YogaUnion school offers high-quality yoga teacher training courses, workshops, and provides an atmosphere of acceptance for their students to grow.

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Ourania Bouzouki

Spyros Kapitsinos

Himanshu Bahuguna

Nikol Katsari


Katrin Wrann

Foteini Balomenou

Laila Farouk

Tanya Popovich

Ippoliti Milioni

Rachel Berryman

Faye Balomenou

Reviews (139)

Hanan Farouk

from Germany, October 2021

"Fay and mareen and spiros all the teachers were amazing "

I like the place the people that managing the hotel were friendly and very nice we all felt like home

Sheida Mas

from United Kingdom, September 2021

"This training definitely exceeded my expectations!"

Yoga Union demonstrated their experience with yoga teacher trainings with our Paleros one. A really structured curriculum, amazing teachers, one on one feedback, teaching from day one and an amazing location. Also, if you have the chance to work with Fay Balomenou, DON'T HESITATE! Working with her is definitely the best part of this teacher training!

Really happy with my choice of training. Really happy to be part of the Yoga Union family now!

Desiree' Rizzo

from United Arab Emirates, September 2021

"Life Changing Experience !"

Everything was excellent! Great teachers and location ! Food was beyond excellent. Don’t think about it, just book it. It’s the best thing that I have ever done for myself.

Diane Mergui

from France, July 2021

"This training went far and above my expectations"

This yoga teacher training was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.

Our teachers, Ippoliti and Rachel were very complementary, both excellent teachers, I've learnt so much on both the theoretical and practical sides of Yoga. My pratice of meditation has improved so much!

The chef is the kindest person you'll ever meet, he always wants to make sure we like the food he cooks and we all were SO excited for every meal. The whole group had a very good connexion, we very much enjoyed each other's company !

The hotel is nice and simple, some incredibly came to nap in the garden which made my stay as I love animals.

Palairos is a beautiful town with a beach that is still relatively untouched, we very much enjoyed going for a swim everyday after class.

A special thanks to Ippoliti who was incredibly helpful and kind, we will miss you <3

Megan Brown

from United Kingdom, July 2021

"Yoga Teacher Training In Paradise "

Everything about this training was perfect. The location was breathtaking, the food and accommodation was great and the teaching was outstanding. The course was well balanced between physical asana practice, meditation, lectures and alignment classes. The teachers were so helpful (especially Ippoliti 🤍) and were always willing to help you if needed. The group size was perfect and we made such a great connection with one another; I have definitely made some friends for life in my fellow yoga teachers. Ourania was amazing and so full of knowledge, and when she taught us her classes were so fun! The course was so incredible that I actually extended my trip and stayed an extra week to complete the 50 hour Yin Teacher Training course which was equally as magical. I will be thankful of YogaUnion forever and I am glad to be a part of the YogaUnion family. Also there was a baby kitten at the hostel and it was the cutest thing ever.

Ludovica Pinci

from Belgium, August 2020

"The best TTC you could possibly wish for"

This 3 week intensive course has been the most magical expierence I have had in my life so far. Everything was absolutely amazing: the place (very authentic Greek village), the hostel and the family who runs it (lovely people always ready to help and make sure we had everything), the instructors (Fay, Spyros and Ourania) were wonderful human beings who gave us much more than what they were supposed to, the shala and the magical view, the yoga and meditation classes and workshops...I could go on and on. I am so grateful I decided to embark on this journey with Yoga Union Bali family and am so excited about everything that is coming ahead. Rarely have I felt so connected with life, nature and people. Thank you so so much for everything you did for us and I will always carry you in my heart as well as the other 19 amazing girls I had the chance to meet and that I now call family. I am sure we will meet again as positive energy attracts positive people!


from United Kingdom, August 2020

"Amazing - could not recommend more "

Location was amazing - 5 mins away from Shala and away from the each,

teaching quality was also outstanding and I learnt so much - thanks so much to Faye, who was incredible. Ourania was also an amazing teacher and Spyros was so helpful and kind. The food and accommodation also massively exceeded expectations. It was some of the best 3 weeks of my life and I massively recommend doing it, even if you are not sure about it. Do not worry about not being good enough because everyone arrives thinking their practice is not strong enough it does not matter! I was not intending on teaching afterwards but loved the teaching aspect and fell in love with yoga even more that now I want to start teaching and preparing for my 300 hour! I also met so many amazing people and everyone was so lovely and friendly.

Mada Stroilescu

from France, August 2020

"Superbe !"

Super profs, ambiance sympa dans un coin authentique de la Grèce. Le training est au top!Un grand merci encore!C' était super !

Gabriela Gublin Guerrero

from France, July 2021

"Amazing experience"

My experience at YogaUnion was awesome for me.

The quality of the teachers and instructors is outstanding. Very professional, They take the time to share their knowledge and experience with humility, responsability and precision. But the most important is their beautiful humanity and happiness that enveloped the students and the place.

The food is amazing, balanced, fresh ingredients, delicious fruits, vegetarians, vegan.

The documents given to the students to understand the class were also very very done and amazing material.

You will definitely learn how to be an excellent certified Yoga teacher.

Thank you everyone it was an amazing experienced and I will come back for sure!!! your energy and professionalism are on top!

Audrey Mandefield

from Taiwan, December 2020

"An experience greater than expected! "

When you need to go through online teaching training, you don't imagine that, even digitally, you will be so well guided and welcomed to the program.

