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Yoga Centered School, Studio & Boutique is a beautiful yoga studio, boutique, and school of yoga in downtown Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii.

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21 Days 200-Hour Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training Hawaii

March 11-31, 2018 | April 16-May 6, 2019, 2018–2019

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21 days / 20 nights

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Molly Masaoka

Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 (Yoga)

Innately perceptive and wildly passionate, Molly applies a level of determination and delight to her yoga instruction that’s truly one of a kind. Her approach is focused and intense; a union of effort and surrender that she believes is key to unlocking one’s deepest level of awareness and joy. While the core of Molly’s teaching is alignment-based flow and Restorative yoga, there is a deep level of therapeutic guidance that governs all she offers, from her public classes, workshops, and private sessions to her ongoing teacher training programs and festival courses.

Liz Hefferman

Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 (Hatha Yoga)

Liz Heffernan, E-RYT 500, is an international yoga teacher and Integrative Yoga Therapist (PYT-1000). She draws from over two decades of personal yoga practice, 20 years of teaching and extensive training in the Hatha yoga systems of Kripalu, Ashtanga, and Anusara. Liz is known for her ability to bridge the gap between the ancient perspectives of yoga and contemporary daily life. Her teaching weaves together philosophy, creative sequencing, clear alignment, mindful breathing, and compassionate self-inquiry to form a tapestry that reflects her heartfelt commitment to this transformative path.

Testimonials 38

  • Caityln Shaw

    Yoga Centered School, Studio & Boutique website

    I walk away from this training completely changed for the better. I feel completely confident to teach yoga because of the connection that was made between teacher and student. I was never afraid to ask questions and I loved how the teachers, Molly and Liz shared their personal experiences and opinions, it gave me such insight into different opinions while completely validating my own. I have a whole new understanding of yoga and this program, the teachers and the experiences I had helped me create a path for myself that I know I can follow.

  • Jennifer Webster

    Yoga Centered School, Studio & Boutique website

    This training was an opportunity for me to discover not only more about yoga but, myself as well. My light feels stronger and brighter, and I feel confident in my skills to help others shine their light through yoga. I really enjoyed learning and being creative in the chakras, and practicing meditation every morning. These practices helped me to stop over thinking so much and recognize when my mind is being negative. I learned how to listen a lot more clearly and live more freely.

  • Lisako

    Yoga Centered School, Studio & Boutique

    Liz and Molly taught us that we can truly be ourselves, they let their true personalities shine. I loved their Yin/Yang personalities, they bring a beautiful energy together - both new age and important alignment based yoga. The schedule they put together and the timing was great. We were very lucky to get a broad spectrum of yoga. I also really appreciate the emphasis on personal practice and now understand that rewards can be greater than a public group yoga class. I now feel so strong, I also loved going to the beach, the meditations and Yoga Nidra. It was an amazing Yoga journey!

  • Chanin

    Yoga Centered School, Studio & Boutique

    I feel that this program was made especially for me. It was so supportive, so informed, and so compassionate. The instructors, Liz and Molly, really live the yoga philosophy and modeled it every day for 21 days. They are both so real and so accessible; I felt seen the entire program. I can’t think of a better place to begin a yoga journey. I leave confident in the tools I have received and I know with the wisdom and concrete knowledge provided within this program that I will grow to be an amazing Yoga teacher. I am so excited to continue my Yogic path.

  • Justin

    Yoga Centered School, Studio & Boutique

    This was a huge and transformational journey; spiritually, physically and mentally. My perception of the world around me, as well as the people that occupy it, has grown much more humble. My personal practice has embodied a level of ease and love that is starting to bleed out into my life off of the mat. The knowledge that was crammed into my brain these past weeks really boosted my professional confidence. The pose studies were awesome and I loved the history and philosophy too. Our instructors Liz and Molly really strike a nice balance as neither one felt overpowering of the other and each was unique, I have nothing but praise and respect for them. The prep and intention that went into each days lesson was immense. High fives! I am inspired to share what I know and to proliferate Yoga.

