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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Yoga holidays on the beautiful Greek island Paros, run for 24 years by Oona Giesen, teacher with 44 years yoga experience, intern. recognized by IYF-HYA-VYN

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  • Gila Hamann Germany

    October 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    The village Aliki is very nice but at the end of the season there are only a few tourists. It is nice, if you will have some company with the other Yoga class members. I came alone and was lucky, that there were three members, who spend their dinner-time with me and we had have a wonderful time together. Otherwise it will be a bit boring and lonely . Yoga class is only in the morning, so you have time to discover Paros in the afternoon and it is worth to see other places on this beautiful island - also visit Antiparos and Naxos !

    The accommodation was a bit too basic, but very nice people, not too far from the Yoga place and the beach, at night very quiet and also very clean.The other things I've already written above. Maybe it is better to join the Yoga class within the season , when you travel alone.

  • Liliane Hausammann Switzerland

    October 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    Oona ist eine wundervolle Lehrerin, der es ausgezeichnet gelang, der ganzen Gruppe gerecht zu werden und uns alle unseren Vorkenntnissen entspechend zu unterstützen. Auch der Informationsanteil war äusserst interessant, ich habe sehr viel gelernt und weiss jetzt, worauf ich bei den Übungen speziell achten muss. Ich war etwas unsicher, habe noch nie an einem Yoga-Retreat teilgenommen - aber ich war wirklich begeistert und freue mich auf weitere Retreats mit Oona.

    Ihre grosse Erfahrung möchte ich noch explizit erwähnen!

    Dass die 7 Tage so rasch zu Ende waren - ich hätte gerne noch weiter gemacht.

  • Jane Newman United States

    September 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    The best yoga teacher ever ! Very wise and in tune with her students. Felt so much in harmony and balanced after this yoga hol.

    No negatives for me. And I have attended a few yoga and holistic holidays !! Xx

  • Alice France


    Oona is very nice, always kind and listening to your expectations and needs. The kind of yoga is not repetitive and is quite soft but it was perfect for me who was 4 months pregnant. Welcome and Goodbye dinner were well organized. During the week we had coffee, lunch or dinner whenever we wanted, with or without Oona. Everything was going easy.

  • Jemina Finland

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I enjoyed my stay on Yoga Paros a lot! Oona is a wonderful teacher, and during her lessons I managed to do some things I have been practicing for years but never quite managed to do before. Paros is a beautiful, relaxed place and ideal for a retreat. There were enough of yoga lessons and enough of free time. I can warmly recommend a retreat on Yoga Paros to anyone interested in yoga.

  • Aleksandra Serbia

    BookYogaRetreats website

    The yoga retreat on Paros was great. Oona's classes are very good. She gives full attention to everybody, she is very gentle and she also explains every move you make. I started yoga two months ago, so I learnt so many things and I did some poses that I had never even thought about. I also felt very good and full of energy after the classes. Paros Island is also a great place to be. Our group was very good, we liked each other and spent almost all the time together. So, we might come back as a group to Paros yoga retreat again. Villa Konitopoulos is also a great place to stay. Very quiet, cozy, on good location but above all with a very warm and friendly owner, Michaelis. I enjoyed every day on Paros and I will be back.

  • Angelo Italy


    An absolutely wonderful yoga holiday. Oona Giesen was born into yoga. She does not just practice it. I have never before experienced such attention to the small details of asanas. Her yoga studio is located in the middle of the Greek countryside. Doing yoga with the sound of nature is equally an amazing experience. For sure, I will repeat this again next year.

  • Lydia Challen United Kingdom


    I thoroughly recommend Yoga Paros. Oona is a very good teacher, who is extremely attentive to the different capabilities of her students, and designs her classes to work on the areas that each student needs to cover.Our class was made up of relative beginners (me and my husband) and people who had been practising yoga for 30 years and each of us got a great deal out of the lessons, achieving real improvement in the poses and some very deep relaxation.

  • Begoa Gonzlez Galarza Spain


    Oonas way of teaching and knowledge of yoga is very gentle and very personalized. Some days we were having 4 hours of yoga but it seemed like an hour! This has been my first contact with yoga and I really liked it a lot. I was very lucky to have this first yoga experience with Oona, with her almost 40 years yoga experience. The island where Oonas studio is located, Paros, is a paradise. Her studio is located in a very local and not too busy village called Aliki, a great place to get to know Greek culture, food, and people. There are many choices of accommodation on request. I stayed in Aphrodite Hotel, a family run hotel very close to the studio and I had a good time there.

