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28 Days-200-Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Forli-Cesena, Italy

  • YOGAMEA ASD Center, 225, Viale Carducci Giosue', Cesenatico, FC 47042, Italy

28 Days-200-Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Forli-Cesena, Italy

  • YOGAMEA ASD Center, 225, Viale Carducci Giosue', Cesenatico, FC 47042, Italy

200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Italy

The 200-hour yoga teacher training program is designed to familiarize students to concepts of yoga philosophy and history, as well as teaching asana (postures), alignment and anatomy so that the physical practice of yoga can be furthered. The certificate provided at the end of this course is recognized by the International Yoga Alliance of United State of America and United Kingdom. The course includes pranayama (breathing) practices and meditation, as well as traditional chanting and cleansing techniques. This gives students all encompassing view of the yogic tradition and prepares them to become yoga teachers or just to enhance their practice and understanding of yoga.


  • 2 daily Hatha yoga sessions
  • Meditation, pranayama and chanting
  • Yoga philosophy, anatomy, history, and origins
  • Yogic lifestyle including diet
  • 27 nights accommodation
  • 3 vegetarian meals a day
  • 24 days with instruction
  • Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, English
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Recently built, the Italian Yogamea Center is located right on the beach, not so far from Cesenatico old town and the famous Leonardo Da Vinci canal.

Yogamea is housed within the IAL professional Institute, where during the winter normal school activity are the formation of cooks, waiters and hospitality operators.

The bedrooms all have en suite facilities with shower, a balcony and safe. The wonderful Yogamea staff can attend to your every need.

Sample daily schedule

  • 05:45 Wake Up
  • 06:15 Herbal tea
  • 06:30 Shatkarma / yogic cleansing
  • 07:00 Pranayama and chanting
  • 07:30 Yoga asana
  • 09:00 Breakfast
  • 10:30 Yoga anatomy
  • 11:30 Yoga philosophy
  • 13:15 Lunch
  • 17:00 Hatha yoga asana practice
  • 18:45 Pranayama / meditation
  • 19:15 Dinner
  • 22:45 Lights out -

There will be meditation sessions twice a week, from 8:30 pm. Please note that the schedule is subject to change.

Sundays are days off. All the seminarians can come to the course with one or two days prior to the course, to allow them to acclimate with the area.


1.Techniques, training and practice - 100 hours Asana/ pranayama / shatkarma / bandha

2.Teaching methodology - 25 hours

3.Anatomy and physiology - 20 hours

4.Yogic philosophy, lifestyle and ethics - 20 hours

  • Yoga philosophy
  • Yoga - Introduction Origin of yoga
  • Different paths of yoga - Karma, Bhakti and Jnana
  • Consciousness and awareness
  • Evolution of awareness
  • Evolution of elements (according Sankhya darshan)
  • Panch kosha (five covering or sheaths over consciousness)
  • Four-sutra (preface of Patanjalis Yog sutra)
  • Panch-klesha (five causes of pain and miseries)
  • Raja yoga and Hatha yoga
  • Yama, Niyama (social and personal rules and regulations)
  • Asana (physical posture)
  • Pranayama (breathing techniques)
  • Pratyahara (withdrawal of the mind from the senses)
  • Dharna (concentration), Dhayan (meditation), Samadhi (self-realization)

5. Practice - 5 hours


Evaluation will be carried out only for those students who have a minimum of 90% attendance in all 4 weeks of training.

Recommended books

  • YMCD - Karmananda, Swami. Yogic Management of Common Diseases. Edited by Yoga Publications Trust: Bihar School of Yoga, 2010.
  • RY - Vivekenanda, Swami. Raja Yoga: Conquering the Internal Nature. Kolkata: Advaita Ashrama, 2011.
  • MMMRY- Niranjananda Saraswati, Swami. Mind, Mind Management & Raja Yoga. Yoga Dristi Series. Bihar: Yoga Publications Trust, 2011.
  • YA - Kaminoff, Leslie, and Amy Matthews. Yoga Anatomy. 2nd ed. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics, 2012.

Ethical guidelines

Rishikesh Yoga Peeth (Yogamea in Goa or Italy) adopts the ancient approach to yoga to instil in each student the wisdom that yoga manifests. Teaching and learning is therefore designed in such a way that ethical practices are ingrained automatically in the students at the school. The day begins with the daily regimen (Dincharya) and ancient code of conduct. Activities are planned according to the seasonal code of conduct (Ritucharya). The concept of behavior chemistry (Achar - rasayan) is the concept that students are expected to imbibe. Maharishi Patanjali prescribed certain rules of how a person is expected to act in society (Yama) and how personal code and conduct (Niyama) is the expected and essential behavior for individuals to follow. We at Yogamea expect this behaviour terminology to be understood and practiced sincerely and honestly by all students to the best extent possible. Before students register for the yoga teacher training they must be aware that this traditional teaching will differ from that of the west. There could even be a fundamental difference in the understanding of the yogic path as that which is taught in the yoga schools in the west. Modified exercises that go by the name of yoga are frowned upon by Rishikesh Yog Peeth and Yogamea and so only those students must apply for the course who are willing to commit to the strict regimen of the course.

Code of conduct

Discipline is an integral part of the training program and so the course routine must be strictly observed. Disrespect to rules and regulations could result in termination of studentship with no refund of fee. Absenting oneself from the scheduled program without prior permission of the teacher or manager concerned would be construed as a gross breach of discipline. A student must announce in advance if they intend to forgo a meal so that there is no waste of food. Yogamea does not make arrangements for guests of students. Any activity that is not related to the course is not permitted. Ensure you are on time for class or you will not be permitted to enter any class once it has commenced. Before departure from the school, students are required to return all library books and any other articles belonging to the school.

  • Timea Vitez

    Timea discovered yoga after having a serious car accident many years ago. She began studying and practicing on her own from an old book a friend had given her. Discovering a great passion for Yoga, a few years later she ventured towards her first trip to India where she took part in a Yoga Teacher Training program of 200 hours at The Rishikesh Yog Peeth School. Happy with her first experience, but eager to go more in depth, she returned to Rishikesh several times over the next few years and repeated the same course experience numerous times.

The Italian Yogamea Center, is located right on the beach, not so far from Cesenatico old town and the famous Leonardo Da Vinci canal; Yogamea it is housed within the IAL professional Institute, where during the winter normal school activity are the formation of cooks, waiters and hospitality operators. Cesenatico is an Italian town of 25,796 inhabitants in the province of Forlì-Cesena in Emilia-Romagna. Cesenatico is a seaside resort and tourist destination located in the Adriatic coast. The town itself is very popular and has a number of historic attractions as well as offering access to nearby medieval villages. If you're keen on castles, tracing the path of Dante, or just getting out into the countryside for a day on your day off, we can arrange excursions to a number of different places.

  • Spa nearby
  • Swimming nearby
  • Balcony
  • Beach nearby
  • In-room safe

For the duration of the yoga teacher training, you will get three healthy vegetarian meals a day with refreshments, fruit and tea available at any time.

Have traditional tasty meals in the restaurants nearby

Swimming or walking by the beach

Take massages

Visit the old castles, Dantes path or the traditional villages of Rimini

Visit the spa nearby

There is a spa nearby where you can book treatments at an additional cost.

  • 3 daily vegetarian meals with refreshments, fruit and tea available at any time
  • 27 nights accommodation
  • All the necessary course materials tuition
  • Meals other than the standard ones offered,
  • Spa and wellness treatments
  • Massages are not included in the price of the training

There are a number of options to get to Cesenatico. The nearest airport is Bologna, Guglielmo Marconi International Airport (BLQ) which is 1 hour 10 minutes away. It is very easy to get a train to Cesenatico from there. We can also arrange shared airport transfers if you prefer to take a taxi directly from the airport.

Airport transfers

Transfer from and to Bologna Guglielmo Marconi International Airport on request.

How to arrive to the Yogamea Centre in Cesenatico: Yogamea school is 111 km from the Airport. All professional agencies that provide airport transfers would charge about 160 EUR per transfer.

The most economic solution: once you arrive at the airport exit, please look for the Bologna train Station Shuttle. There is one Shuttle that takes you directly to the train Central Station of Bologna every 5 minutes.

The cost for the shuttle should be around 5 EUR and it will take about 15-20 minutes, depending on the traffic. Taxi is faster and the cost is 20 EUR.

From the Central Station of Bologna, you should take a train to Cesenatico, your final destination.

