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Tuscan Fitness offer unique health holidays in Italy combining health, fitness, and leisure to allow people to create their own experience based on their goals.

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  • Shmulik K. Israel

    November 9, 2016. BookYogaRetreats

    Me and my wife participated in the yoga retreat for a few days. The yoga retreat is very well organized, the teachers were great. The full day plan combining yoga, fitness and hiking really makes you feel your body start up. A lot of attention is given to the food. The fixed menu is original and the food although healthy is very tasty. Great location, nice people - great experience.

  • A Traveler England

    BookYogaRetreats Website

    My review is that we had a great stay with at Tuscan fitness at the Fontebussi resort. The communication before our trip was timely and they were really accommodating when one if our group had to drop out. We were met at the airport by Gemma who gave us a rundown before we arrived and we managed lunch and a relax by the pool until yoga class. The activity schedule was perfect and pitched at the right level so we could choose which activities to do when to get the balance of wellness and relaxation. It was nice that we ate together with the wider group, so that we could chat to and meet new people. Food was really healthy and obviously nutritious and gave us all some ideas of how we could accomplish this at home when trying to cook for families and partners.

    We had a great time and are considering returning again it's a beautiful place and with the wine tasting and walks I felt as though I still got to experience Tuscany properly. Thank you to Gemma, David and Paolo for being so welcoming and helpful before and during our trip!

  • Marie K. United States

    October 6, 2016. BookYogaRetreats

    I enjoyed everything about it. The resort was lovely, tho' the pool could have been heated (even just a bit). The staff at the restaurant was beyond amazing. Especially Francisco and Giuseppe. The Tuscan Yoga part was nice. The yoga was really good, but I have to admit I expected more of a yoga atmosphere with teachings about the myths, and the sutras, even a class on the 8 limbs of yoga. The gong bath was lovely, but misplaced in the schedule a bit. While evening is a time for that, after dinner was also our prime social time. we would often linger over dinner until 2200 or later. Not sure how it could have been different but for many it was their first night, for others their last. Maybe an afternoon relaxation/meditation event. I did love that hikes and fitness were offered, though with all the hills and a much younger crowd, I opted out of the hikes and fitness (circuit training) isn't my thing. I missed yoga on the mornings of the long hikes :(

    The organization seemed a bit lacking. We were told "different" answers throughout the stay. In my case regarding the wine excursions (a key component to why I picked your business). There were two wine trips included in the cost, unfortunately they were both to the same winery. That did not make me happy. I understand the rotating crowd allowed for that, but there were around 6 of us that had 6 or 7 nights and chose to opt out of the second winery tour. We also paid for the half day trip. We were to go to two wineries and lunch according to the description. We went to one very lovely winery, no lunch, no snacks, and then to a store that also served wine. That charged us for our tastings (which should have been included). We were nicely compensated for that by the host (David) also the tour was about 3 hours long, not a "half day". Also, the communication around that seemed to change repeatedly. We were told we could charge it to our room, we could not, etc. I understand handing off duties on a daily basis is important as to the number of staff needing their own time. But every half day seemed a bit much. While all the staff (Gemma, David, Paulo, Natah) always seemed to understand the comings and goings of each person, some of the fine details seemed frustrating. It would have been easier to have one contact person at the resort every day ...even if it was only for a bit. Also, including more details about how to navigate to the resort. I am an American and not used to Italian train service, location of small towns etc. Detailed instructions with train schedules etc. might have helped!

  • Emanuele B. Italy

    September 20, 2016. BookYogaRetreats

    Great location and great people. An international environment where I could experience great relaxation, fantastic Italian food, super yoga and training classes in an amazing surrounding. I will definitely be back.

  • Jacqueline United Kingdom


    A fantastic yoga break! The Tuscan Fitness team are great and go out if their way to ensure you have a relaxing holiday experience. The yoga classes were excellent (not intimidating, all levels were welcome, stunning setting), and we really enjoyed the hiking trips and getting the chance of to explore the countryside.

    The rooms are of a good standard and the food was tasty and healthy (we were never hungry).

    A stunning location and a relaxing ambience. Great mix of exercise and poolside relaxing. Should be available on prescription or be some kind of obligatory holiday! Excellent.

  • Marjon Schagen Netherlands


    Great location with particularities such as a herbs and vegetable garden. Beautiful views. Despite of the many participants (and children) I didn’t feel like it was busy and noisy. The staff where very friendly and helpful, delicious food and a variety in yoga, fitness and walking.

    Feedback - I arrived Friday night and could stay until Monday after lunch. I wanted to participate in fitness and after take a shower. This was difficult since I had to leave the room at 12pm. Luckily the receptionist told me I could stay until 12:15pm. My suggestions would be to start fitness half an hour earlier or do the check-out until 12:30pm. Besides that, I think an other good activity would be mountain biking.

