Yoga Europe offers specialized courses such as 200, 300, 500 hours and Aerial yoga or antigravity teacher's training.

Yoga Teacher Training (2)

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Instructors (2)

Dimitris Papapetrou

Charlie Stewart-Brown

Reviews (7)


from Germany, August 2020

"Kids Yoga teacher Training Nikosia "

It was totally worth it participating in this 95h kids yoga teacher training. Charlie was a really good instructor, she helped us everywhere, was patient but also strict, she supported us and gave us constructive and positive feedback. What I really liked is that we got kids to come in, where we could try out what we learned.

I stayed in the yoga Europe school and was really happy about it. The bathrooms were new renovated and we had a little stove to cook on. Some kitchen utensils where missing, but Demetris was happy to help out with that and also took good care of cleaning the school and fixing things. It was such a nice community and you felt like home! Not only we could use everything, Demetris drove us to the airport, and he taught us also outside of Charlie’s class! I was really happy to got to know both of us 😍

Minna Sjoholm

from Cyprus, September 2020

"Bootcamp in good and bad"

- Demanding: This training was very practical. So it is ideal for people who wish to get into better shape and want to deepen their aerial yoga practice. You can learn and try many poses.

- Place: The yoga studio and the accommodation was nice and spacious, even though there was no breakfast offered (as advertised), at least the room had a nice coffee machine.


from Lebanon, February 2020


I like that the course was intense and beneficial, quiet yet fun.

Dimitris hosting was excellent and he was very welcoming and helpful.

Lucia Kubikova

from Great Britain, February 2020

"Pleasantly surprised "

The course was amazing. I learn a lot and there was lot of practice. I really enjoyed the whole stay. Dimitris is excellent teacher.


from Great Britain, June 2019

"200hr yoga teacher training"

I like the style of yoga, and how Dimitris has so much knowledge of different styles of Yoga such as kids and aerial Yoga, and he has a lot of patience and is a good listener.The theory was good especially learning about Ayurveda was interesting. Dimitris taught the classes very well and took great care of everyone Providing us with hot drinks and fruit.The accommodation was good except for the beds were uncomfortable with thin blankets, it may be a good idea to bring your own blanket from home,but the hotel staff are friendly and the hotel is very clean because we have visited quite a few hotels with more stars and weren't as clean and includes free snacks and drinks 24/7,because we were two people sharing we had a nice room with a balcony and a nice view,the hotel is a good walking distance to the supermarket and bakery and good restaurants such as McDonald's,caffe Nero and Jamie's Italian.The Yoga studio,and classroom are very nice,and there's a nice little room with a sofa and a fluffy rug and spend break time and lunchtime in there.The location of the studio is in the city centre which is good so you can go out for lunch or get a coffee.The aerial Yoga workshop was fun,and advanced Yoga workshop with veronika. I liked learning the vinyasa sequences to add in to hatha classes,and meditation,mantras and pranayama,it was also nice to have relaxation for more than 5 minutes. The yoga made my body feel better when I came home.Overall the accommodation was very good.

Veronika Tulaeva

from Russia, November 2018

"Super training "

It was really great and useful course for me. I expanded my knowledges in yoga and anatomy. I also met many very nice people there. Dimitris was very helpful in every situation and true professional. I had all the conditions to study. There were also many interesting places to see. And one more thing that I like that we all had separate rooms in a hotel that gave us a possibility to rest enough. And free transportation was also a great option, it helped me many times. Staff in the hotel was also very friendly and helpful. And there was a good common area in a hotel, very comfortable to study, having hot chocolate anytime and even playing piano :)

The room in a hotel was small, not enough space for practicing yoga, but I fixed it by putting 2 beds together, so I could have some space for my yoga mat :)