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Francis Duran

from United States, August 2018

"Only you have the answers."

This retreat with Allowah wasn't just a life-changing experience for me. It opened my eyes to the unique beauty and strength within myself. A great teacher won't teach you how to be great or give you the answers to happiness in life, a great teacher will help you see that only you can find the answers, only you can achieve the goals you aspire to, or realize what you already have and to be content with it. This was't a life-changing experience for me, it was a rebirth.

Allowah is a world-class yogi, deeply intellectual philosopher, charming musician, underrated comedian, and a great guy. He helped all of us with effective yet subtle, low-pressure techniques that left each of us feeling like we were more than ready to confidently share yoga in any studio or setting. The evolution of our physical yoga skills, ability to instruct, our mental, emotional and spiritual peace was profound and the difference I realized when I returned to my life and yoga practice back home was enormous. How my perception of meditation and spirituality has grown is something that I cannot put into words, you can only find out yourself. Selecting this specific retreat at this point in my life was divine timing for me. I will definitely attend another yoga retreat with Allowah when the opportunity presents itself. Also, the venue where the retreat was held was serene and naturally magnificent, overlooking the pacific with multiple practices per day in the temple, by the waterfall, or on the beach.

Angel Shaver

from United States, July 2018


Allowah is an incredible soul. I’m so grateful he’s chosen to walk this path. Giving me the gift to study under/with him. We came together as strangers, left as family.(I mean the entire yoga community) Absolutely a life changing experience.

Much love Allowah, and my new found family. I will study under Allowah’s guidence again. He’s so kind, knowledgeable, talented, exudes love, exceptaince, and gives all of himself to be the absolute best he can. He’s a servant, a teacher, a leader, a glorious musician, inspirational, and SO much more,, including my friend.

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I learned way too much to write in this little space! I also know that this is just the first step, and this training has opened the door to so much new information, ideas, and a new path of life. Allowah is a great teacher. He has a nice balance between working and relaxing.

Bobbie Lee Gruninger

Truly Helpful website

Allowah is an awesome teacher. His knowledge is very impressive. We are very fortunate to have a teacher among us with such a well rounded and interesting background. His dedication to his students is obvious. It is important to be much more than a teacher, but someone who is living by the yogic principles every day. Allowah brings to life the true meaning of living the life. His caring and concern for all set him apart.

Meenakshi Angel Honig

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I recently had the good fortune to meet Allowah Lani and be able to collaborate with him on a Flying Yoga Demo. I am awe-struck by how multi~talented Allowah is! His strength, stamina, balance, and flexibility as a Hatha yogi is remarkable and admirable. But it does not stop there. I have also enjoyed Allowah’s musicianship on both the guitar and his healing tones through the didgeridoo. I also had the blessing of receiving his Thai massage bodywork which he skillfully and sensitively tailored to meet my unique needs.

Jeff Segal

Truly Helpful website

I was at a two and a half hour breathing, dance, cathartic mini-healing workshop, and it was on of the most profound things I have experienced in a while. My heart opened to love and I felt so happy! Allowah is such a true yogi, as he has an indescribable gentle presence that is so refreshing in this world !!!! I am thinking to move to Hawaii, just to be able to share more time with this amazing yogi I know for 12 years now. Many blessings to you!!!! Your presence is surely a gift to everyone on the planet, as we are all connected !!!!! I feel like a different happier person this morning. Peaceful.

Kiersten Gallagher

Truly Helpful website

To study yoga with Allowah is the closest one can get to going to India and studying at an Ashram. Allowah is a devoted and knowledgeable yoga instructor who is skilled in teaching students from beginner level to teachers in training. Allowah is fun and energetic and knows and lives yoga. The Naples community will benefit greatly when Allowah brings yoga to his very own yoga center. I cannot wait!

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