  • Eoin Clarke England

    BookYogaRetreats Website

    Tuscan Fitness is the best yoga retreat I’ve been on. Yoga to a Tuscan view is the perfect way to start every day. The breakfast is plentiful and gorgeous. The staffs are excellent and helpful in every possible way. I also really enjoyed the hiking and fitness classes. I left feeling fitter and refreshed. Thank you Tuscan Fitness. Highly recommended.

  • Asahi United Kingdom


    Tuscan Fitness have something really special going here. It’s not so much a traditional yoga retreat, but more a holiday that focusses on all-round fitness, health, enjoyment and wellbeing. The team dedicate themselves to make sure the guest experience is perfect, and they do a good job of it. The location is simply stunning in the foothills of Tuscany, and the accommodation and resort is a beautifully renovated old village. The twice daily yoga sessions run by Tess were top-class, while the fitness sessions run by Paulo were sufficiently painful! David's hikes gave us a chance to explore the local area, and ensured for a varied daily programme. While I was initially concerned by the fitness diet, the team have put in a lot of work to come up with a thoughtful tasty menu using excellent local ingredients - and never left me hungry between meals despite all the exercise. David and his staff ate with you and other guests, ensuring a really fun, relaxed, welcoming and friendly getaway, with a great fitness boost on the side! A real gem, and I will definitely be going back!

  • Amy Dublin


    Amazing way to finish my trip! I had a fantastic stay at Tuscan fitness. The resort is beautiful and the room was very comfortable. The food was delicious and the hotel and restaurant staff were professional and friendly. The Tuscan Fitness team are amazing! The yoga, circuit training and hikes were fabulous! The team made me feel part of the Tuscan Fitness family and a special thanks has to go to Maleeha who made my last day in Italy my most memorable! I highly recommend Tuscan Fitness and I cannot wait to return myself!

  • Britta Sweden


    Thank you so much, we had a wonderful stay and were impressed by the gourmet vegetarian food and of course all fantastic people. For us, this was perfect, with the lovely resort with many options and the schedule that gave us the expected yoga and also surprises as ”gongbad” and the beautiful hikes through vineyards. Five stars for you guys.

  • Lovita Copenhagen


    We had an amazing stay at Tuscan Fitness!! Everything was over our expectations, the food, the fitness, the hotel and especially the staff! They were so committed and went way and beyond to ensure we had a good stay. The whole Tuscan Fitness crew felt like a family and in just a few days we got to know all of them really well. I would recommend this trip to everyone I know, and I will go back myself as soon as possible!

  • Irina Copenhagen


    Tuscan Fitness was the perfect finish to my trip in Italy. It was the first time I have been to a yoga retreat and had a great experience. The location of the retreat is in a beautiful resort which although was shared with other holiday makers was not crowded at all and totally relaxing. My room was spacious and comfortable and I was met with some goodies and information plan about my stay. The yoga was good (although could be more frequent and in depth) especially Jenna’s class which was incredibly relaxing and well thought though, she was very hands on and guided the class very well. My fitness classes with Paolo were fun but left me aching enough to feel I had worked out, whilst hiking with David was a great way to explore the beautiful area. Meals were incredibly well thought through and whilst being healthy and balanced also were very tasty. The great thing about the retreat is that it’s up to you how involved or active you are. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to disconnect, meet great people and spend a few days in total tranquility.

  • Val England


    I thoroughly enjoyed my yoga and walking holiday with Tuscan fitness. The accommodation was excellent, yoga classes amazing and the walking was fab. Staff were very attentive, you could not wish for more.

  • Paula Nicoletti United States

    BookCulinaryVacations website

    We wanted a real cooking school and this was perfect! We wanted participation and we were eased into it, but by the end of the week, we planned the 3-course dinner. The Chefs always surprised us with a special course and we had to guess the ingredients! The country setting, the beautiful stone residence very comfortable and the number of participants (6-8) works for individual and partner participation.

    Our booklet with recipes and our apron were ready for us at 10 am, after a delicious breakfast! We were in the kitchen for most of the day, with some pause for coffee and a good lunch, but the time flew by.

    Serious techniques with some fun along the way! We learned meal planning, with a drawing of our balanced plate first. Prep, decoration, cooking techniques, spun sugar, visiting chefs and of course decorating with chocolate. So many "take home" specifics we use daily.

    The day's end with a glass of wine ( very well priced) and relaxing with our great Chef's. Making new friends, culinary challenges and Chef's stories that are fond memories! Excellent value . Oh, and we did not gain weight!

  • Sandra


    I really enjoyed my time at the Tuscan Fitness retreat. The team is amazing, good work out but not too much so you can still enjoy the next day. I really liked the hikes, beautiful landscape, and the food was excellent!

  • Nina Canada


    I loved my week in Tuscan Fitness Ltd. The staff was wonderful, very efficient and friendly. I did not like the food and yoga. The yoga was very brief and was not up to standard for a yoga retreat. The food was very salty and not healthy at all. Overall was an okay experience.

