Yogvit Yogshala offers Prenatal, 100, 200, 300, 500 hours Multistyle yoga teacher training courses that follow Yoga Alliance standards.

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Vipul Nathwani

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from Thailand, August 2017

"100H YTT in Goa, my zen soothing learning experience "


Testimonials (5)

Ebtesam Issa Syria

Yogvit Yogshala website

Through this 200 hours yoga teacher training course I knew how our body work in Hatha Yoga. Ashtanga Yoga in the morning brings high energy. Meditation class help me to learn to know different people and communication with and without judgement which helped me to be more relaxed and focus.

Mariana Rola Portugal

Yogvit Yogshala website

I choose to experience 300 hours multi style yoga teacher training course with Yogvit Yogshala in India. A lot of new things we learnt through the knowledge of experience teachers and absorb the information. I had a great time with our group of students. India is the source of yoga and has a deep connection. People practice yoga from their childhood. I really loved the course structure and recommend Yogvit Yogshala to everyone for yoga teacher training course to deepen your practice

Pham Thi Hien Vietnam

Yogvit Yogshala website

I love yoga and now I love India very much. Asana teachers are very nice. I am learnt so much in 300 hours yoga teacher training course. I want to practice more. I really enjoyed my course here with Yogvit Yogshala.

Soheila Lighvani United States

Yogvit Yogshala website

The yoga teachers, all the sessions, connections between the students and the teachers, the location in front of the beautiful ocean are my favorite things. The teachers at Yogvit Yogshala are very good, loving, lots of experience and very helpful. It has been wonderful rich soulful experience for me to do 200 hours yoga teacher training course in India with Yogvit Yogshala. I have enjoyed my 200 hours yoga teacher training course tremendously and learnt a lot , now walking away with open heart and lot of joy. Looking forward to come back again.c

Adonis Hammoud Brazil

Yogvit Yogshala website

I learnt lot of asanas and how to get the right and safe postures while doing my amazing full time 300 hours Yoga teacher training course. All the teachers have super knowledge. We all were like a family during the course experiencing good energy and enhancing our knowledge. The subjects like Ashtanga yoga, Hatha yoga, yoga philosophy and meditation were very powerful for me. The location of the course in Goa is very close to nature with beautiful people and I had an eternal experience. Vipul is a soul and not a person with very high energy. Everyday he got me more deep in my self experience and I discover my real inner strength. I had a fruitful experience with Yogvit Yogshala. I learnt to be myself with lots of love and joy.