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  • Veronika Greece

    Yoga Paros

    I have accomplished a week-long teacher training with Oona. I have been teaching myself for some years now and I felt I need to be a student for a bit again. Oona's training served this purpose perfectly. She is extremely experienced and she gave me a different point of view on the poses, my own practice and also offered in depth explanation about different variations and alternatives of the poses using the props. It was exactly what i need as a teacher and I highly recommend this training to anybody who is looking for a teacher to learn from. She is friendly and lives and offers her retreats and trainings in a beautiful fisherman village of Aliki on a Greek island Paros, heaven on earth! Thank you Oona!

  • a traveler Austria

    TripAdvisor website

    The best thing i ever made in my life was the yoga retreat by Oona. So everybody who is thinking life must be more than the 50 hours job should make a retreat - it changes so much inside you. So what to do after this perfect week ? Correct book again - in the between time practice Yoga ;o)

  • Peter Greece

    TripAdvisor website

    It was amazing. The way she teaches is the best in my opinion. I can highly recommend it to everybody. Thanx Oona.

  • a traveler Belgium

    TripAdvisor website

    There are a 1000 different ways of teaching yoga, and only a handful of ways I feel comfortable with, so there's always some risk of disappointment involved when starting to practice with a new teacher. Oona quickly managed to make any doubts I had go away: she's highly experienced, knowledgable on the essence of yoga, yet down to earth. She gave each of us a lot of personal attention, always correcting posture, making sure we didn't twist in ways our bodies couldn't handle. She uses tools like holsters, blankets and blocks to support our posture, which were very helpful. I'm much more confident than before to practice on my own at home. Oona really made me feel like finally I learned a thing or two about what yoga is as a philosophy, whereas before it was little more than a workout or a way to relax. Very inspiring. We were a group of six girlfriends vacationing in beautiful Paros, and our morning yoga classes were the perfect addition to our otherwise enormously - and gloriously - lazy vacation. Highly recommended.

  • Yoko Belgium

    TripAdvisor website

    I had the pleasure to follow Oona's yoga course of a week already twice. I came back this year after a positive experience last summer.Oona is a dedicated and professional yoga teacher. Her experience glimmers through in her lessons and result in high-quality yoga which is both stimulating and relaxing at the same time. Oona adapts her lessons very well to her client's needs (for instance, I have a back injury and I felt the positive impact of one week of yoga instantly).The type of yoga is a very easy-going and also relaxing one (e.g. breathing exercises). Various attributes are used to help everyone get into a pose correctly, based on their personal needs. Be aware not to expect the "sport-school" kind of fast and (overly) active yoga. The purpose is to relax and rebalance.

  • Cindy Canada

    October 28

    Thank you Oona for a week of excellent yoga. You helped me realize that I could do much more with my back injury and I felt great after your course. Oona offers high quality yoga, with proper alignment and lengthening of the spine - achieved with precise instructions and use of different props. She genuinely cares about her students, gives individual attention (class size: max 11), and helps everyone feel comfortable in trying different things. There is a lot of mediocre yoga out there and this retreat is a rare find. The studio is located by a long quiet beach, steps away from a delicious restaurant (on the beach), and is a nice short walk from the taverns and cafes by the sea. This is one of my most enjoyable yoga holidays and I hope to return again soon.

  • Sue United Kingdom

    October 16

    This was our second visit to Oona's yoga school - we went for a week of yoga at about the same time last year. Last year was wonderful, which is why we went back, but this year was even better. Oona is a truly inspiring teacher and we learned a lot from her, particularly about using the excellent equipment. Our class was smaller than last year and we got very personalized teaching. Aliki is a really beautiful village and the people are very friendly and welcoming. And to come out of class in Oona's studio and be swimming on a fantastic beach within 5 minutes is just amazing. I hope to go back soon.

  • Vicky South Africa

    September 29

    I attended Oona's yoga for a week and found it to be the most enjoyable and beneficial yoga. Oona is very hands on and caring and her manner is very gentle. She showed us how to incorporate yoga exercises and breathing into our everyday life, without it having to be a chore.Thanks for the wonderful course, I look forward to attending again, as not matter how much yoga one does Oona manages to show a personal aspect to the meaning of yoga.

  • Dora Greece

    September 13

    If you are looking for alternative summer vacations combining unforgettable swimming in crystal clear waters and beneficial yoga classes, then this is the place to go! Oona is a friendly person and an encouraging instructor.I could feel the unwinding after the first lesson. By paying attention to details, using props and fulfilling each student's potential, Oona can bring out the best in everyone.I am looking forward to going to this wonderful retreat again. That experience was one of the greatest gifts to myself.