I have loved learning with the Yoga union family! Teachers are great both from a personal point of you and an teaching method point of you. I can only recommend warmly to book with them.


from Germany, September 2020

Aleksandra Edelwein

from Denmark, March 2020

"Beautiful journey to self"

The whole combination of location, activities and people I met there, was just life-changing. Nicol was an amazing teacher and I got to know so much about my body and barriers. I looked forward to every morning to pranayama and meditation with Kati, who showed me the way to understand and love myself more. I liked that we had a lot of people on the course, as it allowed me to create a worldwide network and see many different levels of strength and flexibility, but also what people could struggle with.


from United States, March 2020

"Devoted alignment instructor"

Our alignment classes were amazing. I feel honored to have learned alignment from Himanshu. He is a devoted, dynamic and technical instructor. He is both knowledgeable and passionate about teaching yoga. Himanshu was able to teach our class all of the major alignments of yoga positions and gave us practical knowledge of using yoga. Himanshu personally pushed me to new limits and he wasn't afraid to demand the best of our entire class. During my 23 day course with him my strength, stamina, and flexibility all improved dramatically. I was able to do new poses I had never tried before. We started teaching immediately, so this helped me feel fully prepared for my final demo. We built up everything slowly and methodically. Himanshu is also excellent at guiding his students through more subtle things like breathwork. I found at the end of my course I was able to go deeper into my meditation and pranayama. He truly equipped me to be a better yoga practitioner.

Anastasia Kazakova

from Thailand, March 2020

Our yoga teacher was very positive and good knowing his subject. Jones, anatomy teacher was excellent.

Dimitrios Gyftopoulos

from United Kingdom, March 2020

"A life changing and optimal revitalising experience"

Should you have any reservations, just let them all go !

The people, the location, the practice, the atmosphere... I don't even know where to begin and where to end to. If you are looking for a Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, YogaUnion includes the whole package of a complete experience - do a favour to yourself and book with them.

Before proceeding with my booking I did an extensive research and also visited multiple Yoga Teacher Trainings around Bali - there is no other YTT I can compare with what YogaUnion has to offer.

The yoga practice was excellent and the teachers very thorough. What I liked the most was the alignment classes where every day we took 2 hours to analyse each and every posture - an open platform for discussion, demonstration and practice.

Try to book as early as possible and put in a request to join the rice fields group if there is still availability.

Always grateful to have met all these people; especially Ourania who is the one who put all this together - no words can describe her energy and kindness...



Mano Bläsing

from Thailand, March 2020

"Himanshu makes the difference"

The Quality of the total Course, I learned a lot about the postures, body and mind, the motivation to reach your own limits, the mindset and passion of Himanshu, the mix of workshops and all the friendly people around.

In future I'm going to do the 300h...

Julie Tiedemann

from Germany, March 2020

"Amazing time"

I had such a blast with yoga union . Beautiful shala in the tice fields. Felt like living in a little smurf village with all my fellow yogis. Yummy healthy vegan and vegetarian food. The teachers are amazing 12/10 would recommend. Namaste


from South Korea, March 2020

"YogaUnion is the Best RYT200 "

It was a life changing journey. I learned a lot and quite deeply. Intense of the programs but also relaxing as we stayed in Ubud 5 star hotel. All teachers are passionate and also genuine. They shared all their energy and everything they know to us, and we appreciate it. Much more values than its price. Don't hesitate and go for it. Become family!


from Austria, March 2020

"She is such a perfect teacher with a lot of knowledge. "

You will lern a lot in your practice and for the life.

Madison Holcomb

from United States, March 2020

"The Total Experience"

I can't think of one thing I didn't like. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming and it allowed us to be open, vulnerable, free, and receptive. The kitchen staff worked so hard to ensure we received everything we needed even when a few people became ill--they would make rice and bring it to us where we were staying. The classes we wonderful. Celine is a warrior goddess with the best flows that leave you feeling empowered and strong. The location in the rice fields was breathtaking and allowed the freedom of the mind to be truly present. I want to go back already and I just got back home! 10/10 would go over and over again. Thank you thank you thank you for this wholesome experience.

Hana Yu

from South Korea, February 2020

"What a genuine, passionate organization it is!"

This YTT200 course was literally beyond my expectation.

The instructors are real. They are fun, authentic, hard workers, and ready to help you anytime.

You can never get bored. It is though schedule but, at the end, all the instructors will make you want more, achieve more. They will make you high(without drugs! hahaha)

I have learned enormous things during this training. It was unforgettable experience.

I was so lucky to be a part of this group.

Thank you, YogaUnion!! ♡

Carleigh Miller

from Canada, February 2020

"Life Changing Education and Experience"

I loved the 200 YTT with YogaUnion! The teachers were all very passionate and extremely knowledgable. I felt very confident that I was getting the best yoga education. Nikol, our main teacher, is a true testament to hard work, discipline and determination. Whether she was teaching asana alignment, or teaching a vinyasa flow - you could see her energy light up. She has found her calling, and has the sweetest soul. We all learned so much from her.


from United Kingdom, February 2020

"Great yoga experience,learned so much ."

Classes are really good Nikol is a brilliant yoga teacher and very experienced. She knows her job very well . I’ve learned so much and she is so knowledgeable. Beautiful location, friendly staff, anatomy teacher Spyros had such a great approach to teach us , easy and enjoyable way to explain and to make is understand . Met lovely people and really enjoyed the experience.


from Netherlands, February 2020

"Great teachers!"

Our teacher Himanshu did an amazing job in making classes fun but also pushing us to bring out the most. He shared his incredible wisdom with us in such a way that we were free to take with us whatever resonated with us.

Also most of the other teachers were amazing and I am truly great full to have had the opportunity to learn from them.

Meg Smith

from United Kingdom, February 2020

"Amazing course, every class was 10/10!"

Knowledge: the teachers were incredible with asana, anatomy and philosophy- I learnt SO much and most of all I know it will be retained because there was so much passion and care given by Aaka (philosophy) and Spyros (anatomy). The daily asana classes and vinyasa classes were also super strong (Nikol, Himanshu).

Accommodation: mansion resort is what honeymoon dreams are made of! I paid extra for my own double room and absolutely worth the extra £! Daily room cleans, the friendliest staff and places to work/revise. The Shalas (where you practice yoga and do classes) were paradise! So beautiful!

Note: you aren’t staying in town, but there is a shuttle that goes a few times a day for free or a taxi costs £8 one way! Scooter hire possible around the corner too!

