2018

    Great location, nice teachers and staff members, i loved the training!

    David Blomdal

    from Indonesia, February 2019

    "Great course!"


    Testimonials (5)

    Ashley Gadoury

    Shiva Tattva Yoga website

    It is hard to put into words, but I will try. I had the privilege of being mentored by yogi Sachin over a 6-week course. It was absolutely life changing - a priceless experience, one which I will be forever grateful for! There are so many yoga schools in Rishikesh so of course, it's hard to for best one. The technical side of the asana practice is going to be quite similar in all - but the thing that sets this school apart is the authenticity of the teaching. I have been taught philosophy and asana by many teachers across India - but no one compares to yogi Sachin. You can learn the technical side of yoga asanas in many schools - but if you are interested in learning "true" yoga - you must learn from this young master. I feel very lucky to have been in his presence. Wishing you well on your journey. May you all be happy, much love.

    Dan May

    Shiva Tattva Yoga website

    I was in India late 2015 attending a 4-week intensive Yoga Teacher Training, under the instruction of yogi Sachin. My friend and I, both from Australia, expected a challenge and an adventure, which this course avidly delivered. However, we both earn much more things here and lived experience of this young yogi. I left with a huge appreciation for yoga philosophy, and for those of us who systematized this great tradition for us to benefit from today. How vitally we need it!!. I found this to be a shaping exprtise for self-evolution that set on a path of any exploration.Yogi Sachin was constantly available for questions, support, and fun.

    Martin Aucoin

    Shiva Tattva Yoga website

    I was fortunate enough to have been instructed by yogi sachin. As a teacher he has a vast amount knowledge and experience. He is wise beyond his years. Whether he is teaching asana or philosophy his peaceful, calm demeanor makes you feel at complete ease. Outside of class/school he is always willing to talk about any issues you may have. He is a genuine person and being in his company always lifts your spirits. I would highly recommend him as a teacher.

    Fulin Tseng

    Shiva Tattva Yoga website

    Yogi sachin ji (the founder of the school) is an amazing yogi. His ability to articulate the purpose, teachings and application of yoga is remarkable. He had all of us in his philosophy class completely captivated. He changed my view on so many aspects of life. It was a real privilege to be able to experience that and to call him my friend. He is a true yogi who has been practicing yoga since he was sixteen (yes sixteen!) and his understanding is better than any yoga teacher I have met. I'd highly recommend experiencing his teachings for yourself.

    Koko Shie

    Shiva Tattva Yoga website

    I've had the opportunity of being tutored by Shiva Tattva yoga school in asana, pranayama, yoga sutras and yogic philosophy in general. It’s been more than a year now. However, the experience still feels fresh because it’s growing on me today too. I did 300-hour course, given its limited duration, was definitely not a large enough container to hold the extensiveness of yogic knowledge. However, looking back, I now understand exactly how yogi Sachin worked it out. He just planted the seed along with all that is required for it keep growing endlessly. I still appreciate that skill. His advice to our class - "Teach only what you have tried out and experienced yourself" - is the most useful professional advice I've been given till date (helping me even in my job as a software trainer). To anyone who's sitting on the fence and trying to figure out if this is the best school to take up your yoga course...I humbly request you to spare yourself from all the trouble your indecision is dragging you through. Somewhere you've got to take the plunge into the unknown. That is the necessary first step. Why not here and now?