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23 Days 200 Hours Yoga Therapy Teacher Training in Goa, India

Vishuddhi Yoga, Chaudi - Talpona Road, Kolsar, South Goa, Goa, India

Yoga Teacher Training in India

Join this yoga teacher training and learn how to become a yoga therapist in Goa, India! Every negative thought, the experience of stress, anger, and fear imprints itself at the level of the body. The body may forget but the mind remembers consciously and subconsciously. From a yogic perspective, negative impulses and imbalances are the root cause of disease. This yoga therapy training can be the healing method that holistically prevents and cures the cause of diseases.

Meet the instructors

Reema & Shivani
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  • Yoga therapy anatomy
  • Yoga philosophy and physiology
  • Meditation, pranayama, and chanting session
  • Bhagavad Gita discourse and Karma yoga
  • Case studies and methodology
  • 22 nights' accommodation


22 days with instruction
The maximum participants in the group is 7
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  • Restaurant
  • Terrace
  • Yoga shala

Vishuddhi Yoga has two categories of accommodation for you to choose from (based on availability).

First option (budget accommodation)

This is a basic room with twin shared or single non shared and located just 10 minutes' walk from the beach where the yoga shala is located. This simple, basic rooms in quiet green surroundings with a bed to sleep and attached bathroom. There are separate beds in case you share with someone else.

Second option (it cost more but still in a budget)

This is beach yoga eco-cottage with twin shared and single non shared and located just 10 minutes' walk from the yoga shala. This simple, beautiful clean beach hut sits just on the beach and sand next to the sea. This will cost you more than basic rooms but still in a budget.

Vishuddhi Yoga cool and comfortable beach huts are all en-suite with their own private individual terrace / balcony. Beachfront huts have extra-large king size double beds. All rooms have a shower, hot water, mosquito nets, and ceiling fans. There are no luxuries but modest, beautiful, and decent beach huts / rooms perfectly quite and next to the sea on the sands.

Please note that the accommodation is completely based on availability when you apply and register online and not when you inquire and engage Vishuddhi Yoga. So kindly inquire to the team at the time of registration and online payment.



Vishuddhi Yoga offers you a 200-hour yoga therapy teacher training course (YTTC). Having completed your course successfully, you can be eligible to register yourself with Yoga Alliance International (YAI) to teach yoga to other students and for your own personal transformation and healing of others.

However, please note that some practical real-life experience might be required to treat patients professionally and effectively. Every skill takes time to master.


This yoga teacher training to become a yoga therapist at Vishuddhi will give you thorough insight into the body as a holistic system and how to restore balance in order to live an energetic, harmonious, and healthy life. At Vishuddhi, you will take ample time to go into depth with yoga therapy. There will only be a limited number of students in order to give full individual attention and teach each student in depth.

Modern societies are fertile grounds for stress, depression, and anxieties, which if ignored in the longer run, may develop into life-threatening conditions. Most people you know would benefit from yoga therapy. Moreover, it also opens an opportunity for you to become a yoga therapist yourself with more practice and experience in the future.

What is yoga therapy?

Yoga therapy is beneficial for health in ways that modern science is just beginning to understand. Most of your health problems origin from a state of ignorance of who and what you are. Every imbalance and illness involves a certain level of energy blockage. By increasing the flow of prana, or vital force, yoga combats those blockages, restoring the basic condition for harmony and health.

The effect of yoga therapy is clinically documented. Medical research shows that yoga therapy is among the most effective complementary therapies for many common ailments. Worldwide, it is increasingly recognized as a scientific approach to healing and is increasingly practiced in the ordinary health system.

Yoga therapy is based on the principles of Hatha yoga, which is practiced in a therapeutical way. A sequence of pranayamas and asanas are practiced in an easily accessible and therapeutical manner that targets specific diseases. Asanas are selected to stretch specified parts of the body and block others. However, you must remember that in the case of serious or congenital disabilities, practicing asanas may not result in full recovery, but in many cases, it can alleviate some of the suffering associated with the condition.

Asanas and other yogi methods need to be practiced with patience and diligence over a period of time to attain relief or cure. In addition, yoga calms the nerves and reduces the pain thus bringing the troubled entity (pain) to the minimum levels. Meditation and pranayama accelerate the healing process. A cure is never forced, rather, the body must be allowed to heal at its own pace.

