Tantra Yoga Teacher Training profundiza tu práctica y te ayuda a aprender cómo enseñar Tantra y Tantra Vinyasa yoga, con certificaciones.

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Pedro Aumkar

Allixandra Talavera

Laura Segro

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Lena Cantarellas

de España, febrero 2020

"La mejor experiencia de mi vida"

Ha sido un viaje extraordinario, física y mentalmente.

La acomodación e instalaciones fueron excelente, Fernando y su familia te hacen sentir como en casa. Desde la cocina hasta las limpiadoras, todos trabajan con mucho cariño. La comida fue nutritiva y con productos locales, con opciones para Veganos, Vegetarianos, Intolerantes al Gluten. Algunos días se ofreció también carne y pescado para los que quisieran.

El curso fue muy intensivo (como es de esperar), pero Pedro administraba el tiempo de manera inteligente, sintiendo la energía del grupo y organizando las clases teóricas, físicas y meditaciones acorde a ello.

Muchísimas gracias Pedro, Laura y Allix por darme los conocimientos y la fuerza que necesito para iniciarme el el bonito camino del profesorado de yoga.

Bjorg Jonasdottir

de Islandia, marzo 2020

"A wonderful journey"

Everything about the yoga training, and the Samadhi retreat in the Secret Valley Cusco was an a unforgettable experience. Just walking into my room took my breath away! The staff at Samadhi were all excellent. The area was nice for walks and exploring nature.

Pedro, Laura & Allix did an amazing job as our instructors. Our group made an a unforgettable bond. For all this I am rely great full and I love my 200 hrs yoga teacher certificate🙏

Yoga mats are available to borrow witch is rely convenient when you travel along way.

I highly recommend to plan a visit to Machu Picchu.

Jose Alfredo Duenas

de Estados Unidos, febrero 2020

"Tantra Yoga Training was an unforgettable experience!"

I enjoyed the location from the moment I arrived. It felt like home away from home. Bonds were quickly formed between everyone. It was a beautiful safe space for us to learn, share and expand. The teachers were incredibly knowledgeable and guided us through 14 days of mediation, theory and yoga! I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone interested in learning more about yoga, wants to teach yoga or is just looking for a one of a kind human experience. The people I met are now friends and family.

Diego Moraes

de Brasil, febrero 2020

"Absolutely perfect! Life change course S2 "

The best experience of my life! I went with no expectations and everything was fantastic!

The place is amazing everyone that works in Samadhi are totally open sharing love and compassion. All accommodations are wonderful everything new and the view is unbelievable. Each day we have different type of food and the food is awesome.

About the course is super complete Pedro and his crew share all their knowledge with love. It´s fantastic to experience our development and absorve all the practice and theory that Pedro share with us.

Pedro is a excellent master teacher with a lot of experience in this path and we can feel that we loves what he does so everything flows in a magic way.

Allixx and Laura are amazing with different energy and points of view that complete each other.

I´m so glad to had this course ! Thanks Pedro, Allix and Laura for everything! Thanks Samadhi to share this incredible place. Thanks for everyone that was in this course sharing this amazing energy! #Yogafamily

Ksenia Solovyeva

de Rusia, febrero 2020

"Magical time in magical place with magical people "

I love everything about this training! From the moment we arrived to Samadhi I knew that I'm 100% in a right place. The scenery is mind-blowing! I've never stayed in a such a beautiful place in my whole life! The bungalows with scenic view surrounded by amazing gardens and lush greenery are super comfy with more than enough space for 2 people. I love the concept of chakras representing each bungalow, and each of it has it's own respective energy.

The training itself was just right for me - very spiritual and deep. Pedro (our master teacher) is a great man, very knowledgeable, wise and funny. He is a real teacher and it's a pleasure to be his student. I've never felt bored or sleepy during his lectures.

Alex (assisting teacher) is a wonderful human-being as well - super energetic, encouraging, fun and skilful. I loved classes with her and got a lot of inspiration from her.

Laura (another assisting teacher) is complimenting above two with a different but same great approach and her deep genuine love to Mother Earth is resonating a lot with me!

