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Tuscan Fitness

Tuscan Fitness offer unique health holidays in Italy combining health, fitness, and leisure to allow people to create their own experience based on their goals.

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from Great Britain, October 2017

"Late Tuscan Sun"

This retreat is not

a boot camp or overly busy.

It’s peaceful, restorative and nurturing.

Yoga is interspersed with hikes and visits but nothing is compulsory.

Meals are nourishing without being obsessively healthy. You can have wine. You can make friends. You can resolve to lead a healthier life and mean it this time.

Sara Mosadegh

from Republic of Italy, October 2017

"A wonderful week "

As a solo traveler, this was my first retreat so I was not sure what to expect. The staff were welcoming and the property was beautiful. The group changed over the week as people come and go over their stay; there is a perfect balance of group activities and meals to get to know everyone, and alone time to relax and unwind. The schedule is spaced out to allow rest, and the wifi worked great for me to do some work as well. Lunch and dinner are incredible, large portions of delicious food, and a great variety.


from Netherlands, October 2017

"A perfect combination of relaxation, fitness and nature!"

What I loved about this retreat was the opportunity to try a variety of activities: yoga, intense cardio workouts, peaceful walks in nature, olive oil tasting and wine tasting. The food served at lunch and dinner was perfect in every way. It was healthy, a variety of choices were offered and beautifully presented by the chef. Alix prepared the most gorgeous and healthy treats! Gemma was incredibly welcoming and made my stay comfortable and relaxed. Her Yin classes were amazing. David and Alberto who led the hikes are very well informed of the area and very pleasant to chat with during a long hike. There was an overall relaxed ambience at this retreat, where everyone could choose whether or not they would like to participate in the activities offered, or to relax by the pool or in their room.

Lynne Mckenzie

from Great Britain, October 2017

"October 2017"

I loved the location with breathtaking views over the valley. All the staff were wonderful and so approachable - I really felt like part of the Tiscan Fitness Family. I loved being challenged with the HIIT and Barre.

It was just the relaxing holiday I needed and combined my favourite exercise of yoga and hiking. The hikes were super and David was a very knowledgable leader.

I enjoyed the different styles of all the instructors which was perfect when spend a full week.

The food was delicious and I loved Alix's baking! Amazing what you can do with black beans

Oh and Ricky was very special!

Clive Hutchinson

from Great Britain, October 2017

Location and activities were great

Evan Kidd

from Netherlands, October 2017

"Perfect break"

Great instructors, great food, beautiful location. I could not recommend Tuscan Fitness more highly. This is for those looking for a great mix of yoga, fitness, and cultural activities (e.g., wine, olive oil tasting). A big thank-you to Alix, Gemma, David, and Paolo, and Cossimo for the great food.

Anne Kennedy

from Great Britain, September 2017

"Great people - beautiful location"

David, Paula, Gemma and Alex all warm and welcoming. Very helpful and accommodating.

Beautiful venue with fabulous views.

Great group of fellow attendees.

Joyce O Sullivan

from Ireland, September 2017

"Time OUt"

I really enjoyed all the classes, initially I didn't think I would go to them all, but I made most of them and really feel the benefits of been in the Yoga retreat for 5 days. The food was great, the menu designed by Tuscan fitness was perfect and the chef prepared it tastefully

Marie Fitzgibbon

from Ireland, September 2017


Tuscan fitness made this trip a positively memorable experience during which I enjoyed and engaged in a healthy and active lifestyle in the lovely surrounding of La Forra Hotel.

From the beginning of the trip, all of the staff and instructors were so helpful and ensured that we arrived safely at the retreat location, providing a means of transport from the train station and again when we left on the last day.

The instructors were really great and each yoga, HIIT or barre class were all different and interesting. All classes catered for varying capabilities within the group also, which was much appreciated.

The additional activities such as hikes and tours of olive farms and vineyards added an interesting dimension to the trip and contributed to the cultural experience. Again, the efforts of the instructors with organising and providing the opportunity here was much appreciated.

The food was fantastic! As someone who wouldn't normally choose a vegetarian option, the variety of healthy dishes available every day has converted me. Every meal was new, delicious and creative. The meat and fish options were also delicious and healthy. The extra snack provided by Alix (protein balls, breads etc.) were also delicious and appreciated.

Maricar Purugganan

from United States, September 2017

"It was exactly what I needed plus so much more"

I think it's an understatement to say that I fell in love with the place, the program, the team, the food and the people I met in this retreat. The place is beautiful beyond the description and photos advertised. Practicing yoga or a fitness class on top of a castle's tower with a panoramic view of the valley, surrounded by vineyards and olive farms, was an unbelievable experience.

