Joga Yoga aims to provide quality yoga teacher trainings in Bali, Lombok, and Thailand to people who want to seek a deeper understanding of yoga.

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Joseph Berridge

Dada Vibha

Janice Liou

Elena Smolnikova

Marylene Henry

Fathan Todjon

Ika Dewi

Reviews (6)

rowan kandil

from Egypt, December 2018


I loved my over all experience! loved everything about this training. Learned so much about all aspects of yoga from all of our amazing teachers. Yoga anatomy and philosophy were huge eye openers. All the different yoga types, all the Sanskrit and chanting and meditation. The program is very well curated and beautifully brought together. We started to learn to teach sun salutations from the first week. They honestly delivered what was promised in the course description and more:).Super trust worthy and helpful team, doing everything possible to make our experience as amazing and memorable as they could.

Aside from all of the learning. I just had an great time, met some amazing people and had loads of fun in beautiful Bali <3.

What an experience!! Highly recommended.

Lili Coffin

from Australia, December 2018

"Best thing i’ve ever done!"

My YTT was one of the best thing i’ve ever done! Everything was perfect! From the welcome ceremony till the closing ceremony.

Since day one, everyone made my stay magical and me being part of the family. The breakfast was unreal every morning, hashbrown, began, avocado, coconut water, banana pancakes, homemade peanut butter, ect,

The classes were way more than I expected, from day 1, we start teaching and learning how to queue sunnsalutation A.. the workshops with our special guest Hung gave me such an other outlook on yoga and how my body works.

Maryline, the anatomy teacher knows so much about the body and it’s the class i ve learnt the most. Plus the philosophy class with Dada made my yoga apprentice complete as Dada really teaches you what is being a yogi and how to become wiser and a better human along your yoga journey. I definitely became a better person and back to I really was after three weeks and half of intense training.

The extra activities such as Sauna and dinner in Ubud were just perfect. Everyone sat around a fire, we swam in this beautiful pool looking over the rice field, plus there was a sauna and the food was delicious.. The thaii massage activity was so interesting too, the yoga sunset on the beach was a moment that I would never forget either. There were a lot of magical moments that I would never forget without mentioning all the beautiful souls that I met on this training that I now consider my yoga family. Thank you JogaYoga for everything!!!

Anggia Angela

from Indonesia, November 2018

"Amazing experience!"

I love everything about this training. I’m so glad that I chose Joga Yoga, the team was very helpful. Loving my group too, everybody is very supporting, very open-minded, very funny and up for challenges :)

I love that they teach us to que since the first day. Overall, I really enjoy my time here and I’ve learnt so much in just 3 weeks, from teaching techniques to anatomy and philosophy.

Elyssa Skaff

from Lebanon, August 2018

"An amazing experience"

I researched yoga trainings for numerous hours before I chose Joga Yoga. I feel very grateful because I truly had a great experience. The training is of great quality, it is well rounded and you can tell the team has put a lot of thought into it. By the end of my training, I was able to teach a one hour vinyasa class and I now feel I have tools to develop my practice further. Each teacher was very knowledgeable in what they were teaching, which is inspiring.

The people I met were all lovely, and all keen to work hard and fully immerse themselves in the journey.

The location where the training is happening is also very special: Serenity is simply a lovely place, harmonious and with a unique soul. It is also great that we were a couple of minutes walk from the ocean, as I could go there every day, as often as I wanted, and enjoy it.

Milena Fridrichova

from Thailand, May 2018

"Amazing experience"

The location was great-right next to the beach..amazing vegan food with great well as plenty of other options in the area...the Shallas were very inviting and cosy to practice in..The training was detailed enough..but not overwhelming overall.

Joelle Von Arx

from Switzerland, March 2018

Testimonials (4)

Sean Conners

from California, USA

Joga Yoga has an amazing teaching staff with a very balanced and rounded approach to Yoga practice including its history, Tantric philosophy, methodology and especially practical application. The course left me prepared to step into a Yoga studio and teach fundamental Vinyasa and Hatha sequences right away and feeling confident to have those follow ups with curious students about the realistic benefits and purpose for the practice.

Joe is a really terrific leader with a welcoming, practical approach to yoga instructing, and he was able to recognize the different personal needs and concerns of each student during the course. He made it challenging enough to push us to progress and still comfortable enough to reap the benefits of discipline we were learning.

