Yoga Navan

Yoga Navan is a yoga teacher training school in Tulum, Mexico. Offering Sivananda Hatha yoga, meditation, pranayama, and Ayurveda classes.

Instructors 2

Ebru Iscan

In 2016, she joined a 200hr Teacher Training at “Yoga Veda Institute” in Mexico in order to learn Sivananda style of yoga as well as Ayurveda. Then in 2017, she learned Prenatal Yoga in “Emel Yoga School” in Istanbul, Turkey. Her teaching style varies quite a lot, from very gentle and relaxing hatha flow to a challenging body works, while always focusing on body awareness, a good body and mind alignment and effective breathing. She also brings Ayurveda principals together with yoga: Being grounded, creating fire, as well as getting off the ground to embrace the air.

Michelle Bradshaw

In 2012, Michelle traveled to Isla Mujeres, Mexico to fulfill the requirements and her dream of becoming a yoga teacher. In the 200-hour teacher training at Vastu School of Yoga, Michelle was taught the gentle confidence to teach Hatha yoga, Sivananda style. In 2016, she went to Ajijic, Mexico to Yoga Veda 200-hour teacher training to renew and expand on her Sivananda experience and added Ayurveda and meditation. She is influenced by the five Principles of Swami Sivananda’s Yoga - proper relaxation, exercise, diet, breathing, and thinking / meditation. She offers a refreshing and relaxing class.

Reviews 1

Emilie Pierret

from Jamaica, June 2018

"nice people but disappointing experience overall"

I have a lot to say regarding the professional aspects of the YTtraining itself and I really hope that the 2 teachers won't take it personal as the aims of this feedback isn't to criticise them as persons, but to share our impression after experiencing their training.

Most of us in the group shared our views during the last week and we were all feeling the same way...mostly desapointed by the training...

So the best thing we could do is to be honest and give a real feedback of what we felt during these weeks. Because there is nothing best we can wish our teachers than to improve and raise the overall level of the training they are offering.

The most positive thing was about the people themselves : Two nice and kind ladies as teachers and a small group of 5 students, from beginners to advanced, from 28 to 65. Nice variety of backgrounds and culture creating a respectful, friendly and supportive atmosphere ;-)

Testimonials 3

Lea Brown

Yoga Navan website

As one that has enjoyed many teaching styles and multiple instructors on and off for many years... for me, it comes down to the teacher as much style. Michelle is that teacher. After moving to Tulum I did everything but yoga. My problem was that I kept getting injured.

Michelle was giving a yoga class close to our house, so I went. Luckily for me it was a small class and she noticed I was struggling. She came over and softly told me how I could change the pose to lessen the discomfort. It was obvious as she spoke that her anatomy knowledge is excellent.

Michelle has a gift that few are lucky to receive. She has continued her education from many instructors and has taken the information and used it to make her own dynamic lessons.

H. Jones Canada

Yoga Navan website

I have finally found the Yoga class for me! Yoga Navan with Michelle. Michelle is an amazing Yoga and Meditation instructor. She creates a class and environment that is peaceful , warm yet challenging for everyone. She shares her extensive knowledge and skills and understands we are all at different levels. Her Assisting and adjusting helped me feel comfortable and more confident in the poses. Definitely the best Yoga Class in Tulum!

Bijan Zade

Yoga Navan website

Over the past few years, I've practiced yoga with Michelle and she is a very good instructor. She cares deeply for what she does and is very gentle and knowledgeable. I like her style of yoga, Shivananda, as it fits well with my goals and level of yoga. She touches not only on the asanas but also on other aspects of yoga like meditation, getting one deeper into Shivasana, and I always feel very good from her classes. I highly recommend her for yoga to anyone from all levels of fitness and flexibility.

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