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14 Days Ayurveda and Yoga Training Course in Kerala, India

December | January | February | March, 2017–2018

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Great 9.5/10

Based on 24 reviews
from US$1,474
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14 days / 13 nights

Great 9.5/10

Based on 24 reviews

Reviews 24

  • Claudia Rajlich Switzerland

    October 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    Super Lage, alles sauber und alles was man braucht, fabelhafter Ort, einzigartige Betreuung von Josef (eine Art Butler); auch Carola die den Retreat leitet ist sehr behilflich, hat alles toll organisiert, angenehmer Yogakurs für alle Niveaus am Morgen angeboten, fabelhaft Yoga und Ayurveda erklärt, sowie alle unsere Bedürfnisse abgeholt. Die Treatments waren top und der Kochkurs lustig und sehr lehrreich. Zumal waren die Ausflüge sehr interessant, und auch einen zuverlässiger Transfer wurde (für unsre Extra-Ausflüge) wurde immer sauber organisiert. Man kann durchaus als Frau alleine hinfahren - es da wirklich ungefährlich und man findet sofort Freunde unter den Veranstaltern, Einheimischen und last but not least eine sehr nette Teilnehmer-Truppe. Herzlichen Dank! Weitermachen so!

    Die Köchin des Montepaolo hatte trotz Bemühungen von Carola's Seite meistens etwas mühe, meine (zugegeben komplizierte) Diät mit einer Unmenge an Lebensmittelunverträglichkeiten zum Abendessen umzusetzen. Allerdings wird einem da soviel Essen angeboten, das sich immer was findet - und Josef ist sehr behilflich kurzfristig Lösungen zu finden.

  • Trudy Coe Great Britain

    October 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    I loved the mix of activities (yoga, cooking and excursions) and the warm welcome from Carola and all the staff and helpers at Montepaolo. Nothing was ever too much trouble and it felt like being at home in an extended family. Everything was provided and every wish was catered for.

    I personally found the food a little too much in the evening - but it's hard to complain about having too much lovely food!

  • Tina Chaodee Edvall Sweden

    July 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    The stay at this accomondation was like staying at an Italian dream. The food and the service was great and the yoga Teacher Carola was adorable. The morning yoga was really good and rewarding. Moreover, she provided us with a cooking class and took us to Conversano, Pogliamare and Aberobello and guided us well. The treatments was amazing!

  • Cait O'neill Ireland

    July 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    The welcome. The support and helpfulness. The calm tranquil environment. There was a real feeling of home. The food all day long was incredible. All staff were very hospitable and warm to speak with. Joseph so dependable and always there with help you needed, a friend to me now, I wish him all that is good in the world. Arianna so helpful young and full of vitality. José great sense of humour, very funny. Lucrezia so hard working ,providing food that I never experienced before. The taste. ...

    My teacher, Lucrezia , we spoke Italian and cooked. What an absolutely amazing experience. Lucrezia is an amazing cook and teaches so incredibly well.

    Maria Angela, the treatment was so good I had to have another one! I truly have not ever experienced such a complete level of relaxation of mind and body.

    Last but not least, Carola, it was a immense pleasure to meet and encounter a truly wonderful woman, with all the energy to ensure that my trip was a enjoyable one, on every level, mind, body and soul. Nothing was too difficult. All the activities, the yoga my first time and was an experience I shall carry forward with me. Trips were amazing with Carola giving us all the information. Carola ensured I felt safe travelling alone. What an asset to the Vedeguru Centre.

    I feel healed and relaxed on my return to my home, for this I thank all the staff ,I wish you all good health and the very best the world can give you.

    I tried to pack in too much into the itinerary, but I, as Carola knows, like my own space to relax.

  • Signe Marie Roelland Norway

    July 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    Everything was more than I could hope for. I will recommend it to everyone!

  • Christine Sugg Belgium

    May 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    very Nice place ans perfect welcome. Je me suis sentie choyée. Lucrezia, Carola et Joseph prennent soin de vous et de vos envies. Bien être, cours de cuisine, visites ... Un chouette mix pour une semaine agréable. Encore merci à tous. Christine.

