Italy Farm Stay is an organic farm between Rome and Naples which offers yoga retreat packages that help you experience the authentic style of country life.

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Marco Kailash


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Natalie Lessa

from Indonesia, September 2018

"Beautiful Property but a Bit Off"

The property was beautiful and there was lots to do in the surrounding nature areas - hikes to castles, waterfalls, into town, etc. The area felt safe to walk around alone (minus some streets in the city). The facilities were beautiful and quiet too, a full immersion in nature. I most enjoyed eating dinner at a house down the road with a stunning view of the hillsides and getting to meet guests from other places. The yoga instructor was great also, and the cleanliness and quality of the room was perfect.


from Egypt, September 2018

"Reiki I and II training with Linda"

I took Reiki I and II training with Linda this past summer. Linda’s teaching was genuine and from the heart, and far exceeded my expectations. The experience was sincerely powerful and transformative. I am thankful for the insights Linda gave us and hope to train with her again.

In addition, the farm stay brought together a great group of warm hearted travelers and yogis of all ages from around the world. Maria’s cooking was healthy, delicious, and plentiful. The farm’s volunteers made sure everyone felt welcomed. I’d love to visit again and highly recommend a stay here.

Francesca Fittipaldi

from Ireland, June 2018

"a beautiful experience"

I liked the people, the warm welcome, the tranquil sourroundings and the classes with Linda. Giving my first ever Reiki treatment was a special experience.

Thank you Linda, Antonello, Giuseppe and the volunteers for making my stay so special and worthwile.


from Russia, October 2017

"Short stay in October"

Location is very nice, the area is beautiful and offers many hiking routes.

Laura Moore

from France, October 2017

"Lovely restful break"

Ability to do yoga and get massage also for extra fee. It very good value for money


from Great Britain, September 2017

"A perfect blend of tranquility and activity"

The relaxed environment, the beautiful views and the positive energy and warmth of everyone I encountered. Thank you!

Marianne Skram

from Norway, September 2017

I liked everything, it was like a vitamin pill for body and soul.

Michelle Miggiano

from Great Britain, September 2017

"Reiki & Yoga love"

I completed Reiki training level 1, so my stay was very special. The yoga was great also.


from Great Britain, September 2017

"Rustic yoga retreat"

Yoga instructors and yoga area were excellent! The food was lovely and the people really friendly.

Alison Hunte

from Great Britain, August 2017

"A wonderful break"

The yoga and reiki took me forward in my development. All the yoga classes I went to, with various teachers, were excellent. Our hosts, and the whole atmosphere was warm, accepting and fun. I felt like I was in a special place, The farm is surrounded by mountains, it's a beautiful spot. The food was delicious, fresh from the farm and abundant.

Melanie Jones

from Great Britain, August 2017

"Wonderful relaxing break"

The positivity and calmness will leave you feeling completely energised, and a part of my heart will always stay here... it's like hotel California. You can check out but you will never leave!

Roseanna Furze

from Great Britain, August 2017

"Relaxing retreat "

Maria was lovely and the evening food was great.

Walking around the area was nice but very hilly! The walking meditation was a good experience.

Lovely doing yoga on two of the mornings.

Laura Johns

from Switzerland, July 2017

"Tranquility in Pescosolido"

My time at Italy Farm Stay was fantastic. I'd love to come back here again! Antonello, Linda, Giuseppe and Maria provided a wonderful, relaxed atmosphere.

I took the 'camping' option which had me in a very cool 'A' frame style tent with cot. If you're travelling on your own or with a friend - this is a fun option. If with a family - go for a room in the house as it's more convenient.

I was here for the Yoga experience where I had Linda and Camila as yoga teachers. These ladies are experienced and very professional - taking time to explain and adjust you where necessary.

I had the luck to spend an afternoon with papi Giuseppe where he took me to the orchards to pick fruit, wash my face with red wine (fantastic and funny), moisturise with olive oil and visit the family farm animals.

If you have the chance, take the pasta class with mama Maria and the Reiki with a Linda. It made my time here unforgettable.

Caroline Punch

from Ireland, June 2017

"A lovely getaway in a beautiful setting."

Despite there being a large group of students staying on the farm when I arrived, the owners still made me feel so welcome and included me in all of the activities. Even though they were very busy, they always had time to answer my questions and make my stay very accommodating. My bedroom was just beautiful and the delicious homemade meals made it feel like a home away from home.

Helen Law

from Italy, May 2017

"Wonderful short yoga retreat"

The agriturismo is located in an absolutely part of Lazio, and Maria's food was amazing! Also, Linda and her fellow yogis taught many different types of yoga, so the experience from day to day varied.

Heather Vollebaek

from Norway, April 2017

"Serene & spiritual getaway in the heart of Italy <3"

First of all, the location is absolutely stunning (situated in the foothills of the Apennine Mountain)! Second, the staff & fellow travelers are exceptionally warm, accommodating, and make you feel like family! Communal meals and story telling make you feel right at home. The activities are also endless - yoga classes, hiking in the surrounding area, exploring the town of Sora, horse back riding, visiting the local cheese shepherd.... the list goes on!!!

Janneke Schmalgemeijer

from Netherlands, August 2018


De omgeving is prachtig.

Ik was een reiziger alleen.

Gelukkig waren er een aantal gezellige andere gasten en kon ik het met de vele vrijwilligers goed vinden.

Ik heb nog nooit een slechte review geschreven.

Ben tot nu toe tevreden met de retraites op

maar dit keer past mijn verhaal nog geen eens in het blokje

wat vond je niet leuk.

