FitYoga is a dynamic fusion of Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Pilates and Fitness elements; a complete mind-body-spirit workout.

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20 Days 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Sunny Malta

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    from US$3,005
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    Balazs Heller

    Karin Heller

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    Emma-Jayne Fallon

    Yoga Alliance Page

    The FitYoga Teacher training program was a life changing experience, not only did I have the opportunity to learn from Balazs and Karin’s incredible knowledge I was able to go on a journey of inner understanding. Time away from my daily life challenged me to reprioritize the things I find important and allowed me to set a different trajectory for my life. I would recommend this training to anyone who wants to give themselves an opportunity for greater personal development.

    Avi Nov

    Fityoga Teacher Training Facebook page

    I practice yoga every day and met many yoga teachers all over the world. The yoga teacher that inspired me the most is Balazs Heller from FitYoga, Malta.

    Balazs Heller is real yogi, a friend, a professional, and has all the qualities to teach you to become a yoga teacher. I strongly recommend his teachers training course.


    Luiza Maria

    Fityoga Teacher Training Facebook page

    It is a life changing program and Balazs helps and guides you into this journey with patience. It is challenging but i totally recommend.

    Célio A Csoknyai Guimarães

    Fityoga Teacher Training Facebook page

    For those that never tried, I strongly recommend:

    - Tibetan Bowls Meditation Practice: Balazs always manage to have a beautiful practice with different sounds, instruments and energy! You definitely will feel the power of healing of the sound and the connection (within and with out) that you can have through it. You can also have good insight in the end of the practice with the open talking that Ballazs supports.

    - Personal Coaching: Balazs will support you to have a deeper reflection of your deep and inner desires/dreams and every little thing that can feed better your inner being. If you are open to his strong words, you will manage to have a deeper understanding and get out of your comfort zone to be able to get inside of yourself. The question is, are you prepare for this big challenge, for The Shift?

    - FitYoga: it is much more than just being fit and yoga. It is an energetic class which Balazs manage to get different techniques together and/or at the same time. Again, he supports you to get out of your comfort zone, connect within (and again, at the same time, connect with out, with what surrounds you). It is an intense and holistic class which will help you to work your body in different ways: from (but not only) just stretching to intense and conscious movements he will support you to feel alive and full of energy.

    I will let here my personal testimonial as well:

    My friend Balazs,

    I believe that when you define you limitate, so for me it is very hard to summarize in just words what such a great person you are, Balazs, or all the great experiences that we shared together, but I will try my best with this big challenge.

    Balazs, you have one of the biggest heart that I ever met: you are a rare person who is pleased to help. It is easy to be inspired by your open heart and mind. I am sure that wherever you pass by, you will spread this beautiful light and wisdom that you have. Balazs, it easy to see that you always try to get together/connected all the things that you had learned and also the effort to share them with everyone. And also admirable that, at the same time, you are also open to reflect and learn from/with everyone. It is easy to I admire you not only as professional but especially as a person. I am thankful for all the moments that we had together: all the meditation practices, reflections and connection within/out.

    You are part of me as I am part of you, my friend. And I am thankful of all we had together (and we will keep having directly or indirectly).


    A big and warm hug from your friend,

    Célio Augusto Csoknyai Guimarães.

    Resina Bradley

    Fityoga Teacher Training Facebook page

    Intensive training and well worth it. Not only did I gain the skills to teacher others, but also deepened my own awareness as a practising yogi, reinforcing the vital importance of connection. Mind, body and spirit. We are all connected by nature and universal existence. It is up to us to nurture and grow into better beings. Thank you Balazs. Namaste.