  • Hannele, Katarina, Sebastian, and Kristian Finland website

    We experienced a perfect wellness week for body and mind - yoga, delicious local food, great excursions and insight to ayurveda. The Ayurveda doctor available is skilled and we recommend everyone to have a consultation with him. The atmosphere and group was great and with Carola’s lead you get tools ans inspiration to make changes for your wellbeing in your everyday life. We loved the program because it was so comprehensive and Carola was open for our group’s wishes. A week with Vedaguru in Puglia leaves you with warm, centered and energized feelings. :)

  • Bibi Nabi Norway website

    I had a wonderful time at the yoga retreat. If I have to say anything about where you guys can improve is that I wish it was more yoga sessions. But Carola said it was because of the heat and the schedule. I also got good information about the doshas. And the Ayurvedic massages were heavenly. The farmhouse was a beautiful place and the food was delicious. I tasted fresh figs and almond milk for the first time in my life. The tours was also very nice. My favorite was Pulignano a mare. That was the reason for I chose this yoga retreat. I saw the picture from Pulignano a mare and I said to myself I want to go there! The beach in Pulignano a mare was beautiful. I went for a swim and it was everything I had imagined. So I will rate my stay 9 out of 10. I almost forgot the service was impeccable!

  • Emma Ganderton United Kingdom website

    From the moment I entered the gates at Monte Paolo I felt that I was coming home. I was greeted by the lovely Carola who walked me around the building and was immensely helpful, picking mulberry's and cherries from the trees for me to try. My room was beautiful and I slept the best sleep every night waking up to utter peace. It was an amazing week, up early for yoga followed by a wonderful breakfast served by the ever patient and polite Joseph then a treatment or a cookery class…and an afternoon excursion, with wonderful company. Such a delight to be looked after so well. Thank you so much for a truly wonderful week, I learned so much and will never forget my last days outdoor meditation. I’m already looking forward to returning as soon as I can…I found heaven on earth! Love and light.

  • Ruth Richman Canada website

    I am just back from three weeks in Italy. The last week was spent at Montepaolo for a retreat of yoga, cooking class, Ayurvedic massages, excursions to ancient places, and local foods in the dining room. Before booking the week with Carola I read reviews and they were all positive. I really looked for negative reviews and did not find any. I thought this was good news but also a little strange – as the saying goes you cannot please all the people all the time. After my week was over all I wanted to do was book another week! From beginning to end it was a magical time. All the positive reviews are correct. For months before the trip Carola and I emailed a lot, we had to keep changing our travel dates and arrival days and she did all the changes efficiently and without question. She is the best organizer I have ever worked with on anything! Once we met I felt like we were old friends. I slipped right into the magic of the place - the house’s thick stone walls keep the house lovely and cool on the hot days, and quiet always. I shared a room with a friend and it was easy to do, lots of space, windows, great bathroom. Lots of indoor spaces and outdoor “rooms” to be alone in or hang out with new and old friends. The buildings and grounds are meticulously taken care of and it was a joy to see bowls of fresh figs and other fruits harvested on site every breakfast. I used the pool area everyday for sunning and swimming. Carola is an excellent yoga teacher and her style is healing and available to everyone on the mat. Class in the morning was a great way to start the day. The massage therapy was some of the best I ever had. Thank you Marie-Angela!! Magical, intuitive hands. Ayurveda threads its way through the yoga and the massages. Cooking class with Lucretia was great fun! We spoke no Italian and she speaks no English but that didn’t stop anything. At the end we had a gorgeous multi-course meal and felt like we could understand the language! Generally, the food is over the top! I am a good eater but found even one main Italian meal was more than I could handle per day. The days we had lunch we were in trouble at the table at night! The food quality is excellent, quantities are large, and the blending of the textures, colors, flavors was perfect. The food prepared is based on what is ready and ripe in the fields, orchards, and garden. My food sensitivities were listened to and there was always plenty for me to enjoy. Joseph-the-Amazing is the main waiter and he was really such a bonus to the week. Attentive, funny, sincere. The excursions were always good too. A wide range from the Trulli buildings to Polignano’s amazing architecture to the shore at Cozze to swim and a local winery. The age and history of the area is very interesting. Carola gave us time to wander and to enjoy and our small group of 5 were easy to keep track of. All in all my first thought is that I want to return…I feel there is a lot more to see, a lot more time to spend relaxing. I will choose my return based on harvest times….the cherries are spectacular and I only saw the end of the season! And I would like more than two massages! Thank you everyone that I saw and those behind the scenes at Vedaguru and Montepaolo.