Scientifically, yoga therapy has proven to be effective in treating more than 55 chronic diseases and conditions with ample evidence. Yoga is holistic. Diseases manifest only when your body, mind, and soul are out of balance. The belief is to enable the human system to function as efficiently, effectively, and naturally as it can, and the pace may sometimes be slow. Yoga therapy begins with understanding the entire human body and the way it functions.

The origins and development of the ailment are carefully studied, particularly the most affected parts of the body. The aim is not simply to cure the symptoms but to target the cause holistically. Yoga addresses every muscle, bone, organ, tissues, and cell of the body. Therapeutic yoga treatments are not only limited to curing minor or major chronic diseases but also life-threatening and fatal diseases such as cancer.

Who can join?

Any enthusiastic and disciplined yoga student or teacher who has been practicing any style of yoga (Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar, or Kundalini Kriyas) and who is interested to learn the therapeutical aspects of yoga for healing oneself and others.

Why you should choose this course at Vishuddhi Goa?

Vishuddhi Yoga teaches authentic traditional Hatha yoga methods inspired by traditional Hatha yoga based on Shivanada and Iyengar Styles. Vishuddhi Yoga merges this teaching with insights derived from modern yoga therapists who have done immense research in the field of yoga therapy in the past two decades. Yoga techniques are taught in a simple and effective way.

Vishuddhi Yoga expects enthusiastic and serious students to join the courses as Vishuddhi Yoga is truly dedicated to personal transformation and imparting true application here. Vishuddhi Yoga offers a serious approach to learn Vedic sciences for dedicated and serious yoga students and teachers.

The teachings and training at Vishuddhi Yoga is just the beginning of your personal and professional transformation. Vishuddhi Yoga will follow up with continued communication and guidance one to one online if students wish to do so.

  • Vishuddhi Yoga keeps small groups to give individual attention and interaction which gives a unique learning experience.
  • The most effective way of learning and teaching yoga is from ‘direct experience’. Vishuddhi Yoga will apply the traditional Gurukul teaching system where you will harvest the wisdom of ancient yogis till today.
  • The classes are taught by highly experienced and awakened yoga teachers.
  • Vishuddhi Yoga offers volunteering opportunities for enthusiastic yoga students after the course.
  • The courses at Vishuddhi are the most affordable quality courses you would find in this part of the world or elsewhere.
  • Twice in a week, Vishuddhi Yoga arranges one or two yoga classes close to nature, at the beach or forest to connect you with your own nature within!
  • You will learn from yoga therapist and yoga teachers who have practical experience of healing people through yoga therapy.

Is this course for you?

This is for you if you seek deeper self-transformation and for a serious student looking for a more profound internal experience than a normal tourist, yoga destinations can offer. At Vishuddhi, you will do yoga in a spiritual manner without distractions of loud music, parties, and intoxication. You are deeply interested to heal yourself or others through yoga.

You are seriously interested to take yoga beyond a superficial level, rather, you are genuinely interested to learn yoga as a way to heal in a structured manner. Having completed the course, you will feel more relaxed and connected with yourself. Your life will be transformed into one which is happy, healthy, and harmonious. Of course, you do the work and Vishuddhi Yoga just shows you the path.

What to expect during the course?

You are expected to follow strict discipline, minimum internet, no non-veg food, smoking, or alcohol, abstinence from sexual pleasures, living with simplicity, and in a sattwic yogic way. Please avoid useless talking and chatting. You are expected to engage in personal and group practices and being considerate to others and yourself. Effort and dedication are required to complete the course successfully. Less serious students or absolute beginners can opt for yoga retreats and other courses instead of intensive yoga teacher training course.

Vishuddhi Yoga teaches yoga in a traditional Indian yogic system and environment. Discipline and code of the conduct is the central aspect of everything you do here. If you can’t be in structure and discipline, then this school is not for you. You would find authentic classical traditional Indian yoga here at Vishuddhi Yoga.

