Yogalinda is a Hot yoga studio in Barcelona that offers teacher trainings, workshops, and retreats.

Yoga Teacher Training (2)

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Instructors (4)

Heather Anderson

Mike Brassey

Lezanne Swart


Reviews (15)

Rajaa Belghazi

from Morocco, May 2017

"I would advice all the interested yogis to do this great training "

Teachers specially leazanne, all people are friendly and helpful.

The alignment and the correction of the posture.

Understanding of yoga history, chakras, Bhava Gita.. and many things..

anatomy also with Julia was very interesting.

Thank you all.

Testimonials (5)

Virginia Valerio United States

Yogalinda website

"As a yoga practitioner for a number of years, I became curious to deepen my foundation of yoga without any expectation of teaching afterward. I researched and found Yogalinda which offered a summer month-long intensive course, which was exactly what I was looking for, away from my native city life in NYC and as a further plus, near a beach.

There's a lot I can share about the experience but to summarize, it was a personally enriching, life-changing experience. Having completed the training, I feel as if a new portal has opened in my life with endless possibilities. I fell in love with yoga even more so than prior to Yogalinda's teacher training. After the program, I felt excited, and grounded, in a way that I hadn't before or ever. Because of this, I feel very thankful for the knowledge, the guidance, and the opportunity that came from the overall training.

Thank you Heather, Lezanne and my yoga sisters for an experience of a lifetime. It is with gratitude, love and expansiveness that I reflect on what this past summer meant for me"

Natasa, Austria

Yogalinda website

"In our 4 - week YTT we embarked on a spiritual and physical journey, discovering our strengths and weaknesses and acknowledging them as an important part of our personality.

Besides learning about yoga history and philosophy, my fellow trainees and I were introduced to Yoga Business and are well prepared to teach a class which we had multiple opportunities to practice for."

Vivan, United States

Yogalinda website

"Yogalinda's YTT was an amazing experience. I learned so much about the physical and spiritual practice of yoga from Heather & Lezanne. We were exposed to several different forms of yoga though the emphasis was on hot vinyasa. I didn't seriously consider teaching before I arrived but thanks to Heather and Lezanne's guidance I feel prepared to teach and hope to do so in the future!! I really bonded with the other girls in the program and truly feel I made life long friends. If you're considering doing this program I highly recommend!"

Eve, United States

Yogalinda website

"Great Course. Love all of the interesting ideas and different ways of yoga we were introduced to. Learned so much about my body and how to correctly do things as well as philosophy."

Vicki White UK

Yogalinda website

"I started the training without any preconceptions as to how much the training would have an impact on my own yoga practice. Having very little confidence in my ability to be able to instruct and initially taking the course to further my own practice. I leave the training with a vast amount more knowledge, strength and confidence in myself. Not just externally but internally too. I owe a huge amount of this to the course and the fantastic teachers I have encountered. Each having their own particular strengths. I am sad to be coming to the end, the month has gone so fast."