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2 Month 100-hour Online Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Course

Online Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga is an ancient Indian spiritual practice that utilizes mind, body and soul. Swasti Yoga help their students and patients understand the core of yoga, gaining peace, health, and happiness. Yoga has a great role to play in improving the health of mother and child during pregnancy and after delivery. Painless natural delivery, reduction in antenatal complaints, growth and development of child, and improving mental health of pregnant mothers are some key benefits of pregnancy yoga. This course will not only teach you traditional yogic practices for lifestyle improvement but also make you understand the science behind pregnancy yoga!

Meet the instructors

Vikas & Shwetambari
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  • 100-hour online pregnancy yoga teacher training course
  • e-Certification from Swasti Yoga, an ISO certified Yoga Center associated with Indian Yoga Association (IYA)
  • Live interactive 16 Zoom sessions
  • 25 contact hours
  • 75 non-contact hours
  • Live online sessions will be held over Zoom
  • Online sessions' timezone: Pune, India (GMT+5:30) twice weekly
  • Live sessions by MD doctors and certified international faculty (three hours per session)
  • Clinical rounds in clinics and hospitals
  • Free complimentary 30 hours of daily Yoga sessions (Live)
  • Complimentary 30 hours of lecture series on different topics of yoga including yoga philosophy, classical yoga texts, Ayurveda, Yogic food, anatomy and physiology etc. (Live)
  • Whatsapp Yoga groups (Swasti Yoga Community) in order to clarify doubts and group yoga activities and study
  • All online material will be shared on Vimeo or We Transfer.
  • The course can commence 48 hours after Swasti Yoga Center Low-Cost Yoga Teacher Training receive payment or you can schedule to start at a specific date


60 days with instruction in English
The organizer also speaks: Hindi
Group size: 3-8 participants
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Pre-application requirements

Studets are required to have either of the following:

  • Level 1 Ministry of AYUSH
  • 200 hours of yoga teacher training course
  • 1 year experience in yoga

How the training works

The duration of this online course is not less than 100 hours or not less than 2 months as part time. Direct contact hours is 25 hours and indirect teaching hours is 75 hours

Mark distribution is 200 with theory at 80 and practical at 120.

Timing of sessions / daily schedule (GMT+5:30)

Training day and time: Thursday from 3 p.m. - 5 p.m. and Saturday from 3 p.m. - 4 p.m.

  • Thursday: Theory
  • Saturday: Practical

Course information

Female anatomy and physiology

  • Female reproductive system
  • Ovaries (gonads)
  • Uterine tubes (fallopian tubes)
  • Uterus
  • Vagina
  • Vulva
  • Mammary glands
  • Female reproductive cycle

Understanding of anatomy and physiology during pregnancy & post-natal stages

  • Gestation
  • Stages of pregnancy - maternal changes
  • Psychological considerations during pregnancy
  • Labor
  • Post natal changes
  • Embryonic development
  • Foetal changes
  • Complications (miscarriage, premature labor, preeclampsia)
  • Myths and fallacies about pregnancy and child birth

Yoga philosophy, lifestyle, and ethics

  • 8 limbs of yoga
  • Essence of Bhagavad Gita
  • Mother's unconditional love (Bhakti yoga)
  • Stress and its yogis management (Karma yoga)
  • Myths and fallacies about yoga in preganancy
  • Research on yoga in preganancy
  • Yogic philosophical view on pregnancy and motherhood
  • How to maintain happy and healthy state in pregnancy

Introduction to yogic techniques in pregnancy

  • Yoga practices dedicated to each trimester, including asanas, pranayama and chanting,
  • meditation
  • Techniques related to breathing for pregnant women
  • Contraindications and benefits of asanas and pranayama techniques during each trimester of pregnancy
  • Adjustments and alignment during pregnancy
  • Modification of a yoga practice during pregnancy

Yogic lifestyle: yogic and Ayurvedic diet in pregnancy

  • Healthy foods
  • Foods to avoid
  • Nutrients that help during pregnancy

Mantra chanting during pregnancy

  • Mythology and stories listening: Patanjali, Swami Vivekananda, Aurobindo

Sex during pregnancy

  • Allowed or not
  • Special care during relationship

Yoga in labor and postpartum

  • Yogic support and preparation for the labor and postpartum period
  • Sequencing safe prenatal and postnatal yoga classes
  • Postnatal yoga practice - asanas, sequencing, techniques for the recovery after birth
  • Conscious parenting
  • Yoga as a way of life for stress management
  • Concepts of healthy living in Bhagwad Gita, Patanjali Yoga sutras, and Hatha yoga Pradipika to fight postpartum depression

Caring new born baby

  • Food after 6 month
  • Mantra for baby
  • Special care


  • In pairs
  • In small groups
  • In a big group

Early pregnancy (first 1-3 month)

  • Shoulder stretches
  • Sitting stretches
  • Vajrasana (the Thunderbolt)
  • Trikonasana (Easy Triangle)
  • Sarvangasana (Shoulderstand)
  • Pregnancy sun-salutation
  • Yoga Nidra

Mid-pregnancy (4-6 month)

  • Easy kneeling stretches
  • Standing twists
  • Standing hip openers
  • Sitting stretches
  • Wide-open stretches
  • Pelvic floor stretches
  • Pregnancy surya namaskar
  • Warrior 1 and 2
  • Tree pose
  • Shavasana

Late pregnancy (7-9 month)

  • Sitting stretches
  • Wide kneeling stretches
  • Yoga for better sleep
  • Alignment of spine
  • Chair sun salutation

Breathing practices for pregnant women

  • Nadishodhanam
  • Bhramari
  • Surya and chandrabhedan
  • Ujjayi
  • Healing pranayama

Pelvic floor awareness

  • Cautions and conditions

Videos watching

  • The function of the womb
  • Stages of pregnancy

Ayurveda massage of pregnant women

  • Feet massage
  • Head massage
  • Womb / belly care
  • Post-natal Ayurvedic massage

Post-natal yoga

  • Abdominal stretches
  • Gentle back stretches
  • Sitting twists
  • Kneeling stretches
  • Standing forward bend
  • Post-natal surya namaskara


  • Basics of meditation
  • Nadabramha (humming meditation)
  • Prayer: concept and recitation
  • Yogic affirmations (Karma, Raj, Bhakti, Chittaprasadan)
  • Mantra meditation
  • Pregnancy mantra meditation


Vikas Chothe

Shwetambari Chothe


This teacher training is held online. Swasti Yoga Center is located in Pune, India (GMT+5:30), and they will live-stream yoga classes via Zoom which you can participate from the comfort of your home.

What's included

  • 100-hours online pregnancy yoga teacher training course
  • 25 contact hours
  • 75 non-contact hours
  • Live interactive 16 Zoom sessions
  • Bonus courses and e-books
  • Q&A session with Dr. Vikas Chothe
  • 100 hours blueprints
  • Certification from Swasti Yoga (associated with Indian Yoga Association)

What's not included

  • Accommodation
  • Food

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 100% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.

Value for money
Accommodation & facilities
Quality of activity
60 days / 59 nights
from --
Minimum group size

This trip requires a minimum of 3 participants


Arrival: Saturday December 5, 2020
Departure: Tuesday February 2, 2021

Possible start dates

The online course starts from May 28 and every two months there will be new batches till December 2020.

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