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Vinyasa Yoga School offers unique yoga teacher training and distinctive experiences.

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Danielle Grondin United States

Vinyasa Yoga School webiste

Studying the ancient art of yoga at Vinyassa Yoga School has forever changed my life. The teachers and owners are truly centered in serving. They care about the total experience of the students and work diligently to provide accommodations that will exceed your expectations. Also, through their teachings, they work hard to ensure the true essence of yoga is maintained and lives on in each new yoga teacher they introduce to the world. Moreover, of all the places in India to deepen your practice, there is a scared energy in Rishikesh. Walking the same paths enlightened sages stroll, gazing out over the Holy Ganga, and meditating in caves will infuse serious practitioners with a sense of Surrender to the Supreme (Īśvara-Praṇidhāna – ईश्वर-प्रणिधान). If you are called to share yoga with the world, I highly recommend starting your life long journey with the wonderful souls of Vinyassa Yoga School.

Allie Bright United States

Vinyasa Yoga School website

Oh goodness, I don’t even know where to start. Having the opportunity to study yoga in Rishikesh was a treat all in its own, but being able to learn from these incredible teachers… I am unable to express my gratitude. I learned more in the month I was in Rishikesh at Vinyasa Yoga School than I have in my entire life. From Shatkarma to Hatha and Vinyasa to philosophy and anatomy to meditation, I was filled with this enormous quantity of information in such a short time. At first I was fearful I would forget all the wonderful lessons but because the teachers were so engaging and the classes were so intimate I have retained all that knowledge and continue to use it in my daily life. There is not a single complaint I could possibly come up with, everyone from the teachers, my peers (now my family), and the locals were beautiful and inspiring. Easily the greatest trip of my life.

Bank Light Thailand

Vinyasa Yoga School website

Surrounded by the positive vibes from my teachers, staff, fellow students, local people, all creation, the misty mountains and the Ganges River, I’d been blown away by a sense of joy and unfathomable fulfillment from the school and its location. I’m sure I will keep sharing what I’d been taught and pay it forward to the fullest. Thank you so much for having me.

Hanna Leask Scotland

Vinyasa Yoga School website

As hoped, the Vinyasa Yoga School prepared me to lead students of all levels, with the knowledge that is necessary to teach with confidence. The small class size allowed lots of opportunities to practice teaching during the month as well as one-to-one time with the teacher. A welcome surprise was the fantastic view of the Ganges from sunrise through to sunset, be it in the classroom, yoga studio or on the roof, always a beautiful view. The Yoga Alliance course content covers lots that I had never considered before; mantra, philosophy, therapy, etc. These ended up being some of my favourite teachings though. I also didn’t expect to learn so much about myself during the course, mind, body and spirit. I think this was just the start of a continuous journey of the self. Thank you to everyone at the Vinyasa Yoga School.

Grace Young United Kingdom

Vinyasa Yoga School website

Practicing yoga each day alongside a panoramic view of the Ganges and the Himalayas inspired and motivated us; taking mantra classes and learning the traditions of yoga and meditation gave us a unique insight into this culture; and being in the classroom with the most diverse and incredible people (let’s face it, yogis are pretty great) made for the most memorable experiences, the heartiest of laughs and friendships that I would deem unbreakable. There were challenges that we faced on our journey to becoming yoga teachers, after all it’s an intensive training course, not a yoga retreat. However, supporting one another and overcoming these challenges together was so rewarding. Each person got something different from their experience at Vinyasa Yoga School, a great introduction to begin teaching yoga back home, a deeper personal practice, an insight into a fascinating culture, new friends that spanned the globe. Perhaps the greatest thing I learned was that yoga is not just something we perform on our mat each day, it is the way we choose to conduct our lives. We’re all teachers now, but we’ll never stop learning.

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