Yoga Centered School, Studio & Boutique is a beautiful yoga studio, boutique, and school of yoga in downtown Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii.

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from United States, December 2018

"The stay at Hawaii island retreat is too expensive"

The yoga practice was amazing

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Caityln Shaw

Yoga Centered School, Studio & Boutique website

I walk away from this training completely changed for the better. I feel completely confident to teach yoga because of the connection that was made between teacher and student. I was never afraid to ask questions and I loved how the teachers, Molly and Liz shared their personal experiences and opinions, it gave me such insight into different opinions while completely validating my own. I have a whole new understanding of yoga and this program, the teachers and the experiences I had helped me create a path for myself that I know I can follow.

Jennifer Webster

Yoga Centered School, Studio & Boutique website

This training was an opportunity for me to discover not only more about yoga but, myself as well. My light feels stronger and brighter, and I feel confident in my skills to help others shine their light through yoga. I really enjoyed learning and being creative in the chakras, and practicing meditation every morning. These practices helped me to stop over thinking so much and recognize when my mind is being negative. I learned how to listen a lot more clearly and live more freely.