The Yogologist offers yoga teacher training, retreats, and workshops. They seek to unite science with spirituality for a unique and transformative practice.

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from Canada, January 2018

"Transformative start to a new year "

The retreat was the perfect way to welcome a new year. The people were incredible, the connections with each other and self were deep, the venue was stunning, and the yoga and meditation practices were outstanding. Shaura is a unique, kind, beautiful soul and she was instrumental to the success of this retreat. Through this retreat I discovered parts of myself that I didn’t know existed. Beyond grateful for this retreat, the people and Shaura.

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Rashpal Kaur United Kingdom

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Shaura's love is interwoven into all the practices she shares. She intuitively evolves and adapts practice to suit different people, places and times. She has a gift of fully responding to the context and needs of the human experience and teaching all the science stuff too.

Lorraine Close United Kingdom

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Shaura is an expert in her field. Her knowledge of neuroscience is woven into her deep understanding of the body, mind, and spirit and how they interact. Yogolgie offers a platform for change in how mind/body practice is offered through training, community development and innovative projects that stem from experience and vision.

Tracey Barker United Kingdom

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I have attended a few of Shaura's workshops, and more recently her Pilamaya Teacher Training Course. She has a genuine interest in making yoga accessible to as many people as possible - whatever their background, and her recent progression to training teachers is an expansion of the passion she has for her subject. I am not going to lie, the Yogologist's way is not the easiest way - some courses are definitely easier to complete, but all things worth having are hard won. If you want to be excited, meet with and share experiences with like minded people, check out the Yogologist.