It’s easy to manage and you can even buy a ticket directly in the train Station. Or alternatively you can buy online on the official website of TRENI ITALIA

Other arrival options are via the airports listed below:

  • Ancona, Airport from Marche, Falconara Marittima AN (1h 13 min)
  • Airport Marco Polo from Venice (2h 32 min)
  • Airport from Florence, Via del Termine, Firenze FI (2h 13 min)

Verified reviews

  • D
    Review by Anonymous

    2017-Aug-27 14:54:14

  • M
    Review by Monica Heath from Great Britain

    Really pleased amazing teachers meet nice people

    CONS Cons: Mmm nothing everything was good

    PROS Pros: Like the atmosphere peace relax poaitive friendly

    2017-Aug-20 05:53:55

  • N
    Review by Nicole Van Logtenberg from Republic of Italy


    CONS Cons: Nothing

    PROS Pros: The yoga classes exceeded expectations the teachers are very qualified and great with injury prevention and focusing on alignment. Every time you walked in the door there was always warm welcoming smiling faces to greet you!

    2017-Aug-08 09:05:51

  • D
    Review by Daria Cremonesi from Republic of Italy

    2017-Aug-06 14:31:39

  • A
    Review by Adria Scharmen from Norway

    2017-Aug-04 19:05:38

  • L
    Review by Lenka Mokrysova from United States

    Organizer response: Dear Lenka Namaste You are a special soul .. never forget that .. All the best wishes ..and see you in India

    2017-Aug-01 08:20:03

  • H
    Review by Hajnalka Kovács from Germany

    Lovely people-Lovely place

    PROS Pros: I had a great time in Cesenatico surrounded with really nice people, great beach and unforgettably tasty food! The teachers are really experienced and they definitely pay attention to our personal needs. I could just recommend to everyone who would like to get away from the everydays, learn more about yoga, people and cultures. If I can, I would definitely go back again. ☺️

    Organizer response: Nice people like you darling, we really hope to meet you very soon and thank you for your kind description Lot of Love and Shanti shanti Keep in touch

    2017-Jul-12 09:48:30

  • M
    Review by Anonymous

    Organizer response: It is a pleasure to be able to serve special people like you Thank you for being with us and for having dedicated us a few minutes describing your experience with us. Davide

    2017-Jul-02 20:23:10

  • A
    Review by Anna Braybrooke from Great Britain

    Lovely retreat

    PROS Pros: I really enjoyed my three night stay at Yogamea. The staff are so hospitable and go to great lengths to make you feel welcome and comfortable. Sandrina leant me her bicycle so I could cycle into town on my last day and I was made a packed lunch for my journey home because I was missing lunch. The retreat is good value for money and is very cheap compared to others. The food and accommodation are basic but as expected for the price. The location is amazing as you're right on the beach and a short ride/half hour walk from the centre of town.

    Organizer response: Dear Anna, thank you so much for your review! It was lovely to have you here with us :) We hope to see you soon again YogaMea team

    2017-Jun-21 13:04:16

  • I
    Review by Irma Tuinman from Netherlands

    As a bieginner it was a wondeful inspiring week that made me aware of the power of the trinity between mind body and inner self.

    CONS Cons: Have non!

    PROS Pros: The teachers were totaly committed to each student in the geoup. Namaste!

    2017-May-22 04:17:59

  • Review by Vilde Sæther Haagenrud from Norway
    10 out of 10

    "I attended the 200 hrs yoga teacher training last summer with Yogamea in Italy. The accommodation was simple and nice, without too many distractions. If there were any problems, Davide would run and fix it immediately. The food was perfect, after a month I still wanted more, it was so tasty and fresh. All the teachers were amazing. The teachers were so skilled and experienced, and I really learned a lot! And I really felt that they saw our needs and struggles, and helped us to get past those, both yoga related and personal."


    "But most important, the energy was so positive and inspiring. I met many amazing people that will always be my friends, and I would love to go back and do it again. I am so grateful for everything I have learned, both the philosophy and the physical aspect of it. I have taught yoga once a week after I came back to Norway, and the students always say that they like the good and relaxing energy in the class, and I can thank the teachers from Yogamea for this. Also I think this yoga course was perfect as a start, and perfect as a base for future courses. Actually a guy who attended the same class as me took the whole course again, and I was thinking about going back just a feew weeks after I came back to Norway. Just to describe how much we liked it! I am filled with gratitude for everything, and the experience had a huge impact on me. I will give it a 10!"

    BookYogaRetreats, edited

  • Review by Philip and Roberta from United States
    10 out of 10

    "We would Love to share our experience in Italy, last August..15 days of absolute relaxation at Yogamea in Cesenatico. The always plentiful and tasty vegetarian food, very polite staff, always at our disposal, our accommodation was simple in rigor with the promoted style, but still basic and clean, unfortunately it was particularly hot at the time and was not present a plant air-conditioning, but the management has provided us with a fan specially bought for us that made our nights more pleasant. In addition, the Yoga masters are really prepared and very careful in following each of us..We really want to thank Yogamea and all the staff for the warmth and the wonderful experience spent with them. Greetings and we hope to return as soon as possible."

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited

  • Review by Alison
    10 out of 10

    "I had a fantastic time! The team were helpful from the very start of my trip to Italy to the very end. It has really inspired me to take up yoga on a regular basis. Sandrina is an excellent teacher and I learnt a lot. I would definitely recommend going to Cesenatico for a yoga retreat."

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited

  • Review by Nil Tinar from Switzerland
    8 out of 10

    "I greatly enjoyed my stay at the Yoga retreat in Cesenatico. Davide, Sandrina, Timea and Vinee ji are managing the place with professionalism and a great commitment. I booked the place for two weeks to get away from my daily routine and wanted a low budget place not to far from home. For 50 Euros a day, 3-4hours yoga a day, 3 meals a day, 1 massage per week, the beach and the lively surroundings were a great deal. The Adriatic coast is beautiful, the food was good and the yoga classes were given with care. Plus being able to have gelato everyday was also part of the highlights of my stay. Cesenatico is a place that has a lot going on in summer. It's a place where you will find Italian tourists rather than international tourists. If you are looking for absolute quietness and the price-quality ratio that you find in south-east asia for yoga retreats and daily costs for example, this is not the right place to go. I was surprised to hear how high other guests expectations were in this regard. I didn't expect luxurious rooms with AC and sea view, so I was very happy with the Yogamea school. I would advice the place to anybody who wants to learn yoga, go to the beach, hang out in the evenings, enjoy the sea climate and have nice Italian food."

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited

  • Review by Petra Simberg from Denmark
    10 out of 10

    "I wanted to go somewhere in Europe to do an affordable yoga retreat and found Yogamea in Italy. I didn’t really have a lot of expectations – I travelled alone and was just hoping for a relaxing week with some nice people. The week at Yogamea was the nicest week I have had in a long time!"


    "The retreat is held in Cesenatico on the east coast, a small cosy town filled with Italian tourists during summer. Everything is at walking/biking distance. We stayed in some sort of school just by the beach, so it was easy to just go for a swim or lay on the beach during the days. The accommodation is very simple, but worked perfectly fine for me. I chose a shared room, and had a roomie for most of my stay. There are two 2-hour yoga lessons every day and free time in between these. So there was plenty of time to go out and explore the city, go swimming, go out for coffee/gelato etc. There are 3 meals a day - delicious vegetarian food. I really felt so healthy during my week at Yogamea. Fell in love with the soy porridge they had every morning for breakfast, yummm!"


    "Yogamea offers both a teacher training programme and shorter retreats, which were both running parallel. The retreat didn’t start a specific day, one can just choose to start whenever, so I found it a bit tough with people coming and going all the time. So the first day I felt like“I’m not going to make any friends”, but before I knew it, I had become very close to a few of the other “yogis”. I think this was the fact that made my experience with Yogamea so great and memorable - the people there and the friends I made."


    "Most of the yoga classes taught at Yogamea are hatha yoga. There are 3 teachers: Timea, Vineet and Sandrina. During my retreat, the teacher-training course was close to finishing, so the teacher trainees actually held a lot of the yoga classes because they had to finish their practical exam. This was a bit of a shame, because I would have wanted to experience more of Timea’s and Vineet’s classes. But, whenever a teacher-trainee held a class, there was always a parallel class taught by Sandrina, so one could simply choose which class one wanted to attend. Sandrina is this super cool Portuguese girl who was multitasking her ass off – was both teaching classes and worked in the office. Despite this she was always helpful and smiling. I really enjoyed her classes, and she always found a way to include everyone and adjust the yoga to everyone’s individual level. "


    "All in all, I had a great stay with Yogamea. I was so relaxed and happy, carefree, felt strong and healthy and most of all – made some amazing friends!"

