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Blissful Meditation Yoga Teacher Training India

This is a 28 days comprehensive and Intensive Meditation Training Course designed for those who wish to deepen their meditation practice as well as teaching to others how to meditate. Being in the stressful world it is good to have sometime with our real self and need to find the rest within. This course not only trained you to be a meditation teacher but it helps you to understand yourself better so that you can start loving and caring yourself. All the lover of peace and happiness are qualified to join the training. Everyone can become a meditation teacher, it is recommend for the doctors, nurse, teachers, therapists, yoga teachers, businessman, students and the busy people.


  • Spiritual anatomy
  • One ayurvedic massage
  • Meditations techniques, therapy, and walks
  • Meditation direct training and teaching practicums
  • Meditation psychology, philosophy, and lifestyle
  • Evaluation and certification upon completion
  • Yogi meals, tea, and detox juices
  • 28 nights' accommodation


26 days with instruction in English
Spoken languages: Hindi, English
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You will stay at World Peace Yoga School and you get to experience India in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere with other spiritually like-minded individuals. The rooms for students are located in the Laxman Jhula Regency Hotel where the yoga school is also held.The hotel is perfectly situated near the magical waters of the Ganges River and all the popular shops, markets and cafes are just around the corner.

Witness glorious pastel-colored sunsets at the end of each day on the terrace balcony where you are free to do meditation and yoga. Sleep soundly in a quiet, serene atmosphere without disruption. Absorb the beautiful and breathtaking sights of the Ganges River visible from the yoga halls, bedrooms, and balcony.


  • Bed sheets, blankets, pillows, and towels are provided
  • Clean, hygienic, and Western-style rooms with attached bathrooms
  • Filtered water system for drinking
  • Hot water running 24 hours a day
  • Wi-Fi access

World Peace Yoga School India Yoga Teacher Training Program

International Yoga Alliance Registered 28 Days Blissful Meditation Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh, India

%This unique program of spiritual guidance leads to self-transformation. Our practical, experiential and scientific approach to meditation teacher training encourages students to incorporate these skills into their daily lives.

The Goal of Meditation:

Meditation is not something new; you have come with it into the world. Mind is something new, meditation is your nature. It is your nature, it is your very being. Your inner being is nothing but the inner sky. Clouds come and go, plants are born and disappear, stars arise and die, and the inner sky remains the same, untouched, untarnished, unscarred. We call that inner sky the sakshin, the witness and that is the whole goal of meditation.

Meditation is nothing but putting the mind aside, putting the mind out of the way, and bringing a witnessing which is always there but hidden underneath the mind. This witnessing will reach to your center, and once you have become enlightened, then there is no problem. Then bring the mind in tune with you - "The words of Osho".

School Certification

World peace yoga school is register and certified yoga school with yoga alliance International. certified meditation Teachers form world peace yoga school are enable to teach and demonstrate Meditation science around the world as a certified meditation teachers with yoga alliance international.

  • 28 Days Blissful Meditation Teacher Training Course Syllabus :
  • 1- The Practice Of Meditation & The Twelve Step Guide

The place

The time

The habit

The sitting position

The breath

The mind

Choosing a point of concentration

Choosing an object of concentration

Giving space to the mind

Disassociating from the mind

Pure thought


  • 2- The Yogic Life-Style

Understanding the tunas

Daily exercises

  • 3- Pranayama (Breathing excersises )

Introduction of Pranayama, Benefits of pranayama, General guidelines

Anuloma viloma



  • 4- Concentration

The five states of mind

The senses

Exercise in concentration

Tips for developing concentration

  • 5- The Art Of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking in action

  • 6- The Transforming Power Of Meditation • Meditation – a great energy

Achieving calmness of mind

The development of inner clarity

The gradual transformation of the personality

  • 7- Mantras Chanting

Where do mantra come from?

How do mantras work?

Theory of mantras repetition

How to use a mantra?

Mantra initiation

Choosing a mantra

Mantras for japa

  • 8- Breathing Awareness
  • 9- Hatha Yoga
  • 10- The Art Of Right Living

The rules of right living


  • 11- Spiritual Guidance

Keeping a spiritual diary

Choosing a spiritual guide

  • 12- Challenges To Meditation

Sleep, lethargy, too much talking, negative influences, discouragement, anger, fear, hatred, dwelling in the past, ego.