Training in general is very well-designed and we're all left it inspired and encouraged to follow the yogi path:)

And special thanks to Fernando and everyone who is working there! You guys are so humble, kind and hard-working! Thank you for making this place so special!

Brittny Ravotti

de Estados Unidos, febrero 2020

"I didn't know how much I needed this...life changing"

All 3 diverse teachers were impressively knowledgeable, compassionate yet relatable. Each person brought so much to the table and invested so much time in each student. I could really tell they are doing what they love and want you to not only succeeded as a teacher but also grow on a personal level. I had no idea this trip and training were going to be so life changing. The confidence I have to go forward as a teacher is comforting and beautiful. The breakdown of poses was eye-opening and digestible.

The facility (Samadhi Sacred Valley) was unique with lots of personality and the large property was breathtaking. The staff was caring, patient and talented. The kitchen was careful to follow my gluten free diet. Upon leaving I cried, I wasn't ready to leave such wonderful people and wonderful place. In the future, I intend to continue my yoga education with Pedro and his fellow instructors.

Angela Whitlock

de Reino Unido, febrero 2020

"Amazing Transformative Teacher Training "

The teacher training was amazing and I learnt so much from it. An intensive course like this, rather than a monthly one, really absorbs you into the practise and we found our skills improved day by day. It’s hard to believe the photos on the website are accurate but they are, it’s an incredible venue and although the days are long and intensive there is still time off to go for walks and see the beautiful landscape. Fernando who owns the venue can’t do enough for you and his team are amazing.

Pedro has made the yoga content just right and you get to deliver a class to the rest of the group as well as give feedback on the others which is incredibly useful. There was more meditation practice than I expected in the course but when you experience it, you realise the power it really has. Pedro has a great team which are supportive and genuine.

Some tips: add a few days on if you want to go to Maccu Piccu as you won’t have enough time during the course.

Don’t drink the tap water - they provide bottled water as the tap water will make you ill. Don’t even brush your teeth with it only use bottled water.

Take hand sanitiser - water runs out sometimes so good to keep in your pocket.

Mariana Napuri

de Dinamarca, febrero 2020

"Super Teacher training!"

This experience has been amazing. The Teacher Training course has offered much more than what I have expected. The place is amazing, it has good food, wifi and it is super clean.

Pedro, Laura and Allix are great teachers. Great theory, meditations and practice. I couldn’t have asked for more. Super recommended!

Chelsea Johnsen

de Estados Unidos, febrero 2020

"Life Changing Experience"

Highly recommend booking this yoga teaching retreat. It was above and beyond any expectations. The location and accommodations are absolutely stunning, comfortable, and welcoming. Each teacher brought something unique and powerful to the group, making it the best trio to teach you everything you need to know about Tantra yoga. If you’re looking for a positive change in your life and your yoga practices-this is it! You will be forever changed, your heart will be opened, and your practice will be further engaged and connected with your inner light.

Thank you Pedro, Alix, Laura, and Samadhi- for everything. This experience and each of you will stay in my heart forever and I’m so grateful.

Janice Garcia

de Suiza, febrero 2020

"Don’t hesitate "

Book this training and enjoy the breath taking views of the Sacred Valley, the amazing food and the most important enjoy the classes ! This training is very complete and covers a lot of subjects. I would definitely do it again. 🙏🏻

Laura Guenther

de China, febrero 2020

The yoga teacher training with Pedro, Laura and Allix was so much more than I expected. A challenging, amazing and life transforming journey with these three wonderful teachers.

Also the accommodation, food and environment have been outstanding.

I highly recommend this training in sacred valley and am grateful for every minute, it was worth the long journey from China!

Brittany Eifler

de Estados Unidos, febrero 2020

"Would attend again"

I absolutely loved the training. The meditations, content, and location were all amazing. The teachers were super knowledgeable, and unforgettable. The others attending will forever hold a place in my heart as well. I plan to attend future classes by Pedro with some of my classmates in the future.

Martina D'avino

de Italia, diciembre 2019


The place is just stunning! Fernando and his family are so welcoming and special. The Chefs and Karo spoiled us with the healthiest food. The overall experience was exactly what i was looking for. Pedro is so knowledgeable and genuine and Alix is full of energy and a great yoga teacher as well. I highly recommend it!