    BookYogaRetreats Website, edited

  • Review by Silvia from North East of Italy
    9 out of 10

    "I've decided to book the yoga teacher training at YOGAMEA to became a yoga teacher and for spiritual grow. Now, after 4 weeks I feel I have The 200RYS certificate so I'm officially a yoga teacher. But yoga is 90% practice and my will is to make the healthy habits I've experiences during this great experience became my lifestyle. I've learned a lot not just about yoga anatomy, philosophy and asanas but a lot about myself. It's just the first step but in the right direction. The location in Cesenatico, Italy was room was facing the beach and a nice breeze came inside from my window. The schedule was perfect with the right amount of practice, theory and time for self-study. The meals were healthy and made and served with care: a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables made in a tasty way! The founder of YOGAMEA, Timea, has been an amazing teacher with a kind attitude and a 360 * knowledge. I will keep forever in my heart her smile, example, kind attitude and availability. The other teacher was from India. He has an opposite approach and with him I've learned a lot about philosophy and about my strength during asana's practice. Me and the other students arrived there as 16 complete strangers...Now we all are yoga teachers and I have no doubts that we will stay friends forever!"

    "Also the price, considering the quality was pretty good. I really recommend YOGAMEA if you Are interested in yoga and to start your journey through self-discovery!"

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited

  • Review by Anita from Denmark
    6 out of 10

    "I think it was in overall a good stay. It's lovely to have the beach so close. And that there is yoga twice everyday is nice. The food is good, lots of vegetables. However it does become a little bit trivial though as it is a bit the same food everyday. Also there is a carnival across from the retreat that makes it hard to sleep before 00.30. And since there is yoga at 6.45 in the morning it's a bit tough. Also when I had complaints about this the response was a bit not understanding and not very helpful, like they wanted me to think I was making a big deal out of nothing."

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited

  • Review by Diana
    8 out of 10

    "Me and my boyfriend had a really good time during our time at Yoga Mea, meeting a lot of nice people from around the world and hanging out at the beach. Sandrina and Timea are both great yoga teachers, each in their own beautiful way. The food was excellent and we really felt cleansed when we left. We would love to visit Yoga Mea again! :)"

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited

  • Review by Nina Benjaminsen from Norway
    10 out of 10

    "The retreat in Italy was simply wonderful. I loved every second. The people who work there are so warm and easy minded. They welcomed every question with a smile and figured things out directly. The classes were really good. I miss the instructors. The way of teaching made me feel so peaceful and relaxed. I warmly recomend this place to other people. As a customer there, you receive much for your money. Location worked out well. No luxury, and that's fine:) Maybe clean the yogamaths after every class? "

    BookYogaRetreats Website, edited

  • Review by Siobhan T. from Ireland
    7 out of 10

    "Yoga Mea in Cesenatico is located right on the beach. Or rather the beach is at the rear of the building, Directly in front is Luna Park, a FunFair which operates with bright lights and loud music until 1.30am each day in the summer season."

    "The building in which YogaMea is located is a Catering School, whom, I gather, allocate space and meals to YogaMea during their residency."

    "My understanding is that, normally YogaMea is located in Goa, India, where it operates eight or nine months of the year. The European Summer months coincide with the Monsoon season in Goa and, I gather, they re-locate to Cesenatico for this period."

    "I arrived on a Friday towards the end of July, the penultimate day of a 200 hour Teacher Training Programme. As well as the 16 trainee teachers, there were approximately 30 on our yoga retreat. This reduced in number from the following Monday."

    "There were two yoga classes per day, except Sunday which was a rest day. The morning session was at 7.30am, before Breakfast and the afternoon at 5pm, before Dinner. We had three different teachers in the six days I was there, two of whom were teaching for the teacher Training Programme, so the standard was pretty high. My level of Yoga is basic and to be honest, I found some of the sessions very challenging, We were told to only do what we could, but sometimes there were no alternative basic movements provided and I found that quite frustrating. As a novice, I couldn't possibly know what alternative movements were appropriate. However, when I raised this with the teacher, she was very careful to provide alternatives during class after that."

    "The meals were all vegetarian, simple and plain Breakfast featured a lovely Porridge made with Soya milk, which was very popular. Lunch and Dinner consisted mostly of slices of Tomatoes, Cucumber etc to accompany the vegetables. However, I thought that since the Catering School were the chefs, the variety and standard could have been better. There is so much that can be done with Vegetarian cooking to make it tasty and attractive. Perhaps they were following the directions of the Yoga School, who were their clients, after all. The chefs were more than able to provide excellent dishes, Sunday was treat day - we had sweet pastries and cake for breakfast and delicious pasta for lunch and dinner. Pasta was pretty much absent most other days, unfortunately. Dessert was only provided once while I was there. There was an abundance of fresh fruit and herbal and fruit teas. There is a no alcohol or caffeine policy. Eggs and dairy are avoided too.."

    "I booked a single room for my stay, My accommodation was spotless and met my needs adequately. My room was at the back of the building, so I had a side view of the beach, which was very pleasant. We were reminded that YogaMea is a school and not a Hotel. The accommodation was very good for my needs for the week."

    "There is a free body massage included in the cost of the retreat and there is a choice of a relaxing massage or a more vigorous sports massage. I chose the relaxing option and it was very good indeed. The Therapist, Chiara, deserves a special mention as she is an intuitive healer as well as massage therapist. I had a Chakra Balancing and Crystal treatment, which left me completely relaxed and zenned. It was truly wonderful. Thank you, Chiara."

    "The old town of Cesenatico is within a 40 minute walk and is very pretty. There are excellent bicycles available for rent from the school which many people availed of and enjoyed, The Yoga School is right in the middle of the resort of Cesenatico and makes for a pleasant walk after dinner or any time."

    "The group attending the school during the week I was there were very friendly and we had many forays out for ice cream and other goodies during the week. The beach is a beautiful 7km Blue Flag sandy stretch with Lifeguards on duty each day. There are lots of cafes and sunbeds available for hire. The Blu Cafe next door, gives Yoga clients a discount on bed rental. There was also plenty of room if you just wanted to take a place on the sand or in the shade of the trees which was free of charge."

    "Overall I had a very enjoyable stay in Yoga Mea. My own flexibility improved with the 3 hours of yoga practice per day and I met some lovely like minded people with whom I hope to keep in touch. I felt very relaxed at the end of it and would recommend it."

    "I scored YogaMea 7 out of 10 because the noisy funfair detracts from the peace I would associate with a Yoga Retreat. Teaching, Food and Accommodation were very good and the body massage was excellent."

    "Thank you YogaMea for a lovely retreat. Wishing you every success in the future."

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited

  • Review by Michael from Arizona USA
    9 out of 10

    "I attended the 28 day, 200 hour teacher training at Yogamea in Cesenatico, Italy from June 25-July 24, 2016. "

    "I enjoyed the program and learned a lot. There were two instructors with varied styles and approaches to Hatha yoga. The staff at the residence were superb, always helpful and kind. The vegetarian meals served were delicious with lots of fresh fruit, salad and vegetables. The facility was on the beach. I enjoyed the whole experience tremendously and am returning there for further training."

    BookYogaRetreats Website, edited

  • Review by Blair from New Zealand
    10 out of 10

    "I attended a two week yoga retreat with Yogamea in Cesenatico, Italy and enjoyed the experience immensely. I arrived without expectation of what would be involved or how it would work. I leave feeling rejuvenated, with very fond memories of the two weeks I have spent here, the Yogamea team and many of the other attendees."

    "As a beginner I found the yoga to be a good challenge for my mind and body. At first the physical practice was quite difficult. As my body adapted and I learned to calm my mind, I grew in confidence and was gradually able to push myself further with the guidance and help of the experienced instructors at Yogamea."

    "I am not a vegetarian but enjoyed the fresh food and the impact it had on me. I especially and unexpectedly enjoyed the more spiritual and self awareness side of the retreat. From maintaining a period of quiet for an hour or two once a week or so, to om chanting in a circle, or finishing a lesson with hari om. Those things made the experience much richer."

    "Overall the retreat was excellent value. I hope to attend another Yogamea course in future and I highly recommend it to others."

    BookYogaRetreats, edited

  • Review by Titania

    "I'm afraid I really didn't enjoy Yogamea and don't think it should be classified as a retreat. It is a yoga teacher training college, where you can join the classes. The food was poor, the accommodation and location depressing, the floors in the yoga studio too hard, the mats were dirty, there was no communal area, bad communication about the schedule, and the atmosphere was pretty unhappy. There was a fun fair opposite that played loud music until late at night, and there was no sense of community. The only saving graces were that Sandrina, one of the organizers was friendly and taught good yoga, and the nearby towns are pretty."

