Vedic Yoga Foundation

Vedic Yoga Foundation is a Woman Owned Yoga School aiming to teach the purest yoga form with its true essence, thereby spreading the message of Love and Peace.

Instructors 4

Shobha Shree

Shobha Shree was born in a spiritual family of Haridwar, a famous pilgrimage of India. She was brought up in the spiritual environment of mantra chanting and study of philosophy in her family from her childhood. Therefore, she had a keen desire of getting higher education in yoga philosophy and of doing her spiritual practice. Shobha has done PhD in yoga philosophy from Gurukul Kangari University, Haridwar, post-graduation in philosophy and psychology and a one-year diploma in yoga. She was initiated from a Himalayan tradition where she received deeper knowledge of yoga and philosophy.


Ahilya R. Shetty

Ahilya is a yoga Acharya from International Shivananda Yoga Vedanta Center. She worked at Talwarkar Health Center for ten years. She had been yoga trainer to ministers and industrialists for past 30 years. She has done TTC (teacher training course) and ATTC (advance teacher training course and intense meditation course).

Abhishek Singh

Abhishek Singh is a very profound yoga teacher. He has been learning yoga since his childhood when he was eight years old. He has completed his graduation in yoga and master's degree as well. He has achieved the first rank in yoga in all over India and in all India national yoga championship 2009 and 2010. He teaches and promotes yoga and Indian culture as well around the world like China, Indonesia (Bali), Vietnam, Thailand and all India around. His specialization in Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, pranayama makes him a one of a kind guru and yogi.

Sandeep Pandey

Yogi Sandeep Pandey is a master's degree holder of yoga from Sanskrit University of Haridwar and has learned meditation from some of the most advanced yoga teachers in Rishikesh. He is trained by traditional teachers of Swamy Rama Sadhaka Grama and specializes in teachings of teaching Hatha yoga, pranayama techniques, and meditation methods. He has attained mastery over Hatha yoga, yoga Nidra, meditation methods, and pranayama. He is currently leading and guiding deep meditation to students at an advanced level.

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