  • Louise Australia

    August 31

    I attended Oona's 7 day yoga retreat on Paros Island in August this year and it was one of the best things I've ever done! The classes are small and Oona is a wonderfully honest and inspiring teacher who has great attention to detail and is extremely encouraging towards each pupil, whatever level of yoga they're at. The classes are broken up nicely throughout the week with lots of free time to explore Paros. I've walked away from my week with Oona with a wonderfully new perspective on yoga and much more of an understanding of the importance of Iyengar style as well as a new surge of inspiration to continue my practice. Thank you Oona for sharing your story and your passion because your influence is so inspiring! Anyone who is thinking of combining yoga with a Greek Island holiday should definitely attend one of Oona's retreats!

  • Anne-Marie B from London, UK

    August 30

    This is the best place to do serious yoga and have a sea holiday at the same time. I learnt so much from Oona's course. I've been going to Hatha classes practising more flowy styles recently, which I love and Oona has inspired me to come back to Iyengar yoga a little. She convinced us without pressure that it's best to know the poses well before trying complex flowy sequences. It has added a lot to my practice.As a teacher, she has found the right balance, teaching alignment and precision without being military. She's also a very nice person.She's the safest teacher I have ever met, even including Iyengar classes I have attended in the past. Perfect if you have injuries or are a bit burnt out as there are a lot of restorative poses.We had a lovely group and I made good friends I'm going to keep in touch with. I fully recommend this course.

  • Ann United States

    August 29

    Really exceptional instructor with in-depth understanding of yoga and the human body and mind. Oona was able to provide individual attention and instructions to each participant while ensuring both the safety of everyone and also challenge us to reach poses I have not experienced before.I have been practicing yoga for 6 years and found the intricate alignment instructions very helpful. The session is great whether have been practicing yoga for a while or a beginner student - you will find it beneficial, interesting, inspiring and challenging.

    I am totally craving the next time I can attend a class and learn from Oona.

  • a traveler Italy

    August 24

    I spent a heart-warming week with an inspiring teacher and a helpful, generous group. In just 6 days with Oona I've learnt poses that I imagined not to be able to do in a lifetime and that a 6-month practice had never allowed me to try. Fun and energetic experience, during the week I've being always aiming for the next class or challenge. Oona is able to get the best from you with apparently no efforts, she gives you the details of all asanas and constantly helps you to have the best control over them. The class' atmosphere helps an easy improvement too. I'll bring a lot of insights with me and I hope to keep all those precious teachings in mind in the future.

  • Anton

    July 26

    The course was great. Oona is a sensitive and alert teacher with genuine feeling for teaching yoga. The sessions were focused and felt inclusive for students of various levels, ages and physical types. I learned a lot about coming into poses more slowly and with far greater awareness than I have in the past. Paros is beautiful and the village where the course is (Aliki) is relatively quiet and has some excellent beaches with nice swimming. I'd come again.

  • a traveler United States

    July 26

    The retreat has a great structure - everybody stays in the various hotels and accommodations around Alyki and comes together for class in the morning and evening. So the time away from class can be as private or social as you like. The class was really slow and detailed, and Oona pays a lot of attention to how to adjust a pose to your body's limits. I had never done Iyengar style yoga before, and now I want to continue with it! This retreat also brought me to a beautiful place that I know I wouldn't have found on my own. Beautiful beaches, great food, great yoga.

  • Andrew Hyland United States

    August 2011

    Most amazing yoga I have ever done was with you Oona!

  • Silje Norway

    August 2010

    Dear Oona, Most of all I would like to thank you for a fantastic week of yoga in Aliki! That was such a special experience for me - I`m so happy I took the chance on doing the first vacation on my own. It really was the perfect vacation - doing yoga on the beautiful island of Paros.I had such a good time with the others on the course. And the yoga was wonderful! I really like the way you teach yoga - I felt so strong and present in your classes. Never have a yoga lesson gone so fast - and it`s amazing that we did 4 hours of yoga in one day! If you ever make a cd or dvd I will be the first in line to buy it! And I really hope I will come back to do yoga with you again some time. I feel so lucky to have experienced these two wonderful weeks on Paros - I am so energized and in good spirit to take on the fall and winter in Bergen.

  • Claire United States

    July 2010

    Hello Oona, I want to thank you again for the most enjoyable yoga practice that I have ever experienced. I think that I have fallen in love with both yoga and Greece. I would return in September but I am sure that you do not want to see the same faces and bodies. I will encourage friends and colleagues to go, however. I do not know how you intuited the group level so perfectly from the start, and so gently opened all of us up by the end. I feel so flexible, and my back is a lot less stiff. My yoga studio here is closed until September, and, elsewhere, last night, was so violent and the asanas so rushed, i almost hurt myself. i wanted to rush back to your classes. So, again, thank you for your solid teaching.

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