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Yogalinda is a Hot yoga studio in Barcelona that offers teacher trainings, workshops, and retreats.

Instructors 4

Heather Anderson

Heather began practising Hot yoga in Toronto, Canada 15 years ago. The love of the Spanish language brought Heather to Spain in 2006. After several stressful years in sales in a crisis market, Heather decided to follow one of her life long dreams to become a certified yoga instructor. She was lucky to have been trained under Baron Baptiste (Baptiste Power Hot yoga), Ted Grand (Moksha Hot yoga), Bikram Yoga, Rodney Yee, Alex Leikermoser a.k.a. yogagurl, and the Tribe yoga instructors, Scarlett and Raquel. Heather is certified in teaching Vinyasa and Prenatal yoga.

Mike Brassey

Mike has been practicing and teaching meditation in Spain, Portugal, and England for the last 20 years. He has studied for over 10 years with the Tibetan Lama Geshe Kelsang as a Buddhist monk and is currently a student of Eckhart Tolle - author of the bestseller The Power of Now. He is known for his ability to convey the teachings in a clear and practical way. His presence is an inspiration to those who want to begin or deepen their experience of meditation and inner peace.


Lezanne is a certified yoga teacher (RYT 500) through Yoga Arts and has completed a 40 hour Astanga teachers training with Caroline Klebl. Lezanne has also finished a 9-month Anatomy Teacher Training course through Leslie Kaminoffs The Breathing Project, as well as completed Sadie Nardinis Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training.

Yoga Alliance RYT 500 (Ashtanga Yoga)


Julia Zatta is a yoga teacher and bodyworker specialized in teaching anatomy to yoga teachers. Embodiment plays a big part in her life, her practice, and in her personal research into how to be more fully present, joyful and alive. Her initial yoga training was in Anusara yoga, though in recent years she has fallen in love with Ashtanga yoga. She had the privilege to study with world-renowned teachers in the Ashtanga yoga lineage like Dena Kingsberg and Richard Freeman who have instilled in her a rich sense of the depths of yoga.

Reviews 16

Rajaa Belghazi

from Morocco, May 2017

"I would advice all the interested yogis to do this great training "

Teachers specially leazanne, all people are friendly and helpful.

The alignment and the correction of the posture.

Understanding of yoga history, chakras, Bhava Gita.. and many things..

anatomy also with Julia was very interesting.

Thank you all.

Testimonials 5



Yogalinda provides a very informative and insightful training that gives you the tools to be your best self and to help others along the way. The teachers are very well educated in their field and give you every chance for success. I feel well prepared for going out into the world and interacting with students. Thank you for all the effort and dedication you put into the program.



Incredible, lovely and magical experience and journey. I feel blessed that I got a study yoga in a Barcelona and with profesional and big hearted team at Yogalinda. It has changed me for the better and in some part I met myself of what I am. And I will carefully share this knowledge that you gave me.

Savannah Leigh Montgomery

Yogalinda website

Choosing to do my teacher training intensive at Yogalinda has been an extraordinary experience. The training is set up to be incredibly practical while also giving you a taste of all these less-considered aspects of the practice you will end up craving to become an expert on. The team of people Heather has put together is well-balanced and full of wisdom and personality, making each section of the course exciting and leaving you wishing you had more time with all these mini mentors. I loved the atmosphere of Yogalinda and the energy of the entire training. The challenging 28 day intensive experience that was bound to leave us physically and emotionally exhausted ended up giving us equal energy back, making this easily one of the most enriching months of my life.



I embarked on the journey of YTT to deepen my knowledge and get the necessary intensity to change my daily habits for good. The diversity of personalities, personal stories, experiences, styles help to find how to make the journey a personal one and hot to fit in that world. The intensity of the sessions of asanas help to practice in a safe environment advanced poses and discover that a lot is available when well guided. The introduction to philosophy and meditation really motivates me to want to study and practice a lot.

Lara SJ


This course has been really helpful for me as a beginner in vinyasa yoga. After finishing this course I can say that I have learned heaps and I have been prepared very professionally from Lezanne and Heather. It has been a complex and intense month, learning postures, alignments, the philosophy about meditation... but at the same time it has been so much fun. It is a great that we had had the experience learn from many different professionals learning different styles and points of view. Therefore it has been an extensive course, complete and very useful. I gain self-confidence and I can proudly say that I feel ready to be a yoga instructor. This course has been an amazing support to my state of mind and depression. I have learnt techniques, philosophies, asanas and so many resources that I will be applying from now on. I have understood the state of mind, the importance of staying in the present, to meditate and to breathe, to find inner calm, satisfaction and happiness. Both Lezanne and Heather had helped me to get through difficult times and face the life in a positive, curious and challenging way. Thank you guys!!!

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