Food: good! I’m veggie so happy it was all vegetarian. Would’ve loved a coffee supply in the afternoon but the cafe serves ice coffee for £3.50.

Sabrina Grossi

from Switzerland, February 2020

"YogaUnion Ubud"

I loved the variation of different yoga stiles including meditation and pranajama.


from Germany, February 2020

"23 Dass of Power and Love."

These teachers are full of passion.

Thank you very much for that 🙏

The sourrounding and the shala in the rice fields are stunning!

Nina Damaso

from Switzerland, February 2020

"Thank you!! "

It was an amazing experience with very experienced teachers in a beautiful location :) The curriculum was interesting and challenging, and I learned a lot about myself and Yoga.

Nicola Jefferies

from Australia, January 2020

"Amazing mind, body and soul changing experience!"

Thank you yoga union for the best experience. When i read the reviews beforehand i didn't believe that it was really possible to learn and progress so much and have a life altering experience in such a short time but it was all true. Spyros, Ourania, Himanshu, Celine and Sirios were so dedicated and gave so much energy and passion throughout the three weeks. They answered our endless questions every time like it was the first and really pushed us to step outside our comfort zone. Every time you thought you had given your all they wouldn't let you give up...thanks Himanshu!! Being immersed in such an intense program for 3 weeks has definitely made me see a lot of things differently and develop a much more holistic view of yoga. The energy of all the teachers has been really inspirational and gives you the confidence that you really can achieve anything if you put your mind to it!


from Germany, January 2020

"Thank you for becoming a part of Yoga UNION!"

I liked in general the atmopshere created by the teachers, trainees, Karmayogis,...

I liked the schedule.

I liked the food (maybe more variation in fruits).

I liked the location (nice Hotel, away from busy Ubud but still good connection to it).

I liked the general structure of how the training was build up (bootm-up).

I liked that I learnd a very good alignment for myself.

I liked that we started teaching each other pretty early (eventough just one by one).

I liked the internationality of the training.

I like the special events like the cacao ceremony, the silent walk or 108 sun salutation.

I liked the devotion and passion of every teacher.

Justin Durocher

from New Zealand, January 2020

"Transformational and comprehensive "

Knowledgeable teachers in an immersive and accesible environment that stimulates both personal growth and deeper understanding of yogic way of life.

The schedule is gruelling and intense, but it’s not meant to be a relaxing retreat, rather an intensive learning program to prepare experienced practitioners for a future of guiding yogis through flows and a more mindful practice.

Mareen Honold

from Germany, January 2020

"Great training with amazing teachers - had a fantastic time"

The quality was amazing. I just chose by the price and the dates and didnt know much about YogaUnion before, so I was really surprised by the amazing quality. Our teacher Himanshu was brilliant, and so were the other teachers. I had a beautiful single room with an overview over the ricefields, it was the best room i ever had in my live. I am happy that I chose the training in the ricefields cause it was so quiet and peaceful there, and the shala was so lovely. Also the whole staff of the restaurant was super friendly and the meals were delicious.

So, what else to say then: go for it! Can highly recommend Yoga Union!

Sending love,



from Australia, January 2020

"Amazing education "

Nikol and the other teachers were amazing and knowledgeable and provided a well structured course.

Florian Klonek

from Australia, January 2020

"Outstandingly good TTC"

This was such a wonderful and unique experience. It’s hard to return back home after having had three weeks in this completely different and amazing retreat. Spyros and Ourania have created an amazing loving, caring and nurturing environment for yogis and future teachers. They are truly inspiring teachers. Also, we were lucky to have had Himanshu in our morning asana practices. He is passionate about yoga and has an amazing teaching style that has helped me to push my own limits and become stronger every week. I have learned so much through all of them. Each teacher brings their own personality to the Shala. Staying in the rice field was like being on another planet. I loved every minute being there! Thanks for this wonderful training!


January 2020

"Good training to learn more about yoga for beginners"

LOVE Nikol's sweaty and fast pace Vinyasa classes =D

Shala and bedrooms are all in one place in The Mansion, love not having stress to commute.

The training helped deepen my knowledge on asana and human anatomy, which I was interested in but know very little of.

We learnt and taught the traditional Sun Salutations, my favourite thing to do.


from Switzerland, January 2020

"Passionate about yoga and teaching"

Great place to learn more about yoga. You can feel they like to teach and that there is a lot of passion about what they do! I love it! I learned a lot for my personal daily practice!

Nora Hadi

from Hungary, January 2020

"An incredible, transformative experience well worth it"

There really is no way to describe the outstanding quality and organisation of the yoga teacher training at YogaUnion. From the wonderful and professional teachers to the beautiful location in the rice fields, the high quality of the training and materials used and the care and attention placed on each individual taking the training, the experience from start to finish went above and beyond my expectations.

The training is well structured and covers all you need to know, building your knowledge and confidence to teach yoga. The yoga shala itself in the rice fields is beautiful and the accommodation is excellent, within a short walking distance from the yoga shala. The restaurant where we had our meals is also just a short 2-minute walk away, and the food served was delicious, vegetarian (with vegan options too) and plentiful.

The teachers are fantastic, professional and friendly, and the quality of the training, on the whole, is outstanding.

This yoga teacher training was well worth the time, money and energy, and exceeded my expectations in all the best ways. I highly recommend YogaUnion for anyone who wants to get qualified teaching yoga, or simply deepen their own practice.


from France, January 2020

"Amazing YTT with excellent yoga teachers"

The Shala is an amazing and beautiful place where you'll have your daily practice and classes. It is located in the middle of the rice fields. Amazing sunset, amazing views, so peaceful and beautiful.

All the accomodations and the restaurant where you'll have all your meals are within a walking distance (5-10 min) through the rice fields

The teachers are all really experienced, impressive, with a very strong knowledge and each with their own style. You'll learn so much from Himanshu, Ourania, Spyros, Nikol ... I am so grateful for getting to learn so much from them.

