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Ra Om

Charismatic founder of SunArt Center, Roman has been into spiritual practice for the last 15 years, 9 of them he spent in Thailand. Roman spreads the knowledge of how to stay happy every day, lower one's ego and feel good now all the time. As meditation master he teaches Anapanasati mindfullness with breathing and Tibetan monks yoga. He also gives masterclasses on playing Tibetan singing bowls. Very passionate about what he does, open-hearted and full of energy, Roman is a teacher who will help you reach a new level in your spiritual and self-development work.


Former SunArt Center resident meditation teacher Gregory has been working with SunArt Center guests from the very start of the retreats. Gregory has been practising meditation for the past 5 years. He can teach you how to start mastering Anapanasati (mindfulness with breathing) Buddhist meditation step by step from scratch. With more advanced practitioners Gregory will share meditation insights & tips as well as deeper & longer practice. Gregory also teaches Buddhist traditional walking meditation and Loving Kindness practice (Metta Bhavana). Gregory is also a Certified Detox Consultant.

Sat Sansar Singh

Kundalini yoga master Sat Sansar Singh started his journey of spiritual practice in 2011. A student of Singh Khals Harajivan he became a Certified Kundalini Yoga teacher in 2015. "Yoga has become my tool for purification & self transformation. I'm so grateful to my teacher and I'm happy to spark light in the hearts of my students". Kundalini or Raja yoga or royal yoga is a combo of meditation, mantras, physical exercise and breathing techniques as path of achieving unity with universe.

Reviews 17

Arseallie Bonilla

from Australia, September 2018

"good experience"

everything is very relaxed, the location is really good in the mountain with fresh air.

I stayed in the tent but still felt safe.

the food was really good, vegetarian food considering i don't usually eat only vegetarian.

the organisers were very friendly and caring.

Gabby Melissa

from United Arab Emirates, August 2018

"Underwhelming experience"

The food was great. The instructors were really nice. I met some nice people there. The gong and tibetan bowl sessions were really good. Mediation sessions with Gregory were very good.

Natalie Venables

from Australia, July 2018

"Beautiful retreat!"

such a beautiful setting to take a few days out of it all, nurture yourself and eat delicious wholesome vegan food. The program of activities was great with a good mix of structured yoga and meditation as well as plenty of time to do solo practice or just relax- thank you!

Natalie Voss

from Australia, June 2018

"Great place,amazing food, even if it's a work in progress"

The food was absolutely stunning and the russian volunteers who are helping to establish the place and are often around, are very polite.

The different meditations with different people and also little workshops were very enjoyable and educational, since it gave many aspects of meditation.

I wish SunArt centre all the best for the future and I will come back if I visit Koh Samui again.

Also, I'm from South Africa, not Australia.

Sarah Matthews

from Thailand, April 2018

"3 Day Feel Good Now retreat"

I had a great experience here, being a total novice at meditation and beginner at yoga. The instructors were amazing, kind, positive and and very open. I learned to relax and let go, still my busy mind and appreciate what I have in the now. It was only a short stay but I’m inspired to grow and continue my practice.

Natalie Pepler

from Thailand, August 2018

"Super entspannt und man fühlte sich wie zu Hause "

Ich bin einfach begeistert. Es ist ein magischer Ort in der Mitte von Dschungel auf der positivsten Insel Kho Samui. Das Essen ist rohkostbasiert, immer frisch und lecker zubereitet. Frische Gemüse als all you can eat! I habe richtig genossen die Meditationsrunden an den Wasserfällen. Ein Wasserfall ist hier 2 min entfernt. Magic Garten ist 5 min mur dem Auto entfernt. Dort hatten wir auch meditiert. Ich könnte mich tiefer mit der Kundalini Yoga auseinander setzen. HIGHLIGHT war Meditation mit nf Meditation mit Tibetischen Klangschalen. Ich habe an diesem wunderschönen Ort 6 Tage verbracht und ich wollte nicht weg. Sergej und Olga waren super nett und versuche jede Wünsch zu erfühlen. Sergej(Kundalini Yoga Lehrer) hat sogar mir einen persönlichen Kundalini Übungsplan erstellt.

Ich würde immer wider noch mal zurückkommen..❤

Luz Bejarano

from Thailand, July 2018

"Good place"

the ritual of the full moon

Caroline Wolf

from Thailand, May 2018

"Great overall experience"

This place offers a calm and peaceful environment to calm down, meditate and find your inner self. The waterfall is amazing and the viewpoint the best place to start the day with morning yoga and see the sunset over Koh Samui. As a beginner in yoga and meditation I was perfectly instructed and got great tips how to work on my inner peace and personal fulfillment. The food was delicious, very fresh and healthy! I had an exceptional stay and really enjoyed it. Thanks for this experience!

Riva Rahawadan

from Netherlands, May 2018

I really really liked the surroundings of the center. So peacefull and in the middle of nature. The food was very good and the people very nice. Had great yoga classes and enjoyed the kundalini and loving kindness meditation class. Learned a lot more about yoga and meditation and the filosofy behind it.

Léonie Rosius

from Thailand, May 2018

"Good experience"

The place is wonderful, up in the mountains, very quiet. Everything is really clean. The food was completely amazing and really healthy.

The yoga professor, Priscilla, was also really good.

It's a place where you can really relax.

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