30 Days 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, India

  • Famafa Beach Resort, Khalcha Wada, Arambol, Goa, India

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Yoga Teacher Training in Goa

The Universal Yoga Training Center offers Yoga Alliance yoga teacher training courses and daily drop-in yoga classes at Goa, India. Vijay Amar, their methodology teacher, teaches a personally devised form of Universal Hatha yoga that focuses on deep relaxation and self-healing techniques to liberate the vital energy of the body and mind.


  • Course fees
  • Daily yoga workshop classes
  • Daily pranayama and meditation
  • United Yoga Center certificate
  • 29 nights accommodation
  • Two massages

Skill level

  • Beginner

  • 30 days with instruction
  • English
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  • Review by Hadas L from Petah Tikva, Israel

    "By participating in Vijay's class you dont only gain excellent ashtanga yoga class, but also a performance of a true yogi, manifesting his amazing physical abilities, philosophy and chants."

    Tripadvisor website, edited

  • Review by Jen from Sydney, Australia

    "I really enjoyed the classes I did with Vijay and wish that I had found him earlier in my stay. He really is a master and the first that I have encountered here in India. When he has a sense of your practice his adjustments are forceful but his 40 years of yoga experience means that he pushes you to a safe limit and at no time did I feel that he was pushing me too far. It is great to see what you can achieve when you are in the safe hands of a master! What also separates his classes is that he has a couple of assistants that are there to adjust. Again so important for improving your practice. Probably the most memorable part of his classes is Vijay's beautiful singing during Savasana.I really look forward to training with Vijay in Goa later in the year & would recommend his classes especially to those with a regular practice. "

    Tripadvisor website, edited

  • Review by Ron B from Tel Aviv, Israel

    "Great yoga classes, fantastic teachers, Vijay is a legend but don't miss out on Aravind's Hatha classes, he's a fantastic teacher!"

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  • Review by Polly Kay Yeung

    "Below are my feedback on the above course and the instructors for your reference:"

    Vijay, edited

  • "Excellent methodology and adjustment classes. Exactly what I was looking to learn in a teacher training. Love how you combine alignment and variations into the Primary Series, making in accessible for all levels of students. Now that I finished the course I feel confident to lead a Primary Series class because I know about many alignment principles in each asanas, and also how to help students go deeper in each asanas.Dr Ganesh Rao philosophyHis lessons are very engaging and I enjoyed them very much. Very knowledgeable and clear in teaching, good foundation for further studies.Dr Amrita AnatomyToo much time focused on anatomical names which we can find out from books or internet. Wish there was more in depth explanation on how to prevent common injuries in practice, how to protect our joints, yoga for pregnancy, yoga therapy etc.Aravind Hatha yogaGood and clear delivery. Good knowledge on hands on adjustments. Creative hatha yoga sequences. "

    August 2015. Universal Yoga Training Center website, edited

  • Review by Jeremiah Michael Sutton

    "First and foremost, thank you for the time, energy, and attention throughout this last month. Its been a great learning experience and Ive made so many gains in strength, flexibility, and overall focus. I would highly recommend your course to anyone who is interested in pursuing this path. I will specifically talk about each portion of the class.I. Ashtanga classes (Mysore and Lead):This portion of the course was basically perfect. Your instruction is of the highest level and you hold the students to such high standards that anyone attending the class is bound to make huge improvements. This was the heart of the class and I benefited greatly.II. Hatha Classes:For me, this was basically perfect. Aravind has an excellent demeanor and I think everyone who attends makes significant gains and also enjoys the sessions. Great job.III. Methodology:The teaching methodology was very thorough and we covered all the essential elements of teaching. It was extremely beneficial to cover all the details of all of the postures both for my own practice and my new ability to teach.IV. PhilosophyThis was one of my favorite portions of the class. I learned so much every single day. I only wish this portion of the class could have continued for longer as it was both helpful and interesting.V. Anatomy and PhysiologyThe beginning of this portion of the class was interesting and helpful. Learning about the the digestive system, muscular system, and skeletal system was all very positive. It was also helpful to learn about the different muscle groups and which ones are involved with different postures.VI. PranayamaThis portion of the class was good. I found the breath exercises helpful and a good way to start the day. The whole process is similar to a meditation and I liked having this before starting the Mysore practice.VII. MeditationThe meditations were also helpful. We covered a variety of styles and Im sure we will be able to continue practicing on our own.IX. Organization and StaffingVijay, Aravind, and Shiva all did a great job. You three are working so hard, often 7 days per week. And this is just amazing. Thank you all very much. Lastly, Vijay is a true master when it comes to yoga. Your knowledge and experience are so clear. Your instruction is beneficial, and I personally am honored to be able to study with you. Ive learned more than I can express here.Overall, thank you for everything. This course was amazing and it was exactly what I needed. You all have a great yoga practice and I am so happy that I found you and was able to learn so much. Im stronger now than ever before. I will stay here for at least another month to practice and learn more. I would recommend anyone to come and take your course. And if you ever make a brochure, or need some quotes for your website about how awesome and helpful your course is, I would be happy to speak on your behalf. I will always hold you all fondly in my heart. Your knowledge is now part of my own yoga lineage. Thank you so much for everything and I look forward to continuing my practice with you. "

    August 2015. Universal Yoga Training Center website, edited

  • Review by Sussana Van Oosterzee from Spain

    "I really enjoyed the course. I think Vijay has got a lot of experience on it. I really enjoyed the classes with Lisa and Dr. Ganesh. It was an unforgettable experience. Thank you very much! "

    February 2015. Universal Yoga Training Center website, edited

  • Review by Nathaniel Richter from USA

    "I learned a lot from Vijays TTC. I learned the Asanas well and the Pranayama. The lecturing classes on anatomy and philosophy were fantastic. I feel confident now that I can teach yoga to at least someone who is a beginnerOver all I am glad I took the course and I will take Vijays classes in the future.. Thank you Vijay!!! "

    February 2015. Universal Yoga Training Center website, edited

  • Review by Lara Sardyga from France

    "It was an interesting course good methodology, where you learn clearly how to handle students during their asanas; great Indian philosophic teaching with Dr. Ganesh and equally good teaching in Anatomy from Lisa.I enjoyed the atmosphere; quite relaxed but still serious and uplifting. Thank you all!! "

    February 2015. Universal Yoga Training Center website, edited