YallaYoga is an innovative social enterprise serving as both a yoga educational institute and a healthy lifestyle community center.

Testimonials (5)

Mariam Gadallah

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I absolutely love joining Shama’s retreats. She is such an inspirational teacher and she consistently motivates me to change my unhealthy habits. I was a coffee addict for years and I stopped coffee right after with retreat with her! I have been coffee free for almost one year! IG you go on the retreat, she will inspire you to make a BIG change, guaranteed!

Mandy Moore

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I really enjoyed my experience on this retreat. I had never done Kundalini yoga before and I was quite nervous. Shama Kaur was very welcoming and she helped me understand how and why Kundalini yoga works even though there were other advanced practitioners on the retreat. I felt really welcomed and supported. If you are a beginner, don’t let that scare you J

Amira Yehia

YallaYoga Egypt website

I usually don’t like to join group activities. I prefer solo travel but I was already in Bali and the title of Kundalini really caught my attention. I joined the retreat and I was really blown away by how much I learnt by being in the presence of others. Shama leads beautiful discussions that are inclusive, educational and fun. I felt safe in her presence, which gave me the chance to speak out about things I had never shared before.

Debby Hueman

YallaYoga Egypt website

There are so many yoga retreats all over Bali and I have been on many of them! What was super unique about this retreat was that there were so many cool activities during the experience. We had time for mandala creation, dance and even drama/acting, which helped us, express ourselves in new ways. It was super fun and a new experience and I would strongly recommend it.

Rania Mahmoud

YallaYoga Egypt website

I learnt a lot about myself on this retreat. Now I know why they call Kundalini Yoga the yoga of awareness. Even though I have been practicing yoga for 10 years, I reached depths of self- awareness that I had never reached before. Shama is an awesome teacher! She is very good at explaining things to everyone even beginners and novices!