Sundari Integral Yoga School aims to inspire and nurture human potential. The school offers yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi classes, as well as teacher training courses.

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Eugen Mario

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Lina Priebe

from Germany, May 2024

"Great Experience!"

Carmen and Eugen are such lovely people. They did everything to make us feel comfortable and giving us the most knowledge and practices possible in the 21 days. I learned the most about Yoga and life and while having the happiest time. Thank you!

Lola Smith

from Great Britain, April 2024

"Incredible and Enlightening experience "

Aside from the YTT itself, this was a huge detox from my previously unhealthy lifestyle and It's really improved my physical and mental health massively! I felt extremely welcome and loved throughout the course, and although there were hard times and tears shed, it is by far one of the best experiences I have had.

Chloe Mae Ward

from France, April 2024

Carmen and Eugen were so generous and taught me so much more than I could imagine I could learn in 3 weeks.

The accommodation, location and energy was beautiful.

The classes were very in depth and they always made time to answer any questions we had.

I’d love to come back.

Melina Dekker

from Netherlands, March 2024

"Amazing training for traditional yoga/meditation"

We learned everything we need to know to live life and teach as a yogi. The location is amazing if you love water and pine forests! You can practice yoga at the beach. The training includes a lot of yoga philosophy, concentration and meditation techniques and postures. If you'd like to teach vinyasa classes, you'll need to choose another training. You are really taken care of in this TTC and afterwards, Carmen and Eugen are very invested in our training and helpful and kind!


from Germany, December 2023

"Outstanding experience with truly inspiring teachers"

Carmen and Eugen are excellent teachers, they are so welcoming and knowledgeable. Their school is located in a calm town surrounded by pure nature. The course is very intense, be prepared for a tight schedule. I did not only leave with a Yoga teacher certificate but with so much wisdom about the Yoga philosophy which will be a guidance throughout my life, I'm sure!

Thank you so much, Carmen & Eugen!

Annemette Johnson

from Great Britain, December 2023

it was a very inspiring teacher training and very well taught. Eugen and Carmen were very warm hospitable hosts.


from Germany, September 2023

"YTTC September 2023"

Main Impressions after finishing the YTTC:

-overwhelming, peaceful, enlightening

-freshly cooked lunch and dinner every day

-peacful and nice rooms for two people

-beautiful village next to the sea and a lagoon

-kind and highly qualified yoga teachers

-experience for body, soul and spirit

Margaux Irondelle

from Spain, August 2023

"Un séjour fantastique au cœur du Yoga intégral /traditionnel"

Il est toujours difficile de faire le tri entre les milliers d'offres de cours de formation 200 H TTC.

J'ai pris mon temps pour faire mon choix, et je suis très heureuse d'avoir suivi la formation avec Carmen, Eugen and Shanti (the lovely white hunter cat).

Carmen et Eugen ont tout d'abord une expérience richissime et une vraie culture du partage et du bonheur de vivre, cela fait énormément de bien !

Je ne savais pas à quoi m'attendre dans le "yoga intégral ou traditionnel" et j'ai pu découvrir la complexité à la fois spirituelle, énergétique et physique du YOGA et j'en suis très reconnaissante.

Vous repartirez avec des bases solides et une compréhension profonde des 8 membres du Yoga ( ethique, morale, postures, concentration, méditation etc.)La formation est donc très complète et on ressort avec l'envie de partager tous ces apprentissages merveilleux.

le taille du groupe est parfaite pour apprendre et aussi pour faire de vraies rencontres, ce n'est pas l'industrie , tout au contraire !!

la nourriture est excellente, en quantité très généreuse et nous n'avons manqué absolument de rien grâce à Eugen et Carmen, toujours aux petits soins.

la maison, le jardin, le shallah sont très propres, jolis et agréables avec tout à disposition (+mat pour aller à la plage).

l'environnement est parfait entre forêt et océan, une vraie invitation à la détente.

Je ne peux que recommander chaudement cette formation et ces deux professeurs exceptionnels qui donnent envie. Mille mercis !!!