  • Admin response from Tuscan Fitness Ltd to Emanuela and Ninas


    Thank you for your feedback. It is always very helpful for us to hear about your experience as it helps us improve and make our program better for you. I am sorry you did not like the yoga, I was going through a change of staff as I was starting my maternity leave but in the meantime I have changed both of my teachers and now we have two great teachers on staff and I will be back teaching as soon as I can! We loved having you and appreciate your feedback. Best, Alix

  • Emanuela Belgium


    I had a great stay. The staff was super helpful accommodating and always available. The food was very good and the location unbeatable. The daily programme was well managed in terms of quantity of activities. We had some yoga, great hiking, some fitness training. However, one negative point was the yoga itself. The teachers were not using any logical sequence. Also, the intensity both in terms of quantity and workout was a little under par.

  • Susanna France


    My friend and I had a wonderful experience at Tuscan Fitness. Alix and her team were incredibly welcoming and accommodating, the hotel and hotel staff were lovely in every respect. The food was amazing and all activities fun and well adapted to the group.

  • Sullivan United States

    BookYogaRetreats website

    This is what a vacation truly should be!

    I flew into Florence and the connection to Fontebussi was a breeze. The location is stunning- lush green landscape and tiny villages perched on the sides of the hills. The food was delicious, I left with new eating habits and am still stunned that I lost weight while in Italy. The fitness side was perfect. I loved that you could go fully into it, or sit in the sun with a glass of wine. No pressure, no judgement- total freedom. With Sienna, Arezzo and Florence close by it actually made a perfect central location for exploring the area.

    But the most important part of this retreat, and what made it so incredibly special, are the people. There is so much care that goes into this operation and as a guest you really feel it. Alix, David and Paolo put all their heart into creating this environment and they are the reason that many in our group planned our return before we even left.

    If you are looking to really relax, de-stress, and hit the reset button on your life and health habits then I highly recommend a week with Tuscan Fitness!

  • Emilio and Kemberly

    BookYogaRetreats website

    We took the train up from Naples. We were greeted with a sign and smiling faces. We then proceed to a beautiful village that sat on a sprawling landscape that looked as if it was a painting.

    Check in was a breeze and our room accommodations were clean, spacious and beautifully decorated. Once we were settled in, we met up for a nice hike through lush hills of numerous fragrant herbs and flowers.

    After our hike, we had our first lovely dinner of many and met the others in attendance to the retreat. Our next (too) few days were spent on hikes, doing yoga and even circuit training sessions. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks were always deliciously yummy and filling. We rounded out our evenings with choices ranging from wine tasting; in rooms massage and even a mind moving Gong bath.

    I highly recommended this retreat! The Tuscan Fitness team members are passionate about what they do and the people they host.

    It is truly one of a kind, a template of excellence!

  • Tara Morris Wagner Switzerland

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I went away during my Spring Break to Tuscany for a fitness retreat with Tuscan Fitness. It was amazing!

    I enjoyed all of the activities offered and felt that the staff were very friendly, professional and experienced. I really liked the fact that they offered so many activities yet they didn't pressure you to attend if you wished to relax or do your own activities. The snacks and desserts that Alix makes for her guests are amazing! Each meal that she planned for the restaurant chef to make was also healthy and delicious.

    On the third day of my trip, while going down some stairs, I twisted my ankle and tore some ligaments. Everyone at Tuscan Fitness, including the other guests, went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and safe. Alix organized for me to see a doctor and she also created a special yoga class that allowed me to participate for part of it. The restaurant staff brought me ice numerous times each day and the other guests helped me and entertained me while I rested my foot. Everyone stepped up to help, out of the pure goodness in their hearts!

    Although my retreat was meant to be for fitness, it ended up being about kindness, friendship and renewing my faith in how good and caring most people are in their daily lives. I had an amazing week and plan to have a reunion with my fitness friends at Tuscan Fitness this summer!

  • Maryrose

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I had a wonderful time - great location and food. Alix and the team who run it are fantastic.

  • Mikaela

    BookYogaRetreats website

    This was a fantastic, family-friendly retreat! We brought our 8-month-old along and still had an awesome time. We were even able to book sitters at the resort to engage in not-so-baby-friendly activities. Thanks for a great retreat!

  • a traveler Ireland

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I highly recommend Tuscan Fitness for a yoga retreat. My husband and I had a wonderful time. The staff were flexible and accommodating to our specific wishes. There is no judgement as to whether you participate in every activity or choose to eat off the restaurant menu, which meant a lot to us. I found the Tuscan Fitness meal plans to be flavorful and satisfying, but options were plentiful on the restaurant menu as well. The accommodations were comfortable and the hotel/resort setting was conducive to relaxation and rejuvenation. All in all, we were pleased to have chosen Tuscan Fitness for our first ever yoga retreat and would recommend it to friends and colleagues alike.