The yoga and fitness classes and hikes cater all fitness levels. The trainers are very good in ensuring that we individually approach the exercises based on our levels. I've been practicing vinyasa and poweryoga for the past 4 years and I was very happy with all the yoga classes. I also do a lot of circuit trainings and for me, the circuit classes were excellent. The hikes are also amazing. The wine tasting and dinner out were a nice break and it was good bonding activity for us.

Everyone in the team are very nice and attentive to everyone's needs. They are passionate on what they do and they are genuinely kind people.

The food were really good. The vegetables and fruits they serve are fresh from their own farm. They are very attentive to guests' food restrictions or dietary needs.

Lastly, I guess I was lucky to be in a group of lovely people. The scenes from lunches and dinners where we were all in a long table, talking, laughing, passing on bowls of food or bottles of water... no one would have believed we all just met.

Emma Matovu

from Great Britain, September 2017

"Tuscan Fitness Yoga at Polinari "

A lovely retreat run by Alix and David who went out of their way to give our group a wonderful break. They were flexible in their approach and very caring. The food was delicious at every meal, and I would go back again in a flash. Set in beautiful Tuscan countryside, with fabulous views, and a yoga studio in a tower with panoramic views.

Rebeca Faramin

from Great Britain, September 2017

"What an amazing team!"

First I would like to mention the staff working here, they are super friendly and helpful, lovely team. Always checking that you are OK and have everything you need to make sure your stay is perfect!

The classes. The yoga classes were really good, they always adapt into the group and ask which areas we want to work on, so really personalised. Fitness classes, love them, proper work out for all you body and some exercises to help your yoga Gracias Paolo! The hiking in beautiful Tuscany was super, thanks David!

Food. YUMMY! cant wait to get all the recipes. Healthy tasty food.

Accommodation. The hotel is really nice, rooms are spacious and the pool area is lovely.


from Great Britain, September 2017

Beautiful setting

Accommodation was lovely and the pool area was great

Delicious healthy food

Trip to town and wine tasting included were a nice balance to the fitness

Austin Yardley

from Great Britain, September 2017

"A week at Tuscan fitness "

The location at the site I was on was beautiful, particularly at that time of the year. The walks/ hike with David around the surrounding area was idealic , challenging and fun , so was the wine tasting .

Barbara Fabrizi

from France, August 2017

"Very nice experience "

I liked this experience a lot in general.

In particular I found the the Tuscanfitness staff very professional and motivated.

In particular I want to say thank you to Gemma and Paolo! They were very kind in addition to being professional.

Also alix helped me immediately solving a problem I had the first day, giving many options to me to solve the situation.

The place was nice and relaxing.

The food was healthy and light but good, probably the breakfast meal needs some more options.

Vicki Pope

from Great Britain, August 2017

"Fab setting, brusque 'manager of hotel'"

Views; v accommodating of my 14yr son & his dairy allergy; when it worked it was all great but lots of small glitches. Great none judgemental instruction. Good organic flow but at times it lacked direction .... great experience for returning to yoga


from Australia, August 2017

The new chef Zara was great, she was very hospitable.

Morris Soslove

from Great Britain, August 2017


Stephanie Pirrie

from Great Britain, August 2017

The balance of different activities and exercises, and the informality. The lovely friendly staff.

Anne Jacobsen

from Denmark, July 2017

"Very nice people and location"

Very good instruktors. A lot of laugh, smile, good talks.


from United States, July 2017

Had a great time over the 4 days and didn't want to leave! The location was amazing -- beautiful views no matter where you were on the property -- and a wonderful pool which was great for cooling down during the day. The whole Tuscan Fitness crew was fantastic - professional, personable, and provided a nice variety of sessions/activities -- they're an awesome group! They also catered to the variety of skill level in the sessions so if you are a newbie or getting back into it, they make you feel comfortable, which is greatly appreciated. Overall a great experience with a nice balance of programs and free time!


from Great Britain, July 2017

"Yoga perfection"

Having a variety of teachers was great! Everyone was so welcoming and fabulous.


from Great Britain, July 2017

"Delightful yoga retreat"

We felt very much at home at the retreat. Everyone was super welcoming and inclusive. The quality of the fitness sessions, particularly the yoga, was superb. The food was delicious and healthy! We also saw a few nearby sites. The hike gave us the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful countryside and gorgeous views. All in all, it was amazing!