Karin Wisenius

from Sweden, August 2023

"An in-depth experience of traditn"

I attended the YTTC starting in the middle of July 2023 and had a truly memorable and invigorating experience! Having practiced yoga daily in many different forms since six - seven years and attended many different kinds of workshop on different related subjects, I truly enjoyed going to the depth of this traditional integral yoga including the asanas/poses, pranayama, concentration and meditation techniques as well as the yogi philosophy, anatomy etc etc. It was very insightful and deepened my understanding and knowing in many aspects encompassing benefits for body, mind and spirit. We were a beautiful group of eight students - perfect size - and I felt that just by sharing this experience we learned a lot from each other while at the same time being beautifully and lovingly guided by Carmen and Eugen, who both have extensive knowledge and experience within these fields. The surrounding nature (including a pine forest, beach and Atlantic Ocean and a lagoon) is serene and adds a further dimension to it if you ask me, providing the perfect environment for integration and contemplation. The knowledge and insights gained during these weeks are profound and I am eager to keep on processing and implementing what we learned and experienced with the aim of also sharing this with anyone that I think may benefit from it. I can warmly recommend this YTTC!

Francesco Petterino

from Italy, August 2023

"A practical Yoga experience."

Three weeks of intensive and ludicrous yoga training, from all the aspects of the discipline: mind body and spirit. I was in a group of 8 girls/ boys 24-34yo from all around Europe. The preparation and the passion of Eugen and Carmen for this “way to live the life” was present with kindness and attention every second. You can have a different prospective and believes, without prejudice they will genteelly discuss with you through philosophy and science.

Time was at the same time slow and fast, all the activities are well structured: 9 to 12 practical training and asanas, 12 to 14 philosophy and sciences teaching. 14 to 21 free time for individual practice, 21 to 22 meditation session.

But in practical i was always engaged from the activities and the friendship.

Even if I’m a very skeptic kind of person, this experience give me 3 weeks of uninterrupted happiness and things to do.

Special mention to food, I’m italian and I’m pretty demanding on this aspect, i was happily satisfied.

Natalia Volentova

from Slovakia, July 2023

Carmen & Eugen are very holistic practicioners, with several higher educational titels and will give you many extra usefull information about joga from e.g. psychological, traditional chinese medicine, ajurvedic perspective. Carmen studied effective learning techniques so she can really well explain and her manual synthesis is great. Reflect if you want to really focus on the integral joga, especially hatha joga - their curriculum does not include many flows, however you will learn the basis of joga so well, what will make learning of new things much easier. Location and food were just awesome.

Eugen and Carmen are very caring, they really help to open your eyes to many interesting holistic joga concept. This course will be definitely shaping my life for the better.

Anja Brandner

from Germany, April 2023

"The perfect time out for soul searching"

The whole experience was really amazing. I had the privilege of being there only with three other fellow Yogis which made the classes quite intense. The whole YTT really aimed (and succeeded) at giving you a solid foundation into yoga philosophy concerning not only the physical aspect (Asanas) but the whole eight limbs.

Carmen and Eugen were super kind and there for any doubts and questions one has.

I am super grateful that they have high expectations because then one can see that one is indeed able to succeed.

The whole ytt opened up many personal internal questions which I am sure will accompany me on my journey onwards.

Ben Lowe

from Great Britain, March 2023

"Nourishing and empowering experience "

I have just left the 3 week YTTC feeling full of positive spirit, enthusiasm and inspiration to continue my own yoga practice, and to share my enhanced knowledge with others.

I am extremely grateful to have had this opportunity to learn from two highly knowledgeable and experienced teachers. Carmen and Eugene are both beautiful souls, who clearly share a passion for empowering others with their wide array of combined wisdom.

The teacher training is with an intimate group, so we had a lot of individual attention. The location and accommodation is fantastic, and I really felt part of the family.

I highly recommend this experience to anyone considering a yoga teacher training course!

Larissa Zegg

from Switzerland, February 2023

"Beautiful deep experience"

I am so grateful for participating in this wonderful YTTC with Carmen and Eugen! Thanks to you again and also to our small group of people from so many different countries and backgrounds.