Matthew Moore

de Estados Unidos, diciembre 2019

"Beautiful location and valuable experience"

This teacher training was exactly what my girlfriend expected and more.

She became a part of a loving and accepting community where she felt safe to explore her body and mind through variety of asanas and meditations, to learn a secret language of a yoga and spirituality, to connect on a soul level to others , to look deep inside myself, to feel my energy flows, to heal… The food and drinks were great. The yoga studio and grounds are beautiful and peaceful. Pedro and Alex are very knowledgeable and caring. All the staff of the resort are very helpful and kind. The Sacred Valley views are breathtaking!

If you want to become a teacher or simply deepen your yoga practice, just go for it. Dive with your mind open into filling loved and supported by teachers and all those around you.

Marshall Perrin

de Canadá, diciembre 2019

Pedro and Alix are both very knowledgeable in Tantra and Vinyasa yoga, and work well together as instructors. They did a great job of creating a community and bringing the entire group together as one. They are both amazing human beings and I look forward to having them as life long friends.

Kriz Ip

de Hong Kong, diciembre 2019

"WONDERFUL yoga experience - Life changing and mind opening "

Pedro and Alix led the training with full professional commitment. This is a combination of spiritual and physical training which would elevate your daily practice in every way. Samadhi is the dream come true venue for every yogi . Our host and chefs at Samadhi took care of us in every possible way and all meals are prepared fresh and delicious .

Rebecca Sanders

de Estados Unidos, diciembre 2019

"If you want to feed the essense your soul..choose this one"

Pedro is a go with the flow type of person. He listens to how the students feel in order to create a schedule for the day and it can change often. This was hard to deal with at first but later super refreshing expiernce in order to follow our hearts and soul. The amount of meditation was extremely useful for me in order to clear out old emotional patterns. I come back to reality and work with a higher expansion of my upper chakras and fully integrated person. Everyone noticed a change in my life, and so do I. Highly Recommended.

Mahala Clayton

de Estados Unidos, diciembre 2019

"Physical and Spiritual Growth at Its Best"

The knowledge of Pedro combined with the physical prowess of Allix combined with the beauty and power of Samadhi Retreat Center make this experience a life changing journey rather than just a Yoga Teacher Training. This experience is thought provoking and life changing if you allow it to be. You will be challenged physically and mentally daily during this intense program but the value is endless if you allow it. The location and food alone is worth the price but when you add the intense coursework you are left with a genuine life altering experience. Thank you thank you thank you

Cassandra Rigo

de Canadá, diciembre 2019

"Soul Learning"

Pedro and Alix created an environment which brought 17 people from drastically different backgrounds together on a deep spiritual and emotional level. We created a beautiful, supportive family in 2 weeks that will last our lifetimes.

Kelly Yang

de Estados Unidos, diciembre 2019

"Incredible experience, beautiful location and people"

I do not have enough words to describe how wonderful and beautiful this experience was. I booked the RYT training with only information on this website and did not know what to expect. The location, training etc is exactly as described with the environment even more beautiful if possible. We woke up everyday to fresh nutritious food, and practiced yoga, meditation and theory in the most scenic of settings. The people and energy of the place was filled with love, kindness and light. Thank you Pedro for bringing our group of yogis together on this training. It is an experience I will never forget and I would recommend to anyone who is interested in RYT.

Maria Del Rosario Hernandez

de Estados Unidos, agosto 2019

"Amazing experience, more than what I expected! 💕"

Everything, people, food, environment, the schedule!

Amanda Mock

de Estados Unidos, agosto 2019

"Wonderful Training"

Pedro and Alix provided excellent guidance through yoga, meditation, and Tantra philosophy. I definitely deepened my personal practice while also learning how to teach. Pedro's expansive knowledge is impressive and I knew I was learning from a true master. Alix's yoga classes allowed me to connect with yoga in new ways because of the unique energy and understanding she brings to her practice. Samadhi is a lovely location and the food was fantastic. I loved the vegetarian options! The staff went above and beyond to make us feel welcome. I felt safe and well cared for from beginning to end. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I highly recommend to other yogis. Thank you!