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited

  • Review by Anna from Finland
    9 out of 10

    "I feel relaxed and revitalized after my yoga retreat with Yogamea in Cesenatico. Great yoga, friendly atmosphere, nice international group of people, tasty food, simple but clean accommodation and lovely beach right next to the school. The location was good for visiting places like Rimini and San Marino as well. I was traveling with my boyfriend who had never done yoga before and he also really loved the experience."


    "I can warmly recommend this place and would go back anytime! "

    BookYogaRetreats Website, edited

  • Review by Paula H.

    "I booked the 14 day “beach” yoga retreat in Cesenatico back in May / June and travelled there on the 9th of July."

    "First point to highlight would be all the research I did PRIOR to booking this retreat – deciding factors in my booking: I have a very extensive knee injury. I contacted the school through your website and had an in-depth conversation with them regarding whether it would be suitable for me, and was told to “come along anyway”, and there would still be things I could do. The other item I was sure to check before I booked was the “airport transfer on request” which I was told was no problem for €80 – I would just need to remind them closer to the date of arrival so they could ensure the booking. Finally, the sheer volume of 10/10 reviews posted on your website."

    "As my date of travel came closer, I sent the reminder email I was asked to, only to be told they found they couldn’t necessarily “rely” on the person they used so I could just get a taxi outside the airport myself and it would be roughly €150. Aside from the fact this is nearly twice the price I was quoted, I was arriving in a Country I knew nothing about around 11pm in the evening, knowing Cesenatico was roughly an hour away, but no idea what direction / the language etc. – hardly ideal for a female travelling on my own. In fairness to Sandrina of Yogamea, when I highlighted that my booking was made on the premise I would have a lift from the airport for €80, she honoured it and had me picked up."

    "By the time I arrived at the accommodation, it was after midnight. We pulled up to this dark and dingy industrial looking unit. In fact, to be entirely frank, it looked like a correctional facility – certainly NOTHING like the images portrayed on your website. I know these have since been removed. However, they were on the website when I had booked, and I hadn’t been informed of anything otherwise. There was a party in full swing going on in the courtyard of the school and as I was being lead to my room, the noise of which just became louder. As I was shown into the actual bedroom, I was horrified. Again, a far cry from the accommodation images advertised through your website. Not only that, there was NO a/c (In 34 degree heat), and there was a carnival in full swing directly outside my window. So, I had been travelling for nearly 8 hours, desperate to shower and get to my bed, but here I was after midnight with a party in full swing on one side of the bedroom, and a carnival the other."

    "The next day, I was largely left to my own devices – not knowing times for anything (also incorrect on your website), or where to go for anything i.e. food / yoga. Only for the unbelievable friendliness of other attendees of the retreat, it was very likely that I would have flown straight back home that evening. The room was so hot that my morphine capsules had melted from around the powder, within their pill packets. The solution = a rotator fan. I couldn’t even open the shutters on the bedroom (making it even more like a prison) because it was a west facing bedroom and the afternoon sun came melting in the window."

    "Attending yoga on the Monday (11th) morning, I was introduced to the first instructor. She had NO idea about my knee injury, despite my in-depth explanatory email thread prior to attending, so I educated her fully before we went into class. Out of that 2 hour class, I was left sitting in the lotus position for roughly 1 and a half hours. The instructor did approach me after about an hour to tell me I could “try” some of what I was seeing tomorrow, but the moves were in no way suitable for my injury. Thinking there would be more I could try in other classes, I continued to attend them all. I would in no way expect any of the instructors to change their class to suit me and my injury. However, I should, at the very minimum, have been offered alternative moves to the ones I couldn’t do, so that I could get the same from the class as all the others."

    "There are a lot of major points at this point: Despite the fact this was advertised as a “beach” yoga retreat, with many beach yoga images on your website, yoga class was held in an assembly hall. The owner claims this was due to the fact it was too hot in July to do so. However, as pointed out to him, there would be no issue with heat at 6:45 in the morning, particularly with the sun shade advertised in the images. Also, it said nowhere on your website, nor his, that this couldn’t be expected in July. Finally, on the 14th of July, Yogamea posted an image of beach yoga on their Facebook page – an image not taken in our location, nor the time we were there."

    "There was not enough room, nor yoga mats, at times, to accommodate all the people booked into the retreat."

    "The yoga mats were FILTHY, and never cleaned the whole time I was there – Far from sanitary."

    "The owner took many photos and videos of people as they were meditating in the yoga classes. People were not advised of this fact, nor were they asked for their permission, and some have since been posted on Social Media sites. This is highly inappropriate and I was sure to tell him if I were in any of them, he did not have my permission to use them in the public domain. However, he is posting videos and photos now that are not current, so I have no faith that they will not be used in months / years to come when I am long gone."

    "One of the instructors approached me, with no warning, to point out I needed to ‘lose some kilos’, causing me great upset. It was said just before we meditated, so I cried my way through meditation. As it was said to me by an experienced yoga instructor, I took it that she was telling me I was too fat for yoga. In fairness to her, when I confronted her about it, she had meant it as a way to help my knee apparently. However, she has no idea the background / difficulties / anguish behind my weight. This was highly insensitive and inappropriate. I am relatively strong minded and had the courage to approach the instructor about this directly. That may not always be the case. She also allegedly approached another girl arriving in from a cycle one evening, put her hand on her stomach and said “Oh, you’re not pregnant”. This lady could have fertility issues / just lost a baby / be desperately trying for a baby. Aside from the fact it shouldn’t have been said, everyone should have been asked prior to class about pregnancy / injuries."

    "A different instructor also made horrible comments in class such as “Do not be lazy” and would make an embarrassment of people if they did yoga moves wrong / faced the wrong direction. When this was highlighted to the owner, our next class was opened with “If you have any issues, there is no point in going to the owner, but just tell the instructor directly”."

    "There was a teacher training course going on the whole time of my stay and our classes were merged. This resulted in us being led by the unqualified students at times, and suffering endless explanations about mantras - what they were for etc."

    "The carnival went on, outside our bedroom window, until 11:30 / 12:30 EVERY night for the duration of my stay"

    "Monday was also the first time I met owner, and I immediately highlighted my disappointment in the place. I was told I could “take a full refund and leave”. That obviously wasn’t my intention with a flight booked home for 2 weeks away, 10 days annual leave booked from work, and being told that there were loads of yoga moves I could do – I just needed to be patient. The owner was very insistent that the issue with the photos was completely down to and “not his fault” – it certainly wasn’t my fault. I asked as a compromise could I get single accommodation, as I had booked a sharing room based on the image from the website, and the room I was subsequently in, was not fit for 2 people. He took the remaining money owed, and told me he would do something to look after me – leave it with him. Needless to say, I was left in a sharing room and even to welcome my roommate at 1:30 in the morning myself as they didn’t have a second key for the room?!"

    "As for “three healthy” meals a day – they were extremely tasteless, and far from healthy. We walked past the kitchen on our way to eat in the sweatbox of a dining room. On these walks, we seen many foods that were already pre-prepared / frozen / processed. For instance, the tomato sauce (which Italians are renowned for) came from a tin and there were frozen chips. I could continue to go more in depth about this experience, but I am getting more wound up as I recount the whole thing. The bottom line is I was sold a holiday by your organisation that was completely false advertising and misrepresented. I do not wish to hear about how or why the photos / facts that are on your website appeared there. It is your responsibility as a vendor to ensure that the information you are providing to consumers is correct. For instance, I know of travel agents that visit venues / taste food themselves before they sell them to their customers. "

    "Furthermore, I cannot accept that the reviews you have posted on your website are the entirety of what you have received – certainly not for the retreat I attended. For instance – there is one there, under the 14 day Italy retreat, for the GOA teacher training course. It is your responsibility, again as a vendor, to ensure that all reviews are indicative of the retreat you are advertising, and include any that are NOT 10 out of 10. People are entitled to all the facts before they make a decision – not just the good stuff."

    "In summary, I had booked a 15 day / 14 night retreat and was forced to leave early due to ALL, and more, of the issues listed above. The owner refunded a small portion of my stay, only that which I didn’t avail of."