Carmen and Eugen have an incredible great wisdom and they are so kind, generous and open-minded , they cared so good for us and were so encouraging and always with a great sense of humour and so much passion! I have learned a lot, not only about yoga, meditation and becoming a teacher, but also about life in general and myself. Study and learning a lot in a foreign language was sometimes intense, but I have expected that from a YTT and it was absolutely worth it and helped to get deep into it.

The accomodation is lovely and very comfortable, the surrounding with the lagoa so beautiful and calm and the food was delicious.

I could not have asked for a better YTTC and can highly recommend it!

Cecilia Rebelo

from France, December 2022

My expectations for this retreat have been exceeded. Carmen and Eugen are extraordinary in their kindness and knowledge, which is great. It has been an intense 3 weeks of learning. Thank you Carmen and Eugen, I will definitely come back for another session.

Lori Whittaker

from Canada, November 2022


Well organized program.


from Canada, November 2022


Loved the instructors and their in-depth knowledge of Integral Yoga, loved the philosophy of this yoga practice, loved the ocean-side location and would definitely recommend it.

Kamila Mika

from Great Britain, November 2022

"great experience "

This TTC was impeccable experience from the beginning till the end. The teachers were extremely knowledgeable but also supportive, helpful and so kind and lovable. Just 8 people in the group which means very individual approach, it was very student focused training. The place just near the ocean side- stunning! Venue was practically brand new with garden and peaceful neighbourhood. Food - amazing! This experience was really one of the kind.

Kristýna Šlesingerová

from Czechia, September 2022

"Wonderful experience!"

This course was such a beautiful journey! I enjoyed every day, learnt so much and ate very delicious food. Every class was filled with so many interesting information and it was delivered very patiently, so whilst there was a lot to learn, I felt very supported and calm. Eugen and Carmen are true professionals and were always so helpful! I can definitely recommend this YTTC :)

Sylvia Goderis

from Belgium, September 2022

" ♡ Amazing and beautifull experience ♡ "

This teacher training exceeded my expectations. Carmen and Eugen are incredibly lovely people and great teachers. They welcomed our group (8 people) into their yoga sanctuary with a lot of love and light. This training has brought me so much closer to myself. The classes are well organized. Carmen and Eugen possess so much knowledge and wisdom. I admire their incredible commitment and patience. I felt very well taking care of during this training. The location is great, the house is very nice, spacious and there is a lot of light. I had a great roommate. The food was great! During the afternoon there was time to rest and study. I have often been to the pinewoods to study. The lagoa is also incredibly beautiful. I have seen many beautiful sunrises and with the group we often enjoyed the beautiful sunsets. So much attention is paid to conveying the correct philosophy and performing all the asanas correctly. It has become very clear to me why the asanas must be performed so precisely. I recommend this teachertraining to anyone who wants to become a yoga teacher. It's an intense course but well worth it! I feel so much more confident about teaching yoga.

Thank you Carmen and Eugen for this wonderful experience, you are the most loving and passionate teachers I know. Sylvia ♡

Rose Knight

from Great Britain, August 2022

"Beautiful "

Carmen and Eugene are incredible and what they have created in their home is absolutely beautiful and I feel so lucky to have had these three weeks with them. Everything was taught with such care and passion, I felt inspired every step of the way.

Jiawen Wu

from Germany, August 2022

"Life-changing experience"

The three-week YTTC with Carmen and Eugen has been a life changing experience for me.

Not only am I equipped with a broad range of Yoga knowledge from Asanas, Chakras, meditation, concentration, basic anatomy and more, I also feel completely rebooted and found the calmness in my heart thanks to the love and light from the dear teachers and fellow students. Carmen has incredible knowledge about Yoga and teaching Yoga, and each of us could give a lesson in the end, making me feel much more confident and ready to become an integral yoga teacher.

The group has only 8 people, so each of us can have quality time with the teacher. Carmen and Eugen have built lovely accommodation within their house, and we have enjoyed a beautiful community life with all convenience.