It's an intensive, demanding, very serious training and program from meditation, yoga practice, alignement, anatomy to philosophy lessons every day. It is really complete and gives you a very strong basis.

It was a life changing experience, I would definitely do it again !

Quinn Travis

from United States, December 2019

"This was the best experience of my life"

I loved the area so much. The Shala was dream like and the people were amazing. The food was wonderful and I was never hungry. If anything I ate too much. But I am super happy about the training and highly recommend it.

Trisha Andrada

from United States, December 2019

"Such a transformative experience within a beautiful location"

Meeting people from all over the world who were on similar paths for self development and discovery was such a beautiful experience. Connections were made that will last for a lifetime! I also loved how challenging the asana classes were. It was tough but in a good way. Sometimes I would surprise my self and didn’t realize I could bend in certain ways that I did 🤣


from United States, December 2019

"Beautiful location. Incredible people. Amazing experience."

I was located in the rice fields and couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful and tranquil atmosphere to do my yoga teacher training. The training was very physically intense, but incredibly rewarding. It’s hard work and you should know that going into it. The teachers, for the most part, are incredible and very well educated. They truly care about you becoming the best yoga teacher you can be. The food was pretty good overall. Yes it got repetitive by the end, but that’s to be expected. The ladies that prepare the meals are so kind. I loved this experience and wouldn’t change a thing, truly!


from Germany, December 2019

I did not know what to expect when I booked this. My overall experience was very good. The first days I thought that I would never be able to do this but in the end I surprised myself and I guess it had to do with the spirit and everything around me, thank you for helping me grow. Ourania and Spyros are just magical people, they have such a strong positive and loving vibe, that you just cannot resist. The place is just magical with all the rice fields and the village feeling but being close to Ubud’s city center aswell.

It was a pleasure to be there!

Mikenze Pearsoll

from Canada, December 2019

"Fantastic Experience"

Loved the instructors! So caring and welcoming! The environment was hot but incredible! The breakfasts were amazing!!

Carlie Patrice

from United States, November 2019

"Incredible "

The instructors were so motivating, inspiring, encouraging, and lovely. They are genuine and really care about each person in the training. They made the whole experience what it is. Very impactful in the best way. Also, the shala was breathtaking. I would recommend this training to anyone who is looking for a beautiful, meaningful, fun, challenging, life changing experience. Beyond grateful for the instructors and the whole experience.

Laura Bello

from Indonesia, November 2019

"Life changer"

This adventure is a life changer. Entering in a bubble of positivity and learn how to take care of ourselves and other is a life changer. The yoga pholosophy is everywhere and the team is amazing ! I loved everything about my YTT journey and yoga union was the best choice !

Thanks so much

Alina Altseimer

from Germany, November 2019

"Best experience of my life"

It was an amazing journey! The teachers are so lovely and have a huge knowledge about yoga. I loved every single day. The Shala in the rice fields is so beautiful and magical. During the three weeks, the whole group and the teachers become a big family. I learnd so much about yoga and also about myself - what I really want in life.

I already miss YogaUnion...

Anne Pawlak

from Germany, November 2019

"Great experience in Bali"

Excellent location and accommodation in Ubud Nirwa Karma. The food is simple and tasty. The shala is fantastic and the general infrastructure of the place is very well set up. For a self development trip, this course is a great choice especially if you are a beginner.

Gabrielle Clark

from Fiji, October 2019

"The best"

I am so happy I chose this course. I looked at probably thousands in many different countries and this one by far exceeded my expectations. It was hard. Really hard. They recommend that you read a few books before coming. Read them. They recommend you have a yoga routine before coming. Do it. I did a little bit 3 weeks isn’t enough. It’s so much information. But once you accomplish it, it’s so rewarding. The rest of the group I was with were some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. We became a family and it was beautiful. You laugh you cry, I have some bruises... but all worth it. For the super affordable price it’s so much more than you would think. Nikki was an outstanding instructor. She pushed you enough to see what you are capable of and you truly surprise yourself. Spyros was the best anatomy instructor. He is so passionate! Thank you Yoga Union!!!

Cesar Salazar

from Cambodia, October 2019

"Unforgettable Experience "

I love everything . First when i got there I love the place where we stay its was nice. The accomodation was better than what i expected. Then after that my group was amazing full of positive and beautiful energy.

Then moving to the course it self I think it was really well I learn a lot in such a small amount of time. I feel really prepare and with the knowledge and confidence to teach

Sharla Mohammed

from Japan, October 2019

"I highly recommend this course."

All the instructors are very knowledgeable and experienced. Everything was well-organized: classes, shala, accommodation and food. There were lectures on anatomy, philosophy and asana labs which gave me a deeper understanding of yoga. As a result I feel safer and more confident in my own practice. The location, a shala in the rice fields, is just breathtaking! If you're going to take this course, take the time to enjoy every moment of it and the beautiful, peaceful surroundings.

Matilda Laurell

from Sweden, October 2019

"The best experience of my life"

I loved yogaunion. All the love, caring souls, the fun, the food, the room and all the interesting+fun classes. Everything was better than I expected and I would wish for everyone to have this kind of experience. Himanshu makes the classes so fun and yet you learn so much! Also Ourania and Spyros where amazing. Ourania was so powerful yet so peaceful, she truly inspired me and gave me more hope. Spyros was down to earth amazing and made anatomy easier to learn. The school is tough tho. You have to study a lot and there is homework. But it is so worth all the hard work. I will defiantly visit again, always a home away from home. Thank you for this incredible experience!!

Natalie Smith

from United Kingdom, October 2019

"Everything about this experience was beautiful"

The teachers were fantastic, they really have a great wide knowledge and share everything they can with you. Any problem that may arise will always be settled and you really feel apart of a family at YogaUnion. I've come away with so much and i will look to book any future course with YogaUnion. Ourania is such an inspiring teacher, just being in her presence was wonderful.