  • Sahar and Sara Switzerland

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Tuscan Fitness at Fontebussi was simply amazing.First of all, the place was so much more than we expected. In the middle of nowhere, surrounded by Tuscanys beautiful nature, and the resort was much bigger than expected too. The food was plenty and yummy, and the program was great too. We loved all of it, from yoga to circuit training to the wonderful hikes.But the best part of the whole experience was the people. Alix, David, Nicola, and Paulo were all so wonderful, open and friendly people. Even the staff at the hotel was great! I will definitely recommend this to everyone, but I would only suggest staying for the week as we were not even close to ready to go back after 4 days!Thank you to the team!

  • Eva

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Alex and her team were simply amazing! It could not have been better organized, executed and fulfilled. We would definitely rebook.

  • Vivian China

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Tuscan Fitness is beyond my expectation in every aspect! It's in such a beautifully laid out hotel which is charming and organic, like a village. The yoga and circuit training classes are excellently conducted outdoors overlooking the Tuscan countryside. The teachers really cater to everyone's needs and make the exercises a real enjoyment! The hiking trips are exceptional with local knowledge of plants, history and landscape, and with each trip well-designed. The food at Tuscan Fitness is a delight, so healthy and nutritious, which goes perfectly with the yoga and fitness! I will definitely go back on a regular basis!

  • May Australia

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I participated for 5 days and 4 nights with Alix and the team and thoroughly enjoyed my time seeing the Tuscan area whilst exercising every day. The entire team were really friendly and accommodating, the venue was amazing, and it was good to have time to just relax by the resort's pool in between training sessions.Yoga in the morning followed by Paolo's interval training session was a great start to the day. Afternoon hikes with Nicola and David were also a great way to see the local landscape and experience fresh fruit straight from the trees (berries and figs were delicious!).Meals and snacks were delicious and I really appreciated the flexibility to order from the resort's restaurant menu in order to try the local specialties and wines.Alix was also very helpful in organising a winery tour and night trip to Siena for us, which was amazing as it was my first time to Tuscany.The only negative was the Hatha yoga which I found quite basic, and then a difficult back bend (wheel) was thrown in at the end which I thought was quite dangerous with our bodies not yet warmed up. Perhaps the class was lost in translation as I found most of the instructions were not clear, and the class seemed to be just a breathing exercise with not many postures incorporated.Otherwise I thought the overall retreat was well structured and everyone was wonderful and I would recommend to my friends and family.

  • Sara Sweden

    BookYogaRetreats website

    We stayed for 3 nights with Tuscan Fitness and it exceeded my expectations completely! The surroundings are stunning, with beautiful views as it is situated among the mountains. The rooms were spacious, the pool great and with the right temperature, and the staff was friendly. The food was good and wholesome and the days were divided into Yoga, Fitness and Hiking.We were a group of about 10 and since people left and arrived every day, you got to know a lot of nice persons. The classes were professional and very good. The team was accommodating and pleasant. They picked us up at the station without any problems.I can only recommend them warmly. The place, the programme, the lessons, the food, and the accommodation was wonderful! Great thanks to you all, I am definitely coming back!

  • Vanessa United Kingdom


    I've arrived safely back home and missing you guys already! I can not stress enough what an amazing holiday I had at Tuscan Fitness. It looks great on your website but imagined it would no doubt would show the "best bits" ! I could not believe it was exactly how it looks, only better, as I turned every corner there was another stunning view! Bearing in mind there was a storm the day I arrived, so then in the sunshine it was a different, even more beautiful scene again.The food was amazing, so tasty and plentiful and always served with a smile. :) and although I'm not such a fan of peanut butter I could certainly be converted with your home made version at breakfast which is delicious!!Yoga was a fantastic way to start the day, Paolo's circuits were challenging but the surroundings were so stunning it got us though and the hikes......just breath taking views, different routes every day with changing scenery and amazingly knowledgeable guides David and Nicola made each one a delight.You and everyone else at Tuscan Fitness were so friendly and helpful during the booking process and the stay, it felt like going to stay with friends (With an exceptionally nice place!) and nothing was too much trouble.The hotel rooms were beautifully rustic and impeccably clean.For a fledgling company I think you have got it very right and I can't wait for your cook book to be published and to see your merchandise on sale. Keep up the great work! I hope to be back!!

  • a guest Netherlands


    Don't go thinking it's a yoga retreat. The yoga is barely an hour a day and in my world, retreats don't come with 27 Dutch families and their screaming children taking control of the swimming pool. Guests keep coming and going so there is none of that 'group spirit' that I had in real retreats. That said, (most of) the people are wonderful, the guided hikes are fabulous, and the exercise is good. The Tuscan scenery is among the most beautiful you'll ever see. Most of the food was very delicious, but it could be more diverse. In a week of staying with Tuscan Fitness I had several meals more than once - not very creative. And the breakfast is just the hotel buffet, with very limited healthy options. Sure, I had a good time, but I had higher expectations finding this on a website that is supposed to focus on yoga retreats.