The location has also been incredible. During self-study time, we could go either to the lagoon, the beach, or the pine forest overlooking the ocean..

I would full heartedly recommend the course to anyone who is interested not only in the modern fitness yoga but also curious in and open to yoga philosophy, spirituality and esoteric yoga.

Katja Schwahn

from Germany, August 2022

The Yoga Teachers Training with Carmen and Eugen follows the traditional YTTC which includes the Yoga philosophy with it’s traditional perfectly aligned asanas, with it’s very well explained poses according to Sir Aurobindos ancient teachings. Yoga as living science contributes to the body, mind and soul health of the yogi with it’s ethical and moral teachings aswell as it’s breathing and meditation practices ..: the course was explained and introduced and done as written in the advertisment on webpage and introduction letter.

Carmen and Eugen are a heartwarming couple passionate and very professional of what and how they teach. The course is highly recommended to people who want to learn the yoga living philosophy as handed down 2500 years ago… as well as for people who truly want to commit themselves to learn something very valuable about themselves and the function of yoga and it’s wholistic body and mind practice not only contributing to ones own health as such but as well as developing of one‘s own spiritual understanding and growth …

I left the course with deep knowledge of Yoga, a very great and profound manual with contents to teach for two years and in remarkable improved and enjoyable health conditions …

The remote but most beautiful surrounding as well as the phantastic ayurvedic food in combination of Carmens and Eugens supplies of all we needed was adding to a almost holiday like but intensively profound YTTC . I can highly recommend this course!

Emma Haensel

from Netherlands, August 2022

Carmen and Eugen‘s house in Lagoa de Albufeira is situated in a wonderfully remote area, right next to a lagoon, the beach and a forest. It is the perfect place to calm down. The (mostly ayurvedic) food we were served was freshly cooked everyday from a local cook with vegetables from his own farm - amazing! We even did a cooking course at the cook’s farm :)

I really learned a lot - especially about the philosophy of yoga, but also about meditation, ayurveda, anatomy, how to teach and how to best get into poses! Carmen and Eugen enable their students to grasp the entirety of yoga and not “only” the sport. In general, the three weeks in Lagoa de Albufeira allowed me to get more centred and become more aware. Both the ongoing study of the philosophy of yoga as well as the remote location of the house really helped achieving this!

The most important positive aspect to mention are the friends for life I made during my YTT! The other girls I met were like-minded and beautiful souls that I could really connect with. We were always there for one another and laughed a lot - never going to forget that!

All in all, I am very grateful for the experience, it taught me a lot. Thank you!

Aya Nitta

from Great Britain, June 2022

"Very intense but worth it!!"

TTC was great and life changing experience. Carmen and Eugen were incredibly supportive and inspiring. The training was very intense, but I enjoyed every moment. There is a wonderful nature around the house, walking distance to the ocean, lagoon and pine forest. We studied and practice at the beach and forest. The food was amazing which cooked by professional chefs and delivered fresh daily.

Yoga philosophy, Meditation and Yoga practice would be extremely helpful to survive busy and stressful life. I was apprehensive about the amount of information and thick textbook, but the curriculum was well structured and organised.

The atmosphere was friendly and inclusive. I really enjoyed spending time with kind and beautiful girls. I feel like I have another family through Yoga.

The practice and learning continue. Carmen kindly gives an online follow up lesson, once completed the training. It is a good opportunity to revise what we learned and keep us motivated.