  • Debra B Canada website

    Ruth and I so looked forward to our time with you! You were so helpful in assisting us with our reservations and all the changes that we had to make along the way! I couldn't believe how understanding and accommodating you were! know that we changed our number of night stays at least three times to which you were fine with. Upon our arrival in Bari the Taxi that you had arranged for us, Franco, was so patient! Ruth's luggage had been lost and even though there was a language barrier, Franco was most helpful and understanding. He had to wait for at least an hour until Ruth manged to get all the documentation finalized in order for her luggage to make it to Montepaolo! My first impression was one of a very well organized trip! Our arrival was greeted by your smiling face and calm energy! I knew then that I was in for a most wonderful experience! Our room was lovely, clean and welcoming. I was overwhelmed with all the beauty of the gardens that I saw not only from the windows of my room but when I first arrived. Your first tour of the grounds and your ability to communicate in English was awesome. I felt immediately at home! The food was excellent and a lot was offered! From my experience I learned that one had to be very clear about what your food preferences were or else you would be constantly fed like a Queen or a King! The staff were so eager to make sure our stay was filled with the blessing of their energy, the food that they created. Joseph was so amazing and I was grateful for his kindness! He is to be commended in every job that he does there as he did it with love! I loved the table that was set up on the side with Ayurveda offerings, special teas, herbs and fruit that was offered to assist in balancing our doshas which you had instructed us in! Carola, the Yoga in the morning was so light and lively! I was very impressed with your teaching style as you did not lead the class as we say over here in Canada, which means the teacher participates, you taught the class! Giving us an example then verbally guiding us and keeping a watchful eye on each and everyone to make sure that we were safe. This is an important element of teaching that I honor and respect! You gave alternative poses to any student who required them due to physical limitations with the experience of a good Yoga teacher! The Ayurveda Massages that I had during the week were amazing! I have had Myofascial massages in the past and have certainly appreciated their stimulating effects! The massages that I had from Mariangela I would recommend to anyone! They were complete in every way! Mariangela is a very intuitive Therapist and was able to recognize where I needed work without any verbal communication! I left feeling a profound sense of having been blessed by her touch! The cooking class with Lucrezia was so much fun! She is such a talented Chef and so helpful! The fun lay in the language barrier, everyone trying to figure out what each of us was trying to communicate! Through the use of hand movements we all managed pretty well. I was able to make pasta from scratch such a thrilling opportunity to participate in this lively event! The food that we prepared was simply delicious! What amazed me the most was that not a lot of garlic was used. You would think that being in Italy that was a staple! I soon learned that using garlic is a regional thing! However, olive oil and balsamic vinegar are a staple all over Italy! Carola your guided tours were amazing and the timing was perfect! I wondered about why we were going later in the day but soon realized it had to do with the heat! Our trips were excellent, informative and full of fun things! Your attention to the tourist detail was amazing! You took care of us like we were a group of small children and sometimes we were, everyone dispersing here there and everywhere, trying to get it all in! I loved that you managed to balance the old with the new and explain how it all came about! I would recommend this retreat to anyone! It was enjoyable, affordable and full of enlightening information! In the midst of all this I came home relaxed and renewed! I look forward to returning if not to Montepaolo then to Vedaguru in India!

  • Mary Dublin website

    Everything about my week in Conversano was excellent. The 16th Century hotel was beautiful and a great location. Carola was very organized, and looked after our every need. It is an ideal location for solo traveler. There was only two of us completing the cookery and yoga the week I was there, which meant we got great attention. We had a great laugh with Lucrezia our chef who showed us beautiful dishes made with the best of local fresh produce. Lucrezia was also very flexible for any other dishes we wanted to try. Puglia has so much to offer. I have traveled all over Italy but have to say this was the best week I have had in Italy. I can't wait to try my new recipes!