  • Robert

    Yoga Centered School, Studio & Boutique

    As a Medical Doctor and also a yoga practitioner wanting to teach, I really appreciated the anatomy and alignment study this program offered. Learning the alignment and applying that to pose analysis was very helpful learning to teach and practice safely. I really enjoyed working hard in our practices and our morning meditations. We also had such a wonderful group, I admire and have much affection for them and the teachers as well. I highly recommend this program.

  • Francean

    Yoga Centered School, Studio & Boutique

    I loved every second of this program, the teaching, and the learning. I really enjoyed the authenticity of the teachings that Liz and Molly offered. They instilled an amazing confidence in me and I loved their methods of teaching. For years I have practiced yoga not being aware of muscle engagement. Now, I feel so much stronger in Yoga and also in swimming. When I came into this class I was not sure if I wanted to be a teacher of Yoga and Liz and Molly have opened my eyes to new possibilities. They ROCK; they are awesome and always positive. This program is an absolutely recommend with a 10-STAR rating.

  • Nicole Y.

    Yoga Centered School, Studio & Boutique website

    The alchemy of this program and its combination of the teachers, students, Kalani and the Big Island made it an unforgettable, life changing, and amazingly lovely experience. I came for knowledge and what I got was so much more. I learned that without a doubt I am where I am supposed to be, doing what this world needs me to do. I feel so blessed to have met all the beautiful, magical people and I know I will hold a special place in my heart for all of them. I loved the sutras, going deeper, hearing everyone's perceptions and how the philosophy manifests in their life. The meditation practice became something I can not do without and I greatly cherish that opportunity to find my way with that. It has been an honor and a blessing to spend time with two amazing teachers, Liz and Molly. Thank you, this has been such a magical journey.

  • Kelli United States

    Yoga Centered School, Studio & Boutique website

    Liz and Molly are both incredible teachers; I learned so much from the three weeks I spent with them. I was excited to wake up everyday at 5:45 a.m. to meditate and to do yoga. I gained much knowledge through this yoga teacher training about a wide range of topics. All of the information was relevant and well-covered in the amount of time we had. I enjoyed the alignment-based practices and learning modifications. I loved the chakra workshop and the Ayurveda study. I grew so much in my yoga and meditation practices during this program. I feel stronger in my body, and I moved toward better alignment in many of the functional poses. I feel more balanced, grounded, and confident to go out and teach yoga!

  • Stephanie G.

    Yoga Centered School, Studio & Boutique website

    I loved every minute of this yoga teacher training. Having Liz and Molly as our two mentors has been incredible and I am eternally grateful. So much learning and growing has taken place. This program has ignited a flame inside of me. I am ready to teach yoga and continue learning. It has given me so much depth on what Yoga is, I have come out with a wealth of knowledge. My confidence has greatly risen. I feel awake, electric, wild and beautiful.

  • Jennifer C. Ireland

    Yoga Centered website

    This course was amazing. I absolutely loved the course and our group. The content was exactly what I wished to study and I am so blessed and grateful I came to Hawaii. Liz and Molly are both incredible teachers that blend beautifully together. Their dynamics and diversity are amazing. There was the perfect blend of asana, yoga nidra, meditation, pranayama, and yoga philosophy. I loved the fact that we were thrown into the deep end and asked to practice teach from the first day. I loved the way the postures were broken down. I did poses I couldn't do before and I now understand where the obstacles lie in poses I haven't achieved yet. I also now understand alignment whereas beforehand I felt I wasn't doing the poses properly. This program will change my life. It has given me the tools to confidently do a home practice every day and take home to Ireland the skills gained to incorporate with my clients.

  • Jeffrey D. Hawaii

    Yoga Centered website

    All of my apprehensions were dissolved in the first few days. My expectations were exceeded and I am still in awe at how humbly and precisely these teachings were passed on. The teachings have found a home in every cell of my being. The way this was shared with me is very profound and magical. My mind feels free, my body feels integrated, and my life makes so much more sense. The way we were taught instilled amazing empowerment into each of us. I really loved the progression and how at the end I felt so many aha moments. My confidence has surprised me. It is very obvious the teachers are guided by the supreme force of love and light.