Megan Hutchings

from Canada, June 2022

"Beautiful people and experience "

Carmen and Eugen are full of knowledge, passion and care. This program was intense and a lot of work but I left with so much more than I came with. They are genuinely full of love and ensure everyone feels safe, confident and leaves knowing what it means to not only teach yoga but to practice yoga as a lifestyle. I highly recommend and look forward to returning one day♥️

Kim Romagmoli

from Germany, May 2022

"3 weeks of inspiration, peacefulness and beautiful people"

I am beyond grateful for the three weeks I spend in Lagoa de Albufeira during the IYTTC. Carmen and Eugen are the most inspiring, experienced and kind teachers we could have wished for. The lessons were quiet intense - but in the best possible way! I started this IYTTC as a complete yoga-beginner and I never could have imagined learning so much about the theorie and praxis of yoga in only 21 days. The passion, knowledge, patience and warmth that Carmen and Eugen showed everyday was amazing. The house we lived in was perfect - new, clean and equiped with everything we could possibly need. It is very close to a beautiful beach and pine forests. We ate healthy vegetarian meals three times a day and if we ever had any additional wishes, Carmen and Eugen were always happy to help. We were six girls from different countries and I fully enjoyed getting to know these beautiful people! The atmosphere could not have been more familiar, peaceful and harmonious. I am so glad I came here and I would always recommend this experience to everyone else!

Peter Stevens

from Great Britain, April 2022

"Life transforming experience"

Fantastic teacher training, life transforming knowledge and experience taught in a friendly and inclusive way. Getting a teaching qualification is just a bonus. If you are ready to look deeply into the science of yoga and what makes us human, you will get a huge amount from this. Go in with an open heart and open mind, Carmen and Eugen are both perfect hosts and perfect teachers. The course is intense and the learning continues when you leave, but this is an authentic teaching from people who live yoga rather than preach yoga

Wiesje Koenders

from Sweden, April 2022

"Transformational "

After having scrolled through a couple of yoga teacher trainings I decided to pick this one. And I am so so glad I did.

1. Amazing teachers

2. Amazing location

3. Amazing food

4. Amazing house

5. Amazing cat

6. Incredible people who did the training the same time as I did.

There are no words that can describe completely how transformational these 3 weeks have been.

I feel like I am closer to myself.

Kinder to myself.

I understand better what it means to be a human.

I will be forever grateful for this experience.

Thank you 🙏

Nancy Ferraria

from Portugal, April 2022

"Au delà de mes attentes ! "

Mon but était de me développer dans la philosophie et la science du yoga traditionnel et ainsi éviter de tomber dans une aventure de yoga alternative plutôt "Western". Ma prise de décision de formation s'est basé principalement sur le parcours professionnel et l'expérience des professeurs...Croyez moi, j'étais plus que servi ! Je suis tellement contente d'avoir choisi Sundari Ytt ! Les descriptions des parcours professionnels de Carmen et Eugen sur ce site sont affichés très humblements, car leurs parcours est beaucoup plus denses, approfondis et variés que décris. Carmen et Eugen ont travaillés des années dans le domaines et ne cessent d'étudier le sujet et d'autres domaines connexes continuellement- ce sont des étudiants éternels ! Ils sont impressionnants, humbles, passionnés et ont su partager cette passion dans une formation bien organisée et le tout dans un belle ambiance de groupe qu'ils ont su créer - nous étions comme une famille et je gardes de bon souvenirs et des moments mémorables. Mon 2ieme critère étant le ratio qualité/prix est plus que satisfait: des notions d'études approfondies, des professeurs expérimentés, un lieux de séjours confortable dans une belle maison avec un lieu de pratique pleines de bonnes énergies, situé dans un secteur calme et naturel à 5 min de la plage, des repas délicieux préparés avec des aliments saints et de qualité par un chef spécialisé en ayurvédique et plus ! J'ai beaucoup de gratitude envers Carmen et Eugen. Encore MERCI !!

Wing Tsou

from Italy, April 2022

"True Yoga Practice"

My experience of the training course was more than I expected, it taught me the classic yoga practice with a profound understanding and respect for the tradition, practicing it with a deeper understanding and integral to our everyday life. Carmen is a teacher with very rich knowledge and full of compassion and love, her training course has combined the philosophical theory and correct asana with details together with the practical matters of teaching, there is certainly a lot to learn and from the training course is just the beginning, we have taken away a lot of knowledge that can keep us learning and practicing afterward. Eugen the anatomy teacher and offered us a Qigong lesson that has been precious, not to mention his patience to help us throughout the administrative part. They really inspired me to be a teacher and share what I've learned along the way. It is a smaller scale family-like environment with love that has everything you need to learn to be a yoga teacher if you are willing to be open-minded and look away from the mainstream marketing attractions.