Danielle Julien

from Canada, July 2017

"Would go again "

Perfect location, great teachers

Jennifer Adams

from Great Britain, July 2017

"Really enjoyed our time in Tuscany "

We loved the yoga classes, hikes and rural location as well as the super friendly and helpful Tuscan fitness team. The format of healthy food as well as the pick and choose daily schedule was ideal, not too strict, which let us still have a holiday!

Russell Hilliard

from United States, July 2017

"Amazing experience!"

Staff so professional, warm, and inviting. Great yoga, fitness and hiking. Healthy food that was so tasty and filling. Lovely pool and sun time. Perfect escape to get centered!

Lauren Mcgurk

from Great Britain, June 2017

All the exercise classes were brilliant. Something for everyone and suitable for all levels. The instructors were all great

Caitriona Murphy

from Great Britain, June 2017

Hospitality, locationa

James Haigh

from Great Britain, June 2017

"Perfecto!! "

Everything! The staff were so friendly and helpful, it was a complete stress free environment

Mari Lempiäinen

from Finland, June 2017

"Fitness and health holiday in Tuscany"

The place was amazingly beautiful, there was a pool and the personnel were super nice. I also loved that there were healthy vegetarian meals.

Tatiana Smirnova

from Germany, June 2017

"Great holiday"

Very nice location with beautiful views, swimming pool and a reserved area next to the pool. Great activities - yoga, hiking and functional training. Very helpful staff really trying to give you the best experience.

Chris Baynes

from Great Britain, May 2017

"Quality programme in beautiful surroundings"

Rooms are spacious, airy and cool. The grounds, the pool and the views are magnificent. The quality fitness and yoga sessions are varied enough to be able to dip in and out. The Tuscan Fitness staff are all excellent, welcoming, helpful and flexible . I liked there being a 'designated (TF) host' at each mealtime.

I would definitely consider returning.

Clare Gaba

from Great Britain, May 2017

"Beautiful views, wonderful staff, just what I needed"

Everything really! The views, staff couldn't do enough for you, wonderful accommodation, good food, activities were fun, lovely pool


from United States, May 2017

"Hope to come back again!"

Staff is super helpful and friendly. Hotel is nice and there are tons of activities. Wish I had stayed longer!

Deborah Martin-wille

from United States, April 2017

"The perfect retreat!"

The staff was there for all needs. Friendly and helpful. Also the location amazing. I loved that the schedule was not too packed leaving some time for self reflection.

Maria Del Carmen Boza

from Sweden, April 2017

Very friendly staff who walked the extra mile to make of our stay a wonderful experience. Gena, David, Paolo and Alex are so professionell and friendly.

Ncheta Dasilva

from Great Britain, April 2017

"You won't regret booking with Tuscan Fitness"

The options to exert yourself or unwind.

The personable and accommodating team.

Hanna Nordin

from Sweden, April 2017


Mai-britt Rasmussen

from Denmark, April 2017

"Hidser Gem "

Quality and friendliness of the staff

Great Programme

Beautiful location

Health and happyness is the focus rather than restrictions

Ursula Truebswasser

from Ethiopia, April 2017

"Simply perfect!"

It was just a perfect combination of yoga, hiking in beautiful nature, relaxing and doing other optional activities like olive oil or wine tasting... the food was also deliciously healthy (and I'm saying this as a nutritionist as well as a "food snob" ;)

Having a quite busy life usually, this retreat really did wonders, even in just four days!

Anneke De Middelaer

from Belgium, October 2017

"Wonderful experience"

This was, to me such a wonderful experience. The whole team was amazing! I loved the yin yang yoga Gemma gave, because of the effect on my lower back. During the hiking trips with David, we could enjoy the most beautiful views, while catching our breaths ;). I liked the new experience of the barre class with Alex and offcourse all the lovely healthy snacks she made. The lunch and diners were healthy and delicious! In short.. For me, it was amazing!


from Netherlands, October 2017

Sehr guter Yoga Kurs am Morgen sowie sehr gutes BARR Training

Besonders schön waren auch die Wanderungen nachmittags.

Regula Frank

from Switzerland, September 2017

Atmosphäre, Leute, Essen, Trainingseinheiten, Wanderungen ... einfach alles

Alisza Pfeifer

from United States, September 2017

Motivation of the amazing team

Carmen Sep

from Netherlands, August 2017

"Tuscan Fitness Yoga: recommended! "

Alex was a very friendly en welcoming host and also a good yoga instructor. We enjoyed the food, the laidback atmosphere and friendliness of all people working there. Nice to have a mix of yoga and fitness. Location is beautifully overlooking the Tuscan landscape. Good swimming pool and the group sizes were also really nice.