  • 13- As The Practice Deepens

Light, inner sound, visions of the astral plane, holy vision, astral travel

  • 14- The Expanded Vision
  • 15- Silence Practice


You will gain practical knowledge and skills through.

1- Direct Teachings.

2- Self Practice.

3- Initiation and Blessings (Transmission of Energy).

4- Self-Study.

5- Practice Teaching.

Evaluation & Certification:

1- Written Test.

2- Oral Test.

3- Attendance.

4- Performance.

5- Behavior.

  • What does the course fees include ?

1- 28 Nights Shared Accommodation

2- Complete Course material

3- Free Pick-up Service From Dehradun Airport

4- One Ayurvedic Massage

5- Nature Excursions

  • What Is Not Included ?

Private accommodation- 300 USD Extra

Pick-up From Delhi 75 USD Extra

  • 28 Days Blissful Meditation Teacher Training Course Daily Schedule

5:00 - Morning bell

6:00 - Chanting & Guided meditation

7:00 - Hatha Yoga

8:30 - Pranayama

9:45 - Breakfast

11:00 - Yoga philosophy

12:00 - Meditation practice & twelve steps guide

13:15 - Lunch

15:00 - Silence practice & teaching on various meditation subjects

17:00 - Holistic approach of meditation & group healing

19:00 - Dinner

21:00 - Lights off

All classes are mandatory only in case of an emergency or illness one can take leave with respected teacher permission. Uninformed leaves won’t be accepted and this will effect on student monthly performance.

  • Prerequisites:

A high degree of self-motivation is required for all aspects of the course. The practice and especially the teaching of yoga demand a high degree of self-discipline and purity. To ensure the success of the programme, participants are required to attend all spiritual activities, meditation sessions, lectures and asana class. Meat, fish, eggs, black tea, coffee, alcohol, tobacco, drugs and nudity are prohibited during the course as they are counterproductive to the yoga practice. Participants who do not comply with the school rules may be dismissed from the course.

Discipline Rules for Students:

Smoking and alcohol are strictly prohibited in the school.

If you are having a fast any day, you have to inform kitchen manager for avoiding food waste.

Always make discipline, respect teachers and follow all rules.

Always be in the time, you are late means will not be permitted to join class.

Clear your books of account before departure from World Peace Yoga School.

Before departure return your books, maps or any goods which you borrowed.

World Peace Yoga School provides accommodation for a student who join yoga classes. So any friends or reletives will not be included in accommodation.

Student have to present in all scheduled program of World Peace Yoga School.

  • Refund Policy - World Peace Yoga School:

An advance of a course fees will not be refundable, only in the case of emergency students can join us on other schedules.

If student cancel the course, we accept cancellation but advance deposit will not be refund in cancellation.

There is no charge of course cancellation. Student just has to inform by email.

World Peace Yoga School is not responsible for any mis-happenings before course schedule.

Included excursions

Excursions included for this training are rafting the Ganga River, visiting the Beatles Ashram, exploring the natural treasures of the area (like caves, river, beaches, and waterfalls), and a sunrise meditation at Kunjapuri Temple.


