Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training

Still Flowing is a registered yoga school. They hold yoga and mindfulness teacher trainings in Ibiza, Thailand, Morocco, Lanzarote, and the UK.

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Gemma Mallol

Gemma is the founder and director of Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training and registered as a senior yoga teacher with UK Yoga Alliance. She teaches somatic and Scaravelli inspired yoga, Buddhist mindfulness, complementary embodied practices, and facilitates an open process. Since 2011, the work of Italian yogini Vanda Scaravelli, which honors the body’s intelligence and has creative, intuitive, and inquiry-based feel to it, she finds this works beautifully alongside the therapeutic work of Dr. Peter Levine (Somatic experiencing), greatly informs and inspires her approach to yoga

European Yoga Alliance (Yoga)

Yoga Alliance RYT 200 (Yoga)

Yoga Alliance UK (Yoga)

Yoga Alliance USA (Yoga)

Blanche Mulholland

Blanche’s journey with Shiatsu and yoga has led her to find joy in getting to know herself and others, an ever-deepening process. She finds great freedom and peace in allowing the body and breath to flow mindfully and spontaneously, exploring both traditional form and a more deconstructed, ‘freestyle’ approach. Embodiment and a strong earth connection are the roots of her practice and teaching, which she offers as her gift to you from her heart. She has 12 years of yoga practice in various styles and a deep grounding in Vipassana meditation (Buddhist insight practice).

Marcela Enriquez Wakeham

Marcela specializes in experiential anatomy and physiology of movement. She also has a degree in contemporary dance, worked as a choreographer, and has taught Pilates for 15 years. Marcela is a pulsing massage bodywork practitioner, and she is authorized to facilitate Dance of Awareness workshops, a dance group therapy licensed by Tim Brown and Clare Osbond, the creators of this group-based therapy. She is also a devotee practitioner of Continuum.

Nora Belton

In 1990, Nora met Gurumayi Chidvilasananda and a few years later traveled to India to deepen her meditation practice under Gurumayi’s guidance. In 1992, she began to work as a massage therapist, continuing her training in different techniques to this day. That year, she also took yoga teacher training with SUNRA, a UK-based school run by Narayani and Barbara Gordon of the Sivananda tradition. 10 years later, Nora joined the SUNRA team and became a Yoga Teacher Trainer, teaching with SUNRA for the next six years.

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Nicola Keane

from Great Britain, August 2017

"A magical place for an unusual yoga retreat"

Northern Norway is extraordinarily beautiful. No better place for a retreat. The location is surrounded with water, majestic mountains in the distance, white sand beaches nearby, chill but refreshing water to swim in, a feast for the senses wherever you turn. The 'midnight sun' bathes everywhere with luminescence - glorious evening skies and crystal mornings. Even grey days are beautiful. The accommodation is simple but comfortable. The retreat was well balanced in terms of sessions and free time - there was plenty of time for additional activities such as swimming and walking and some organised outings if desired. The food was brilliant and well organised. We self-catered breakfast and the odd meal, which gave us all time on our own and a chance to collaborate on a communal feast. It was a week of personal growth and deepening understanding of meditation and yoga in the most perfect environment.

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