Shiva Yoga School

Shiva Yoga School a Non-Profit Donation Based Yoga Teacher Training in the yoga capital of the world, Rishikesh. finest accommodations, amazing Indian teachers.

Yoga Teacher Training (2)

Instructors (7)

Michael Angelo Leone

500hr RYT

Sabrina Hana Sirt

500hr RYT & EYT

Deepak Bisht

Born in the mystical valley’s of the Himalayas one cannot resist the call of spirituality. Deepak Bisht born and raised in the Ganges of Uttarakhand has always had a strong inclination towards seeking the higher reality of life. He had completed his BA Degree in arts and furthered his Master's Degree in Yoga from the Gharwal University of Uttarakhand. His interest in yoga grew stronger after watching baba ramdev. He then moved to Rishikesh the Yoga city of the world today to pursue his interest in the subject of yoga. He joined the Nada yoga team in Rishikesh.

Parveen Nair

Parveen Nair is a uniquely inspiring teacher. He is best known for his ability to help students and teachers embody their spiritual practice in yoga. He has refined his methods of teaching in the Advaita Vedanta school of thought. His non-dualistic approach towards yoga has allowed his students to build an authentic yoga practice. Parveen had spent many of his years studying under many acclaimed Iyengar Yoga Teachers from 2005 onwards. Later obtaining his certification in Iyengar yoga, Parveen found Swarupa Iyengar Yoga Studio in Malaysia and had natured many to the path of yoga.

Yogacharya Mohan Panwar

Qualified and competent yoga teacher, who teaches Hatha yoga, Shivananda yoga, Raj yoga, acupressure, and naturopathy. He is a successful and a professional teacher in his field and engaged in conducting 200 & 500 hours yoga teacher training in India. He started yoga at the age of 15. He is regularly participating in a number of seminars and yoga festivals being conducted all over the world.

Siddhartha Veer

Siddhartha Veer Born in a traditional Indian family, grew up around the temples and ashrams of great sage Neem Karoli Baba. These ashram visits and wandering in Himalayan foothills gave him deep spiritual understanding of the ancient Vedic wisdom. As a result of his innate interest in spirituality, he moved to Rishikesht to meet the traditional teachers on Yoga and Vedanta. Among these masters whom he had met, M.M Swami Veda Bharati has caught his attention. Swami Veda was a great Vedic Scholar of this century. Siddhartha Veer has lived in his presence for some years studying Yoga, Vedanta and

Dr Sandeep Raina

Dr Sandeep Raina, is a professional health care expert in spine rehabilitation, presently working as a chief consultant for neuro-rehabilitation and spine disorders at Parmarth Niketan Hospital, Rishikesh. His aim in life is to rehabilitate not only one’s body but also mind and soul, with the help of physical exercise regimes and the practice of yoga. Dr. Raina helps patients develop specific routines and yoga poses to reverse such severe conditions such as Scoliosis. He is the resident of Jammu & Kashmir and living in Uttrakhand from past 11 years.

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