Vishnu Panigrahi
Yogi Vishnu is the founder and visionary of World Peace Yoga School and he is an exceptionally accomplished teacher. He knows how to read the beautiful language of Sanskrit, has extensively studied spiritual scriptures on a wide array of topics, and has his masters degree in both yoga and Sanskrit.
Dr. Gaurav Agrawal
Dr. Gaurav Agrawal is an experienced philosophy and meditation teacher. As a professor of clinical psychology in an Indian university, he is well versed in both ancient and modern sciences of mind. He was born in a religious Hindu family which gave him chance to learn and practice Indian spiritual values from the beginning.
Swami Shri Kasyap Ji
Swami Ji is a yoga philosophy, meditation, pranayama, and healing teacher. Swami Ji developed exceptional hobbies of touring the great vibrating Himalayas in pursuit of acquiring meditational and yogic skills to become a master of "Mistry School".
Dr. E. Amaravathi
Dr. E. Amaravathi is a pranayama, meditation, therapy, and anatomy teacher. She is an accomplished yoga therapist and a modern guru, who has relentlessly pursued integrating scientific and medical approaches to yoga therapy. She is a Master in physiotherapy with specialization in cardiovascular and pulmonary disorders. She has tremendous expertise in ICU rehabilitation, physiotherapy applications in various conditions, and therapeutic yoga.
Vidushi Sharma
Vidushi is a certified and registered yoga teacher. Spiritual and professional, she has an experience of 12 years in the field of yoga, as a yoga trainer with diversified experience of training in schools, colleges, prisons, ashrams, institutions, spas, wellness centers, gyms, and corporate houses.
Tarika is an international wellness coach with over 10 years of rich and deep experience in natural wellness medicine and macrobiotics. She has trained, consulted, and taught in a variety of locations such as Spain, the United States, and all across India. She is also a published author, a level III Reiki Master, a Kundalini yoga teacher, and is the founder of Sacred Swan, an organization that promotes health and creativity of women and children.
Moksha Priya Ji
Yoga Alliance RYT 500 (Hatha Yoga)
She is a certified and registered yoga teacher at (500 RYT). With 15 years of teaching experience around the world, Moksha teaches meditation, pranayama, Hatha yoga, mantras chanting, and yoga philosophy. Moksha is one of the most popular teachers in the world.
Yogi Naveen Raj
Naveen Raj, also known as yogi Naveen, is a pranayama and meditation teacher. He is a spiritual seeker. After closely observing life, he has realized that worldly pleasure are not real and long lasting. He felt the divine inner urge to tread on the path of spirituality and assimilated of the eight limbs of Patanjali Ashtanga yoga, teachings of Srimad Bhagwad Gita, Ramayana, and Swami Vivekananda, without any dilutions and modifications. To him, life is the subject of self-research.
Yogi Sanjeev Semwal
A holistic and dedicated soul, Sanjeev is an Ashtanga and Hatha yoga teacher. He has grown under the guidance of Swami L.R Bhatt. Yogi Sanjeev has spent many years in the field of yoga and Ayurveda. Yogi Sanjeev is considered to be the best teacher of Hatha yoga, flow yoga, Astanga Vinyasa, advance yoga, and anatomy.
Yogi Dhirendra
Dhirendra is a Hatha and Ashtanga certified yoga teacher. He is one of the most popular teachers in the world.
Yogi Umesh Sharma
Umesh is an Ashtanga and Hatha yoga teacher. He has done his master in yogic sciences and has been teaching yoga for 15 years. He is very simple with a high state of intelligence and very gentle soul. Everyone loves his true teaching and true nature. Umesh's each class is very inspiring.


Rishikesh is the yoga capital of the world. Experience its enthralling beauty and breathe in pure air. Join this yoga teacher training in Rishikesh for a lifetime experience of the goodness of yoga in this picturesque landscape of mountains and rivers and carry home the knowledge, philosophy, and secrets of the ancient sages of India.

One of the centers is located in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains, on the banks of river Ganges, a walk of five minutes from the auto stand at Tapovan, Lakshmanjhula, and other at the Hotel Orange Classic, Lakshmanjhula. Naturally, the locations of the centers clearly show that all students are trained at the very lap of Mother Nature. The truth and peace cannot be overlooked. The surroundings are pure and intentions the purest. The environment is serene enough to relax your mind, body, and soul.

A really fun part about Laxman Jhula is all the shops, stalls, and stores! If you have time during your busy training schedule, go wander around for a bit and see what you can find. There are lots of fun clothing to buy like pants, shirts, shawls, and scarves. Some other items that are available in the nearby markets: Candles, yoga gear, natural / Ayurvedic beauty and personal care products, religious items, health food, snacks and much more. Rishikesh is a very safe place for tourists and locals alike. Locals are used to foreigners and things, such as communication, are a lot easier here than other parts of India. Just practice your usual safety precautions and always keep track of your belongings.

Indian culture

If you are a first time visitor to India, you may experience culture shock from just how different India is from other parts of the world. Be aware that it may be very emotionally overwhelming upon arriving in India, especially if you are beginning your journey in a big city like Delhi. Just know that Rishikesh is a very peaceful and relaxed place in India compared to larger cities.

There are many universal aspects of Indian culture that will extend throughout your travels in this country. There things to anticipate during your time in India. Extreme poverty and street beggars can be observed. Gorgeous sunrises and sunsets can be seen over the Ganges River. Monkeys making mischief among the trees or on the side of roads and adorable cows wandering around the roads and streets of villages and cities are normal. There is a high population density - crowds of people wherever you go. You will also appreciate lots and lots of colors everywhere. The holy cities like Rishikesh do not sell meat products or alcohol.