  • Maddy Germany website

    I had a fantastic week in Conversano. Carola and Mariangela are passionate and excellent hosts. Upon arrival I was warmly welcomed at the farmhouse Masseria Montepaolo, which is surrounded by beautiful olive, cherry, almond and fig trees. The staff was extremely friendly and the restaurant very flexible in terms of dietary requirements. They were preparing gluten free bread and dishes just for me, which I highly appreciated! The food was always fresh prepared from organic, local products. Joseph was always welcoming us with a warm and lovely smile. Carola made sure that we had always fresh juices in the morning and Ayurvedic teas. I truly enjoyed the morning yoga classes.Through our daily Hatha Yoga routine, I felt energetic and found back to my center and inner peace. In the afternoons Carola guided us through the absolutely beautiful scenery of Puglia and it was a relief to walk around in such a quiet and peaceful environment and to learn more about the history. Thanks again Carola, it was fun and I hope I can join one of your retreats again next year. Namaste!

  • Barbara England website

    I so much enjoyed my week with you in Puglia and look forward to coming again :) I'm in the US now and working long hours, still feeling rested from my peaceful week. I loved being in the countryside, the gorgeous views, delicious meals and the daily morning yoga class. I have rarely felt so rested after only a week. It was the perfect holiday. I miss the treatments. They were heavenly. I highly recommend your retreat. You spoilt us with your homemade almond milk in the mornings and freshly squeezed juices and ice cream treats during our sightseeing outings. I look forward to returning.

    I look forward to returning.

    Thank you,

  • Caroline England website

    This retreat was a perfect mix of yoga, Ayurveda and sightseeing. Carola's morning yoga lessons were excellent as well as fun, and I now have a routine of Ayurveda and yoga that I practice daily. Carola is an excellent host, with great insider knowledge to the towns and villages visited on the tours. The Ayurveda treatments were amazing! Puglia is a stunning region in Italy, with rugged coastline, beautiful old towns and its own regional specialties. The farmhouse near Conversano is very comfortable and peaceful with wonderful food. Nothing was too much trouble for the staff there. There is wi-fi and use of a computer to book further travel, check email etc. There are plenty of ways to relax – a huge garden with decent sized pool for swimming and sunbathing, use of bikes to explore the local area, and gorgeous surroundings to walk in complete with cherry and almond orchards. The retreat group was small enough that I could get to know everybody there and make new yoga friends. I’m definitely considering returning in the future.

  • Jeanette and Kent Wakelin website

    What an amazing experience. This was, by far, one of the best vacations that my husband and I have ever taken. The resort is absolutely beautiful, the staff are amazing, the accommodations are wonderful and the excursions were delightful. This little gem truly creates an amazing paradise; one that everyone needs to experience. Getting up each morning and having a yoga class with Carola was the perfect way to start your day; she is a wealth of knowledge, very talented and absolutely delightful. And one has never truly had a massage, until experiencing one with Mariangela. Incredible! Love the mix of activity and relaxation. Each day was filled with activities or excursions, but there was also still plenty of time for relaxation and time at the pool. We will definitely return; absolutely loved it.

    Thank you Carola, Mariangela, Joseph and all of the other amazing staff for making our vacation truly a delightful holiday.

  • Christine Switzerland website

    We arrived safe and sound back home and we horribly miss you all and also the stunning beauty of the Masseria Montepaolo! As you know, I was absolutely happy with the whole week, the yoga, the massages, the Masseria Montepaolo, the food and everything. Keep on doing your wonderful work!

  • Janet England website

    Just the right mix of yoga, cooking and site seeing in wonderful countryside, companionship and learned ayuverdic treatments. No pressure. Lots of sun. Good food and a few laughs. What more could anyone ask. Perfect venue and location. Even went biking. Heaven

  • Cate Mackin Canada website

    Eat, pray, and love in Puglia, Italy I went for one week and I stayed for three! This was my first yoga retreat and it exceeded my expectations on every level. I was at a transitional period in my life and was feeling anxious about my future. Through the loving support of Carola and Marieangela I have obtained a sense of peace. I now have a yoga routine that I follow each day which includes asanas, pranayama, and I can now reach that deeply relaxing meditative state. I enjoyed many Ayurvedic treatments which left me feeling rejuvenated and physically relaxed. I feel better in my mind, body, and spirit and look forward to the new experiences that the changes in my life will bring. There is a loving kindness at the farm that extends from all members of the staff from the owner who encourages you to feel at home, to the chef whose food is flavorful and nourishing, to Joseph ,with his heartwarming smile, who caters to you. I look forward to returning one day.

