VY Vinyasa Yoga promotes the yogi lifestyle based on the personal, regular, and constant yoga practice; creating a favorable atmosphere for the physical, mental, and spiritual development.

Yoga Teacher Training (2)

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30 Day 200-Hour VY Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Tulum

January | February | April | June, 2023
    from US$2,000
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    Ors (Hernán) Gutiérrez

    Marina Porras

    Conejo (Jorge) Castro

    Susana De los Santos

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    from United States, May 2022

    "Best YTT!!!"

    I feel as though I got the best yoga teacher training I could have! So much focus on safety and the entire philosophy, history, and anatomy of yoga, not just becoming an asana master!

    I loved the jungle experience and the food and people were incredible. I have only good things to say about VY Vinyasa Yoga and this program! So grateful for my experience.

    Sarah Scharosch

    from United States, April 2022

    "Best month of my life!!"

    Marina, Ors and Felicia give the most genuine care to their students. They always wanted to hear how we were feeling both physically and emotionally. This training prepares you for everything you need to know and more to be a successful yoga teacher. We learned anatomy, went in depth with each asana, meditated, philosophy, yoga history, chakras, and had more time than I expected to practice teaching our own classes. My favorite part was science and spirituality. Ors can make any topic fun to learn and Marina’s passion and love for yoga transpires into each of her students. If you’re lucky Felicia will be around to teach Buddhi on free days. Finally!! Food was incredible. Haru is the best!!

    Yoann Bourdonnais

    from Mexico, April 2022

    "Best Vinyasa yoga teacher training"

    Globally speaking it is an excellent school with enormous knowledge, insights ans experience to share. Yoga is viewed in its globality and the asanas are reviewed with an emphasis on biomechanics to get a strong, safe and long practice.

    - Very serious and intense practice of Vinyasa yoga, once a day. Everybody's level and progress skyrocketed in a month.

    - Asana knowledge : basics of anatomy, all the postures are reviewed one by one, they teach with a big focus on safety cues

    - A big part is dedicated to actually teach you how to teach : sequencing, cueing, learning how to give a proper class with a lot of team and personal exercices

    - History and philosophy, interesting science and spirituality topics

    - Meditations throughout the day

    - Activities by night

    - Super jungle spot, great installations eco friendly, the food and staff are amazing

    - Community experience: you spend a lot of time with your team, it's kind of a human and social experiment to help you grow mentally and spiritualy

    Thank you VY for this amazing and life changing experience !

    Carlos Hernandez

    from United States, April 2022

    "VY Vinyasa 200hr YTT Program"

    Well executed immersive yoga program. Amazing take on yoga and how it relates to the anatomy of the human body. Intensive but relaxing. A great place to get away, find solid focus, and a steady practice. Left feeling super confident in my ability to teach a multilevel vinyasa class and would highly recommend applying if you a looking for a gateway to a life long practice.

    David Mailhot

    from United States, February 2022

    "Big on safety and teacher skills, leaves out the mysticism"

    I felt so incredibly grateful for all the focus on safety and teaching skills. There were so many little details about anatomy and kinesiology that will forever improve my teaching and my own practice. We also spent an incredible amount of time practicing our teaching skills. They teach you their perfect formula for Vinyasa flow classes, but then emphasize that when you leave you can teach any way you want to.

    Ors and Marina's perspectives on yoga are grounded and practical. The 'Tragic Comedy of Yoga' talks will change your understanding of modern yoga. The 'Science and Spirituality' talks will change your life.

    Don't forget Haru's unforgettable food, or Jiro's tranquil meditations.

    Isabel Chavez

    from Mexico, February 2022

    "Life changing"

    The staff, the other students, the place, the food (OMG THE FOOD <3), everything was so amazing, so cool.

