At Yogam Studio, yoga is more than just exercise, and you are much more than just a body. The classes help you live your life with a smile and a feeling of joy.

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Vinita Jain

Dr. Sonal Jain

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Celia Antuña Camblor

from Spain, May 2022

"Fully recomended!"

Vinita is a great professional with a great experience, very accessible and very kind. She transmits her knowledge in a clear way and helps you achieve your goals. A professional woman from head to toe. In addition, the agenda is very complete and very well organized.

Jessica Ifergane

from France, March 2022

"Very powerful classe"

Kelly Williams

from Great Britain, December 2021

"A Spiritual Experience "

I really enjoyed the ease of learning from home and the fact that it was so affordable. I enjoyed getting to know Vinita and my other class mates and we shared a few laughs. My favourite part of the training was learning Sanskrit, chanting and mantras. It's something I have wanted to learn for a long time and I feel I now have more confidence going forward to teach others.

Joyce Titular

from Philippines, November 2021

"I Found the Heart of Yoga"

I took up this online class thinking that I would learn the Asanas part of Yoga well. But, I learned so MUCH more than that! Under the tutelage of Guru Vinita, I not only learned about yoga poses... I also experienced the HEART of YOGA. She gave me her time, talent and knowledge through daily live sessions. Yes, she personally walked with me and guided me through my Yoga journey every weekday for 2 months. And sometimes even on weekends!

I must say that she is a disciplined teacher and that daily discipline was something I truly needed because for the longest time I did not really have a regular practice. I had NO DISCIPLINE! But now I do!

Because of her course I now have a daily habit, a daily time set aside for MY OWN practice.

And after 'graduating' from her course, I will continue to use the same time everyday to take care of my temple (my body and entire being) and continue exploring the Yoga life.

If you are looking for authentic Yoga, this is it. Things might not be perfect, like internet connection is sometimes bad, or there is difficulty in understanding each other, or there is noise or disturbance from life itself, but these ARE the very things Yoga helped me overcome. You just need patience and persistence. If you have both then you will be greatly rewarded by more than just a yoga certification. You will find the heart of Yoga.

Gzara Omeyma

from France, September 2021

"Online 200h yoga training"

Vinita is an excellent yoga teacher who shares her knowledge generously. She is a serious teacher that leads you gently into the heart of yoga. Step by step you become confident and strong in your body mind and soul and you feel ready to teach at your turn. Very transformative training! Thank you so much!

Paula Pereira

from Ireland, June 2021

"A transformational course "

Every single topic is a joy to be taught by Vinita, her dedication and energy are outstanding. This is an absolute transformational moment in your life. The support and inspiring moment throughout the course are the best of it all. Vinita has so much knowledge that you will want to learn more and more.

David Jan

from Great Britain, October 2020

"Vinita's way of teaching yoga is amazing"

I really like the way Vinita is teaching yoga. She is clear in her instructions. She explains all the benefits and contraindications of each and every movement. She is also great when teaching about mantras and meditations. Her communication is great. She is extremely polite and is accomodating practically any need one may have. She has learnt and taught yoga for several years. What I also learnt with Vinita is that she has a very deep spiritual and theoretic insight as well. She has been practicing yoga in several yogic traditions what made her even more senior. I also like the way she interacts with her students.


from Slovenia, October 2020

"Excellent Online Yoga Training"

I am glad to have joined 2 Month 200-Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training with Yogam Studio. I have deepen my knowledge about yoga asanas, especially how to do them in correct order. I have gained knowledge about pranayama, mantras, mudras, bandhas etc. The classes are very well structured and explained understandable. The price of the training is the most affordable not only on this site, but also if you compare with others sites. Teacher Vinita Jain is very helpful, kind, flexible and always smiling. I recommend to join this online yoga training to everyone who would like to become great yoga teacher and also who would like to only deepen yoga and meditation practice.

Thank you Vinita.

Much love, Sabina

Shannon Scott

from United States, October 2020

"Great training experience"

I really enjoyed the training course that Yogam Studio provided. Vinita is an amazing instructor, she has a deep knowledge of yoga and meditation. She was always encouraging and helpful with any questions we had. This course has helped me to better understand things like chakras, bandhas, breath work, et cetera, and how to use such things in my own practice. I also feel more confident to teach others about these same things. I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking for a deeper understanding of the Hatha and Kundalini practices.

Prerna Chaudhary

from Netherlands, September 2020

"Yoga experience during covid times"

I liked the dedication and the willingness of Vinita to help us learn how to become good yoga practitioners as well as teachers. She gave us tips & tricks and the basics as well as advanced postures and practices. The course covered a wide variety of topics and styles. There were plenty of opportunities to practice. She also was very flexible when needed.

Aroon Kalsi

from Italy, August 2020

"Excellent teacher, with deep knowledge of yoga"

Vinita is kind, knowledgable, and a very flexible teacher. She has been taking us step by step in a very organized manner through the course. The training is quite rich and very reasonably priced.

I would highly recommend Vinita as a teacher to anyone starting out their yoga journey.