Yoga Bhawna Mission

Yoga Bhawna Mission is an international organization and registered yoga school from Yoga Alliance USA. They conduct teacher training courses and teacher training certificate programs.

Instructors 4

Rohit Kumar

Rohit Kumar has an academic background with two bachelors and master from Indian universities and is a registered yoga teacher from Yoga alliance USA. For over last more than sixteen years he has been into yoga as a practitioner as well as a propagator. Starting his journey of yoga and academics from his home town he has extensively visited all over India for yoga classes. At Yoga Bhawna Mission the teacher training courses are conducted under his care.

Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200 (Hatha Yoga)

Vijayant Kumar

He is one of the pioneers of Yoga Bhawna Mission, he has an academic background of diploma in fashion technology and later pursued his yoga education and is a registered yoga teacher from Yoga alliance USA. At Yoga Bhawna Mission he has philosophical approach towards education, management, team work, planning and future reflection. He has a strong merit of working for longer hours and quite often to odd hours which has helped this Yoga Bhawna Mission function properly. His presence is the base of Yoga Bhawna Mission.

Yoga Alliance RYT 500 (Yoga)

Hansha Patel

Jumping into many different roles from IT Professional to teaching Yoga (Kundalini as taught by Yogi Bhajan), aerobic and offering selfless service and enjoys out-door activities like walking, travelling. Over the years disciplined and combined activities has helped her to grow. Her mission is to help others from the experience she has gained over the years. Her passion towards this technique brings her back from United Kingdom to her home country as a visiting faculty at Yoga Bhawna Mission.

Dr. Gaurav Sajwan

Dr. Gaurav Sajwan is a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Surgery and has studied at reputed Medical College and Hospital in Ayurveda from Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Sansthana, Prashanti Kuteeram, Bangalore. In the past, he has also worked as a doctor at T.R. Hospital, J.P. Nagar Bengaluru, Naino Hospital, Hollymoun, Bengalura, Suhas Hospital, and Jigani Bengaluru. His experiment of Ayurveda in yogic life made him quit from the mainstream and he clubbed with Yoga Bhawna Mission to flourish this unique combination. At Yoga Bhawna Mission he takes the classes on Yogic anatomy and Ayurveda class.

Reviews 10

Anna Hogstrom

from Portugal, May 2017

"Rubbish management"

Philosophy teacher Shastry was great.

Cleaning ladies and kitchen staff were friendly and helpful. A shame kitchen weren't given nutritional food to cook with. Seriously lacking nutrition, and forget about any "detox juices" and many other things promised in the course description.

The surrounding area is nice, however the ashram it self could possibly be one of the most negative places on this planet.

Diana Castanheira

from Vietnam, April 2017

"Don't recommend it!!"

I can just suggest you: don't go!!! You are not going to find peace, knowledge, love, compassion or discipline needed for such a kind of training!!

Serena Kunzler

from Great Britain, November 2017

"Adventure in the Fall of 2017 (500TTC)"

YBM has the potential of becoming a yoga school with integrity, as it desires to teach all aspects essential to the traditional practice and philosophy of yoga. Moreover, the newly appointed teachers, the revision of the course syllabus, the serene location and the lack of commercial enhancements all speak to its advantages.

My perception of the course began differently. When I arrived, I was met with a somber account of other students’ experiences during the few months prior. I myself found in time that YBM was lacking structure, guidance and consistent professionalism. I was aware, however, that the school had gone through a rough patch quite recently, and that these deficiencies were in part due to the effects of those circumstances.

A good friend from the course likened the life style at the school to that of working and living on a ship: moving and breathing in such close proximity to one another, for a month or two no less, is bound do generate conflict, misunderstanding and frustration – but it can also reveal to you new friendships and greater knowledge of yourself.

Ultimately, the sincere intentions of YBM’s management team to advance the school, its potential to listen and take critique seriously, as well as the improvements I have been made aware of since I left have signaled that YBM’s recovery may well be just around the corner.

I wish YBM all the best in its future endeavors to grow, thrive and share its love and knowledge of yoga.

Kirah Doerr

from United States, September 2017

"This school needs work "

I liked the location, students, and most of the staff

Martina Hudáková

from Slovakia, August 2017

My classmates; books about yoga, what was in library,

Miriam Saldon

from United States, August 2017

People are very religious and polite

Paula Regina Pesareli

from Nicaragua, May 2017


I loved everything, It was an amazing experience...


from Netherlands, November 2017

"A special experience....."

I realy liked the personal interaction in a small environment where people try to learn anything new and try to improve all the rest. Lots of attention for, and from each and every character in my bollywood movie..

Testimonials 5

Amanda Goudreau Canada

Yoga Bhawna Mission's website

I had such a wonderful experience going to Yoga Bhawna Mission; the location is absolutely breath taking with the flowing ganga river and the mountain view it is an absolute escape from the busy city.

The teaching program, the staff and food were amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed the program and look forward to coming back to visit or to work maybe :)

A big thank you to the Yoga Bhawna Mission team!

Vishakha Canada

Yoga Bhawna Mission's Facebook page

My time at the Yoga Bhawna Mission has been nothing but amazing. In the past few weeks, I’ve grown as a person both mentally and spiritually. For starters, the location of this facility is breath taking. Practicing yoga near the banks of Ganga or trekking with the group have been some of the most fun and fulfilling experiences of my life. The entire staff is so accommodating and knowledgeable. Everybody here has been incredibly humble and shown me so much love. Overall India has been such an inspiration for me and I can’t wait to come back.

A traveler Idnia

Yoga Bhawna Mission's Facebook Page

It was a memorable holiday of experiencing Yoga in the lap of the Himalaya. You can have picturesque view of river Ganga flowing down, from your window. A relaxed environment with great hospitality. I had great experience of trekking to Harshil and Dariyal Bogiyal staying at this place. Thanks Vijayant, hope to see you next year!

Shaalu Singh India

Yoga Bhawna Mission's Facebook Page

It was such an amazing experience especially because of the incredible teachers and staff, who are fantastic people with so much to give, with passion and respect. I would go back as soon as possible. It is a life change experience. Thank you all for everything.

Usha Ranawat India

Yoga Bhawna Mission's Website

Being an organizer of helicopter services in Uttarakhand, we had much stress in life on daily basis and my search for Yoga school thankfully come out with best of decision of my life and this 30 days have almost transformed me as person. My 200 hour TTC course was like a full package, specially the Ashanas and meditation classes, although I can’t claim to be perfect student, but somehow have learned the basics of Yoga and I look forward to implement in my daily lifestyle. Before joining this course, I had a roller-costar inside and now I can say that it was my perfect choice. The teachers, kitchen staff, the cleaning boy, I mean everyone was so fantastic and so humble. I will really miss my room from where I can see the flowing Ganga, although I have never been to any yoga school earlier, but I can’t imagine any better location other than this. The Nature walk, the Himalaya, The Ganges, the long Deodar tree, the pine fruit which we use as fuel for our camp fire…Oh My God! this was truly an unforgettable journey…I wish I could have stayed more…maybe soon in coming years!

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