    "However, I have lost a further roughly €500 due to the change in my holiday plans. I am a believer that money is money, and can be replaced, however difficult that may be. What I can never recuperate, and what I cannot excuse, is the 10 annual leave days (half of my annual entitlement) that I wasted trying to better myself by going to this place, the affect that this whole experience has had on my mental health, and the sheer and utter disappointment I’ve suffered these last 3 weeks. "


    "Statement from YOGAMEA"

    "Thank you for your honest feedback, Paula. We are sorry to hear that your experience didn't meet your expectations. We would like to say that the thing with most impact on your unpleasant experience was in fact the wrong pictures on BookYogaRetreats website. From there everything snowballed, turning every least favorable point into something much bigger than it was. When you start your holiday with the wrong foot it is very hard to turn your head around. Paula, you were right about the Carnival and we are truly sorry for the major inconvenience cause by that. However the situation was unfortunately out of our control. It is true that we had noise until 11pm most nights, we tried to deal with this the best way we could, given that we were not aware of it. We tried to write letters of complaint and made several phone calls to local authorities to report this, but in summer season, unfortunately this kind of carnival happens quite often, especially in our area, the Adriatic coast. We offered you a room that you refused, saying that you were settled already."

    "As for the yoga we did explain that you could only do seated asanas and meditation/breathing. Working with people expectations is never easy, sometimes you succeed, sometimes you just can’t.."


    "Statement from BookYogaRetreats' management"

    "We do take full responsibility for not updating the pictures in due time, thus causing a lot of inconvenience to several customers who relied on the outdated pictures on our website while booking the 14-day retreat. YOGAMEA has confirmed that the pictures of the accommodation weren't theirs and they have never authorized the pictures to be used. We have offered a compensation to Ms. Paula."

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited

  • Review by Raksha from United Kingdom
    10 out of 10

    "Just came back home after a short break yoga retreat with YOGAMEA in Cesenatico, Italy. I really want to get on a plane right back. It was such a lovely experience, met some amazing like-minded people and felt I was looked after very well. The YOGAMEA team and all the teachers are incredibly warm, knowledgeable and really know their stuff. I feel physically and mentally rejuvenated even after just a few days. I will definitely be returning as soon as I have the opportunity to. I do highly recommend this beautiful yoga retreat. Thank you so much YOGAMEA!"

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited

  • Review by Candice from Australia
    9 out of 10

    "I had a wonderful time doing a week-long yoga retreat at Cesenatico with YOGAMEA. The yoga classes were excellent and it was in a friendly and fun environment. The food was great, and my accommodation was very clean and comfortable. I made some great friends and thoroughly enjoyed the week. Thank you! "

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited

  • Review by Louise
    10 out of 10

    "I had a lovely time on my yoga retreat. It's a beautiful location, really charming and relaxing. Sandrina is a wonderful teacher and I really learned a lot from her. I felt that the yoga was a good mixture of challenging and relaxing. I've really missed it since I left the retreat. I would definitely recommend the retreat and I hope to go again in the future."

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited

  • Review by Lisa
    10 out of 10

    "I stayed with YOGAMEA for the week long retreat. It was amazing and came back feeling very relaxed. The rooms are simple but all you need really. The sessions were challenging for me as a beginner but also enjoyable. Davide was the most amazing host, always happy to help with a smile on his face. The food was simple but the great array of fresh fruit made up for this. The retreat is literally right on the beach, and 35 min walk from the beautiful canal in the centre. This retreat is definitely value for money, I had an awesome time!"

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited

  • Review by Veronique from Netherlands
    10 out of 10

    "Best week of my life! "

    "Whether you're staying a week here, a month, or only a day or two it is blissful. Staff who treat you like family and make you feel at home, delicious healthy food three meals a day, and the best yoga classes and teacher I've ever had. All set in a backdrop of buffaloes, palm trees, ocean, beach, coconuts, monkeys and frangipani everywhere :) "

    "If you're looking for time to relax, awaken your body and mind and have some peace to just be, this is the place for you. "

    "Booking is easy and hassle/headache free. Davide and his team go out of their way to correspond quickly and ensure you're happy during your stay. "

    "Delightful! Thank you for all, YOGAMEA! I'll be back soon..."

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited

  • Review by Eveline Horbach from Netherlands
    9 out of 10

    "My yoga retreat at YOGAMEA was amazing! It was such a special experience, I enjoyed it very much."

    "Contact with the school before was very good, it was easy to get in touch with YOGAMEA and ask questions, messages were very kind. The airport pick up was at time and good (the driver was very kind and polite). The environment was very beautiful, YOGAMEA is located 1 minute walk from the beautiful beach."

    "The room at YOGAMEA was perfect, it contained everything I needed. The staff in general was very kind and polite, they could arrange everything directly for us. I really enjoyed the food; It was light, tasty and with variation."

    "Last but not least. the yoga was very very good. I never did yoga before and this was actually the best introduction I could have. This was mainly because of the good teacher. He explained very well, challenged us every day, always adjusted the body to get the right position so we could learn it right. The teacher knew a lot about yoga, health and lifestyle from a more holistic perspective and could give advice about this very well. He was very concerned with everyone and very kind. "

    "The week itself was very challenging and relaxing at the same time. I feel fully recharged."

    "I would definitely recommend YOGAMEA because of the good yoga instructor, the good food, the beautiful, friendly and peaceful environment!"

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited

  • Review by Weronika Sokalska from Ontario, Canada
    10 out of 10

    "Amazing atmosphere, food and staff!"

    "Experiencing Indian authentic Yoga was just amazing! Words cannot describe how incredible this place really is. Close to shops and a very beautiful beach! Very clean and safe! Miss it already..."

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited

  • Review by Anne from Denmark
    9 out of 10

    "I did a yoga retreat with YOGAMEA in Agonda Beach for 2 weeks in February 2016. I had a wonderful time and the experience really surpassed all my expectations!"

    "Davide and Timi are running this yoga school for all the right reasons and that really shines through all aspects of the retreat or teacher training experience. This was my first experience with yoga in India and I found the style of teaching to be quite different and a bit stricter than what I am used to, but I enjoyed it and really progressed a lot. A Yoga teacher training course was taking place while I was there and it was great to have the spiritual aspect introduced into our practice with mantra chanting and pranayamas every day. While the students were studying the Bhagavad Gita, the others were free to go on outings or enjoy the beautiful beach. Doing a retreat really is a great way to both be serious about your yoga and have a beach holiday at the same time."

    "The town of Agonda is quiet, safe and hassle-free. The perfect place to immerse yourself in yoga and to enjoy the water. The beach is 5 minutes away from the hotel, which is in a quiet location and seems very safe. There is staff around the YOGAMEA hotel at all times, everyone is very friendly and goes out of their way to be helpful."

    "I really can’t recommend this place enough!"

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited

  • Review by Joanna
    10 out of 10

    "I had a wonderful experience at the YOGAMEA school. I was welcomed warmly into the group of trainers and trainees. The yoga classes were fantastic and I really appreciated the friendly and fun vibe. Plus the rooms are so clean and the food was yummy! I am so happy I chose to stay there, it made my trip to Goa feel just right!"

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited

  • Review by Leslie T from France
    9 out of 10

    "YOGAMEA is an amazing place! I have learnt so much with extraordinary people. The Owners, the yoga teacher, the staff and the other students there were so nice and caring, they all made my experience wonderful. Really peaceful Agonda beach, great ayurvedic food, professional yoga classes and such nice people: could not dream of a better first yoga retreat experience!"

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited

  • Review by Maan from Lebanon
    10 out of 10

    "I joined YOGAMEA for the 200 hours teacher training program in November 2015. It took me a while to write this review which I would like to share: "

    "The food: Vegan food made with so much love and served on time every time from the hard working Chefs and kitchen team of YOGAMEA. I was a heavy meat eater before and now I’m a vegetarian, the best choice I’ve made! "

    "The location: You will live in a small chalet in a beautiful and quiet Ashram. Bed sheets and towels provided are super clean! You are at a 5 minutes walk from the beach, which is rated among the top beach in Goa to relax! Nestled between two tropical forests, makes it something truly special. "

    "Philosophy classes: Were we so lucky? Okay, so I have some passion for philosophy, and I had took few electives in my university days of philosophy, Timea is by far the most capable philosophy teacher I've encountered. The classes are really open ended, you say your thoughts, share personal experience and come out with so much learning about Yogi philosophy. The exam at the end of the course had the perfect questions to sum up all the knowledge that we acquired throughout the month. I have to praise again Timmy’s style for being so patient, tolerant and accepting of so many different views and truly showing us first hand how a yogi would live their life and react to others around him through her classes. "

    "Anatomy classes: This is not my cup of tea, but so much knowledge about the human body and how the perfect machine works! Very insightful and exciting if you’re a biologist or a massage therapist! (Brianna in our class had all the answers all the time)"

    "The meditation and the Asanas: Most classes are taught by Billouji which is an Indian disciple from Iyangar’s guru in Rishikesh. His Hatha yoga style of teaching is truly eastern and his words still echo in my head until this day during my self practice. He’s excellent in bringing you back to the basics, teaching the fundamentals of the Asanas and slowly building you up until you become comfortable with more advanced postures. Moreover, he’s a beautiful soul inside out. I thought our 4 weeks classes moved at a very good speed and the more you’re willing to take in and improve, the more you’ll get out of his teachings. Timea’s classes on the other hand, western style of teaching, were wonderful. Her energy is special and operates at a fantastic speed that you rarely feel the length of her classes. Her Asanas are perfect, all of them. Her adjustments and personal feedback was both beneficial and progressive! She provides different ways and resources for you to perform the posture and super patient until you get it done the right way. "

    "I cannot forget but mentioning David ,an Italian self made legend, who co-runs the YOGAMEA school with Timea (his wife), I must say that they are doing a fantastic job in running YOGAMEA and their energy that is full of love and peace truly reflects on all their staff and leaves such a positive impact on all the students attending. "

    "My takeout from this experience: You don’t have to fix everything, just let it be. You always choose your experience and what you want to get out of it!."

