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The Flow of Certainty: A Poem for Savasana

by John Early

Die erste Anlaufstelle, um sich auf die Ausbildung zum Yogalehrer vorzubereiten. Finden Sie alles, was Sie über die Top-Reiseziele wissen müssen, und bringen Sie Ihre Praxis auf die nächste Stufe.
Jetzt Yogalehrer Ausbildung entdecken

Looking for an original way to keep your students present during Savasana? Here’s a poem I wrote inspired by my yoga practice. I hope your class likes it too and that my words help you to find mindfulness.

mindfulness poem 

Thank God
for decisive moments.
The few times
when you don’t question
or barter options between yourself.
You stumble on a moment
and the choice seems already made
and you say Yes.

You’re all in.
A gut fully trusted.
Your intuition feels the depth
and dives in headfirst.
No toe dips
sample sips
travel tips
or prewritten scripts.
Just Yes.

It is not a matter of assumption either.
No leap of blind faith.
No hunch to crunch.
No information for speculation.
Just a continuation in the flow of certainty
like already being on the right path
before realizing
there are other options to choose. 

Don’t question it.
Indecision after committing to the wave
will only cause it to crash over you.
You’re already on one long ride,
on the surge of Yes.

The only thing that lingers
is how open ended the answer will be
of where it goes from here.
Keep it open.
You’ve already jumped.
Can’t close the parachute now.
You have an idea of where things might land,
but you never really know
how long you can stay certain
in the moment.

And there lies the paradox
in the flow of certainty.
As it loops back
into the glorious opportunity of uncertainty.
Waiting on your next decision
to commit to the moment.
with a decisive Yes.

March 9, 2016
-Montezuma, Costa Rica-

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