Sushumna Yoga

Goa, India

Sushumna Yoga is the oldest yoga school in Goa, India offering Yoga Teacher Training courses and Yoga retreats believing in conscious spiritual well-being.

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  • Peter- Adrian Altini from Paris, France

    April 2015

    India was extraordinary. My experience with you and with the yoga there was extraordinary and did feel like it was someone else's life, which I catch glimpses of occasionally. I am trying to keep my daily practice, and am certainly lighter on my feet during the jump forwards/jump backs during classes at my gym - I think my teacher is jealous...lolI wanted to let you know that I have finished the Abundance book and the 40 day programme. I shall attempt this week to navigate the yoga alliance website and see what it involves. Thank you both again for such a life-changing experience.

  • Irena

    April 2013

    Dear Sonja, As I am witnessing another beautiful sunset in Morjim, I have had time to reflect on the last month I have spent with you and your team at Sushumna.I am currently full of gratitude and appreciation and wanted to let you know. I wanted to thank you personally, as I didn't last night, after the beautiful music and gifting ceremony.You and the great teachers and supporting team that you have around you have really created a life changing experience for me.Now that I have had a little time to reflect, I realise that at times by body and mind were in so much resistance to doing another day of yoga, another class, but with your strong, supporting and loving energy I kept going.I will never forget, everyone you brought together to create the training. Every aspect helped me to gain more awareness of myself.The variety, and support that was offered during the training was superb, the food, and how it was so lovingly prepared by Sam was deeply appreciated.My heart is fully of gratitude and appreciated for how you and Gitta put this all together. May Sushumna Yoga continue to prosper and grow. Giving us the abundace book, and continued study to work on is a wonderful tool. I will endeavour to make the changes in my life that I know I need to and with all the extra tools and you opening the door for me to Yoga, I hope I shall be able to make all of them all with ease. With much love and appreciated.

  • Janet

    March 2013

    I spent a month at Sushumna Yoga completing their 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training programme in March 2013. The content of the programme has been very carefully considered and has a great mix of theory and practice with outstanding teachers of the highest quality. The opportunity to immerse myself in the yogic experience combined with really tasty food surpassed my expectations and I would recommend it to anyone considering yoga teacher training.The resort is well cared for and clean and the staff are all really helpful. The swimming pool is large and just the place to cool off from the afternoon sun, although the beach is only 5 minutes walk away. The schedule is demanding but the teaching team skilfully push you to your limits whilst ensuring that you are supported by the group as you maximise your potential. This course is an amazing experience and will change your life . My advice is go for it. I am so glad I did.

  • Joe

    March 2013

    More than I hoped for! My experience at Sushumna was simply amazing. We were well taken care of, the 70% raw food diet tasted amazing and made you feel healthy and alive! The rooms were clean and well maintained, our needs and concerns were always quickly addressed. The staff was helpful and pleasant. Goa is paradise!

  • Mel

    December 2012

    My experience at Sushumna Yoga Teacher Training was an unforgettable period of my life. I learned a ton about yoga, but also a ton about myself. I didn't expect the powerful emotion and vulnerability I felt throughout the course, however, it allowed me to grow immensely as a person in my time at Sushumna. The course was intense and required full commitment almost everyday in the month.Sushumna Yoga taught and exposed me to so many various types of yoga. One of my favorite modules in the training was Kundalini yoga with Amrit. The exposure to such a variety of styles and teachers allowed me to develop a wide range it knowledge about yoga and a strong appreciation for yoga, as so much more than a means of physical exercise; a true body, mind, and soul experience. I highly recommend this course, however, be prepared, it is not a vacation or a retreat. It is intense, but very much worthwhile!