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited

  • Review by Chad from United States
    10 out of 10

    "I made my Yoga Teacher Training in Italy with YOGAMEA last year. Timea and Davide make you feel welcome as family immediately upon arrival. The entire course was a wonderful start to all direction you might want to take your yoga experience, whether as a teacher or personal journey. As I am a personal trainer of fitness and instructor, some of the anatomy class was reviewed for me but it allowed me to better understanding the movements integrated with the yoga asanas while solidifying the anatomy even further. Timea's knowledge on the body and movement is excellent, she knows functional movement and balance of muscles while protecting the body in all postures."

    "She did a great job in assessing our strengths and weaknesses during her yoga classes in order to push and test us individually to improve as much as possible. Her cues, assists and adjustments were very helpful to understand each asana and where the focus should be."

    "The yogic philosophy is also a large part of the yoga program with focus on it's history and application to self improvement or exploration. The message you will receive is not just the balance and strength of the asanas but also to become your best yogi throughout the course. The family you create as a group will hopefully help you through it all as it did with us. As you go through the course be sure to open up to Davide and Timea with any questions or concerns you may have and they will help you along the way as much as they can."

    "I was very impressed with the final classes where all the students taught at the end of the course. It's just a testimony on how well they were trained and guided through this course to be able to perform so well as a teacher after a month of training."

    "Thank you for everything YOGAMEA and I hope to meet again in this small world!"

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited

  • Review by Valentina from Italy
    10 out of 10

    "My Experience at the YOGAMEA School was incredible!"

    "The Yoga Teacher Training in Italy was amazing. I am so grateful that I had the chance to be part of this school and to have learned so much from them. The program was fun but also extremely informative. I learned so much in the month that I spent there!"

    "I was welcomed very warmly by Timi, Davide and the rest of the staff and loved the energy that they transmitted to us right from the start. An unforgettable experience for life. I would recommend it to anyone out there who is looking for a yoga teacher training course. At the end of the one month, I simply didn't want to leave and would have done it again! Timi and Davide are really beautiful people, fantastic teachers and incredibly warm and true souls!"

    "I am so glad to have them as part of my life and that I had the chance to share this strong experience with them. This course is a part of what makes me a person who I am today!"

    "Grazie di cuore! "

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited

  • Review by Ron from Israel
    10 out of 10

    "If you're searching for a training that will provide you with a solid understanding of Hatha yoga, a supportive community and environment, a period for self growth and awareness, to push yourself to new boundaries, to develop tools to carry what you've learned into the outside world, then search no longer because this training incorporates all of these things and more. "

    "Practically speaking, the training is very well organized and the instructors are professional and are so willing to share their knowledge and help whenever you need. Never once did a question go unanswered, although at times the answers were not really answers in a direct sense...which is where the challenging part came in; because we were challenged to search and keep searching for our own answers through our own yoga practice. It went very deep and I feel I have such a better understanding of what yoga means and how to share this with the people I care about. "

    "Philosophy, anatomy, asanas, breathing exercises, and much much more intertwined into a month of reflection, good food, and incredible guidance and patience!"

    "Thanks so much to YOGAMEA for going above and beyond!"

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited

  • Review by Celine from France
    9 out of 10

    "I spent five days with YOGAMEA and didn't regret it one second. The classes in the morning and afternoon were difficult - the good kind of difficult, which is: challenging, varied, structured. The two teachers were excellent, very attentive and eager to make you progress. In the meantime, I was free to do whatever I wanted: go to the beach or just hang around.The premises were simple but clean, the vegetarian buffet great (healthy and good!) and wifi working correctly.The only tiny thing missing would be some kind of "open library" with books on yoga, philosophy, Hinduism, etc."

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited

  • Review by Jillian from Canada
    9 out of 10

    "I attended a one week yoga retreat at YOGAMEA and I have to say, I was so sad to leave! The location of this yoga school is ideal, although it's not directly on the beach (which happens to make it a lot more affordable), the beach is just a quick walk away, only 1 to 2 minutes. Agonda beach, where this school is located is absolutely breathtaking, clean, and not crowded at all.The yoga that is taught here is predominantly Hatha as mentioned in the description. As someone coming from a primarily Vinyasa/Ashtanga background, this was a bit of an adjustment, but I think the diversity is important. You might notice that the type of instruction/adjustments that you get here are different than what you might experience at home in a European or North American studio - this can be a bit frustrating at times, but I think it just takes some getting used to. Four hours of yoga a day can sometimes feel like a lot, but it's really rewarding.The food here was good and healthy, it might get a bit repetitive if you stayed for a long time, but always delicious. The fresh fruit in the morning is delicious and was definitely my favourite and I was super thankful to have it. They have a water purification system (reverse osmosis) so bring your own reusable water bottle!I stayed in a shared double room and the room was generally clean, pretty minimal, but adequate.The people who work here, specifically Sunny, Davide and Timea, as well as the other yogis that attended the retreat/teacher training here are really what made the experience exceptional for me. As one example - I had a run in with a little sea creature that caused me to get a cut on my foot and need to go to the hospital, and everyone from YOGAMEA was so, so helpful, understanding, and comforting - I really don't know how I would have got through the situation without them."

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited

  • Review by Karli from Australia
    10 out of 10

    "YOGAMEA was a fantastic retreat! Lovely people, fantastic food & supportive yoga teachers for a beginner.Would thoroughly recommend!"

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited

  • Review by Kay from England
    10 out of 10

    "The minute I sent my inquiry to YOGAMEA and got a swift and cheery response back I decided to go ahead and book my 3 days retreat. They followed up with a pre-arrival email ensuring that all was okay, and if I required a pick up from the airport they were only happy to assist. I was greeted with a warm welcome from David and Sunny and as my room was not quite ready they offered me a drink and lunch. Although I did not get to have a lesson with Timea who is a warm, friendly and a nice lady.Throughout the rest of my stay David and Sunny were great, always at hand for any help required like organizing a taxi into town to even helping me print some important documents that required a witness signature to be mailed back to London. They were only to happy to oblige which as a solo female guest made me feel at ease.Agonda is a beach town that I felt safe, comfortable and not hassled unlike other beach towns in Goa. The location of YOGAMEA was great couple of minutes to the beach and the small shops to re-stock on any necessities. The twice daily yoga sessions were taught very well and you always got the adjustments required to ensure the correct pose. It all felt like a true yoga lesson with mantras and asanas in a lovely rooftop location where you can see and hear the birds and life around. Great way to start and come down from any day in a more spiritual way all completed with delicious vegetarian food and awesome tea!I really had a wonderful stay!"

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited

  • Review by Neelanjana from Bahrain
    9 out of 10

    "The retreat with YOGAMEA in Goa was very pleasant indeed!To be honest I was very skeptical initially as I had never had any personal feedback about them and was clueless about what to expect. I was concerned about safety too as I was traveling with a friend for the first time to South Goa, without any previous knowledge about the place, the people, etc. But it turned out to be an extraordinary experience indeed made more special by the gracious hosts Davide and Timmy! Not to forget the most committed yoga teacher Billu and the ever helpful manager Sonu. Last but not the least the efficient driver Jose Fernandez, who arranged and took us around.All the boys in the kitchen churning out scrumptious meals one after the other and providing us with endless cups of herbal tea, ginger tea and on special demand even the tulsi 'chai', despite their rules which did not allow it!Overwhelming experience and highly recommend it to everyone. I am certainly going to make it to the YOGAMEA School in Italy soon for another grand experience!"

