Aranya Yoga Sound Healing and Reiki Studio is registered by Yoga Alliance as RYS-200 in Dharamsala since 2003. They're here to provide with self-healing tools.

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12 Day 100-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh

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Krishna Das Baba

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Anna Stöhr

from Germany, April 2024

"Amazing experience"

During my yoga retreat, I felt at home at Aranya Yoga. Bhagsu Nag is a beautiful and pleasant place and the nature was breathtaking. There was delicious and freshly prepared food every day. My teachers were experienced and patient and tried to adapt to the group's level. I really like the whole experience. Thank you all for the great time!

Robert Jones

from India, April 2024

"Very friendly. Personal touch. Expert. Very knowledgeab"

I especially liked how they could make it bespoke and a personal relationship developed in the sense that we weren't just customers.

Carole Salvador

from United Arab Emirates, July 2023

"Yoga and Mountains"

Krishna is a very welcoming and knowledgeable person and with a contagious happiness. His cooking skills are definitely to be mention here as well. Thank you Baba.

We enjoy the flexibility during the retreat days, which allowed us to learn and absorb about different subjects. The surrounding is just breathtaking and the small little village of Bhagsu Nag is fantastic.

If you love hiking as well, we do recommend to try the Triund Trek, beautiful.



from India, May 2023


The location is good since it is next to Milan Cafe which is pretty good.

Carolina Mortara

from United States, April 2023

"Ideal Retreat with Authentic Spiritual Master"

I traveled to India to experience Yoga and Indian Spiritual teachings. The Universe sent me to Aranya Yoga and Krishna Das Baba and I will forever be grateful for his guidance and teachings. He is an authentic Baba who customizes each person’s retreat to what they need. I have been doing yoga for many years and he was able to highlight my strengths and point out areas that need more work.

The location in nature, the delicious vegetarian food, the vibrating amazing sound healing, and Krishna Das Baba’s fantastic stories delivered an ideal packaged experience. I felt guided and cared for and the needs I didn’t realize I had were provided for.

I highly recommend this experience and look forward to the day that I can return for another amazing time.

Jake Combe

from United States, September 2022

"Perhaps the best there is. "

Training with Baba Krishna was beyond words in the best ways. He is a very original, kind, funny, wise and compassionate character and yogi. I will forever cherish my time at Aranya Yoga Ashram and every moment I spent with my Master Guru Ji Krishna Das Baba.

Rose Meredith

from Australia, September 2022

"Amazing yoga retreat "

Loved my time spent here with Krishna. The yoga teaching was so informative and helpful, with Krishna always pushing me to be my best.

I also loved learning about Indian spirituality, with Krishna always happy to answer our questions. Food was delicious, and loved learning about cooking as well.

Rishikesh Mallela

from India, May 2022

"Great Experience! "

Everyone at the Yoga Ashram was kind and accommodating. The teachers were knowledgeable and thorough. There was a meditation and 2 yoga classes everyday, along with some other sessions. You are encouraged to listen to your body, and can go at your own pace or chose to sit out of a class if you need rest. The cohort I was with was really fun as well!


from India, November 2021

"Peace, tranquility and yoga"

Being in the same room as Krishna Das Baba was itself an enlightenment. His command on yoga as well as knowledge across spheres was exemplary. His tips on improving and enriching our life will stay with me forever.


from France, February 2020

"École de yoga en rooftop entourée de nature et d’animaux"

Cadre simple et authentique, idéal pour la pratique du Yoga.

Clayton Anderson

from India, February 2020

"Great experience for all levels"

I was an absolute beginner and had a great experience with Krishna. By the end of the week I was able to things I haven't been able to do for a long time. It was a great way to kick start my commitment to yoga. Krishna is an amazing person who goes beyond just following the program. He shares his life stories, cooks great food and is very welcoming and kind. They're also flexible to your needs or level. After a few days I was feeling quite sore and tired and so they introduced me to yin yoga. He has an easy going and fun approach and manages to make his lessons more fun. I hope to join his classes up North and meet again.

Romy Weber

from Sri Lanka, January 2020

"Coming home"

I felt immediately at home, in the welcoming, simple and honest place created by baba and everyone else involved. True knowledge of life and going deeper into experience your own body and mind is what you get, through being and talking with baba, challenging asanas, reiki, sound healing and nourishing foods. A wonderful place to stay and experience Indians treasures for human kind. Thank you

Konrad Plechowski

from Netherlands, January 2020

"Authentic yoga, with focus on what yoga truly is"

Absolutely authentic and raw. This is a place where yoga is treated for what it really is and has been for centuries, and not just a pretty workout for pretty Instagram photos. Krishna Baba is a traditional yogin and healer of brahmin lineage who has spent his life traveling across India on his spiritual journey - this quality is unique and makes this whole experience absolutely special. You feel his experience and that special way of understanding life in the way he teaches, the way he runs healing ceremonies and the way he tells his stories - and by being part of this retreat you're welcome to stay close to all this by not only joining the fantastic ashtanga! and hatha yoga classes and ceremonies (daily sound healing or reiki or mantra chanting), but also joining the real life: cooking, evening stories sharing, etc.. I can't imagine I could have found a more authentic and raw place in the whole of Goa. It's not all postcard beautiful (although yoga terrace on the rooftop with the view of the forest is stunning!) and tip-toe organized here, but the power of authentic learning to tap to is massive.

Emily Winnard

from United States, November 2019

"200 hr multi style YTT"

Overall my stay with Baba was positive, I have continued to practice what I learned since returning home. Baba teaches much more than yoga though and really made an effort to integrate my sister and I (US citizens) into Indian culture. He treated us like family and took us to many different festivities, such as Diwali and an Indian wedding. The food at the ashram was abundant and delicious and Baba made sure my sister and I had everything we needed to be comfortable. The location of the ashram was perfect too, close enough to Bhagsu to be convenient but still very peaceful with many natural features.

Alison Winnard

from United States, November 2019

"Wonderful 200 hour YTT"

Krishna and Varun we're our main instructors; they are both passionate yogis. Krishna was a wonderful host, always made sure we were comfortable. Varun was so professional and really knew his stuff. I feel grateful to have learned from them. The location in Dharamsala was amazing. Close to things, but far enough that it was peaceful and quiet.