    Mary Hamrick

    from United States, February 2022

    "Awesome Vinyasa Training"

    utstanding instruction on sequencing and asanas. I loved every bit of this training. This is not an easy laid back course. It is intensive. You MUST know your sanskrit and the accompanying asana positioning. Study b4 you go because of my sanskrit, save urself some stress and know b4 u go.. I was playing catch up the entirety of the course. Bring lots of notebook paper for notes. I did not need my kirtan book or ray long anatomy/asana books. A headlamp is a must have. The food was fabulous. Lots of fruit, coffee, tea. Very clean eating no red meat just tuna or vegetarian. Haru the chef was awesome and accommodated those with special diets.. her hot cakes were out of this world, the plantains cakes were one of the best dishes I have ever had..

    This was a full day every day except for 3 Mondays where you could go to the beach or stay in the jungle. I stayed back to study my sanskrit. Felicia was the lead trainer, she made sure we were all where we needed to be. She knows her sh!$. her expertise and knowledge got me thru the course. He ALWAYS had time to help me. Felicia is invaluable!! SHE WENT ABOVE AND BEYOND FOR ALL OF US.The owners Ors and Marina were fantastic, I was so inspired by Marina beautiful inside and out. Ors was awesome, kind and very knowledgeable. They are both outstanding yogi's. Laundry went out every Tuesday and would come back 3 days later. Make sure you bring plenty of undies, leggings and tops or whatever you workout in. Jairo is fantastic!

    Morgan Jastak

    from Poland, December 2021

    "A story of love and freedom"

    Marina and Ors are the best teachers in the world. They don’t hide behind a mask. They are just as they come, truthful and open. Soon they become your friends and you can tell them everything. Because they never judge. They approach every student individually setting different bars for each one of them. Because they know that everybody is special and everybody has different needs and qualities.

    They are the brain and the heart of this place. If you open yours, they will help you transform anything.

    Jairo is the master of calmness and good advice. He can fix absolutely everything starting with a tent zipper and ending with mental issues. If your monkey brain goes wild, he is the one to turn to.

    Haru is the warmest and kindest person on the Earth. She is The Chef in The Kitchen. She’ll fill your heart with love and your belly with delicious and nutritional food.

    After a month with them, you will be a confident and well-prepared yoga teacher with the knowledge that will change everything. Totally everything. I hope you are ready for the best journey in your life.

    I created a new family, a new self, a new vision of life. In my wildest dreams (and they tend to be crazy), I wouldn’t imagine a better story of love and freedom that I want to share with the world. This place is a beginning of something extraordinary. Because there is a way to fix what has been broken. Just as I’ve been repaired during this month in the jungle that has become my home.

    Forever grateful,


    Cosima Wahl

    from Germany, December 2021

    All in all, the Yoga teacher training was perfect:

    The teachers are very well educated about their field and able to transmit their knowledge to us, their students, easily. The training included every aspect they have mentioned before. Further, they were nice and caring. The same applies for the stuff: Every individual need was respected and the atmosphere was informal.

    The place is incredibly beautiful and in the middle of the jungle. Everything is neat and clean, though. The accommodations are comfortable and the food is delicious and made with love.

    It was not just a great YTT, but also an important personal experience.

    Greta Milkovic

    from Germany, December 2021

    "The best yoga teacher’s training, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED "

    VY Vinyasa yoga training absolutely exceeded every single expectation I had. This yoga teachers training absolutely changed my life and there are not enough words to describe the experience I had.

    It was one of the best decisions I made coming to the jungle and spend one month with Marina and Ors.

    Marina and Ors are very professional, they have so much knowledge and I am grateful that they shared their wisdom with all of us in this training. I learned everything I needed to be a great yoga teacher and teach classes that are safe for my students. We didn’t only study poses, but we covered everything from meditation, spirituality, history, health and many many other areas.

    Marina and Ors deeply care about their students and they show their support, care and devotion to their students 24/7.

    The environment is the best and I couldn’t have asked for the better surroundings. Our tents were super nice, surrounded by the jungle, facilities were always clean, we had everything that we needed and all of them made sure we are comfortable.

    Food was absolutely out of this world. Haru and Jairo cooked for us with love, with always fresh and healthy ingredients so we have enough energy for our practice and a full day with classes. And of course, Iku was the sweetest addition to our family.

