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Earth Yoga Village

Earth Yoga Village is dedicated to creating a supportive environment, where you can reconnect with yourself and rejuvenate, while offering yoga teacher trainings, retreats, and workshops in India.

Instructors 4

Anand Garg

Anand is an ex-banker who said goodbye to his office job in 2012 to start his journey back to his inner self through yoga, meditation, and other spiritual practices. Anand trained and graduated from Sivananda Ashram in Kerala in 2012 and finished his master of yoga in 2016. He lives by the motto love the life you live and live the life you love.

Sivananda Ashram in Kerala, India (Vipassana Yoga)


Kathrin grew up in the beautiful Austrian countryside, which laid the foundation for her strong connection to mother nature. Having experimented with different nutritional systems for more than 10 years, she came in touch with Ayurveda during her first trip to India in 2007. This very individualized approach of Ayurveda deeply resonated with Kathrin and she decided to return to India to study the art of Ayurveda right where it’s coming from. For the past 7 years Kathrin has been living mostly in India and Nepal where she has deepened her knowledge in Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation & Energy work.


Zooni wears many hats and is a curious spirit. She has always been involved in cooking, hosting guests and sharing food and conversation were an essential part of the family life. She became serious about yoga some six years ago, something to remind her of her child gym and dance steps and was hooked right away. She walked in to Sivananda Ashram in 2014 without expectation and with an open heart and became a yoga teacher. She followed her own try self and kept travelling teaching yoga. She is now sharing the light with other and combining both her hospitality and spiritual skills.


Driven by positive change in her life & love for yogic life style she decided to fully embrace it, by dedicating all her energy into it. She loves to support and help others with yoga and yoga therapy to find balance, be healthy and get empowered to follow their heart. Sylvie is grateful to be able to share positive vibes, as well as spiritual experience on and off the mat. Mesmerized by the beauty and diversity in India, she is excited to meet people from around the world & unfold hidden gems in them Sylvie's motto is 'leave the footprint of kindness where u go!'

Reviews 29

Josefine Käber

from Germany, December 2017

"Einer der der schönsten & lehrreichsten Monate meines Lebens"

Earth Yoga Village ist der perfekte Ort für Menschen mit einer Liebe für Yoga und Community. Am Ende des Strandes, ein bisschen versteckt, bietet das Yogadorf Raum für Konversationen, Yoga und Entspannung und lustige Abendaktivitäten.

Ich habe mich von Anfang an sehr sicher gefühlt und wollte gar nicht mehr weg. Die Yogaausbildung war eine wunderschöne und besondere Erfahrung. Unsere Gruppe wurde sehr nett und respektvoll behandelt und wir hatten großartige Lehrer. Am Anfang und Ende der Ausbildung gab es sehr feierliche und emotionale Zeremonien, die mir immer in Erinnerung bleiben werden.

Ich kann diesen Ort und diese Ausbildung loben und weiterempfehlen!


from Iceland, February 2018

The food was really good. The teachers were really nice and helpful.

Adine Friedman

from Republic of South Africa, February 2018

"A little piece of heaven!!!"

I loved the yoga classes. I felt that my body really opened up in the classes taught with such love and warmth... and of course care. In fact my heart and head opened up too. The food was beyond delicious... tasty and varied. My hut was beautiful and I treasured my privacy. The guests at the village were all very friendly and engaging. Lorraine is simply divine!! Any problem that I had was never an issue. She is an absolute lady and so lovely to be around.

My teachers Kathrin and Nikki are something of another world. Kathrin is loving, caring, gentle, calming and nurturing... so beautiful inside and out. Nikki oozes warmth and care! She is a very encouraging teacher. I just loved being in their company.

Olivier... was simply delightful and his classes were entertaining... and yet we worked hard!

My overall experience was quite humbling.... it was also Just What the doctor prescribed: sun, Sea, beach, yoga, great vegetarian food and lots of LOVE!!!!

Thank you EYV!!! Namaste!!!

Molly Carnestedt

from Sweden, February 2018

"30 days experience at the village"

Great food, wonderful staff and best location right on the beach. I learned so much and met so many amazing people!

Sheetal Konnur

from India, February 2018

"paradise "

food, beach and yoga

Sarah-jane Short

from Great Britain, January 2018

"Perfect setting to relax and reflect!"

Good selection of satsangs, yoga classes and meditation. Eclectic mix of people. Great food and plenty of it. Clean bedding and mozzie net without holes! Great location, quiet, relaxing and peaceful...but easy access to Palolem beach, shops & amenities.

Carmen Verdeyen

from Belgium, January 2018

"Completely surpassed my expectations "

Great place, great people! Loved the community feel

Lee Sloan

from India, January 2018

"A great place to unwind and reconnect"

The food, the teachings and the atmosphere all combined to make this a great choice for a retreat.