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  • Review by Karen from India
    10 out of 10

    "I have just returned feeling rejuvenated and healthier after a 7 days yoga retreat at YOGAMEA Agonda in Goa. The yoga retreat at YOGAMEA delivers everything as promised. 2 hours of yoga twice a day, wholesome and tasty meals everyday ensures you leave the retreat healthier and fitter than before.The YOGAMEA centre is located at Agonda which is a lively as well as a safe place with small chains of restaurants, local stores, street shopping and the serene Agonda beach, all within walking distance. A special thanks to Davide, Timmy, Sunny and Bilu ji, who are extremely friendly and wonderful people who ensure your stay is pleasant and comfortable. I traveled solo to the retreat but left with a dozen new and lovely friends come from different parts of the world for this retreat. We bonded so well over our lunch and dinner sessions and leisure time at the beach, all sharing our common love for yoga!As a single female traveler and an avid lover of yoga, I would highly recommend a yoga retreat at YOGAMEA as a perfect getaway from the hustle bustle of big cities and a safe place to spend a peaceful yet fun time at Agonda Palace!"

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited

  • Review by Tanya from Australia

    "I had the most wonderful and restorative stay at YOGAMEA. The rooms are clean and spacious, the food is wonderful and wholesome, and the most unlimited delicious honey lemon ginger tea throughout the day! All the staffs are very friendly, flexible and happy to help.The highlight of the stay is Bilu Ji, a yoga instructor. He is friendly, patient, warm and encouraging. He teaches Hatha yoga in a fun yet challenging way. My body felt completely different after just one week - much stronger, longer and more flexible.Due to its lovely, modest and affordable offerings, YOGAMEA also attracts lovely people - so there is an instant network of friends if you are travelling alone. Small comment that management could be a little more organised - there were some delays in things to be fixed in the room and in our trips.Overall, a wonderful stay and I would definitely stay here again!"

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited

  • Review by Lize from South Africa

    "YOGAMEA - a life shaping experience that challenges you mentally, physically and spiritually. You learn to dig deep within yourself and invest time in understanding your being. You learn about the anatomy of the human body, the neurological pathways and how to let energy flow freely throughout your body. Your question life and love with other yogis as you discuss the philosophy of life. You are taught how to breathe, love and respect yourself as well as the world around you.The staff members are incredibly welcoming. They will accommodate you with every concern or query. They will push you in a way that you cannot push yourself and you will return a transformed human. For the length of your stay, they take you in and treat you like family. The food is healthy, well prepared and delicious. The location of the retreat is walking distance from a beautiful palm tree beach which is perfect for some free time in the afternoon. The rooms are clean and spacious.I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this retreat, thank you YOGAMEA for an opportunity to get to know myself better and improve the art of yoga!"

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited

  • Review by Barsha from Qatar

    "My retreat at YOGAMEA Goa was fruitful. Timea, Davide and instructor Billu gave individual attention to the students' capabilities and help them grow accordingly. Looking forward to many more such retreats. Thanks!"

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited

  • Review by Shaun from United Kingdom

    "I had a fantastic time! Davide and Timeo have created a wonderful community in the best part of Goa to enjoy a relaxing and refreshing yoga experience. The food is fantastic, the location is beautiful and what makes it outstanding is the friendliness and hospitality shown by Davide and Timeo - nothing is too much trouble and they will go out of their way to make your stay a pleasant one. I thoroughly recommend it to whichever yoga experience you are looking for - thanks again!"

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited

  • Review by Christine Hunt from Canada

    "I have completed my 200Hr of YTT at Yogamea in Agonda, Goa during October and November 2015. I fully recommend this course for the following reasons: "

    " "

    "The people:"

    "The Yogamea teachers, Timea and Bilu, are caring, talented and knowledgeable. They will help you to improve your yoga asanas and integrate yoga philosophy into your life. They are a great team that balances traditional Indian Hatha Yoga methods with knowledge and adaptation for the Western body and lifestyle."

    " "

    "The Yogamea Team including Davide, Sonu and the boys who are helping in the kitchen and facilities, are all very polite, generous and helpful. They'll go out of their way to make sure your experience is fantastic."

    " "

    "The other students whom I've met were also so lovely. I was really touched by the caring and sweet people that Yogamea attracts. I have gained two sisters (Nadine and Jenny) that I've spent one month with. The drop-in students and the guests attending the yoga retreat have all became friends and part of the Yogamea family. Great energy all around!"

    " "


    "In the theory and anatomy classes, Timea patiently taught us her gurus knowledge that helped her to become an excellent teacher and Yogi. In the asana classes she taught us how to apply this knowledge to our practise and teaching methods. Bilu patiently and expertly nurtured our physical and energetic bodies to give us a solid foundation for future asana practise. He helped us to improve our flexibility, strength, breathing, mantras, awareness, position and much more. "

    " "


    "Agonda is a lovely, quiet and safe town. As a solo female traveler, I have never felt more safe and comfortable in India as I do here. The beach is amazing and the town is surrounded by jungle. "

    " "

    "The Yogamea hotel (formerly known as Agonda Palace) has clean and large comfortable rooms. It by far surpassed my expectations. The restaurant is next to the river and jungle. The food is healthy and always plentiful. The Yoga Hall looks out to the jungle so you can enjoy yoga while looking at eagles, buffaloes, pigs and other animals grazing. "

    " "

    "My experience at Yogamea was extremely valuable for my yoga self-practise, future teaching and lifestyle improvement. The lovely people and beautiful place made my experience unforgettable and life changing. In fact, I stayed 2 extra weeks because I enjoyed Yogamea and Agonda so much. Namaste!"

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited

  • Review by Amy from United Kingdom
    9 out of 10

    "I loved my time at YOGAMEA, Agonda beach! Davide and his wife are very welcoming and warm, and made you feel very comfortable at the studio, and you could ask about any help you needed, or any clarification.The food was healthy and delicious (though not filling enough for me!). The classes are calming and very strong, and you feel challenged during this yoga. It is for the disciplined, and everyone at the retreat was very friendly too.The only issue was the shower did not have hot water, and the rooms were a bit plain. But otherwise, good value for money, exceptionally lovely owners, and very high quality teaching and expertise!"

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited


  • Review by Carolina E.
    10 out of 10

    "I had such a great experience with the YOGAMEA School, teachers and the whole team. My boy friend and I, we did a yoga retreat, and I really recommend this school! We loved the way they practice yoga, full of love, joy, truth, professionalism and most of all the way they treated the students and the people that was joining our classes everyday. We felt really special and unique, and we got to get all the postures well done. Even with 15 or more people in a class, either Bilu and Timea were always so careful and always paying attention to all our movements to make sure that with were doing the right thing. The rooms were comfortable, clean, nice and neat. The food was amazing! I felt like home…From the cook to the managers and teachers, the whole team, very attentive, friendly, they always received us with a smile and hug! You must give yourself a chance to meet this family that we will never forget. Thank you YOGAMEA! "

    YOGAMEA website, edited

  • Review by Divya N. from India
    10 out of 10

    "Being a solo traveler, I was quite apprehensive, and also since this was my first yoga retreat, However, I was so happy with the facilities, the teachers and the stay, that I actually ended up extending my time in Agonda (Goa)."

    "A few points that I would like to mention:"

    "1) The stay was extremely comfortable. The location is barely a 5 min walk from the Agonda beach. The accommodation was of very high quality. The rooms were spacious, clean and very comfortable. Also, for the price that YogaMEA charged, I think it was great value for money."

    "2) Food: Throughout my stay, we were served three healthy and tasty meals daily. The morning started with some healthy ginger, lemon water, followed by a healthy vegetarian breakfast. The staff at YogaMEA was always ready to help, and always willing to serve tea or water round the clock. Lunch and dinner too included delicious options - and I was very pleasantly surprised to learn that "sattvik" food can also be tasty."

    "3) Teachers: We were taught by experienced yoga teachers, who were able to customize the classes for both beginners and advanced students. A special mention to Billu ji, who was a wonderful, patient and very skillful teacher. The highlight of my trip was learning from him. A great teacher, who gave individual attention to each of the students in the class, and kept everyone motivated. We even did a class of yoga on the beach which was fantastic!"

    "Overall, I had a wonderful stay and experience with YogaMEA - and was very satisfied with the quality and price that I paid for the retreat. I hope other students can also discover this wonderful experience. In fact, I am hoping that I can go back for another yoga retreat in Dec, and my first choice remains YogaMEA."