  • Kim C. United States

    Yoga Centered website

    This program was a profound learning and healing experience for me. It helped me through a rough patch in my life. I feel ten years younger than when I got here! Just doing so much yoga everyday has created so much more ease in my body and also my mind and spirit feel incredibly healthier. I loved learning about so many facets of yoga. I was very impressed by the Ayurveda section. I loved the restorative yoga and creating a personal yoga sequence geared toward my own needs will be invaluable to me. I am so grateful to Liz and Molly for this great learning experience; I enjoyed your teaching styles so much and felt you both complement each other beautifully. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and kindness.

  • Crystal P. Hawaii

    Yoga Centered website

    The chemistry and collaboration between this two teachers is like nothing I've ever witnessed. The dynamic duo, the yin and yang, the perfect marriage of energies that truly defines balance...anyone who has an opportunity to study with these amazing women is blessed!

  • Ellen A. England

    Yoga Centered website

    I really appreciated the breadth of subjects we studied. The focus on alignment was brilliant and I also loved how the physical classes reinforced the topics we studied. The location was the icing on the cake - it is a perfect place to begin the yoga-teaching path. The training was more than I imagined. I am motivated and excited to share what Ive learned with others - something I hadnt expected when I arrived.

  • Anna K. United States

    Yoga Centered website

    Thank you does not suffice to express my deepest gratitude to all the teachers here. This training has given me the ability to see life with a new pair of eyes and live presently. The instructors were so different and perfectly balanced when working with one another. Each had their own style that helped to reinforce authenticity. The location here at Kalani was the perfect learning environment. It has been an absolute blessing to be here. It has been everything I could ask for and more than I deserve. I came here feeling isolated but yoga and this teacher training has really taught me to feel connected on a much deeper level to not only myself but to others. You have sparked a flame that I hope will never burn out.

  • Vanessa P. Brazil

    Yoga Centered website

    This teacher training is powerful. I enjoyed the classes, the alignment, the adjustments, the practice, the yoga Nidra, the yoga sutras, the meditations, chanting together, the love - all was amazing.

  • Aidan P. New Zealand

    Yoga Centered website

    This program deepened my understanding of yoga in many directions. I now have a much clearer idea of how to further develop as a practitioner and as a new teacher. I greatly appreciated the breadth and friendliness of the program. Kalani is fabulous location and the teachers were excellent and complemented each other well.

  • Leah Troxel

    Yoga Centered website

    What a journey therapeutic teacher training has been, not only on a physical level but on the mental and emotional levels as well. I have incredible amounts of gratitude for Liz Heffernan and Molly Masaoka. They made such an impact on my own personal practice of yoga along with my aspirations and goals as a yoga teacher. Both Liz and Molly teach in their own unique style. With phenomenal detail and with such grace, Liz and Molly make the therapeutic teacher content accessible and enjoyable! I feel incredibly fortunate to not only be learning how to teach yoga effectively for health but to be continually able to have alignment principles to base my continued yoga learning and aspirations as a yoga teacher. I feel through this training I have learned a solid foundation of my body and of my understanding the continued beautiful path of yoga.One of the most important things I was wanting to find on my path was a balance between alignment and philosophy. This therapeutic teacher training was the perfect fit. The content of this training far exceeded my expectations. I feel confident in my understanding of the workings of the physical body and how our bodies are really the "vessels" in which we say to higher states of health and happiness.I feel philosophy and alignment go hand in hand. They are two of the most influential pieces in my opinion to becoming an effective yoga teacher. The AlohaYoga teacher training here at Kalani's on the Big Island of Hawaii is powerful for the self and also for the future of yoga teachers. I am incredibly blessed to be filled with more knowledge, a deeper understand and love for yoga. Thank you Molly and Liz. With all my gratitude and in peace!

  • Emily I. United States

    Yoga Centered website

    This has been one of the most profound times in my life. I feel so loved and limitless. I now have the confidence to cultivate a strong home practice, as well as effectively spread the joy of yoga to others! I understand yoga on an entirely different level, so much deeper and most importantly I understand myself much more fully. These three weeks have truly been an amazing journey of self discovery.