  • Vanessa United Kingdom

    BookYogaRetreats website

    We had a lovely time and thoroughly enjoyed the yoga classes and delicious snacks!

  • Al United Kingdom

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I had a great time. The staff were amazing and the retreat a beautiful location. All around everybody made me welcome and I would love to return there.

  • Kylie Hong Kong

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I loved loved loved my time with Tuscan Fitness. The team was great and very attentive and caring. With just one hour of yoga a day it was more of a fitness retreat. This was absolutely not a problem as I really enjoyed the variety of activity including hiking and fitness.

  • Ira United Kingdom

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I came here with my 2 adult kids to have quality time and enjoy yoga in warmer climate. Tuscan Fitness was perfect because of its location and also because they were flexible with the dates and general sleeping arrangement.We were there for 3 nights. From the booking arrangement to the departure, it was seamless. We arrived at our hotel after 2:30 p.m. but they made sure our lunch was set aside.Yoga and fitness was conducted outdoors whilst we were there, and this is always a bonus to be able to enjoy the scenery and the warmth. We had very high temperature and blue skies. If the room is too warm, ask the team to tell the reception to lower AC temperature. Yoga started at 8 a.m. A thought would be to have an earlier morning yoga to benefit from the cooler weather. Circuit training was on the grass, under the shaded trees, so cool.The team works very efficiently, communications were excellent and very easy going. The key here is that they made the atmosphere so "profelax" (professional and relaxed) but one knows to make things run smoothly, and the engine runs hard behind the scene. They made sure if there was anything we needed, they will attend to it.The walks/hikes for me were a bonus. I had no expectation and this was one of the most enjoyable activities. The scenery was spectacular, the walks varied to suit various abilities. Plenty of water and snacks given along the way, home-baked and delicious.Tuscan Fitness menu was set for lunch and breakfast, starters and main course, mostly prepared by the hotel staff. So even with all the exercises, I still managed to put on weight. Which probably means that if you really want to be slimmer, select the menu carefully and manage the portions.We would like to come back in the not too distant future.

  • Ingrid United Kingdom

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Alix made it so easy from the booking process onwards. She can move days or extend your break. All you need to do is give her the time of the train you will arrive on and she will have someone meet you. The hotel is gorgeous and in a lovely setting in the Tuscan hills.I was travelling on my own for the first time and what a delight, the other guests were international and all meals are taken together meaning, you got to know the others really well, having laughs along the way. The food is very tasty and all inclusive. It is healthy and I felt so good after a few days of rest, relaxation, good food and the fitness activities.There are a couple of yoga instructors, both excellent and though I hadn't done any yoga for a couple of years I was able to work at my pace and ability. I would highly recommend the hikes. David is very knowledgeable about the local flora and fauna and the views are stunning. 6k hikes were fine for someone as out of shape as me.Where the true skill lies with Tuscan fitness is in the team. They cleverly ensured everyone was included in conversation, ensured all the guests were happy and were all able to get on with all types of people on different levels - very clever all of them.The rooms are great (slippers, pool towels, toiletries, etc.) and I slept like a log for the whole 5 nights. My advise would be to expand your stay to 4/5 nights as 3 wouldn't be long enough. Also buy a bottle of wine in the restaurant and the returns staff will keep it safe for you for the next night which means it is much cheaper than buying by the glass. The wine is fabulous and go local if you can, the hotel makes their own lovely wine.All in all a fantastic holiday and I came back healthier, fitter, relaxed and totally destressed. Just go for it!

  • Lowri Wales

    BookYogaRetreats website

    The place was amazing. As this was our first yoga/fitness holiday we didn't quite know what to expect but it went above and beyond any ideas we had. The team were amazingly helpful, passionate about what they did, friendly, knowledgeable and funny. You couldn't have handpicked a better crew. The location meant that we never knew which way to point our camera for the best photo! The meals were so nutritious and tasty and the local wines were delicious. (After all, we were on holiday!) We left feeling stronger, fitter and ready to take on the world. Since coming back I've signed up for a half marathon and have continued with my training at an improved level. Maybe more importantly my mind feels clearer and mentally I have a lot more energy. We have agreed that we'll certainly return to Tuscan Fitness and maybe next time combine it with a trip to some of the surrounding area like Florence. I cannot recommend this retreat highly enough.

  • Emese Hungary

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I really enjoyed my yoga holiday in Tuscany. The location is superb and the view around is just amazing. The main programs - the yoga, hike and the fitness - are very good and well organized, moreover they really take care about everyone. The food and the personally prepared snacks are just delicious. It was a perfect vacation to be in nature, to get fitter and to relax in good company - I can absolutely recommend it!