Craig Smith

from New Zealand, October 2019

"Fantastic experience"

The asana practice was brilliant, the group were wonderful, location amazing, thoroughly recommended to my friends already. Exceeded my expectations. Good variety in the course and the length felt just right.

Helene Van Halewyck

from Belgium, October 2019

"A MA ZING!!!!!"

It has been an amazing journey through these past three weeks where the other Yogi’s and the teachers become your family!

They are such a good guideness that leaded me further than I ever could imagine!

Thank you! I‘ll be back one day for the 300hrs package!✌🏽


Sita Scholer

from United States, October 2019

"Wonderful life changing teacher training"

The teachers are amazing. They teach you all you need to know about Asanas, alignment, variation and the benefits of it all. They are caring and teach you with a serious love and commitment to yoga. It's like a tough but caring love for all the students. I am grateful to Nikole who was our main teacher for all the effort patience and care she put into teaching us. Spiros and Ourania are wonderful too and really build a great yoga community here.It is a lot of information to take in, in 3 weeks so just rest and clear your mind in between classes to take it all in again...and later for the exam. The teaching structure starts right away and you build your flow step by step, and teach each other. It's a intense physical mental and emotional , but amazing experience and people grow into a yogi family! I will forever be thankful i did this! Namaste

Yara Alsayes

from Egypt, October 2019

"Incredible Experience"

My experience with Yoga Union has been amazing. The accommodation at The Mansion was extremely comfortable, it was a beautiful resort. The course itself was very informative, and every single one of our teachers did their best to teach us everything they can in the time we spent there. The daily Vinyasa practices have been life-changing, I felt far stronger and more fit at the end of the retreat because of them. All in all the experience has been incredible and I couldn't have asked for a better course.

Margaux Penel-page

from France, October 2019

"The best training!! Thank you "

The quality of the training. You feel ready to be a teacher just after the training!

Emma Niderno

from United States, October 2019

"Absolutely Life Changing 10/10"

I pretty much have nothing negative to say at all! The team at YogaUnion is wonderful; they are so knowledgable and make sure all the information is presented in a way that is easy to understand and remember without losing its significance. Nikol, Spyros, and Ourania are truly amazing teachers and human beings. From the moment I arrived to the training, they felt like family. The accommodation was stunning and the daily schedule was busy but structured perfectly so you don't get burnt out. There was also enough free time to explore the amazing town of Ubud!

I'm so happy I chose this YTT. It has been the best gift I have ever given myself. I'm coming away from this training feeling very confident in my abilities as a yoga teacher and also just as a better and more grounded human being in all aspects!

The team at YogaUnion as worked so hard to put together an AMAZING course for their students, and it shows! If you're considering taking your 200hr training with YogaUnion, DEFINITELY DO IT! You will not regret it, I promise.


from United States, September 2019

"Dreamy Location, OK Training, More like 30 hours"

Anatomy lessons were very accessible. Difficult concepts explained in simple english and with visuals. Liked that we reviewed the technical details of the morning class (ie which meridians) right after.

John Rafael Perez

from United States, September 2019


This course was magic. The location was amazing, right in the center of the rice fields. The guest house I stayed in absolutely exceeded expectations. And I enjoyed the vegetarian food that was provided to us three times a day during the training.

The instructors were of the highest caliber. Himanshu is an incredible yoga teacher (one of the BEST I have ever had) who inspired all of us to push ourselves and reach our full potential. Ourania and Spyros taught alignment and anatomy and were incredibly knowledgable as well as fantastic teachers with the ability to give the clearest instructions and explanations. All three were so kind, genuine, and compassionate, and they really looked out for each one of us during the training to make sure we were happy, healthy and able to focus only on yoga.

During the course, we were exposed to multiple style of yoga including yin, vinyasa, ashtanga, and hatha. We also explored multiple types of pranayama/meditation every morning. The workshops, where we worked on specific foundational postures, improved most participants' practices almost instantly. People were learning headstands, arm balances, and back bends faster and more safely than they had ever done prior to the training.

I cannot express how highly I would recommend this training. It has changed my practice, and my life, and I hope to one day return to beautiful Ubud to pop in and experience even a little bit of it again one day.

Elena Sheveleva

from Netherlands, September 2019

"The most amazing spiritual and physical journey"

To start with, coming for a yoga teacher training was the best decision I took in my life. If you are still hesitating about it - don’t! Just do it, you will gain so much from it, regardless if you are going to teach after it or not. Bali on its own is a magical place that just has some sacred energy and power to release bad things we are caring around. But in a combination with such amazing teachers as Ourania and Himanshu, and all other incredible people you are going to meet here this experience becomes a complete transformation. It is such a serene place where you can be yourself, with yourself, but never alone!

The training is hard, and you will be challenged physically and emotionally. There will be moments when you just want to give up, but you will have such an incredible supportive group of people around you that you will feel - together we can do it! No matter what your reasons for this training are, you will grow, you will become better! I am not saying that all your troubles will disappear or that you will become a great teacher over night - both need practice and daily work, but YogaUnion here in Ubud is a perfect place to start!

To my group mates from the September course I just want to say once again how happy I am that I met you all. You all helped me to grow and have more faith in myself, I believe we helped each other. I wish everyone the best of luck in everything you do! And to our amazing teachers - THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge with us!

Caroline Bitschnau

from Germany, September 2019

This journey was the best decision I could have made for myself!

I learned so many things physically and mentally!

The teachers are all beautiful people. You can feel that they really put their heart into their work which is so inspiring to see.

I’m so proud to be part of this beautiful family now❤️


from Germany, September 2019

"High quality training at its best!"