from Great Britain, February 2022

"Expect the unexpected "

Carmen is my Guru she opened up my life and my existence and I found my true self . my true purpose She teaches with so much love . experience and knowledge and I feel overwhelmed by gratitude for being taught by her The course covers so much information and you leave knowing that you, ARE a yoga teacher

Andrea Giuliano

from Italy, February 2022

"Semplicemente perfetto"

Sono delle splendide persone che hanno dedicato la loro vita a questa disciplina e condividono la loro esperienza in modo brillante. Il posto è molto suggestivo, c'è un enorme pineta che costeggia l'oceano e la laguna accanto. Ringrazio ancora Carmen e Eugen per la splendida esperienza.

Jane Greville

from Great Britain, November 2021

"YTTC OCT 2021"

I loved this class. It has given me the push and inspiration I needed to move forward in my own practice and begin to share yoga with others as a teacher.

Carmen and Eugen have so much wisdom and it was a pleasure to learn from them.

Anne Walde

from Germany, October 2021

"Deeply Spiritual Yoga Teacher Training Experience!!"

I personally loved the class, for me it was a very big change, good routine to my life I had before and it was exactly what I needed in that time. You must know that it contains a lot of meditation and breath work and working on the original Asanas. Its not like the flow yoga you might know from the yoga studios back home, but rather a deep understanding of each pose and feeling inside the pose after it, not directly going in to another pose with a flow but with a pause in between. For me it was absolutely right and Carmen and Eugene have a deep understanding and are so full of wisdom.

Boris Van Melle

from Belgium, August 2021

"That was amazing"

The dedication,the generosity and the enthusiasm of Carmen is truly Contagious and inspire. You feel a real benevolence and a desire to share her knowledge I enjoyed it a lot

Reka Forgach

from Spain, July 2021

"Comprehensive and challenging yoga retreat"

An educational experience is only as good as the instructor that leads it, and in this respect, Carmen provided the highest quality training anyone could ask for. Her deep breadth of knowledge in yogic philosophy is evenly matched with a gentle and jovial teaching style that easily adapts to any circumstance - in order for us to get the most amount of understanding from the retreat. Carmen truly teaches individuals and was able to insert an insane amount of information into our heads over three weeks in a practical, fun way. The purity of her intent is evident from day one - she spares no amount of energy or time to make sure that students leave with a complex understanding of the foundations of Integral Yoga. Beyond this, it's impossible not to mention the sacred beauty of Madeira island, the kindness of the people and the warmth with which you are enveloped on a daily basis during this retreat.

Gabriela Quevedo

from Spain, July 2021

"Experiencia Única"

Yoga clásico y original. El curso está orientado al yoga integral y se aprende muchisimo del yoga clásico, no moderno. Es importante tener estos conocimientos esenciales y básicos para entender la corriente moderna o occidental.

El curso es impartido por Carmen, que es una persona maravillosa y una excelente profesora de yoga. Combinación perfecta entre teoría y practica de yoga.

Además la isla tiene una vibra mágica que hace que este curso sea perfecto.


from Portugal, December 2020

"Formation passionnante"

L enthousiasme de Carmen sa culture immense en matiere de philosophie yoga et des differentes asanas

Jonelle Miller

from Great Britain, November 2020

"Fantastic YTT, Great Value, & Beautiful Location "

What to expect:

This is a serious YTT course about Integral Yoga. You will receive a 500 page textbook, and spend every day and night learning the authentic practice of yoga, including the asanas, pranayamas, meditations, relaxations, & concentration techniques. You are pushed to teach your own classes to the group, and leave with all the basic skills you need to teach on your own. You do have a long exam at the end, however the content is reviewed before hand, so you will know everything that you need to study to do well.