Emily Short

de Estados Unidos, julio 2019

"Unforgettable experience "

This training was everything I expected and more! Pedro and Alix were amazing teachers and so knowledgeable. The location is breathtaking with amazing food. I would recommend this retreat to everyone.


de Estados Unidos, julio 2019

"An amazing journey "

Pedro really covered the history and philosophy of yoga in the class and both Alix and Pedro did a good job coaching us on correct and safe positioning, especially when teaching inversions. I felt safe to expand my yoga practice and teach others and by the end of it was so much more flexible! The setting was beautiful and the food delicious.

Dana Wood

de Estados Unidos, julio 2019

"Magical Experience!"

The atmosphere, yoga teacher trainers, accommodations, food, and participants exceed my expectations. This was truly an experience of a lifetime in an amazing place. The food was out of this world and Samadhi's bungalows were very comfortable. Pedro and Allix did a phenomenal job throughout the entire teacher training. I learned so much and am excited to integrate my new knowledge and skills into future yoga classes.

Leslie Dunn

de Estados Unidos, julio 2019

"Incredible! Wonderful! Amazing! "

It was such an amazing experience, from the facility, location, education, food, staff, comfort etc. I highly recommend Pedro & Alix for teacher training. They were very professional. I learned so much. It was an incredible 2 weeks. The venue was unbelievable. The Sacred Valley in Peru is magical. I also made so many new friendships. It was wonderful. Memories I will never forget. Thank you Pedro, Alix & everyone at Samadhi.

Kellie Farrell

de Estados Unidos, julio 2019

"An Amazing and Life Changing Experience"

I LOVED my time at the Samadhi Sacred Valley. I have so many amazing memories to take away, including the quality of instructors, the depth of material learned and how prepared I now feel to teach a yoga class. Going to this retreat center I was not sure what to expect, but the staff, the food and facilities were all top notch. They catered to my vegetarian and gluten-free diet as well.

There is not anything I would change about my experience at Samadhi ... I would say that I wished I had planned a bit more time at the beginning or end of my trip to visit Machu Picchu, but the yoga facility and training was nothing short of excellent!

l felt very safe, and had a lot of fun in the process of learning. I would 100% recommend this course to anyone looking to further their yoga knowledge in a professional and heart-warming environment.

Pedro and Allixandra are such knowledgeable and helpful teachers, I don't have enough kind words to say about either of them! I hope to visit the facility and see my new friends again soon! XO

Lola Schaefer

de Estados Unidos, julio 2019

"a wealth of knowledge and experience! "

I loved how knowledgeable pedro and allix were! they consistently offered sincere feedback for our teaching and went out of their way to give extra demonstrations so that we all had hands on experience making adjustments and creating plans. they really wanted to make sure we felt confident when we went out in the world to be teachers! I also appreciated their commitment to giving us the full picture of yoga and teaching and preserving the tradition and the practice accurately and respectfully. despite there being a little confusion regarding housing and sharing the space with another group, both pedro and the retreat center handled it with grace! they were kind and helpful and worked very diligently to make sure everyone had a comfortable place to be.

Stacy Love

de Estados Unidos, julio 2019

"Tantra yoga "

The accommodation and staff went above and beyond. The instructors were prepared, patient, and made sure we were having a good time. I learned so much from this retreat!

Bellay Astrid

de Reino Unido, febrero 2019

"Unforgettable experience"

I highly recommend Pedro Aumkar for a yoga teacher training.

The quality of the documents provided and depth in every subject included in the training were top class. Pedro is an incredible master with a genuine passion for philosophy, yoga, well-being and pursuit of happiness. He is the most knowledgeable teacher I’ve ever met, whilst showing a great sense of humour, patience, humility and kindness. He introduces tantra techniques allowing you to go deeper in your own practice and yoga style. I hope that I will work with Pedro again in the future and that he will teach for many years to come.

Last but not least, The location of the training in Cusco was incredible!

Muchas Gracias !