  • Tanja C. Switzerland

    BookYogaRetreats website

    A friend of mine and I booked the 4 days/3 nights yoga retreat and went there this May. I'm absolutely enthusiastic, it could not have been better. The place is gorgeous. Fontebussi is in the middle of the Tuscan countryside. The weather was fantastic, 4 days of sunshine. During the day it was warm enough to spend some time at and in the wonderful pool, that you can see in the pictures. But it was never too hot to not want to participate in the programme that Alix arranges for you on your arrival day. The programme was a perfect combination of yoga sessions, hiking tours and fitness. If you don't feel comfortable with the set-up, there is always the possibilty to skip one class or to insert a private class. Just let the staff know. Alix and her collegues are great, warm-hearted people with a fantastic sense of humour and a big amount of professionalism. They really try to satisfy your wishes. And you will see they will.My friend has already booked her next visit there at the end of the summer. And I will too, as soon as I get the chance.

  • Sophie England

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Tuscan Fitness delivered on every level. My friend and I could not have had a better time. Fontebussi is the perfect setting for such a retreat. It was beautiful, peaceful, and had the power to make us feel instantly relaxed on arrival.The staff were amazing, so friendly, enthusiastic, and efficient and made our time very memorable.The yoga was excellent, a perfect balance between challenging yet fun and left me feeling more relaxed than I've been in years. They do a great job catering for all levels.I could go on and on about how great our time was but I'll just say it ticked every box and we'll be returning next year.

  • Rikke and Marie Denmark

    BookYogaRetreats website

    We stayed at Tuscan Fitness for four days and we had a amazing time. The crew made us feel welcome and they took really good care of us. Yoga and hiking in the most beautiful settings and delicious healthy food.

  • Alessandra Italy

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I was very happy about my stay with Tuscan Fitness and all aspects met my expectations or were even better than expected! I was able to relax, have fun, exercise, eat amazingly well, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings and nature. The location and grounds were beautiful, everything was perfectly organized to the very last detail in a very warm and personal atmosphere. I will definitely go back but plan to stay longer next time. Thank you!

  • Brigette

    BookYogaRetreats website

    What a wonderful way to spend a week re-energising in Tuscany! I felt immediately welcome by Alix and the crew. Such a dynamic and fun group of people! The setting of the hotel in the hills overlooking a beautiful valley of Tuscany was majestic. The food was delicious and healthy accompanied by great conversation. The schedule was flexible with lots of down time to have extras or chill by the pool! I had two massages, which were incredible, while the others went bike riding and wine tasting. Alix is a great yoga teacher, gentle and encouraging. All the practices were different and special. Paolo was the master of circuit training which was always a challenge but lots of fun. Nicola and David led wonderful hikes though the hills, even finding wild strawberries and herbs. Can't wait to come back next year!

  • Abdullah Saudi Arabia

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I really loved my 7 days yoga retreat with Tuscan Fitness. It was full of activities and healthy food. The staff were so friendly and I felt at home surrounded by family and friends. And the view is just stunning. I will definitely consider coming back and recommending this to my friends.

  • Heidi France

    BookYogaRetreats website

    The perfect escape for city dwellers, a true retreat in Tuscan heaven.Tuscan Fitness is located in a beautiful resort, nestled in the beauty and quiet of the Tuscan hills. Each morning the beauty is enough to make this a wonderful place to relax and rejuvenate. Then the Tuscan Fitness team go out of their way to ensure you have all that you need to make this experience just what you need. The entire team is friendly, social, helpful and eager to help you in any way. The food is healthy, well-prepared, and Alix's healthy snacks are a real treat. The program offers multiple ways to spend time outdoors with hiking, yoga, and fitness to help you accomplish your goals. The pool is divine to further make sure you find ways to relax. I had a wonderful experience and would happily return. Thanks TF team!

  • Amy Europe

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I cannot recommend Tuscan Fitness enough. The people running it are great. They are good people who will look out for your needs and make accommodations accordingly. We enjoyed the yoga and enjoyed the other fitness activities which were available in a setting that speaks for itself. The traditional Tuscan-style accommodations were serene, comfortable and relaxing and the food ample, healthy, and satisfying. Spending four days there was well worth it and I felt stronger, healthier, and happier when I left. Alex and her crew are simply wonderful!

  • Miki Croatia

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I just returned home from my dreamy retreat at beautiful Fontebussi in Tuscany. Tuscan Fitness has a great thing going. The location is stunning, and the hotel is a renovated old Tuscan village turned into a luxury retreat destination. I chose the 4-day yoga retreat package, and wish I had stayed longer. The yoga sessions were just right for my level and easily adaptable; the fitness classes were challenging and fun; and the food was delicious and healthy! Alix and her team are amazing - attentive to individual needs, personable, and invested in making the retreat a very special experience for visitors. I absolutely LOVED my experience here and hope to go back. Thank you!