Tine Derks

from United States, August 2017

"Beautiful place with really nice classes and great people!"

The agriturismo had a beautiful view and good facilities. The food was really delicious and healthy at the same time. The team of really nice teachers with their own style and specialism gave me a great experience! Especially the personal approach and the positive vibe made my time definitely worth while.


from Germany, August 2017

+ small group of participants (8 people) who cam from all over the world (US, UK, Australia, South America, Europe).

+ small, traditional Italian houses with the apartments/ double rooms instead of one large hotel buildung, it is a lovely, cozy place, very relaxing

+ nice Yoga terrace and view, nice lessons

+ circuit training/ fitness in an air-cond. room

+ lovely wine and oil tasting

+ hikes weren't too long as it was very hot (almost 40 C)

+ lovely trainers

+ healthy snacks after sport sessions

+ personal conversations as the group was lovely

+ good food, very healthy, almost no carbohydrathes!

Eveline Schouten

from Netherlands, July 2017

"retraite in een oase..."

Afwisselend actief programma in een adembenemend mooie omgeving! Liefdevolle zorg en heerlijke gezonde maaltijden, mijn complimenten aan de koks!!

Fijne afwisselende yogalessen en wandelingen. Ook de wine- en olive tasting waren geslaagd.

Heerlijk zwembad met geweldig uitzicht.

In dezelfde periode een leuke groep getroffen!

Tiphaine Gamba

from France, June 2017

"Semaine detox en Toscane"

La beauté du site, les gens rencontrés sur place, les courts de yoga et autres activités proposées, la qualité des repas, la chambre...

Esther Winter

from Netherlands, May 2017

"Zen in Toscane"

Variation in classes and people

Beautyfull view

Nice people, who know what they are doing

Good, healthy, enough food

Testimonials 4


September 2, 2017. Tuscan Fitness

In my summerholiday I spent a week at the location in Lupinari at the Tuscan Fitness retreat. It was easy to get there by train. I've had a great time there! If you are looking for a place where you can exercise and relax this is the place to be! I went on my own but I didn't feel alone one second. The Tuscan Fitness team makes you feel very welcome. The other people who go to Tuscan fitness were also very nice! It's great to meet new people and spend time with others but also relax and do your own thing. The location was beautiful! I really enjoyed all the classes. It's a nice variation of yoga, fitness and walks. I loved the barre class! I've never done that before but I really enjoyed it. The meals were amazing! I would love to go back again! Thanks so much Tuscan Fitness crew!


Tuscan Fitness Ltd

I can't thank all of you enough for a 100% wonderful experience - the warmth and care of your service, the balance and planning of activities, the delicious food, the setting...It was perfection and I have had the best few days I can remember - exercising, talking, laughing, unwinding. I feel like a different person (albeit one who would like your chef at home!). David, Paolo, Gemma, and Alix in your absence, a really huge thank you! I hope to see you again very soon.


Tuscan Fitness Facebook page

I spent a wonderful week in late March at Tuscan Fitness. The location was stunning and I enjoyed seeing how the hills looked at different times of day and with different light (sunny, partly cloudy etc). It is a magical place with good energy.

The workouts were perfect: hard but not so much that you couldn't workout the next day. The great team (Alix, David and Paolo) structured the workouts, yoga and hikes so that people of different levels could get the most out of it.

There was a wide spectrum of fitness levels including some very fit people (competition winners, etc) and whilst sometimes I was struggling to keep up on the hikes, there was always a guide who made sure I was ok.

I think my favourite part fitness wise was hiking and I enjoyed the historical knowledge and local context provided by David and Paolo. We visited a fascinating hill top artist colony and learned about the original artist who restored it with the help of friends brick by brick.

The group of people on this trip was really unique. I have been to other fitness resorts and I always meet some nice people but this group was off the charts. I haven't laughed that hard since school and we also had some great conversations about different countries (it was almost a model United Nations). So I not only learned about fitness but about the world which made it better than a normal vacation where you might be at risk of killing off some brain cells.

The food was excellent. I think the best vegetables I ever had. I probably overdid it a bit on the bread (was so good), so keep in mind you have to exercise a bit of control there.

The transfers were easy: I flew into Pisa and out of Rome (was connecting long haul on the way out). Both were quite manageable although I do understand a bit of Italian which always helps.

All in all Tuscan Fitness was a really special experience and I look forward to the opportunity to return.


Tuscan Fitness Facebook page

I loved my four nights at Tuscan Fitness in April. The yoga is brilliant. The staff are amazing. The facilities are perfect. The food is delicious. And the massages are out of this world. I would love to go back one day.

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