    YOGAMEA website, edited

  • Review by Elena
    10 out of 10

    "I'm practicing Yoga since the last 32 Years and have traveled many countries including also India and Indonesia where Yoga is something more than what you can find in our daily material world. This is a big thanks to Yogamea School and to all fabulous people work in that school.. My summer vacation was definitely one of the best of my life, 20 days of paid peace and psychophysical transformation period.. Was the one!! The number one experience that I lived in life ..Thanks again Yogamea School! There is no any word which can I really describe the simplicity and the magical vibrant atmosphere that I personally leave under my skin.. but just unforgettable..Great smile everyday and everywhere, amazing and highly experience Instructors .. Healthy food and nice accommodation the school building located right on the beach and so much more.. Highly recommend to all the Yogi friends which are Yoga experts and they know what that Yoga has an elevated state of mind, higher than any barrier that daily life ..Still have the benefit!"

    YOGAMEA website, edited

  • Review by Tamarie P.
    10 out of 10

    "I attended yoga teacher training with YogaMea in Cesenatico Italy July/August this year. (2016) My time at the school was an incredible, life changing experience. The staff were all professional and made you feel like part of a large loving family. Davide and Sandrina were always there to answer questions, get you what you needed and point you where to go. The instructors Timea and Vineet are world class. I came to YogaMea a true begginer having only been doing yoga for a month. I left doing advanced yoga with the knowledge to train others. As I practice now I so often hear their voices guiding me. The food was as healthy and delicious. My room was comfortable and clean. I highly recommend YogaMea and look forward to going back again this coming year. "

    YOGAMEA website, edited

  • Review by Diana A.
    10 out of 10

    "Me and my boyfriend had a really good time during our stay at Yoga Mea. We met a lot of very nice people from around the world and when we were not doing yoga we hung out at the beach. Sandrina and Timea are both great yoga teachers, each in their own beautiful way. They are both humble and happy persons who love to teach yoga and they are very good at it, also when it comes to teaching yogis at different levels. Davide is the manager of Yoga Mea and a really nice guy to chat with. The vegan food at Yoga Mea was excellent and we really felt cleansed when we left. We would love to visit Yoga Mea again! :)"

    YOGAMEA website, edited

  • Review by Michael B. from Colorado

    "I was fortunate to attend the Yogamea 200 hour Hatha yoga teacher training in Cesenatico, Italy for a second time during July and August 2016. Although I've been doing yoga for many years, and had attended the training once before, I advanced my practice more in this one month than I normally would have in one or two years at home, where I attend classes almost daily. The instructors, Timea and Vineet, were among the best I've had. And they complemented each other well in that they both had very different styles, training and traditions. Besides Asana practice, I also broadened my understanding of anatomy and Hindu philosophy. Davide and Sandrina were so full of caring and warmth that attending was a real pleasure. The food was healthy and delicious and the town of Cesenatico was a very beautiful and enjoyable family-oriented Italian beach resort. "

    "I plan on attending again next summer."

    YOGAMEA website, edited

  • Review by Carol and Toni from Mexico City
    10 out of 10

    "We really would like to thank Yogamea school, where this summer, me and my sweat heart we experienced a fantastic Yoga Retreat in Cesenatico Italy. We had the opportunity to grow our personal self control and improve our balance.. it was exactly what we were looking for. Fresh and healthy food… highly professional all teachers…. warm and always available was all the staff even the location was perfect, directly on the sea, especially for the very fair price."

    "Our room was pretty, clean and in pure basic Yoga style be honest we were not really sure what to expect before our arrival…but at the everything was great for both of us. Highly recommend it to those who love Yoga."

    "We sincerely hope to be able to repeat that amazing experience …. we LOVE SHAVASANA THANK YOU TIMEA and VENET!"

    "I’m Carol, my boyfriend Tony.. we were traveling in Italy and we decide to stop and book with Yogamea, because Sandrina guide us so nicely from our first email.. So sweet SANDRINA.. you are the ONE!!!"

    YOGAMEA website, edited

  • Review by Vicky D.
    10 out of 10

    "This summer I embarked on an adventure that would change my life. I signed up to do the 200hour Teacher Training course at Yogamea, Italy. During the intensive 4 week course I learned so much: not just about my yoga practice but myself too! "

    "The teachers at Yogamea- especially the founder and lead teacher 'Timea Vitez' are excellent-so knowledgeable and approachable. In fact, it is the teachers that make the course. Timea has such a fantastic in-depth knowledge of anatomy and her warm, kind approach to teaching made me feel part of the family as soon as I arrived and even more importantly; when that time came to sadly leave, I felt confidently equipped with all the skills I needed to become a Yoga Teacher."

    "On our course there were students from a variety of levels and experiences and Timea ensured that each and everyone one of us received the personal 1:1 training we needed within the classes and was there for us if we ever needed a chat or support. "

    "Yogamea in my opinion was great value for money and provided good, clean accommodation and an excellent program of learning. Obviously you have to work hard and be committed, but the amount you will learn in those short four weeks is phenomenal."

    "I love teaching yoga and will be eternally grateful for the wonderful memories, friendships, experiences and learning I have gained from my experience with Yogamea. "

    YOGAMEA website, edited

  • Review by Barsha

    "I was there with my boyfriend and we both would like to thank you guys for an excellent time there. Even though it was high season, team YogaMea made every possible attempt to accommodate us. The location was to the beach. We didn't need air-conditioning even if it was the month of July. The food was healthy. The place was clean and staff was excellent.I would like to thank YogaMea and best wishes for the future."

    YOGAMEA website, edited

  • Review by Jameen
    10 out of 10

    "I would highly recommend the Yogamea yoga course. For me attending the Yogamea course was one of the best gifts fate presented me this year. For that I am sincerely grateful. Right from the initial email exchange with Sandrina, the energy of her communication was so positive/uplifting and genuine, to my last day on the course (Davide even (very kindly) gave me a lift to the station, otherwise I would have missed my train!). The ethics and the spirit of Yogamea's staff is rooted in integrity, kindness and good will - vibrations which have no boundaries. Everyone was incredibly helpful, humourous and so generous with their time and words of wisdom. Both Timi and Vinny are excellent teachers and I'm really grateful for their teachings and encouragement. I'm also grateful to all the wonderful people/fellow yogis I met from all walks of life and from all over the world. Not only did I leave feeling more centred but also with an address book of new friends. :) The course in Cesenatico, Italy is located in a superb spot - on the beach, and close to the town (and other beautiful cities like Raveena). I loved the cycle rides into town and over indulging on gelato! I also thought it was a wonderful partnership to team up with a local cookery training course - the students prepared delicious food each day, and I hope they have the opportunities to fulfill their vocation/passion. My heartfelt thanks/shukria to you all: Davide, Timi, Vinny and Sandrina I hope our paths cross soon, and when it does let it be with a smile. "

    YOGAMEA website, edited

  • Review by Noelle Matthews

    "Its difficult to put into words what I got out of my Yogamea and the yoga teacher training in Italy, but I will try my best to sum up my experience. Not only did I experience a shift physically, emotionally, and spiritually, but also a shift in my interpersonal relationships, relationships with food and with exercise. The work I did during my 4 weeks of intense training is just the beginning - and I am thankful to have had thoughtful and knowledgeable teachers who reminded us all of this beginning, not completion of our journey. I went to Riccione to become a certified yoga instructor, but I left with so much more than I imagined would be possible. The group of 17 students created such a bond and I know they will be people I continue to connect with for my lifetime, which at this age (30) I did not think making that many new friends would be so easy. David and Timea are so kind and thoughtful, making sure we all were comfortable and happy throughout our stay and Timea is one of the most knowledgeable yogis I have ever met; it was an honor to have trained under her. Our spiritual leader, Omkar, was so eye-opening in his approach. He answered everything all at once. I truly value the discussions he held in his classroom and after hours with students during his personal time. I greatly miss everyone in Italy I have only been back a month, but I wish I was still in Italy with the yogis. I look forward to continuing my yogic journey with some of them in the years to come. Thank you Yogamea, I am grateful a school of your caliber and value exists!"

    YOGAMEA website, edited

  • Review by Sonu Tamang from India

    "Well what can I say about this, it is an experience to know your self, where you are and who you are, I really enjoyed with these people, great experience."

    YOGAMEA Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Marcella Milani from Italy

    "This is been such a great experience; teachers were absolutely great, the place were we stayed was so beautiful and I met wonderful people!! So thanks to all, and I hope to live another experience like that! Grazie!"

    YOGAMEA Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Ariel Giulia from Italy

    "The Teacher Training in Milano, Italy, it's been an amazing experience, a precious opportunity! What was given to me first of all, is the knowledge that in small steps, day after day, it's possible to make major changes and the enthusiasm that this process brings. And the teaching in detail how all this can happen. Narendra Singh in a direct and clear way is been able to provide all the elements for proper training of self and of our students, sweeping away many doubts and uncertainties that emerge at the beginning of a journey so important and complex."

    YOGAMEA Facebook page, edited

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