  • Arore

    November 2012

    Unique Yoga Teacher Training and location After completing the 4-week YTT 2012 at Sushumna's in November I felt I'd received unique, bespoke, experienced, diverse, real quality teachings that have lived up to all my expectations, and beyond, from day one. The marketing/sales/com team run by the amazing Gita was also incredibly professional, proactive, ethical and helpful from the start. Thank you Julie and Kelly. Although the course was extremely intense, sweaty and demanding physically throughout, the experienced teaching team run by the radiant Sonja was always available, mindful, and respectful of everyone's individual needs and challenges.The small number of students (9) has certainly made this mindful follow-up possible as much as it's contributed to the depth of first-hand authentic teachings directly received from India-born teachers, such as Anand, our Philosophy Teacher and a Brahman Master and Astrologer who runs his eco-health centre Vedic Valley next door. Having embraced a quasi ( save for dehydrated nuts) 100% vegan rawfoodie lifestyle a few months before enrolling for health reasons I also gratefully appreciated Sushumna's efforts to provide the actual volumes of fruits and veg this entails on a daily basis, and hence naturally enjoyed the deliciously inventive raw meals that I was indulged with by the French Chef's wizard team - Sam and Marissa.The resort is enchantingly beautiful, has filtered water available on site and natural ventilation in all the rooms along with a few lovely frogs. Great pool, beach is only a 5-minute walk - I only wish I had extended my stay at least one week before and one week after the training just to enjoy it all more, explore more and relax more. And Im so missing my daily coconut water and watermelon fuel!

  • Gabrielle

    November 2012

    Ideal, unique and holistic experience I enrolled in the 4-week YTT 200 hrs at Sushumna Yoga School this past November 2012. The curriculum, staff, teachers and resort exceeded all my expectations: I was greeted by a friendly and helpful administrative staff, delicious and accommodating food, knowledgeable teachers, and a place that fosters spiritual growth! From day one, my stay proved to be highly enriching; I must say, there is never a dull moment at Suhumna Yoga School.Would most definitely recommend Sushumna Yoga School for yoga holidays and retreats. It is a safe and welcoming environment that embraces people from all walks of life. I traveled solo this time around and there was never a minute when I felt I was alone in India. From Kelly at reception, to Sonja and Nana teaching classes, I met people that made me grow and want to return to Sushumna.

  • Joe

    June 2013

    More than I hoped for! My experience at Sushumna was simply amazing. We were well taken care of, the 70% raw food diet tasted amazing and made you feel healthy and alive! The rooms were clean and well maintained, our needs and concerns were always quickly addressed. The staff was helpful and pleasant.Goa is paradise! I can't say enough about the beauty of where Sushumna yoga is! The teachers were the best! All topics of yoga were introduced and one month is only cracking the tip of the iceberg that is yoga! Simply put, I feel we were spoiled; in a good way. And I would like to thank all the teachers and staff for making it the wonderful place and program it is!

  • Jenni

    January 2013

    Perfect to complement a perfect trip. Try this is you are looking for peace and relax. It is the best complement for your relaxing vacations.

  • Tasha

    March 2012

    Become one with nature. This place is absolutely fantastic. There is so much greenery and the place just invites you in. I came for a yoga retreat with a group of people for 3 days and my experience was just lovely. The cottage had some ants and little insects but I guess that come with the nature package.I didn't need the ac as the fan and the weather was more than enough to keep me cool. Ample amenities but for some reason, the TV wasnt working. It was a bit of a let down but it was okay since I was attending yoga classes the whole day. Sonya, the owner and teacher of most classes was incredibly helpful and nice.The yoga classes were amazing and she was very hands on with the students, adjusting them where needed. The food was absolutely scrumptious. I never thought vegetarian food tasted so good. All in all, my experience was just lovely. It was the perfect place to get away from city life and just immerse yourself in nature and connecting with yourself.

  • Disney

    February 2012

    A wonderful experience, you guys should try it! We went there by group. The staff were very helpful and friendly. Yoga classes was great, with very useful information that could help us improve our knowledge. And the food was surprisingly good (considering we were not really vegetarian) we enjoyed eating everytime (I especially loved the zucchini one :) ) Just on the beach.Sushumna Yoga is a place where you can just sit down and relax feeling calmness. I'd like to thank everyone there, we really had a great time >Ms Sonja, Ms Gita, Ms Julie, Les, Ivan and everyone there at the Sushumna Yoga, Thank you so much for the wonderful experience!

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