  • Bernadette Porter website

    The week I spent in Puglia was one of the most relaxing and friendly holidays/retreat I have ever had. Carola and Marieangela really looked after each participant according to their own needs. I was beginner yoga and each morning Carola took me through gentle exercises so that by the end of the week I was really able to feel both more rested and more in harmony with myself. Marieangelas treatments from the Vedic tradition were a totally new experience for me and were like being in heaven!

    The countryside around Conversano is simply charming and the visits out were well worth the effort. There is everything here in this area, history, wonderful beaches, stunning churches and sweet towns with wonderful gelataria. I recommend it highly.

Testimonials 25

  • Andres Israel

    Ayurveda Yoga Retreat website

    I had a great time during my stay in Vedaguru Center in Puglia. The charming country house is comfortable and very well conserved at the same time. Breakfast and dinner were delicious and the staff was really very kind and helpful with all my requests. Yoga practice and treatments were excellent and very profesional and also the tours we made were interesting and allowed us to know places that otherwise had been difficult to see. Special thanks for Carola and Mariangela for their great job and sincere dedication and for making me feel at home in the beautiful Puglia.

  • Alison United Kingdom

    Vedaguru Centre website

    I had a great holiday at Vedaguru Ayurveda Yoga Retreats. Carola and her colleagues - Mariangela who does a great massage, and Lucrezia, who teaches the cookery and made us laugh a lot - were absolutely fantastic. As well as being the yoga instructor, Carola gave us tours of local places of interest, told us where to get the best ice creams and gave us great insight into the local culture - all done with charm and including her great sense of humour at no extra cost! The Montepaolo agriturismo farmhouse was charming, surrounded by cherry and almond trees and with bicycles to borrow to cycle along the country roads and a pool to cool off in. I came away feeling relaxed, refreshed, very well fed, and generally chilled out. Thoroughly recommend! Have a lovely rest of the summer.

  • Alison United Kingdom

    Vedaguru Centre website

    I had a great holiday at Vedaguru Ayurveda Yoga Retreats. Carola and her colleagues - Mariangela who does a great massage, and Lucrezia, who teaches the cookery and made us laugh a lot - were absolutely fantastic. As well as being the yoga instructor, Carola gave us tours of local places of interest, told us where to get the best ice creams and gave us great insight into the local culture - all done with charm and including her great sense of humour at no extra cost! The Montepaolo agriturismo farmhouse was charming, surrounded by cherry and almond trees and with bicycles to borrow to cycle along the country roads and a pool to cool off in. I came away feeling relaxed, refreshed, very well fed, and generally chilled out. Thoroughly recommend! Have a lovely rest of the summer.

  • C Hoyle United Kingdom

    Vedaguru Centre website

    A wonderful week in Puglia learning Hatha Yoga, Italian cooking and seeing the local sights. Carola set the pace for the entire week just right! She was an absolutely brilliant teacher, leader, tour guide, friend - she made the week for us with her humour, wit and fantastic knowledge of her subject. The farmhouse was beautiful; cherry trees as far as the eye could see; a beautiful pool area and we were looked after at breakfast and dinner by the wonderful Joseph. Lucreiza our cookery teacher was just fabulous, as was the food she helped us to prepare and dinner every night was a feast of local Puglian fare! I have certainly come back heavier, despite the daily yoga and cycling! We were also blessed to have two other people joining the week who were easygoing and fun!! I would not hesitate to recommend this holiday to anyone!

  • Victoria United Kingdom

    Vedaguru Centre website

    I’m back in grey England now after warm sunny days in Puglia,I look back on my days at Montepaolo with great pleasure. The masseria is a beautiful environment with comfortable rooms and delicious food, The experience was excellent, thanks to everyone there who made me so welcome, and all the extra effort and kindnesses shown. I appreciated how adaptable, relaxed and well-organized you were, Carola, as well as an excellent teacher. The yoga was stimulating, enjoyable and fun, and it’s helpful to have the handbook to bring away. You were a knowledgeable guide to the local towns and it was a great privilege to explore them with you. Mariangela’s massages were utterly wonderful, truly relaxing and healing. The cooking was a fun activity too, a nice thing to do together.