Als je voor de verse pasta gaat:

ga niet.

Als je denkt aan kaas of wijn

ga niet

De tomaten waren wel overheerlijk.

Elisabeth Herfort

from Italy, May 2018

"Fantastic stay on the farm"

I had a great time staying at Italyfarmstay. The staff is very welcoming and friendly. The farm is in a very beautiful location just outside the Abruzzi National Park. To walk to town it took around 40 min. I appreciated spending a vacation in the countryside without not absolutely needing a car. Met some amazing people among the other guests and spend the afternoons with them . I stayed in a beautiful room that was renovated and decorated with lot's of care, very pretty !

Thanks to Antonello and the rest of the staff ! I will come back.

Silvan Gerrits

from Netherlands, May 2018

"Simply perfect!"

I loved staying at this farm! After a hectic period I came to rest and found peace at this beautiful place. From the first moment I completely felt at ease. I met great people and felt very welcome by the whole family. Life is so simple here, there is nothing to worry about. My room was nice, I slept well on the comfortable bed. Each morning after getting up I took yoga classes from Linda. The varied lessons ware such a joy and after that I could start my day feeling totally relaxed. After a breakfast with fresh eggs of their chickens I usually relaxed in the garden on the sunbeds or went for a hike in the beautiful area. Dinner contains delicious fresh food from the farm (onions, artichoke, lettuce and serval other vegetables). I highly recommended the Reiki treatment and oil massage! This was a lovely addition!

I love to come back again!

Jörn Hamacher

from Germany, November 2017

"Tatsächlich Yoga-RETRAT?"

Ein toller Ort, viele mögliche Aktivitäten, gute und angenehme Räume und ein sehr schöner Yogaraum.

Flexibilität der Anreise.

Angenehme Atmosphäre unter Gästen, freiwilligen Helfer*innen und einigen Gastgeber*innen.

Rianne Van Der Meer

from Netherlands, October 2017

"Geen echte retreat"

Mooie omgeving en goed weer.

Je maakt makkelijk contact met de mede gasten.

Dagelijks yogalessen, zeker de lessen van Alice waren goed. De mogelijkheid om optioneel middag lessen mee te doen.

Laagdrempelig kunnen bereiken van de taxichauffeur Mauro om ons te kunnen brengen naar waar we willen.


from Netherlands, October 2017

Contact met andere mensen, wandelingen, locatie


from Netherlands, October 2017

"Niet zoals verwacht"

De bergtocht naar de waterval en het paardrijden

Marianne Habermann

from Netherlands, October 2017

"Perfect Get-away!"

Het eten, sfeer, mensen, omgeving, alles was echt te gek. Heel erg genoten!


from United States, September 2017

Yoga Stunden. Unterkunft.

Joost Cappon

from Netherlands, September 2017

"Gezellige Yoga boederij"

Aangename mensen, rustige ligging, yogales, paardrijden, wandelen, reiki, mantra

Sara Memmi

from Belgium, August 2017

"Perfect relaxation"

Meeting other people

Different yoga teachers


Nice and clean room

Great and healthy food

Friendly staff

Frauke Migenda

from Germany, August 2017

The Italy Farm Stay is a very nice place. The rooms are very clean.

The Yoga with Linda in the morning is very good. She is a nice yoga teacher and she gives helpful and clear instructions. It is such a good start into the day. Also the surrounding is beautiful. There is so much to do...or you can also just relax in the garden. I really enjoyed my stay a lot!

Leila El Ouni

from Germany, August 2017

"Loved it!"

It was such an awesome experience, i have met so many wonderful people in this beautiful landscape where the farm is located and the farm family is really lovely. Loved the food!

Yoga teachers have all been very good. Reiki with Linda is absolutely recommended, felt magical afterwards.

Testimonials (1)

Lindsay Erickson United States

Italy Farm Stay website

I am so grateful that my path led me to Yoga Farm Italy and Linda's Reiki course. While looking online for a weeklong yoga experience, Linda's posting really spoke to me. I was drawn to the location, the environment, and the combination of yoga plus Reiki. I had never received a Reiki treatment and knew very little about it, but as someone interested in the healing arts, was curious to learn.

Linda's warm and accepting nature was evident from our very first communication, and honestly that is a big part in why I decided to go to the farm. Upon meeting Linda in person and getting to know her over our weeklong stay, it is apparent that Reiki is a way of life for her. As a student of hers, this helped me understand that Reiki is something universal that can be woven into everyday life, as well as something that can be used with more specific intention for an individual being. In addition, her Hatha yoga classes feel deeply interconnected with Reiki, which was an incredible thing to experience. It

After completing Reiki Level 1, I felt a strong desire to continue on to Level 2. Before doing so, Linda explained what it would be like to continue right on to Level 2 and what to be mindful of in making the decision to do so. I appreciated the guidance, and with it felt prepared to move forward with Level 2 because it felt like the right decision for me.

One very special thing I wanted to note here- Linda left me feeling as though I have a teacher for life. During our courses, Linda shared that she would always be there for us if we had any questions or wanted to share any experiences with her, and since leaving the farm I have certainly experienced that already. What a gift to receive :-).

For anyone who is interested in learning more about Reiki, or feels drawn to the healing arts, I would highly recommend traveling to Yoga Farm Italy to learn from and with Linda. I cannot imagine a better place or environment to become a Reiki practitioner.

Thank you Linda, for a gift that will stay with me for my lifetime. I am so so grateful!