  • Boating nearby
  • Cycling
  • Massage
  • Shopping nearby
  • Spa
  • Swimming


  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Balcony
  • Beach
  • Cafe nearby
  • Dining area
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Garden
  • In-room safe
  • Kitchen
  • Lounge
  • Restaurant
  • Terrace
  • Yoga studio


  • Bicycle rental
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Laundry
  • Library
  • Local market
  • Parking area
  • Room cleaning


Word Peace Yoga School is very particular when it comes to food as they only serve hygienically prepared nutritious and healthy meals. The food is served thrice a day with changing menus. They also put a special emphasis over yogi food for all their students. If you are having a fast any day, you have to inform the kitchen manager to avoid food waste.

Food provided at our center is 100% vegetarian but not vegan. It can be arranged provided you inform the chef about it well in advance.

Things to do (optional)

  • Air safari
  • Beach volleyball
  • Bungee jumping
  • Camping
  • Cliff jumping
  • Go shopping
  • Flying fox
  • Kayaking
  • Mountain biking
  • Rappelling
  • River rafting
  • Rock climbing
  • Swing
  • Trekking
  • Waterfall trekking
  • Yoga
  • Zip line

Spa treatments

World Health Ayurveda is a massage and panchakarma center affiliated with World Peace Yoga School. You can just treat yourself after a day of training with a deep tissue massage right next door! You will also receive a discount for being a student.

This is a five-fold purification therapy aims at correcting the imbalance of the body’s bioenergies (the Doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) in order to maintain their inherent equilibrium. During each session of the year, one or more of the doshas accumulate, which causes an imbalance, and makes the body prone to illness.

  • Abhyangam (60 minutes)
  • Active ginger lime (50 minutes)
  • Aromatherapy harmony (50 minutes)
  • Bandal massage (60 minutes)
  • Basil sea salt (45 minutes)
  • Head neck shoulder (30 minutes)
  • Kativasti (30 minutes)
  • Pizhichil oil bath (60 minutes)
  • Shirodhara (60 minutes)
  • Stone massage (80 minutes)
  • Swedish massage (50 minutes)
  • Udwathnam (60 minutes)

Ayurveda doctor consultation

  • Facial
  • Four hand massage (60 minutes)
  • Kalari (60 minutes)
  • Nasyam (30 minutes)
  • Reflexology (30 minutes)
  • Takradhara (60 minutes)
  • Thai (80 minutes)

Special treatments

  • Acupressure
  • Emotional block
  • Gel massage
  • Marma massage
  • Marma therapy
  • Mud bath
  • Naturopathy
  • Reiki
  • Vacuum massage
  • Yoga massage

What's included

  • 28 Nights Shared Accommodation
  • Complete Course material
  • Free Pick-up Service From Dehradun Airport
  • One Ayurvedic Massage
  • Nature Excursions

What's not included

  • Airfare
  • Pick-up From Delhi (additional 75 USD)
  • Private accommodation (additional 300 USD)
  • Travel insurance
  • Specialized tours and activities

How to get there

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Jolly Grant Airport (DED). Transfer from and to the airport is included. World Peace Yoga Schoo will pick you up from the airport.

Arrival by bus

Make sure to ask the bus driver / bus director where they drop off at Rishikesh. You should depart from the bus at Rishikesh Bus Station (there’s only one) which is usually their last stop if their destination is Rishikesh.

Once you arrive at Rishikesh Bus Station, find an auto rickshaw (tuk-tuk) to take you to Laxman Jhula Bridge (Lock-Man Jewel-Uh Bridge). An auto rickshaw will cost around 300 INR from the bus station to Laxman Jhula Bridge. They will drop you near or around a path that has a sign leading you to Laxman Jhula. Feel free to ask the locals for further direction if need be.

Once you get to Laxman Jhula Bridge, cross it and make a right at Mango Tree Guesthouse. You’ll pass many shops, cafes, and stores on your way to the school. %Follow the path all the way down for about 1 kilometer until you see the path curve left up a slight hill.

Continue up that curve and World Peace Yoga School will be on your left-hand side.

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 20% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.
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