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You Are Yoga offers yoga retreats, yoga therapy, and yoga teacher training in India and Spain. The program is run and organized by Spirit of Yoga.

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Maggie Levien

Maggie (Manorama) teaches yoga in Spain and India. She is the founder and director of Spirit of Yoga Classical Yoga Institute in Malaga, Spain. Maggie has a wealth of knowledge about India and its traditions and offers educational and spiritual retreats and pilgrimages to the lesser known holy places.

Yoga Alliance UK (Yoga)

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Jean Cuthbert United Kingdom

You Are Yoga - Spirit of Yoga website

The course was thorough, well organised and inspiring. For me it was particularly important to embed my learning by being in India……and i was not disappointed! It has given me a depth of understanding of yoga I could not possibly have gained elsewhere. The meeting with my Ayurvedic teacher in his amazing treetop surroundings was wonderful. In India i saw yogic values brought to life. I feel exceptionally blessed to have had Maggie as my guide throughout the first two levels of my yoga journey……..the courses with Spirit of Yoga have really helped prepare me for teaching yoga.

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