Tree Yoga utilizes a tree as a prop for asanas, integrates breathwork to connect with the tree's life force, and includes meditation under the tree.

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Wolf Kinsmen

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Lorreine Costantino

from Bolivia, May 2023

"Unforgettable experience"

I had the pleasure of participating in the Breathwork training with Wolf.

I am very grateful. He manages to transmit his teachings very simply and clearly, using a gentle and calm approach. He was good at containing and allowing free space for the group, helping to form a beautiful setting for working and trusting each other, which helped us work more deeply.

In one week we explored different dimensions of Breathwork, exploring it 360° between theory and practice.

We also had fun times together and experiences in nature, where we even planted a tree together. An unforgettable moment!

Now I feel energized and confident to start leading my first sessions. I can definitely recommend it to everyone who wishes to learn this magnificent discipline.

Eternally grateful for everything Wolf!




from United States, September 2022

"True Holistic Yoga Experience"

Coming into this experience I truly only expected to learn how to teach asanas, adjust students, and lead a yoga class. While we did learn how to do these things, we also spent time studying yoga as a whole, and became both meditation and breathwork instructors/facilitators and yoga instructors. This intensive truly changed my life, brought me more in tune with who I am as a person, has changed my daily life perspective & outlook, and as opened countless new doors in life. All of this was made possible by the fantastic teacher, Wolf. While you learn to tune into your inner self, you dive daily into meditation and breathwork, and do extensive yoga practices and practice teaching sessions, he guides the group with a relaxed ease and approach to life that is infectious. What could be taken to the extremes of rigidity and seriousness, Wolf brings to the table with light, laughter, and compassion. While also creating space for serious moments of sharing and learning, we took on Wolf's affable approach to life, and cultivating this approach daily has been a delightful and unexpected takeaway from the experience. I never expected to fall in love with either meditation or breathwork, and now both have become part of my daily practice and two of my most treasured tools.

I cannot recommend any retreat with Wolf as the instructor enough. No matter what the situation or day, he will make the experience enlightening and joyful before you've even realized what happened.

Sita Bhakti

from Puerto Rico, January 2022

"Increíble Mágico toda la experiencia "

Mi visita a samadhi fue mágica muy transformadora

llegar al espacio hermoso la comida exquisita la habitación muy sanadora dirigida a maestro Corazón ANAHATA los jardines y la siembra de alimentos todo fresco y lleno de Amor

WOLF eternamente agradecida por la práctica por tu compromiso respeto y Amor a lo que compartes por siempre en mi corazón Sita 🇵🇷

Olivia Pubanz

from United States, February 2020

"A Yoga Wizard "

I loved the open approach to yoga and meditation. He was never trying to push any certain style or opinions on us. It was very open to individual interpretation, of course with good guidelines on how to do certain poses so we didn’t hurt ourselves. I really appreciated the emphasis on meditation and Breathwork aspects of Yoga, since in the West you normally only find pose-oriented yoga. It was truly a wholesome yoga experience.