Yoga Practise, perfect schedule, amazing different teachers and workshops, very clear vinyasa style taught, amazing accomodation at the Mansion

Marion Besençon

from Switzerland, September 2019

Amazing teaching in a beautiful surrounding of rice fields. Perfect :)

Céline Freundlich

from France, September 2019

"A beautiful journey to learn about yoga but also yourself"

The ricefield yoga shala is like a dream. Every little detail surrounding the place is unique. (Yoga Union has different classes in Bali and we were the ricefield group and I think for me it was for the best). The remoted place from the busy Ubud, the sounds of nature, birds and silence (sometimes), the little pathway to our beautiful shala, the restaurant 308 where Ayung's chef, Putu & Yoga (yes it's his name how amazing is that!) who serve you night the little lightening fireflies and sky full of stars... it was magic.

We were all spread in the little hotels around the pathway, like neighbours in a little village. My hotel (Nirwa Ubud Karma) was very confortable I can not complain.

The owners of Yoga Union, Ourania and Spyros (probably the cutest couple you will ever see) perfectly illustrate the definition of love or devotional love. They share love, between themeselves of course, but also with their students. And it was really important and good to feel loved and supported by them during this (intense) training. The whole training crew was fantastic: Himanshu, Jonas, Saavas, Juan Carlos, Florence and the help of Pablo. They were very professional and competent.

I'm really glad I have chosen this training to learn how to teach and now spread Yoga, I couldn't think of a better course. Thank you again Teachers and Students of August's session to make this training such a beautiful and unforgettable experience 🙏


from Morocco, September 2019


Luise Knofe

from United Kingdom, September 2019

"Life Changing Experience"

It was an amazing time all the way.

I’m missing the beautiful Shala in the ricefields and the lovely teachers every single day.

I have no regrets about choosing this Training and I’d do it again and again!

Thank you to all the teachers and organizers for making this possible and giving your all!


from Austria, September 2019

"Mind opening"

Lot of life advice, tips and the great comunity vibe

Nadine Strauß

from Austria, September 2019

"Memories that shape your life"

The Yoga teacher training with YogaUnion was an unforgettable experience. I was first not sure if I should do a Yoga training at all but the three weeks with my fellow Yogis, the teachers and the magic of Bali proved me that it was the right decision. So everybody who is reading this comment and still thinking about whether booking a retreat or not, do it!

The teachers here at YogaUnion were all excellent! We had a great variety of personalities and styles of teaching - so there is really something for everybody to learn from. I always felt I was in a safe space. The teachers are professional, experienced, patient and always showed a great understanding for us students. I particularly liked the Vinyasa classes with Savvas (which were very challenging and hard) and the anatomy lessons with Jonas (he made the topic so interesting that I actually want to study more about the physical body in the future).


from Germany, September 2019

"Enjoyed the yoga retreat"

Learned a lot with good guidance. One thing that we did not realise is that in Ubud they have 2 locations. One in the rice field and one in a beautifull hotel.

Sasha Serrano

from United States, September 2019

"Journey of a Lifetime"

If you are looking for a once in a life time experience then this is the program for you. Whether you are interested in pursuing a career as a Yoga teacher, or wanting to take this course just for self development in your life and your practice, then I recommend this training! I was challenged physically, mentally, and emotionally in the most beautiful ways. I pushed passed limits, I laughed, I cried, I felt an immense feeling of gratitude for being there in beautiful Bali amongst the rice fields, practicing in the most gorgeous shala, with a group of talented and inspiring yogis from all over the world, being taught by a group of amazing teachers who were willing to share their knowledge and wisdom with us, I felt SO blessed. The information I learned during this course is something that I will keep with me forever, for my own personal practice and as a Yoga teacher. The cafe where we had our daily meals was wonderful, the staff was very attentive, extremely kind and they worked so hard to keep us well fed all day. I am vegan and had many options for tasty vegan (and gluten free) food. The hotel where I was placed (Restu) was good, I had a couple of tiny issues but they were resolved as soon as it was possible. The whole experience was just amazing, I can't say enough great things about it, I will hold this journey with me in my heart forever, and cannot wait to be back in Ubud again.

Charlotte Gardiner

from United Kingdom, September 2019

"Cross between a retreat and training"

Vasso was very good sharing her knowledge of Yin yoga. The training she delivered was very good.

The location was lovely - peaceful and relaxing, the perfect environment for this training course.

Carmen Heunis

from South Africa, September 2019

"Most transformational 3 weeks"

The shala in the rice fields is magical! Ourania, Spyros and team have created an oasis in paradise! Be prepared for hard work, with enough lightness of being to keep you captivated for 3 weeks. Nothing is too much of a problem, their manner is so warm and welcoming you are made to feel like friends and family from day 1.

The variety of instructors was amazing. The level of instruction was brilliant for beginners to advanced. I was a beginner concerned about teaching in a group situation but their foundation is so solid and they ease you into the teaching so gently it starts to feel very natural early on. I am not even home a week post the course and I have already started training clients with so much confidence and ease.. Something I would never think possible just a month ago. The walk to the shala from the various accommodations along the lane is something that will stay in my mind forever. Its such a treat, I walked barefoot many days! The 3 meals a day are substantial and you get lovely ginger lemongrass tea and water at the shala every day.

The balance between class and down time is great. Use evenings or some of the day down time to read a little of the training manual daily. If you leave it to the end just before exams it can be pressurised which you dont need. Make sure your body is ready for the every day long classes or dont feel bad to sit out of a few classes to observe.

Carmen Heunis

from South Africa, September 2019

The shala is magical, its location out of the hustle and bustle of Ubud but close enough if you need to dial back into reality. The way the classes were structured. The amount of Yin we physically practiced. The amount of rest time and amount of class time is well balanced. The number of different teachers taking the various curriculum is great. The way that you become part of the family during the course with the very hands on owners and teachers is beautiful. They facilitate a great environment. I would and have recommended their courses to many already. I would go back!

Nadia Rakoto

from Thailand, September 2019

"Vinyasa yoga"

I really enjoy the shala and the area its peaceful place around the ricefield and the nature is so beautiful around. Thank you to all Instructor they are such a great person and professionnal. I RECOMMEND this place for yoga training its the best i learned a lot during 1month and back home i m.a new person with a lot of knowledge

Thank you

Ornela Salloum

from United Kingdom, September 2019

"Incredible experience!"

