The Yoga Cave initiative organizes yoga teacher training courses and yoga holidays in India and Europe, a team of yogis passionate about India and yoga!

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100hr Hatha & Ashtanga Yoga Training Course in Blissful Goa

February | March | April | May | June, 2020
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Sanjeev Dutta

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Linnéa Hasselgren

from Sweden, November 2019

"A place for real yoga and feel transformation"

This modest, simple yoga ashram is settled on some real potent healing ground, perfect for going inwards into sadhna. The teacher, guru Sanjeev, is a m a z i n g. You seriously cannot get a more authentic human being teaching ashtanga yoga, it is very, very rare. He takes you closer to yourself in his teachings and apart from that he is just an incredible human being to be around. If you are looking for REAL yoga this is the place. And if you are looking for real, deep transformation within yourself, go for it. Authenticity is very rare these days and if you are up for that ride, I can not recommend this more.

Fredrik Backman

from India, January 2020

"Awesome stay"

I did the 5 day retreat and had a wonderful experience. It's a beautiful place run by great people, very hospitable. The quality of the classes and the teaching was outstanding. The location is good although it's located 2 km from the beach. With a bike, it's perfect as both Agonda and Palolem beaches are within easy reach. The food was basic but good and nutritious, and you could take as much as you'd like.

Sarah Paul

from Great Britain, January 2020

"Amazing experience "

Great location, setting, hospitality and teaching. Would highly recommend:)

Anna Ulrika Brännman Müller

from India, January 2020

"Nice retreat stay!"

Shanker is the best yoga teacher you can find!

Kate Dorsett

from Great Britain, December 2019

"You time for yoga lovers "

Guru Shanker was so welcoming on our arrival and throughout the 3 day yoga course. It felt very relaxed at the yoga cave. You can do as much or as little as you like. Shanker is a great teacher and corrects poses so that you get the most out of the lessons. I only do yoga once a week at home so I have very little practice and I am not as flexible at fifty as I would like to be! However Shanker was very patient and gave enough support without being too pushy.

The food was delicious and nutritious.

We slept in the tents and we found them cosy, clean and comfortable. It was lovely to sit outside under the shade of the trees, listening to the bird song, it was very relaxing.

We had an afternoon session with a lovely Italian. She showed us tantric yoga. I stayed here with my daughter and so we did the yoga together and it was difficult to stare into each other’s eyes without giggling! But it was fun. The lady came and gave me an Ayurvedic massage the next day which was amazing!

The philosophy classes were very interesting, it was really good to learn about the Hindu philosophy on yoga. The classes were interactive and fun.

Emily Francis

from Morocco, December 2019

"All hail guru shanker"

Absolutely everything.

The tent accommodation was a great set up with all your needs.

Shanker was a fantastic teacher, he was there to guide you through step by step and correct you if you are wrong (as this was my first yoga class ever). He was an absolute guru and I loved the philosophy classes too it was really interesting which made me want to learn more about it.

The staff were friendly.

The food was tasty.

Eugénia Calado

from Belgium, December 2019

This experience was great, amazing and transformational. I’m grateful for everything.


from Czechia, November 2019

I can say I enjoyed everything. Location was very good, food was excellent, Shanker and Yogi Sumit excellent teachers, willingness to explain everything, cleanliness care... There is nothing I could complain.

Ari Josue Peiro Lopez

from India, November 2019

"Good value for money"

Excellent value for money.

The teaching in general was pretty good.

Amenities are more than acceptable.

Location around 25 minutes walk from Agonda beach.


from Germany, September 2019

"Very good teachers. A lot of information in a short time. O "

Much more then i expected. Srinath is such a good and experienced teacher. All the Assistent are so good too. Lot of love and good, positive vibes... 6 hours a day physical work out, 4 hours mental... I really believe i can be a Yoga- Teacher and make the world a little better... Cause the did make my world a little better!

Ayurveda Teacher/ Chef did great foot and teaching. Love Philosophie Class. As well Pranayama/ Meditation...

Basti Achtel

from India, July 2019

"Awesome experience with inspiring teachers"

I'm thankful and full of admiration for such a deep and real experience. The teachers comitment towards the values of yoga and their joy of sharing their knowledge and experience was touching and gave us the opportunity to dive as deep as possible into the teachings.

Marko Poljak

from Slovenia, July 2019

"Hatha/Ashtanga teachers 200hr, great mixture"

Most positive I found the right mixture and complete practical process of Ashtanga primary series, which perfectly transited into Hatha practices. Lots of practical work and ideas of how to approach each posture, how to proceed in each posture and how to create variations considering to what level of practice each individual is in.

My main reason to come was to deepen my own practice of both, Ashtanga and Hatha, but also to find right guidance and compassionate corrections, internally and externally.

Both, Srinath and all of his team were genuine, hard working and always ready to help, improve either our stay or regarding our practice.

Sumit has been of great importance to decide and proceed with this course, as I had no knowledge of Srinath prior to that, and it ended up being right decision and such an experience, could not ask for more from my teacher. Humble, experienced, compassionate and very observant. Simple, yet again full of depth. Same goes for Sumit, I'd enjoy more of his lectures on Phylosophy, if he was not busy setting up the centre in Goa.

Srinath is honest and direct and through diligent practice and listening to his guidance, I must have gained around 20 percent improvement overall, but so much more excercise for the future improvement of my practices. Very satisfied overall. Thank you both, Sumit and Srinath and everyone else involved in this amazing experience of a lifelong learning process.

Bettina Sandner

from India, December 2019

Das Yoga Cave hat eine wunderschöne familiäre Atmosphäre geschaffen, in welcher auf jedes Individuum hervorragend eingegangen wird.

Ich hatte eine wunderschöne Zeit:)))