    I hope to return next year. Enjoy the rest of the summer and thank you very much for such an enriching experience. All very warmest wishes and a big hug,

  • Zita Ireland

    Vedaguru Centre website

    I had a truly great experience last week .... the yoga did not intimidate me and I have resolved to practice more. I loved the cooking which surprised me and I think it would be a good idea to have the option of 2 or 3 sessions of same. Thank you for the guided trips ...I loved the pace of moving around as I usually go way too fast and need to slowly enjoy things. So nice to see Puglia with an Italian as a guide. The massages were just what the doctor ordered....particularly the herb massage. Maybe less food as I ate too much!!

    The accommodation and all of the staff were great.

    All I can say is a big THANK YOU to you all and I will have no hesitation recommending a trip to Montepaolo!

  • Dijanna Amsterdam

    Ayurveda Yoga Retreat website

    I can only say that I had a wonderfull relaxing week. I wasn't sure what to expect, but from the time I was picked up from the trainstation, I was taken very good care off. The morning yoga classes were great, adapted to my body and mind. I learned new moves and received good tips and reading material, in order to study and practice at home. The ayurveda treatments are super relaxing, Mariangela with her magic hands. You want to have them daily :)Thank you so much Carola and Mariangela, your hearts are in the right place.

  • Elisabeth United States

    Vedaguru Centre website

    For the quintessential Italian yoga retreat, look no further than Puglia. Every aspect of this experience offered an enticing glimpse into Italian countryside living, from the delicious local cuisine to the relaxed daily schedule. The accommodations were charming and the surrounding areas were picturesque and virtually devoid of other tourists. Carola led a daily yoga and meditation practice that centered on the very essence of yoga. Mariangela is a true healer and her massage was transforming. I highly recommend this retreat for anyone who is seeking an introductory experience to Ayurveda in a beautiful and memorable setting.

  • Sophie German

    Vedaguru Centre website

    I just arrived back in Frankfurt yesterday evening. It has been an amazing time. Thanks again for your effort and the great time I spent in Conversano. It was so relaxing there.

  • Leander United Kingdom

    Vedaguru Centre website

    Spent a really nice week in the beautiful Conversano farmhouse in the beginning of September 2015.Carola and Mariangela are excellent hosts and will go out of their way to ensure your stay is as adventurous/relaxing/comfortable as you and your small group of fellow students would ideally like it to be.The yoga itself is more on the hatha/feminine/slow-energy side rather than the fitnessy/masculine/power yoga side that is also quite popular everywhere, and while this was maybe a bit of a surprise to me it proved very relaxing and fitting with what is predominantly a quiet and relaxing yoga retreat. Carola is a good teacher who is capable of both explaining underlying theory and adapting to what extent the group is interested in more spiritual elements.The setting of the 16th century agriturismo farmhouse, with a small chapel and look-out tower, is magical and has a beautiful garden filled with fruit trees and a great swimming pool. The excursions to the nearby towns and beaches (some are very touristic, others very genuine and local) are also a welcome and well-organised addition to the retreat, while not taking away too much of your afternoon free time.

  • Sossi

    Vedaguru Centre

    This was an amazing retreat. The location was beautiful surrounded with nature. The food was very good, sometimes a bit too much :) Carola had a very positive and calming energy. She took us to various tours almost every day, every time to a different little town or a beach, all of them very beautiful. She was not charging us for any of it, driving us by her car, and even some drinks and sweats were complementary. I would say - it was a real demonstration of hospitality. My room was very comfortable. I liked yoga classes a lot - she would also explain the therapeutic impact of the exercises both during the classes and in the manual. Also, cooking classes were so much fun! My only suggestion would be to have a bit less food, and maybe excursion not every day but every other day and instead to have yoga classes not only in the morning but also afternoon every other day. But it is impossible to have it all at once in beautiful Puglia. I think I will want to go back to this place.

  • Peter

    Vedaguru Centre

    I have just spent the most magical week at Montecalvo Agriturismo. Our yoga instructor - Carola - was very communicative before I arrived and help me connect up with another yogi traveling from America so that we could share a cab. Arriving at the venue - we were welcomed with open arms like family. We settled into our rooms and were treated to an amazing four course meal in the evening. This feeling of welcome and great food continued for the rest of week. Yoga was fantastic, the pool was lovely and it was a nice balance between being looked after and having time for yourself. The cooking course and the excursions were also really interesting and fun. I would definitely recommend this course.