The training exceeded by far my expectations. The location is surreal, the teachers are all amazing and excellent in their own fields, and so incredibly generous, the food was simply delicious. I couldn't recommend it more and would definitely do it again...and again!


from United States, September 2019

"Yoga Student "

The instructors at this training were phenomenal. Each one had their own specialty and interest and you could tell how passionate they were not just about what they were teaching, but passionate about sharing it with us.

The amount of information and knowledge I gained about the practice of yoga, anatomy, and philosophy is priceless. It is quite amazing how much I was able to learn and retain in a matter of 3 weeks and so much of it has to do with the instructors chosen for this months training.

Throughout the 3 weeks yoga union was always very receptive to any concerns we had, and any needs that needed to be met. Most of us were traveling from all over the world and I truly felt safe in their hands.

Heather Wills

from Australia, September 2019

"Above and beyond what I expected"

The location and setting of the Shala was breathtaking. A lot of care has been taken to create such a beautiful Shala in the rice fields. It was a privilege to be surrounded by the nature and magic of the real Ubud every day, especially as the Shala is away from the busyness of Ubud centre.

The teaching quality was extremely high and we benefited from being taught by a good variety of teachers, each with their own charm & niche. The teachers made me feel very welcome & safe, they created an open environment and took good care of everybodies needs throughout the course.

There was a good balance between different yoga styles & workshops throughout the course.

The course definitely prepared the students to become teachers, especially given the time frame. I also had ample opportunity to develop & strengthen my own practice.

The anatomy & philosophy lessons were well taught and gave a good alternative perspective to the purely physical aspect of Yoga.

The food provided at a nearby restaurant was much better than expected. There was a good variety of food and the staff even very kindly listened to any requests/suggestions. They provided additional food for various dietary requirements too.

Overall I had a truly amazing time & will forever be grateful to YogaUnion for such a rich & fulfilling experience.


from Norway, August 2019

"Very good value for money and amazing location"

Very experienced teachers. High quality teacher training. I loved it! Very knowledgeable. Learned so much in very short time. An experience I will always cherish. Most beautiful place in Ubud. Will reccomend to everyone.

Alessia Pietromarchi

from Italy, August 2019

Everything these amazing persons shared with us, both professionally and humanity

Abi Houghton

from United Kingdom, August 2019

"Magical experience of self discovery "

The course was simply excellent. Every one of the teachers was an authentic version of themselves which provided us with a great variety of teaching styles and perspectives, and their passion for yoga and the yogic lifestyle in general was truly inspiring. The course was exactly what I needed at this time of my life, and the whole experience was more enriching than I had ever imagined it could be.

Anna Ljung

from Sweden, August 2019

"Fantastic people"

All instructors were experienced, and amazing personalities. It was great to be trained by so many different.

Ashlie Boots

from Australia, August 2019

"YTT at the mansion"

Accomodation was much nicer than expected which was an unexpected but pleasant surprise, the teachers were all awesome and super understanding/accomodating for our injuries and other niggles, the daily schedule was good, and lastly, not having to find and cook my own food after big days was such a plus! Would recommend these guys for sure :)


from United States, April 2019

"march'19 yogafam!"

Going into this trip without any expectations, I was completely blown away by the whole experience!

1) The course is really rigorous – you learn about yoga holistically through 3 main classes, asana (postures) alignment, philosophy of yoga and anatomy. Through these classes you get a better understanding of the physical and psychological/spiritual aspects of yoga. The course also touches on pranayama (breathing), meditation and the practice of teaching a class. We were assigned to prepare a class almost every day, and the length of the lesson increased incrementally as the course went on.

2) In terms of accommodation (and this will likely not happen to your group) our group was not able to practice at the regular shala, and were relocated to the Mansion Hotel in Ubud instead, which is a really nice resort so no complaints there! I was sharing a room with another person and we had a whole family suite to ourselves.

3) Probably one of the best takeaways from the course is the community that you find. I met a whole bunch of people of different ages from all over the world, yet because everyone had the same open-minded attitude towards learning and growing, these differences seemed inconsequential. I've made some really amazing friends from this course, and even after the course ended people still hung out in Bali/when one person ends up in another person's country! If anything I'd advise people maybe to extend their stay in Bali for a bit longer to spend it w new friends

Dongyoung Lee

from Japan, April 2019

"Life changing experience! reborn! "

Everything was better than I expected. As I already have had a few yoga retreat program experiences already, I thought I sort of knew what would be coming. But you know what, it was an amazing experience getting a great awareness of myself and confidence to become closer to who I want to be. Most of all, I was happy all the time!

Instructions from teachers were just right, not too much so I had a room to grow myself, but not too less so I could learn the basics for my foundation. Thanks for all teachers and people helped the program. Love Yoga Union!

Amelia Mcgahan

from United States, April 2019

"Review from Amelia Mcgahan "

I loved the teachers, the whole experience was incredible and has helped me on my journey of becoming a yoga teacher. The learning was fun and interactive. Everything was an exciting challenge! We were well looked after and the teachers made sure we were all ok every step of the way! The lessons were amazing and I learnt so many things every day. I met some amazing people that I hope will be friends for life. I hope to come back to Yoga Union some day! I really recommend the school to anyone who is looking to become a yoga teacher.

Natasha Schofield

from United Kingdom, April 2019


Everything. The growth of myself mentally, physically and spiritually. The teachers are incredible and supportive and will be for the future as well. The amount of anatomy covered makes me feel confident in myself and my teaching going forward in life which doesn't happen in a lot of other courses so I've heard. I could not fault this at all.


from Cambodia, March 2019

"Wonderful Experience! "

I loved the entire experience. The teachers were incredibly knowledge and truly live the Yogi philosophies. Our daily vinyasa classes were all different and so amazingly creative, I've been spoiled- and now I'm struggling to find classes at home that even come close to their wonderful classes. I finished the program with so much wonderful knowledge, and felt totally and completely ready to start teaching my own classes.