Self-assessment (prior)

You are requested to engage lead teacher or director personally through skype or email communication to do your own personal self-assessment for this course. Yoga therapy is not a style so you can’t expect to learn everything new rather it’s an application of already known methods with a completely different approach. You will also learn completely new subjects and topics.

Course structure and design

This is a beginners’ course. The course is divided into the foundation and core therapy part.

  • Foundation part: in the first one and a half weeks, you will learn tools of yoga therapy such as asanas, pranayama, Hatha yoga techniques, and methods. However, the approach is different, so revisiting and relearning with a new approach might make a huge difference even for experienced teachers and surely for freshers.
  • Core therapy part: the remaining two and a half weeks are spent vigorously on yoga therapy anatomy physiology, related disorders, diseases, and case studies involving designing live sequences for maximum six and minimum five diseases or disorders followed by practical and written exams.

Course curriculum and syllabus

Please note that on Saturday, there is only morning practice until 10:00 and on Sunday is off.

Study of health and diseases according to Ayurveda

Ayurveda concepts are only introductory and not in detailed. Two sessions of 90 minutes each would be devoted to teaching these concepts close to the end of the course.

  • Ayurveda Introduction
  • Panchmahabhuta concept of body and mind (five elements)
  • TriDosha (Three Constitutions) concept (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha)
  • The effect of the dosas in the body according to a season, daytime and age
  • Concept of body and mind (a holistic approach to healing)
  • Knowing your dosha
  • Diet and daily regimen for each dosha

Study of asanas

Pawanamuktasana series (adopted from Bihar School of Yoga)

  • Anti-rheumatic group
  • Digestive / abdominal group
  • Energy blocks releasing group
  • Application of these series for common diseases

Iyengar therapeutic series

  • Foundation postures for sequencing according to a disease
  • Sequences for the cardiovascular, immune, nervous, digestive, respiratory, and urogenital systems

Six-fold detoxification techniques in yoga (yogic shat kriyas)

  • Neti
  • Dhauti
  • Nauli
  • Basti
  • Kapalabhati
  • Laghoo and Deergha Shankaprakshalana

Asana methodologies

  • Core principles of asana practice through asana methodology
  • Yoga therapy sequence: core principles for designing yoga therapy
  • The science of asanas and their therapeutic effects: standing postures, balancing, forward bending postures, meditation postures, back bending postures, twisting postures, inverted postures, relaxation postures, health assessment for patients or students, teaching practicum, videos: yoga therapy anatomy of body systems and related disorders and diseases, use of yoga props, blocks, belts, etc.

Relaxation techniques

Quick Relaxation Technique

  • Nidra yoga
  • Healing the body-mind (creative visualization and self-hypnosis)
  • Chakra breathing

Study of pranayama (breathing exercises) and bandhas

  • The mechanics’ of breathing
  • Four aspects of pranayama
  • Introducing the practitioner to his natural breath: abdominal breathing, thoracic breathing, clavicles breathing, full yogic breath, Nadi Shodhana, Bramhari, Bastrika, Kapalabhati, Sheetali and Sheetkari, Ujjayi, Surya Bhedan, Moola, Uddhyana, Jalandhara, and Maha Bandha, application of pranayamas for healing and managing disorders

Mudra therapy (psychic gestures and locks)

  • Using mudras to heal physical problems
  • Using mudras to heal emotional and mental problems
  • Mudra exercises: Chin mudra, Jnana mudra, Shambavi mudra, Nasikagra mudra, Prana mudra, Shanmukhi mudra, Kechari and Kaki mudra, Apana mudra, Apana Vayu mudra, Jal mudra, Prithvi mudra, mudra therapy for curing chronic diseases and conditions

The yogic diet

  • Yogic diet: what yogis should eat
  • A relationship between food and your emotions
  • How food affects your mind?
  • Fasting and its benefits
  • Ayurveda diet and nutrition concepts

Energy anatomy

  • Concept of nadis (energy pathways)
  • Concept of Koshas
  • Concept of five pranas
  • The chakras
  • Correlation of chakras nadis and the connection with physical, mental, and emotional health

Yoga philosophy

  • Yoga sutras
  • Concept of Abhyasa and Vairagya
  • Ashtanga yoga (the eight limbs of yoga)

Yoga therapy anatomy

The course includes two manuals from Vishuddhi Yoga and reference books (library access)

  • Cardiovascular system
  • Respiratory system
  • Digestive system
  • Skeletal system
  • Muscular system
  • Related disorders and its management through yoga methods and tools

Case studies and assignments

By the fourth week, you will be asked to take up at least three case studies, two mandatory and one optional which would be the part of the final assessment and practical exam for yoga therapy.