  • Danielle Lewis

    Vedaguru Centre

    I had a most relaxing week with Vedaguru. Although I was the only client, the team at Montepaolo made every effort to make my stay comfortable and rewarding. Carola is an excellent and patient Yoga teacher, who is passionate about everything Ayurvedic. She took me to visit the local sights and introduced me to 'the best ice-cream in the world!' Lucrezia helped me to create a huge range of Puglian culinary delights. Joseph made sure that my stay was comfortable and served every meal with a smile. The chef Lucrezia created varied and delicious 4 course meals every evening. Montepaolo is a beautiful paradise where I was able to unwind and felt totally looked after. Thank you!

  • Sharon Ireland

    Vedaguru Centre

    Traveling alone for the first time in years i arrived at the beautiful Montepaolo. All my apprehensions disappeared. What a amazing space, so welcoming and homely. Our group of six gelled from the first evening, with the ice breaker being the amazing food! The following morning our first yoga class, everything and more. Carola has a calm, quick to smile charm that is infectious as well as being a wonderful teacher. The trips were great with Carola having a wealth of knowledge of the area, and thee best ice cream parlour. The cooking day was wonderful and good fun, to some up the holiday as an excellent experience that will be repeated.

  • Tracy Allen

    Vedaguru Centre

    I took my daughter here for a week late September. What a wonderful time. The yoga, the cooking lessons, the tours, the massage, the food, all of it was just perfect. Joseph, Carola, Mariangela, Lucrezia, And all of the staff really make you feel at home. And it's just a beautiful place to be. Loved!

  • Elisabeth Ireland

    Vedaguru Centre

    We spent 7 days in this rural beautiful dwelling. Each morning started with Yoga with Carola from 8am til 9.30. My husband and I are essentially beginners and were in a class with more advanced practitioners. Carola adjusted the more challenging positions to suit us ensuring that we were able to engage at our level. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience largely due to the individual attention she afforded all the class. Breathing plays a large part of this practice. We were provided with excellent notes to take home including key warm up positions, philosophy and breathing exercises. We warmly recommend Carola as a teacher and hostess. We would return in a heartbeat!

  • Marian Dublin

    Vedaguru Centre website

    Yoga retreat in Montepaolo,Puglia was amazing. I loved every minute of my visit and I highly recommend it.It had so much to offer-a perfect blend of Yoga,Ayurveda,body treatments,excursions in the beautiful surroundings and a cookery class. Everybody was so welcoming .Carola was very helpful when I was organizing my visit. Meeting her every morning for her yoga class was a perfect start to my day. Mariangela gave the most wonderful massages, I didn't want this experience to stop. We had such fun with Lucrezia doing our cookery class and succeeded in making our own pasta and cooking a delicious meal.Think I've used recipes more than five times and have really impressed friends and family. Joseph was a charming host, welcoming us, serving us beautiful food,always offering us second helpings and making sure the bikes were road worthy.As I love cycling I'm hoping that all the bikes will be serviced and ready for my next visit! Antonella and Rosalba were super, keeping our rooms perfect and helping me with a little Italian. Cinzia was charming, we had some laughs communicating through french. This was a memorable holiday. I enjoyed the great company of the other participants. I really appreciate the love and kindness I experienced. A special thanks to Carola who is a super organizer and host.I feel very confident to send my friends to Masseria Montepaolo

  • Jackie United Kingdom

    Vedaguru Centre website

    Had a fabulous week in Puglia. Beautiful farmhouse with lovely pool, very peaceful. Carola was a perfect host, she took us out each afternoon and we visited towns, a vineyard, the beach, had ice-cream! My mornings were spent cooking with Lucrezia, a very passionate chef. I learnt so much from her and cooked lots of amazing dishes and enjoyed my time with her in the little kitchen! Thank you to the both of you, you really made it a special week. I also met 2 fabulous ladies who helped with the fun and laughter! Love to all!

  • Carla Gama

    Vedaguru Centre

    I had a fantastic time at Montepaolo. The scenery and cooking was fantastic and i learnt a lot from Chef Lucrezia. A big thank you to Carola for facilitating a brilliant holiday and to Lucrezia for sharing her cooking secrets!!

