Yogtemple lives spirituality and strives for the universal healing of their clients. They work at all levels and combine different health practices.

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Nipun Sharma

Anna-Lena Sharma

Testimonials (5)

Eva-Maria Hasenauer Austria

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I did a YTTC in July in Austria, course was very good and I've benefited a lot! Very good course - I would recommend this course

David W

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Wow! I am very satisfied with my Yoga-Shamanism studies at Yog Temple with Leni and Nipun. They are dedicated teachers, with a depth of experience. Leni and Nipun are always professional, engaging and caring. They weave together principles, traditions and techniques in ways that are fun and lively!! Individual expression and feedback are encouraged. We explored healing techniques, journeying, power animals, and compassion based intuition — as well as yoga and Ayurveda. The meeting rooms and lodgings were comfortable, appropriate, clean, and a good value for the money. The communication and language was always clear. I had the training several months ago, and I find it helpful all the time.

Petra Tibber-Klauser

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I joined a yoga course for three days and it was a great experience working with Nipun und Leni. Nipun is a great, authentic, calm Indian yoga teacher. Meditation and shamanic experience with leni were very interesting and inspiring. Can only recommend this course. Felt very welcome and looked after!

Sara Masala

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I did my yoga teacher training in Yog Temple, India, years back. Was awesome! great teachers and great people I met there. They were very kind and helpfull, giving us beautiful clases that I loved! It was an intense month but very enriching. I would recommend Yog Temple for a nice and personal teacher training. Thanks for everything!

a traveler Peter

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I attended the 21 day shamanism course. Being very new to shamanism I was not sure what to expect, but durung the 3 weeks I learnt so many techniques that I am now applying to my life. The work was very deep so it was important to me that the class size was so small.

I found that the combination of morning yoga and study of anatomy and Ayurveda worked really well with the practical shamanism classes. The yoga and meditation/mantra chanting really helped me to start the day feeling grounded and ready for the shamanism class. I was already familiar with Ayurveda but it was good to learn more. Overall I really feel that the course has given me a solid foundation on which to continue my shamanic practice.