  • Practicum part: you are supposed to demonstrate in the class on one selected case out of two or three as a teacher for a specific disease or disorder based on paper submission in the theory part
  • Theory part: submission of two case studies (on paper)
  • Approach included: Ayurvedic nutrition and diet concepts, conventional allopathic medicine, alternate holistic healing therapies, yogic principles, and Hatha yoga techniques
  • Final written exam: three hours of written exam in the end phase of the course
  • Results, certification, and ceremony

On successful completion as per the standards of the school, students would be awarded certification on the last day of the course

Daily schedule

Monday to Friday

  • 06:30-07:30 Meditation, pranayama, and mantra chanting session
  • 08:00-09:30 Asana yoga practice based on Hatha Shivananda styles
  • Breakfast break
  • 11:00-12:00 Yoga philosophy, Bhagavad Gita, or Karma yoga
  • 12:30-14:00 Yoga therapy anatomy, case studies, physiology, or asana methodology
  • Lunch break and rest
  • 16:30-17:30 Yoga philosophy, Bhagavad Gita discourse, or Karma yoga
  • 18:00-19:00 Asana practice individual or with teachers
  • Day off


Reema Arora



Vishuddhi Yoga resides in a beach retreat with huts right on the beach at one of the southernmost beaches of Goa, India. You will find pristine nature on a quiet beach located in a bay which is encircled on both sides by palm trees and cliffs. Unlike the rest of Goa, this beach is quiet and clean - an ideal location for anyone who aspires to engage their Kundalini energy.


  • Beach - 10 minutes' walk



  • Balcony
  • Beach
  • Restaurant
  • Terrace
  • Yoga shala


  • Mosquito net


Vishuddhi Yoga has a beautiful restaurant at the retreat place that serves delicious Indian, continental, and local cuisines at reasonable prices. Vishuddhi Yoga has a very limited in-house kitchen facility for you to cook on your own at the retreat place and school. You can’t book advance meals but you can order here as you come. With 15 to 20 EUR, you can have all the three meals tentatively including teas and beverages of good quality. Fresh purified drinking water is freely available at the center and the ashram housing, but Vishuddhi Yoga still advises you to purchase mineral water in any of the stores nearby.

The following meals are included:

  • Drinks

The following drinks are included:

  • Water

What's included

  • Asana yoga practice based on Hatha Shivananda styles
  • Yoga philosophy, Bhagavad Gita, or Karma yoga
  • Yoga therapy anatomy, case studies, physiology, and asana methodology
  • Meditation, pranayama, and mantra chanting session
  • Purified water
  • 22 nights' accommodation

What's not included

  • Airport pick up and transfer
  • Meals
  • Flight to India
  • Train / bus ticket / taxi, etc.
  • Yoga mat (new yoga mat available for 500-800 INR / 6-10 EUR)

How to get there

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Dabolim Airport (GOI). Vishuddhi Yoga allows and arranges airport pick up and drops only if students and clients are arriving between 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Indian time. In case your arrival at the airport is before or after this time range, then you are advised to stay in a nearby guest house or hotel near the airport or pre-book your destination wherever you like close to the school before you arrive at the ashram / yoga school.

Kindly note the arrival time at the Vishuddhi Yoga is only between 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Indian time one day before the schedule. Carefully read all the relevant information to avoid confusions and sudden surprises. Vishuddhi Yoga needs prior email request with all the details about arrival for airport pickups and drop. Last time arrival requests (one or two days) shall not be entertained. Vishuddhi Yoga needs minimum 10 days prior intimation for airport pickup and seven days intimation for a drop. Airport pickup charges are 30 EUR one way trip with the friendly and safe cab driver.

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 40% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.

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23 days / 22 nights
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Arrival: Monday March 9, 2020
Departure: Tuesday March 31, 2020

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