  • Luiza United Kingdom

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I had an incredible time at Tuscan Fitness. Alix and her team are some of the most interesting, lovely, warmest people I have ever met. They really make you feel at home. The workouts were challenging, but not so much that it is no longer enjoyable, they really do want you to have a relaxing vacation. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking. Waking up to snow capped mountains and fields of olive trees feels like a dream. And the food is not only delicious but healthy! We were served traditional Tuscan dishes as well as some of Alix's tasty cookies. All in all, a fantastic place to go, I would highly recommend to anybody else.

  • Aurélie France


    Mon séjour s'est super bien déroulé, j'ai vraiment beaucoup apprécié. L'endroit est un paradis sur terre et tout le monde est super gentil et agréable. J'ai également beaucoup aimé les repas qui étaient excellents. C'est une expérience que je renouvellerais sans hésiter.

Testimonials 15

  • Abi

    Tuscan Fitness Ltd

    I can't thank all of you enough for a 100% wonderful experience - the warmth and care of your service, the balance and planning of activities, the delicious food, the setting...It was perfection and I have had the best few days I can remember - exercising, talking, laughing, unwinding. I feel like a different person (albeit one who would like your chef at home!). David, Paolo, Gemma, and Alix in your absence, a really huge thank you! I hope to see you again very soon.

  • Jen

    Tuscan Fitness Facebook page

    I spent a wonderful week in late March at Tuscan Fitness. The location was stunning and I enjoyed seeing how the hills looked at different times of day and with different light (sunny, partly cloudy etc). It is a magical place with good energy.

    The workouts were perfect: hard but not so much that you couldn't workout the next day. The great team (Alix, David and Paolo) structured the workouts, yoga and hikes so that people of different levels could get the most out of it.

    There was a wide spectrum of fitness levels including some very fit people (competition winners, etc) and whilst sometimes I was struggling to keep up on the hikes, there was always a guide who made sure I was ok.

    I think my favourite part fitness wise was hiking and I enjoyed the historical knowledge and local context provided by David and Paolo. We visited a fascinating hill top artist colony and learned about the original artist who restored it with the help of friends brick by brick.

    The group of people on this trip was really unique. I have been to other fitness resorts and I always meet some nice people but this group was off the charts. I haven't laughed that hard since school and we also had some great conversations about different countries (it was almost a model United Nations). So I not only learned about fitness but about the world which made it better than a normal vacation where you might be at risk of killing off some brain cells.

    The food was excellent. I think the best vegetables I ever had. I probably overdid it a bit on the bread (was so good), so keep in mind you have to exercise a bit of control there.

    The transfers were easy: I flew into Pisa and out of Rome (was connecting long haul on the way out). Both were quite manageable although I do understand a bit of Italian which always helps.

    All in all Tuscan Fitness was a really special experience and I look forward to the opportunity to return.

  • Jane

    Tuscan Fitness Facebook page

    I loved my four nights at Tuscan Fitness in April. The yoga is brilliant. The staff are amazing. The facilities are perfect. The food is delicious. And the massages are out of this world. I would love to go back one day.

  • Caroline

    Tuscan Fitness Ltd website

    I was blown away by the attention to detail of the Tuscan Fitness program. The meals were incredibly healthy, tasty, fresh, varied, and were Tuscan-inspired. Extra touches like homemade peanut butter for breakfast and homemade snacks on the hikes showed the TLC that went into this program. The logistics and organisation were outstanding, including coordinating the shuttle from the station, rides to the wine tasting, and picking up basic necessities in town like calling cards, etc. The quality of the resort itself was top notch, especially in comparison with other hotels in Italy. The Tuscan Fitness restaurant and hotel staff went above and beyond for us. They knew our names, coffee preferences, and helped with laundry, etc. 5 stars for sure!

  • Jennifer United States

    Tuscan Fitness' Facebook page

    What an amazing experience! From the initial communication, Alix was tremendously helpful in planning this wonderful retreat! The resort is gorgeous, the views are breathtaking, the food delicious and the entire team of Tuscan fitness just so friendly, knowledgeable and truly charming! The yoga was the perfect way to start each day and set daily intentions, the hikes were beautiful, informative and a great opportunity to get to know the local customs from our tour guides. Alix even arranged for us to take bicycles out in the Tuscan hills and mapped out a route for us. I cannot say enough about this group of people and this once in a lifetime experience! If you are in Tuscany, you should absolutely spend some time with this group!

  • Nadine Germany

    Tuscan Fitness' Facebook page

    Tuscan Fitness offers fantastic health holidays at a stunningly beautiful location in the heart of the Tuscan countryside. Whether it's yoga, circuit training, hiking, biking or cultural and foodie activities, all can be enjoyed here in a relaxed yet highly professional environment. Alix and her team are caring and warm-hearted people who make you feel at home immediately. I would highly recommend to everyone who is looking for an active but at the same time relaxing holiday. I'll be back for a second time this year soon. Can't wait!