  • Chelsea M. Canada

    Yoga Centered website

    I can't say enough about how wonderful this training was. I loved the curriculum, it was so comprehensive. I loved all the hands on training. Now leaving I feel like I have a thorough understanding of yoga, its alignment, asana, and the philosophy. I feel very well prepared to go on from here and teach.

  • Katie D. United States

    Yoga Centered website

    My confidence level is now in a completely different place then when I arrived and it is amazing. I was feeling nervous and anxious at times, I wasn't sure if I really could become a good yoga teacher. Now I am feeling ready to maintain a home practice and ready to start teaching. I was hoping to feel this way but honestly came into this doubting it. I am really proud of myself for overcoming this self doubt. I am feeling so inspired and grateful.

  • Megan R. United States

    Yoga Centered website

    Having the opportunities to practice teach definitely helped my confidence and calmed my nerves about teaching on my own. I have a better understanding of sequencing and feel ready to create great yoga classes for myself and others. I loved everything about this training, the curriculum was well planned, and everything flowed perfectly.

  • Colby N. United States

    Yoga Centered website

    I feel the group that came together for this experience are truly unique and I am so honored to have had the opportunity to be a part of it. I feel that with Liz and Molly as our instructors we all really lucked out. There are not enough words to describe how rad this training was. Now I feel confident to stay on this path of yoga, to stand tall on my feet and widen my inner thighs apart. I love that I was able to dive so deeply into the self and learn methods for adjusting back to the optimal blueprint. I am so happy to have had this opportunity to sink so deep into my practice, I have not stopped chanting since yesterday.

  • Katy A. United States

    Yoga Centered website

    This training gave me a lot of time to reflect and dig deeper inside myself. It has definitely affected my life in that I have seen the benefits of daily yoga and meditation practice. It has also really opened up my spiritual side which I was not expecting at all. Before I signed up for this training I was going back and forth between this yoga therapy teacher training and other schools. I cannot express how happy I am with my decision. I was meant to be in this class and I feel truly blessed.

  • Ulrike V. Canada

    Yoga Centered website

    This was such an amazing experience for me. I have attended two yoga teacher trainings before and this one offers a great foundation for teaching yoga. In hindsight, I wish this had been my initial training. The curriculum was well rounded. The training has helped me to have a better understanding of the body and how learned principles can be applied. I now feel confident to teach alignment-based yoga. I loved the group and how when we got here we were all strangers and how we are leaving as friends. I felt the love and support from the teachers helping us grow. I dont know where I will be next month or next year but for the first time I feel I can surrender and trust it will all work out.

  • Oliva L. United States

    Yoga Centered website

    I enjoyed the safe space that the instructors created from the very first day. Their ability to openly practice and uphold all of the Yamas and Niyamas in teaching created a beautiful learning environment. The teachers truly made this training the unique entity that it was - a wealth of wisdom, practical application and passionate spirituality. Being here at this gathering of positive energy allowed me to feel safe and accepting of myself and my commitment to yoga. I am now excited to see challenge as a learning opportunity. I also cant wait to build my personal practice, continue to explore teaching yoga, and fully accept my spirituality and passion for yoga as a way of life.

  • Gail A. United States

    Yoga Centered website

    The curriculum was extraordinary, rich and diverse and every aspect was integrated. The therapeutic focus was what drew me to the program and it was even more comprehensive than I had anticipated. The artful design of each days schedule balanced effort and recuperation in terms of physical practice, exertion and mental / analytical / theoretical work. The Ayurveda was fascinating; the way we studied the Yoga Sutras made them accessible and enabled us to know each student on a deeper level. The group exercises helped build confidence toward our final teaching practicum, which was beautifully orchestrated. My philosophical understanding and appreciation of yoga has increased ten fold so now I approach yoga as a lifestyle. I feel empowered and much stronger physically than when I started this training. I feel emotionally refreshed and ready to deal with the challenges awaiting me at home.