  • Reg and Angela United Kingdom

    Vedaguru Centre website

    In August this year we stayed at the farmhouse and had a wonderful week in the care of Carole and Marieangela. We were very fortunate to have a special programme arranged for us. Carole and Marieangela couldn't have been more hospitable. They met us at the station, looked after our every need and included several tours of the beautiful towns and coastlines in the area.Carole's daily morning yoga classes were gentle and a perfect start to the day. She has a marvellous sense of humour and is lovely company. Marieangela has magic hands - the best massage and healing treatment I have ever had.We also learned some great traditional Italian cooking skills and I can even make fresh pasta now. Our local cook was so sweet, great fun as well as occasionally bossy, which was all part of the experience - a true Puglian.Carole and Marieangela are two very special people. They genuinely care and want everything right for you and I hope to vacation with them again soon.

  • Selina Vlaanderen Netherlands

    Vedaguru Centre website

    I just returned home after a fabulous yoga retreat week in Puglia.In the beautiful countryside of Conversano I stayed at the Masseria Montepaolo which is a great place to stay. A 10 bedroom charme hotel in a 16th century building surrounded by a large garden with a swimming pool and the smallest church I have ever seen, which is a great place to meditate. In this garden, Carola my yoga teacher, gave me every morning yoga lessons while explaining the basics of the hatha yoga, without any haste and taking all the time I needed.Feeling completely relaxed after the exercises she joined me for excursions to medieval villages such as Conversano, Monopoli, Polignano and of course to the beautiful beaches and sea sides which South Italy has to offer. Puglia is not yet discovered by mass tourism so no busy streets and a quite wild, savage countryside which makes it a region worthwhile visiting. We had twice a delicious Italian lunch at the beach house of Mariangela, who is the masseuse and gives you in this week two massages which you never want to end! Absolutely great! Carola and Mariangela are two women who give their utmost to make sure you enjoy your stay with them to the maximum possible.The countryside in which the Masseria is located is quiet but close enough to visit Conversano if you are looking for a more vivid environment. The hotel has beautiful garden, serves every morning a great breakfast with croissants, juices, cakes, fruit and fresh coffee. In the evening the chefs make you a four course delicious Italian dinner. Everything is fresh made. The hotel offers large spacious rooms with private bathrooms and great views on the countryside. Because of the limited number of rooms and personal decorations in the hotel it feels like home.Bikes are available for a ride in the surroundings and otherwise you can take a walk through the olive or cherry tree fields. All together it was a week to remember and I enjoyed it so much thanks to Carola and Mariangela. I felt so good and relaxed during this period. The only downside was that I had to leave after a week.All together a holiday to remember and a great value for your money. Thanks so much!

  • Renato Italy

    Vedaguru Centre website

    The place is amazing and we were really glad to have met this cross-section of India that reminds us so much of an ancient land of great knowledge, as in the film "Ayurveda" .This place is 'very special, with beautiful nature and really wonderful scenery. Shajeer is really good, enthusiastic and inspiring whilst Mr Roy is an angel and always available

  • Barbara Brandi

    Vedaguru Centre website

    After one month since my return to Italy I still live and cherish the memory ... the rich nature surrounding your place, the good massages by Malathi, the kitchen and the infinite availability of Shajeer! As well as the pleasure of being in contact with people of different nationalities. Beautiful and relaxing experience!!

  • Alessandra Aimonetto Italy

    Vedaguru Centre website

    It is truly a paradise here. I will forever remember the good and warm experience and it remains in my heart!! Even though I have returned to Italy (do not want to think of it), it is certainly not the last time that I'm there! Thank you so much for the wonderful experience, wonderful people and magical places... you'll always be in my heart! Thank you thanks a bunch!

  • Maria Luisa Peliti Italy

    Vedaguru Centre website

    The pain of leaving wonderful India has started immediately on our way back to Rome :) 999It was a wonderful experience as I found more than what I expected, even for the course. It was nice to know the wonderful people who have accompanied us on our journey. 9999Your center is a magical place. Now that I'm back here at home, one good lesson learnt is to change perspective. Experience the serenity and the profound spirituality that permeate life in Kerala - it helps one to see any problem in perspective and to go deeper into the things that really matter.Without Shajeers teachings, it would definitely not be possible. 99999Staying here for two weeks as part of a beautiful community, it was like being with family and I dont feel like a tourist at all. Malathi and Gopal, in addition to their teachings, convey the love, joy and serenity of yoga. Wonderful experience ... Am planning and looking forward to the next trip already!! :) Thanks a lot!!!

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