Puspa gave us the compassionate and well founded instruction on Hatha that was invaluable. And her insights and lessons into the Balinese culture and traditions were such an added bonus to the course. It brought us closer together, and added that sort of worldly experience factor to the whole training.

Dada was the wild card and such a rock solid sort of ‘guru’ for the training. I think above and beyond many other trainings, it was unforgettable to learn from a real, true to life monk whose practice in meditation and yogic philosophy was so genuine. In everything he does, Dada brings that caring smile of understanding, wanting only to convey his knowledge and happiness to everyone he’s around.

Yenny Christine brought incredible insights and tricks for the fundamentals of backbends and shoulder girdle activation that dramatically transformed a lot of our practices. She unexpectedly whipped our booties into better shape with challenging sequences and eye opening practices like Tripsichore yoga.

The stay at Serenity Eco House were very accommodating, and the staff, like most of the Balinese people, were amazingly kind and caring. Their multiple yoga shalas and permaculture facility was super relaxing and zen-like. It had everything you need and was still economic. I was stoked to spend time at the pool or eating at their vegan restaurant. The food was really awesome and provided really good energy everyday for us to keep going at yoga for so many hours at a time. The staff were able to address any of our specific needs promptly whether we needed help with laundry, housekeeping or rides between the dormitories. They were just always happy to be of help. Not to mention, the spa facilities at Serenity were an awesome added bonus! Balinese massage after 3 straight weeks of intensive yoga is a welcome perk!

Being right by the beach in Canggu was also incredible. Amazing places to eat, shop and explore in your down time! Plus we got to see Ubud and the stunning rice paddies. Overall, I’m extremely happy with my experience with the Joga Yoga teacher training considering not the wealth of theory and practice we absorbed but also the gem of a life experience this course was. Great job guys! Thank you sincerely!

Victor Lucas

from Los Angeles

When I signed up for the Joga Yoga Teacher Training, it was as a roll of the dice. I had just over a month left in Asia before my flight back home, and you don’t find a lot of 200 hour teacher training that are less than three weeks. As a result, my options for training that would be finished before I returned home to the United States were limited. I stumbled upon Joga Yoga as one of those few options and said to myself “what the hell, lets just try it!” That was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

All the teachers involved in the training were kind, fun, patient, and knowledgeable. Each of the teachers imparted knowledge upon me that will stick with me for the rest of my life, as well as a newfound wisdom in my world view. The training comprehensively covered not just the physical asanas of a yoga practice and the methods used in teaching those to others, but also a greater contextual philosophical structure within which to place them.

I finished the training physically exhausted, but mentally and spiritually stronger and refreshed. I can give only the highest recommendation for Joga Yoga.

Elizabeth Whitehead

from New Zealand

The experience I had with Joga Yoga teacher training exceeded my expectations in multiple ways. I went in to the training course not knowing what to expect and questioned whether the yoga skills i had picked up from my own practice would be up to the standard (as it can be quite overwhelming seeing all of the incredible yogis on Instagram). Firstly, Joe is the most down to earth guy and really makes an effort to ensure everyone enjoys the course. He has structured the course well so that the basics are covered early and then your practice grows exponentially over the next few weeks! By the end of the course i felt very comfortable with everything I had learnt. The whole team of teachers he has put together is great. I really enjoyed all the philosophy lectures from Dada, and have taken away a lot from it. I couldn't recommend this course more! Go in with an open mind and you will love it!

Agathe Fay

from California

The Joga Yoga training was really in-depth and went beyond Vinyasa teacher training. We practiced Hatha, Ashtanga, Tripsichore, Yin, and Restorative with a variety of teachers. This allowed us to experience various styles and approaches and to assess how our own personalities might inform our teaching style. Serenity is a very unique and cool place. I was impressed by their commitment to being environmentally friendly which was really refreshing after visiting many self proclaimed eco friendly hotels that were doing the bare minimum to qualify for that title. The staff at Serenity is super warm and friendly. They will do everything in their power to help you out.

Canggu isn’t my favorite place in Bali because it’s quit crowded and there is a lot of construction but it’s not a bad place to do the training since you’re just a quick walk to the ocean and amazingly tasty restaurants. You’re in the yoga shala most of the time so it doesn’t really matter where you are and you still get the amazing energy that Bali has to offer and the gorgeous Hindu temples everywhere.

Chanting and meditating with Dada every morning before practice was a highlight as were his philosophy classes. He is a legend.

Overall I really enjoyed the training and feel very fortunate to have been able to participate in it and learn from really strong yoga instructors and beautiful people.