  • Deb H. United States

    Yoga Centered website

    My understanding of yoga and how it becomes a lifestyle reached a much deeper level at the training due to the focus on meditation, pranayama, chanting, Ayurveda, asana, the energy body, and the yoga sutras. I learned so much about alignment principles for poses which will greatly help me as a teacher and in my own practice. I have set dates for my first classes, I am also developing a more balanced personal/work life, and I am more relaxed in general. It was extremely hard to leave the teacher training and Kalani because I went so deep. I miss the daily yoga and meditation practices, the lessons, the koki frogs, the ocean, and the warm breezes.

  • Nancy L. United States

    Yoga Centered website

    I felt I really got my money and time investment many times over. The class time was well organized and every minute was used well! This experience opened up many questions for me and that is the best experience a student can get - you left me wanting and yearning to learn more and that is the highest compliment.

  • May L. United States

    Yoga Centered website

    You guys were awesome. It was so obvious that you really cared. I felt the love and support. I appreciate being exposed to so many different things; Ayurveda, chakras, yoga Nidra, meditations, alignment, and the flow classes. I see yoga as holistic now, understand the importance of the breath, and realize there is so much more to learn.

  • Ariel R. United States

    Yoga Centered website

    It is hard to find words that really capture the overwhelming beauty of this program. I feel so lucky to have been taught by three incredible teachers who really embody the path if yoga. All the material was presented in perfect progression and I was able to absorb much more than I thought possible.

  • Lisa C. United States

    Yoga Centered website

    I felt free to be myself here with no judgment. I felt so safe. Liz built us up with her words, built up a castle of truths with her gentle, nurturing demeanor and then she gave us suggestions to build us up even more. This training was empowering, both in my yoga practice and my lifestyle, which are one. I loved, loved, loved the alignment training. It has changed everything for me. I loved the meditations; it fed my heart and soul. I loved every bit of it. I now feel empowered to make good choices from my own heart, my own higher self. I feel inspired to be courageous in my own life. I feel ready to teach.

  • Julie L. Hawaii, USA

    Yoga Centered website

    We were instructed well, reviewed well, and ate it all up - simply amazing! I feel empowered so fully by what I have taken in.

  • Coe F. Puerto Rico

    Yoga Centered website

    I loved it all! I felt the therapeutics went beyond my expectations. I loved the variety of classes, topics, practicums, yoga practices, meditations, Ayurveda, and chanting. Kalani was an excellent location to train in; there was a beautiful balance of teacher energies and the teachers created a cohesive group supported with positivity, authenticity and love. As an educator, coach, and therapist I now have a deeper understanding of the body and an increased awareness of how to integrate it with the emotional, spiritual, and mental therapies for both myself and others.

  • Genna R. United States

    Yoga Centered website

    Everyday I woke up truly happy and blessed to be here with such an ideal group of students and teachers. Ayurveda was completely new to me and I was instantly hooked and fascinated by it. With the knowledge of the doshas I was able to connect a lot of dots and figure out mysteries of myself that I struggled with for many years. I grew more passionate about Yoga and my own personal practice. My confidence has never been stronger. The whole journey was so fluid and beautiful.

  • Brigette S. Hawaii, USA

    Yoga Centered website

    I would recommend this training to any yogi! I really loved the knowledge, passion, and care showed by all of the instructors. When I arrived I felt intimidated by chanting and Oming and now I am in love. Also the alignment and asana was great. Now I can understand the yoga sutras and I really appreciated how we learned them as peers sharing our various perspectives. Over the last few weeks through my deepening understanding of yoga: I feel open instead of cautious and closed off; I can honor my body by not pushing too far, doing less, being ok with where I am at today and best of all I feel ready to teach what I know and I am eager to learn more.

  • Erin C. Hawaii, USA

    Yoga Centered website

    I learned so much in the three weeks and if a 500-hour certificate program becomes available with Aloha Yoga Shala I would absolutely take it. This was a very transformative course for me. Not only do I have more confidence in myself but also I have the strength and the courage to set healthier boundaries in my personal life. I also feel I have come to a great space in my being to go out and teach others from a space of love, respect, nonjudgmental, and lightness.

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