Ani Moradian

from Australia, February 2019

"Magical place with magical people"

First of all, the area was so amazing I want to call it my new home. The shala couldnt be at a more perfect location. The teachers were also amazing and genuine. I really feel like I have changed as a person after these 3 weeks. Loved every second and I really want to go back there soon!

Ana Robu

from Belgium, January 2019

"Great experience! I would do it again in a heart bit"

The wonderful gifted teachers always happy to share their knowledge, the idyllic location of the yoga shala in the middle of the rice fields, the positive vibe of the group and everyone around made this training a great experience.

Dorota Sosnowka

from United Kingdom, December 2018

"This YTT will have a special place in my heart "

To sum it up it was magical :)

Maggie Oliver

from Malaysia, December 2018

"Excellent experienced and knowledgeable teachers 😀"

Positive teaching experience with teachers who shared their knowledge and love of yoga with all. Everyone treated with love and respect.

Irena Kazenaute

from United States, December 2018

"Mant thanks guys!!! You are the best!!!"

Liked absolutely everything! Wish I could stay longer :)+

Sony Nebach

from France, March 2020

"Excellent et Merveilleuse introspection "

Le professionnalisme des différents intervenants et plus particulièrement celui de Nikol qui fut notre professeur. Merci infiniment pour cette merveilleuse expérience et la transmission du savoir sans retenu. Elle a su réellement partagé avec amour son savoir et sa passion. donc encore une fois Merci. Je ne peux que vous recommander à 10 000 pour-cent pour cette expérience. Je vais d’ailleurs très prochainement revenir vers vous pour la suite de mon aventure.


from Germany, March 2020


Hotel und Lage

Jessica Jayet

from Switzerland, February 2020

Belle aventure enrichissante.

Cadre magnifique.

Formation intense.

Belles rencontres.

Pouvoir en apprendre tant sur le yoga que sur soi-même.

Professeurs passionnés et qualifiés.

Navette gratuite pour aller en ville.

Wolfgang Pinner

from Austria, February 2020

"Wunderschönes Erlebnis in tollem Ambiente"

Sehr nette Gruppe, wunderschönes Ambiente, nette und ambitionierte Lehrer


from Switzerland, February 2020

"Excellente certification, je la recommande vivement!!"

The location is wonderful in the middle of the rice fields! The shala and restaurant were incredible, the breakfast was the best meal, so many fruits, muesli, homemade coconut yogurt, sometimes pancakes and French toasts. Everyone was really nice, I had an incredible time there. Such a life-changing experience!! Also cheaper than with other organisations while it was really incredible!

Sandra Bottin

from France, February 2020

"Séjour inoubliable "

Des cours de yoga au top avec une prof extraordinaire et très professionnel

J’ai adoré pratiquer avec tout les professeurs qui sont tous très humble. Une expérience unique avec des magnifiques rencontres

Camille Laurent

from France, February 2020

"Excellente formation & expérience inoubliable"

Les professeurs sont vraiment très chouettes et attentifs bien qu'on soit nombreux. La formation est excellente et bien organisée. Rythmée et jamais ennuyante. Le shala est comme un petit paradis. L'énergie qui se dégage de tout ça est douce et pleine de belles emotions. Le lieu dans les rizières est fantastique. Le restaurant aussi. Merci

Güzide Izmirli

from Austria, November 2019

"Sehr schöne Erfahrung "

Der Kurs war einfach toll. Ich hab so viele schöne Seelen kennengelernt. Bali selbst ist magisch. Der Kurs wurde von Nikol sehr gut aufgebaut und sehr gut erklärt.

Léa Lorrain

from Martinique, September 2019

"Expérience géniale, unique, et intense"

L'enseignement, les professeurs, les cours, les shalas, le resort et ses piscines, l'ambiance très familiale!

Claire Aguttes

from France, August 2019

Explication claire, challenge, bienveillance, compréhension, attentes réalisables.

Tout a ete bien au dela de mes espérances


Katharina Helwich

from Germany, March 2019

"I learnd so much! Glad I chose YogaUnion! "

I loved every Minute of it! Thank you so much to Ourania, Spyros, Sarah & Magda! The Yoga Teacher Training was the best experience in my life yet! I wish I could relive it all over again! I loved every Meditation, every Vinyasa, Yin Class, Workshops, Allignment, Anatomy and Philosopy Class! It was a hard journey and worth it every Minute! I am so glad that i trusted my intuition and booked my Training with YogaUnion.

Laurie Gomez

from France, February 2019

Leurs compétences,leurs connaissances,leur manière de les partager avec nous. Leur disponibilité. C’est un lieu magique.


from France, January 2019

"Just amazing!!"

The atmosphere was really special, the landscapes were just breathtaking

Sara Pezzuto

from Switzerland, December 2018

"an enriching experience that will not only lead you deep int"

I am grateful for this wonderful experience. I recommend this teacher training to anyone who is open to engaging in an enriching experience that not only deepens personal yogic practice, but also initiates personal processes in a wonderful way, and thereby gaining insights.

I thank the three wonderful teachers who have accompanied us with much love and care through these three weeks.

Julia van Vliet

from Indonesia, December 2018

"Life changing experiences and beautiful lessons! "

The course was such a beautiful journey, all together with our yoga family. I felt very safe and ready to learn a lot, not only about myself, but also about the beautiful path of yoga, the abilities of the human body and the way of teaching. I will never forget the beautiful moments that we've shared with amazing teachers. I am beyond grateful to learn so much in the beautiful jungle of Bali, surrounded by passionate and great teachers. The yoga family spreads its wings through out the whole world but the memories and love will last! <3

Katharina Bernhard

from Austria, December 2018

"Great journey 💕🌸"

Thank you for this wonderful experience. I highly recommend this training. Wonderful teachers with a great experience. Beautiful surrounding and people. Everything was very well organised too. See you hopefully soon again!!