Shannon Donnola

de Estados Unidos, mayo 2018

"Spiritual yoga retreat"

This retreat was life changing. I enjoyed every moment of it from learning about the philosophy of tantric yoga to participating in the yoga itself. There was a lot of meditation and learning how to help yourself achieve awareness of not only yourself but the nature that surrounded you. The places we visited for meditation were perfect for connecting to the universe and all of its gifts. Not to mention that the views in all parts of the country are astounding.

The retreat center was an amazing place to stay. Each bungalow represented a different chakra. Each one was decorated in a way to really get in tune with that specific chakra from color to aroma. The family that ran the retreat center were beyond wonderful and very accommodating. They cooked amazing vegan options and constantly made you feel at home. The teacher, Pedro, was very knowledgeable and really helped us understand the tantric principles and how they have the ability to transition your practice to one focused on spirituality and oneness. Plus he was always willing to go into more detail about different subjects that we were interested in. His previous student ran several of the classes and was very helpful in teaching us how to adjust students as well as figuring out new ways to get into different asanas. Overall I really enjoyed my experience and would recommend this to all those interested in a spiritual awakening, learning meditation, and yoga.

Melie Viera

de Estados Unidos, mayo 2018

"Most amazing experience "

The place was outrageously beautiful. It is run by a loving family which cater to your every need. I can’t say enough about the views.

Our professor Pedro was knowledgeable, kind, patient and great teacher.


de México, enero 2018

"Excelente oportunidad para aprender Tantra Hatha "

El training fue intensivo, en una muy buena locación aislada del ruido y de el caos de la ciudad...los profesores muy buenas personas y estaban interesados en transmitir correctamente los conceptos a cada uno de los alumnos. Pedro es un gran maestro, buscando siempre que se entienda lo que explica y que se aplique durante la práctica. Totalmente recomendado para los que buscan aprender técnicas avanzadas de respiración y práctica de yoga.

Omar Wood

de Canadá, febrero 2020

"Great gain of knowledge "

I liked the are,food and instructor very much. The group was great!

Latifa Errajel

de Estados Unidos, enero 2019

Een mooie reis doorheen mijn innerlijke wereld. De retreat was heel intens, zowel emotioneel, fysiek, spiritueel als mentaal. De dagen waren heel lang, maar heel verrijkend. Een goeie mix tussen theorie en praktijk. Pedro was een goeie verteller met veel ervaring. De cursus heeft me heel veel zin gegeven om mijn eigen yoga en meditatiepraktijk uit te breiden.

Kimberly Strother

de Estados Unidos, octubre 2018

"The most incredible experience "

Staying at Samadi made our teacher training so special. Not only is it incredibly beautiful but it’s the perfect places to let go of everything and focus on your teacher training and deepen your personal practice. Pedro guides you through so much more than yoga, you walk away feeling as if you were on a spiritual journey.

Stephanie Brunermer

de Estados Unidos, octubre 2018

"Samadhi at the Sacred Valley Yoga Training"

The accomodations were outstanding. The retreat center at samadhi was incredible. I learned so much from Pedro and Alex. It was a Customized yoga experience to fit each participant’s knowledge and skill set. Would recommend to anyone looking for a YTT.

Teresa Danskey

de Italia, junio 2018

"Come ready to release, receive, and refine your practice"

Pedro is a fantastic teacher and leader: always the observer and gentle guide. Not only do I feel appropriately capacitated to teach my brand of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, I was also able to use the time and space to continue my own healing process. Thank you Pedro & Laura! I highly recommend this training.

Laura Studley

de Estados Unidos,

The 200-hour Tantra Hatha Yoga immersion training in Cusco with Pedro was literally life-changing. I have been practicing yoga and meditation for over 10 years and received an immense gift and sacred healing in this relatively short amount of time. Pedro has studied around the globe with venerable monks and scholars and has cultivated his own brand of yoga philosphy and theory. I was incredibly impressed with the quality of course materials, level of instruction, and purposeful daily schedule. Upon returning home from the training, friends and family have remarked that I am a “different person.” This may seem like hyperbole, but there is certainly an element of truth here. I truly believe I re-wired my brain and do not respond the same to daily life stimuli – and I am grateful! Pedro is a wise and patient guru and attracks lovely people around him. If you are open to receiving and living this knowledge of Tantra, you will not be disappointed!