This is so much more than just a YTT. For me, it was a spiritual journey. It opened me to learn about myself and about the universe. Carmen and Eugene are both scholars and very skilled at what they do. They take time to introduce you to their friends and community, and set up fun events during the off hours. You will be challenged, but you will gain so much more than just a certificate. Highly recommend.


from Portugal, October 2020

"Good foundation about yoga"

I think the content of the course was a good starting point understand yoga and how to grow as person through yoga. Detailed information about the poses the benefits physical and spiritual and the correct alignment. I aprreacieted the option of doing only the course without accomodation, this option suited me better.

Bajno Maunder

from Great Britain, August 2020






from Australia, March 2020

"Wonderful experience "

Carmen and Eugen made this yoga teacher training - thank you for sharing your in depth knowledge and time with us. It’s an experience I won’t forget and it’s allowed me to understand that yoga is a way of life rather than just an ‘exercise’ to keep fit and healthy.

Monika Stawick

from Sweden, November 2019

"Excellent experience"

That was a fabulous time I had with Sundari Yoga School!! Really the best choice!! The Teachers, Carmen and Eugen of the highest degree- they are not only wonderful, kind people but gracious and patient in their teaching.

The content of the classes, the academic atmosphere were great and in the same time we felt free to ask questions and discuss interesting issues. They share knowledge,love and spiritual wisdom and that created a unique chance for us to start this wonderful journey of self-discovery as a yoga teacher!!Thank you for everything!!!

Charlotte Abbey

from Spain, August 2019

"One of the best experiences of my life"

Sundari Integral Yoga school became like a family to me for the 21 days on Madeira Island. Carmen and Eugen were so welcoming and caring towards us all, and I always felt I could ask them anything if I was ever feeling unsure.

They both have an incredible wealth of knowledge, and are so passionate about what they do.

They even organised excursions on the days off for us to see the island, and It was absolutely amazing! I truly felt I saw so much of this beautiful place, that I never would have seen otherwise.

I went to learn how to be a yoga teacher, but I left with so much more.

The knowledge taught, helped me see that I always have everything I will ever need in life to feel true happiness, and I can’t wait to teach that knowledge to my future students as well as friends and family.

I will remember this experience for the rest of my life, Thankyou so much for everything Carmen and Eugen, and to everyone else I was able to share this amazing experience with. 😊🙏🏼✨

Charlotte Kazhel

from Spain, July 2019

"Instructors knowledge and dedication was very high "

Instructors knowledge and dedication to Yoga practice. Instructors dedication to also give us a the best mouintain-trip on our day-off from the yoga-school (sundays). Beautiful, beautiful place of the hotel were the teaching found place.


from Colombia, July 2019

We were in nature a lot. But when Carmen har doublebooked herself one weekend and couldnt artens class with us, she also did not know what she would ask Eugene to teach us, so we asked if we could be i nature, but that we couldnt. I felt that was very off, that she didnt know what she wanted to teach us, but she knew she didnt want us to be in nature when she knew we loved it, and I asked several times if we could be outside more.

Miklos Molnar

from Portugal, June 2019

"200h Yoga Teacher Training in Madeira"

Madeira is an amazing island and perfect location for a yoga teacher training. Life is nice and calm there, so I had time to focus on my studies.

It was mostly one to one sessions, so we really focused on the things where I had to improve. And during the evenings I met the yoga community what Carmen and Eugen builded up over the years.

They treated me like their own family for 3weeks, and I got a lot to continue a successful yoga practise.

Debora Bico

from Switzerland, September 2018

"Évolution "

Ce qui m’a plu le plus, c’est le fait d’avoir ressenti que même si nous suivions le même cours, les professeurs étaient là pour chacun d’entre nous, ils ont prit le temps nécessaire pour nous guider dans les bons moments et les plus difficiles également. Je leur en suis très reconnaissante. Carmen et Eugen ont su réveiller en moi des parties endormies et j’ai pu voir une évolution folle en 3 semaines, ce qui me motive pour continuer !

Pilar Cebollero

from Spain, August 2017



from Spain, July 2017

I learnt a lot. Both Masters Carmen and Eugen are awsome, fantastic and great.