Yogafirst Middle East

Yogafirst conducts YTTs 200/500 in the Middle East since 2009 and have YTT courses in Middle East, India and Bali in Hatha Flow, Women'sYoga & Himalayan Kriya

Instructors 2

Dr. Pradeep Ullal

Dr. Pradeep Ullal is the spiritual head of Kevala Foundation. He is one of the rare Himalayan yogis serving in urban world, and truly empow-ered to awaken the kundalini shakti through the relay of shaktipat. He is respected as a Super Gamma Master with ability to raise his brain frequency to 100 Hz and transmit bio-photonic energy transmissions of compassion. He also combines his rich experiences, gifts and tech-niques in path of Kundalini, Samaya Tantra, Nada, Laya, Kriya, Surya, Jnana and Raja Yoga to inspire, empower and awaken aspirants. Dr. Pradeep Ullal is the founder and spiritual head

Peewee Sanchez

Peewee has trained and inspired more yoga teachers than any individual in the Middle East Region (UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait) since 2010. Bringing over 20 years of practice to her teaching, her style of Dynamic Hatha Flow mixed with Vajrayana & Tantric meditation influences and Himalayan Kriya are designed to systematically align your body, transform, heal and liberate consciousness. Peewee has flexibility of body and mind, clear accessible communication and is skilled in adapting to the needs of specific individuals.She helps people to understand how yoga works in deep levels.

Kevala Foundation World Yoga Alliance (Hatha Yoga)

Fitness First Asia Pacific Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 (Hatha Yoga)

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