I immediately felt at home here. The people and the location make this a world of its own and it is a profound and joyful one, full of insights and opportunities to learn and make friends.

Mikaela Hedborg

from India, January 2018

"Pure love from day 1"

Everything. But especially Anands hatha-classes and Kathrins Vinyasa-classes. The fact that I could get an ayurvedic consultation was more than I could have wished for. And the food is amazing!

Jessica Shih

from Oman, December 2017

"Positivity perfect! "

I can’t say enough good things about EYV. Saying it was amazing isn’t good enough. Take a week and go spend some time there and you’ll see for yourself!

Indra Tobias

from India, December 2017

"Earth yoga village, slice of paradise "

I was mostly impressed with the quality of the staff. From the teachers to the general food and maintenance staff. Everyone was eager to make sure we were comfortable and happy. I highly recommend this yoga camp.

Joshua Meeter

from India, December 2017

"Amazing experience"

Great instructors, amazing location between the beach and jungle, delicious food, judgement free yoga practice with no expectations. You will practice breathing, meditation, and at least 4 types of yoga while you're here and every instructor is extremely qualified and passionate about helping you get the most from your yoga practice.

Maddi Malone

from India, October 2017

"Yoga paradise!"

The staff and teachers are amazing! The location is beautiful and convenient, the food is delicious... everything here is perfect!

Magali Tissier

from France, January 2018

"Groupe électrogène "

Ça serait bien d'isoler le groupe électrogène (ex avec de la paille) car ca sent tres mauvais et fait beaucoup de bruit juste en dessous de la chambre des femmes.

Maria Shirafkan

from Germany, January 2018

"The most inspiring experience of my life@EarthYogaVillageGOA"

It was my first private trip on my own, but I didn’t feel alone at all! After the second day it felt like we know each other forever! It was amazing and the same feeling for everyone!

This was my very first experience for a yoga retreat and I’m happy I could make it at Earth Yoga Village!

Florence Morin-martel

from India, November 2017

"Amazing ! !"

We had the most beautiul time there. Everybody was perfect and the yoga classes were amazing. And the food was delicious !

Testimonials 5


TripAdvisor website

Really loved it here. At first I just came for yoga classes whilst staying elsewhere on the beach, then we came here for a few nights. Really amazing yoga and meditation, nice accommodation (simple, but charming), good healthy food, and run and staffed by genuinely lovely people.


TripAdvisor website

After spending one week partying in Arambol and a couple days lounging in Palolem I decided to try EYV as a friend I had met on the bus down to palolem had recommended it. I am very keen about yoga and was looking for a nice beach retreat so after doing only online research I found EYV to be the more affordable option. I came with no reservation and was given a hut the next day. The location was spectacular, very secluded away from all the action of Palolem, had to walk across the beach and over a wooded bridge across the river, although remote, you never need to leave, they supply endless amounts of drinking water, the food is cooked there for you and it's a great place to hang out. The staff was awesome, 3 great, passionate, incredibly friendly and resourceful instructors who felt more like friends at the end of the retreat. The food was the best I've eaten in 2 months in idea, fresh fruit and healthy vegetarian meals leave your body feeling amazing. The huts although simple had everything you need, beds, sheets, towels, soap, toilet paper, fans and electricity for charging devices, open air bathroom with hot showers. Great community living space. If your into getting a excellent massage they can be booked and delivered in the yoga shala and they are great. If your in it for just the yoga, or meditation you can drop into any classes and they are reasonably priced. The yoga was excellent offering Vinyasa, hatha and yin along with pranyama and buddhist styles of meditation and a excellent afternoon group discussion session after breakfast.

Sagelanca UK

TripAdvisor website

Truly the most stunning place, hidden off the end of Palolem Beach. The owner, Anand, has decorated the whole place so nicely making it a little paradise and completely different than anywhere else nearby. The yoga and meditation teachers are phenomenal and it is suitable for all levels from beginner and on. The food is delicious and the rooms are clean and well equipped with all essentials. I went by myself for a week and made some lovely friends who I am still in touch with. Really fun, peaceful, and helpful to my yoga and meditation practice!

Sally-Anne United Kingdom

TripAdvisor website

I had a wonderful time staying in the Village for six nights - the yoga, food and surroundings were fantastic, and the atmosphere laid back and happy. The village itself is in the beautiful jungle, just away from the main beach at Palolem, and it is lovely. The yoga and meditation teachers were all brilliant, including Anand who runs the place- I really enjoyed his Hatha and pranayama / meditation classes. You can also drop in to classes if you are staying elsewhere.

If you practice yoga and want a great experience of it in India then I would highly recommend Earth Yoga Village.

Carina Fresca

Earth Yoga Village's Facebook page

Just pure Bliss!!! This place is so peaceful, you will not want to leave it anymore. The owner makes you feel at home and keeps you smiling every day! I really enjoyed my stay. Totally recommended!

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