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Sri Sri School of Yoga offers comprehensive training, encompassing deep personal experience & understanding of asana, pranayama, meditation and yogic wisdom.

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Xiuzhen Malaysia

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I thoroughly enjoyed the realm of asana during these ten days, and my mind was so peaceful and serene during those difficult asana. My mind was actually smiling. It was really wonderful.

Carolina Naess United Kingdom

Sri Sri School of Yoga website

When I first tried yoga many years ago in NYC, I didn’t understand it at all. I was a professional dancer, so the idea of holding each position for what seemed ages while shaking a lot, I experienced more stress than anything else! It was only many years later when I learned the secret of the breath, in a session with Sri Sri Yoga, that I was able to relax and enjoy the yoga postures. Then years later when I did my training to become a teacher at the Sri Sri School of Yoga it all came back to me, the realisation of how quickly one can find back to one self with simple movements that are so gentle that truly everyone can do them. For each day, I could stretch more. Beyond my body or small mind idea of what may be possible. Once opened up, the knowledge taught was like medicine sipping into each crack, filling it with more fluidity and joyful flow! Sri Sri Yoga is juicy!! It will quell your thirst that we all have for coming back to our true fluid nature. Rather than another method for control or new programming of some sort, this School allows you to feel free and naturally yourself.

Debora Grossoni Argentina

Sri Sri School of Yoga website

Everything yoga brought to my life in the 8 years that passed since my teacher's training course is something I will always be grateful for. Yoga brought out a much better, happier version or myself, and made my life richer and broader. Having this tool, being a yoga teacher, and sharing it with others is a true blessing.

Ariane Iranpour Luxembourg

Sri Sri School of Yoga website

SSY helped me to break all my preconceptions, and brought my understanding of yoga to the next level! It proved to have so much more to offer than a body / mind practice. It guided me into an experience of the great ways of yoga. A life-changing way of learning, and embracing a holistic and universal understanding of the authentic path of yoga.

Oleg Matweew Belarus

Sri Sri School of Yoga website

After completing TTP, I realized for the first time the infinity of my inner self and limitation of physical body. Gradually this awakening helped me to dislocate the range of my values from material to spiritual front, which finally has led me to the feeling of satisfaction, joy, enthusiasm, and inspiration!

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