  • Roz

    Tuscan Fitness Ltd website

    Tuscan Fitness runs its programme using the facilities of the hotel based around the ancient village of Fontebussi. The accommodation is good. A nice pool, beautiful grounds and views, lovely terrace for meals. Whilst we were there it was extremely hot weather but there is AC in the rooms and we also asked for a fan. The Tuscan Fitness group take communal meals and have their own menu (although you could probably have your own table if you wanted and there is nothing to stop you buying meals off the hotel menu). I admit, I was unsure about this when we first pitched-up, but meeting the other people was part of the experience and the food was healthy and tasted good. There were people travelling on their own, couples, mothers and (grown-up) children. Yoga abilities and fitness levels varied. I strongly agree with the comment that this was run in a friendly, flexible but professional way. And I think it accommodated the individuals needs extremely well and was excellent value. If you are a yoga fanatic, it might not be for you. But if you enjoy yoga, hiking, getting fit, dozing by a swimming pool and recharging the batteries, this is a really good way to do it.

  • Brigette

    Tuscan Fitness' Facebook page

    Fabulous week! Beautiful setting, wonderful food and excellent conversation, Relaxing, wholesome and lots of fun! I'll be back

  • Claudia Switzerland

    Tuscan Fitness website

    I cant believe it is already two weeks that have passed now here at Tuscan Fitness and I will miss not just the stunning landscape, but also the great team! The time went that quickly here! The day was packed with all these activities, that helped me to come into shape. Every day I could see the progress and so I became stronger and fitter and lost around 5 kg.But more than this, I appreciate that I also can see that my shape has become much better! Everything looks skinnier. Also I learned a lot about portion control and was surprised how tasteful healthy food can be. The trainers were very motivated. At the same time, they were kind and patient, but also pushed and motivated me to achieve my targets.I highly recommend this great training camp to everybody who wants to improve his shape and fitness under perfect conditions. Tuscan Fitness, you are the best!

  • Stacey United States

    Tuscan Fitness website

    I miss you guys. It was such a wonderful experience at Tuscan Fitness. Need longer next time! For anyone trying to decide; let your imagination go wild about how gorgeous it is and how great you will feel after your customized program with Alix in charge. Then triple that. And that is what you will get. Loved every minute of it. Trying to figure out when I can return with friends or my daughter!

  • Fleur Hutchinson England

    Tuscan Fitness website

    It was my first time signing up for a fitness/boot camp or health holiday of any kind, and I had no real idea of what I was getting into. Luckily, the staff at Tuscan Fitness was more than helpful, well-prepared and all very friendly. I was hesitant at first, but they made me feel comfortable, planned exercise plans suited to my fitness level and experience, and provided a great experience overall in a beautiful location with delicious food.

  • Paolo Puccini United States

    Tuscan Fitness website

    I was browsing sites about health and exercise and found Tuscan Fitness, which seemed like a good opportunity to lose weight while eating well in the middle of Tuscany. I can happily say that my expectations were fulfilled, as I not only lost weight, ate delicious food and soaked up the Tuscan countryside, but I also was able to meet some fun, interesting new people, including the trainers and organizers at Tuscan Fitness, who could not have been nicer and more helpful. Thanks to them for a great trip and results.

  • Natalie Potic Australia

    Tuscan Fitness website

    I did a long weekend trip to Tuscan Fitness before the first hint of beach weather to try and get into some sort of shape and I am grateful to all the trainers and everyone involved for the help. I managed to shed a few pounds, eat well, gain some confidence and it started me on the path to getting in to good shape, like I used to be (or at least think I was). Thanks, Tuscan Fitness!

  • Maleeha Bengali England

    Tuscan Fitness website

    I had a great time in the Tuscan area, exercising in the gorgeous countryside and staying in the charming hotel. I loved that the workouts incorporated the landscape, with all the rolling hills, lakes and all which made for an even more immersive experience. Only wish I could have eaten more of the food (and drank some of that wine that was everywhere!).

  • Jill R. United States

    Tuscan Fitness website

    Following the advice of a trusted friend, I enrolled myself for a weekend at Tuscan Fitness. Going through a painful breakup at the time, I was seeking a healthy way to help deal with a lot of stressful things going on in my life.I couldnt have possibly made a better decision! Instead of staying in bed or devouring ice cream/junk food for a temporary feel-good plan, Alix at Tuscan Fitness provided me a healthy, empowering, long-lasting feel-good alternative completely personalized to my fitness/experience level and body type.Theres no doubt about it, its hard to feel low and depressed when you are running, jumping and pushing yourself and your body to its limit in one of the most beautiful places imaginable. Not only did I leave with a better understanding of what foods I should be eating and how I could prepare easy healthy meals that tasted amazing, but I left feeling incredibly positive, stronger, and just overall healthier!I dropped over 2 kilos and could actually see the definition in my arms, legs, and stomach! I couldnt believe it! Im even preparing most of the meals at home now. Thank you, Tuscan Fitness. This was the jump-start and health holiday that I needed. My only regret is that I didnt sign up sooner. Ill see you again in a couple weeks!

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