    If you are not sure whether to to take this Programm, please do yourself a favor and DO SO. YOU WILL HAVE THE BEST MONTH OF YOUR LIFE. Namaste 🙏🏼

    Mauro Martin Ahedo

    from New Zealand, December 2021

    "Best ttc in Mexico"

    Teachers so well prepared ors and marina are the best ❤️❤️

    The food and haru the cooker so lovely

    The place in the middle of the jungle

    , sustantable life style, after 30 days we become experienced and confident teachers

    Grace Monte Calvo

    from Mexico, April 2021

    "A Life Changing Experience"

    From before the training began Marina and Ors were very welcoming and treating me like family. The whole place was magical, walking down the paths to my tent fully surrounded by nature. The classes were long as expected, however Marina and Ors knew how to keep our attention and keep us engaged and participating in discussions. We had fun activities after dinners and had a rest day where we went to the beach and relaxed, or studied, but it was a free day, which no one expected really. The Food was absolutely stunning, every meal was delicious and extremely healthy.

    Marina and Ors always said if we needed anything to just talk to them, very attentive to our needs and were always there to help in any way.

    Felicia is the Teachers assistant, and she was always available all times of the day and night to help if we needed anything. She was my rock and don't think I would have received my Certificate without all of her time and effort she put in to helping me. Egle was also working with us to help us in any way possible. She stayed sometimes till 10pm to help me study for the test practicing the Asanas and coming up with ways to remember full of laughter and jokes. The whole team they have working there is like one big family and they welcome you in with open arms. If I decide to further my education to my 300hr I will defiantly go back to them. So full of knowledge and extremely talented. Thank you <3

    Jennifer Addens

    from Portugal, April 2021

    "Amazing experience and excellent teacher training "

    I just fall in love with Ors and Marina. They put all their heart in this training. They practicing yoga since many years, which makes them also great teachers. We all learned so much about the yoga lifestyle, yoga history, teaching classes and about ourselves. They helped everyone individual to find their teaching style and working on personal baggage. They built a perfect place in the jungle to focus on the training without any destructions. It was the best choice to come here for a month and doing this training. We had such a great time, we made friends and we are definitely able to go out in the world and teach classes. They are not only great teachers, their are also great and beautiful human beings. Everyday I felt inspired. Thank you so much. So much love.

    Thanks to Haru, her healthy food every day was just incredible.

    Kelsey Welch

    from United States, April 2021

    "Hidden gem of yoga!"

    I felt at home right away. The sense of community built over the month was beyond my expectations! I met people here that I will never forget. The instruction was serious and full of humor. The instructors practices are so strong and beautiful without ego. Highly informational and transformative. I highly recommend to anyone!

    Elisei Rusu

    from United States, July 2021

    "Intensive Awesome Learning Experience in the Jungle "

    The complete staff at VY is incredible. Each adding their own flavor of spice to the overall experience. They’re super knowledgeable and go in depth honoring the lineage of yoga. Be ready to learn new concepts, sequencing formulas and becoming an anatomy guru. You will get so much out this program but be willing to come ready to learn. Although you will be disconnected from the world and in the bubble of the jungle, know that it does take work and that your intention should be to grow as much as you can. The food is also 5 stars in my eyes. Each dish wowed me. I will forever dream of the veggie patties Harou makes. Your taste buds will be in heaven. This training is worth every peso of your investment.

    Milena Hirsiger

    from Switzerland, June 2021

    "perfect 300h YTT in the jungle"

    I just finished the training and couldn't be happier!

    Ors, Marina and the rest of the lovely staff managed to create such a wonderful environment, really taking care of each one of the students.

    Both of them have a lot of experience and teach with dedication. They are super knowledgeable and the classes were exactly what I hoped for.

    Highly recommended, I absolutely loved the experience!

    Felicia Lubertazzi

    from Germany, March 2021

    "In-Depth Program in the Jungle"

    I liked how intensive the curriculum was. Where other programs will claim to fit 300 hours in 3 weeks, VY Vinyasa takes the Yoga Alliance standards seriously and ensures that you receive all hours (and more!) and that each lesson is in-depth and that a wide range of knowledge is covered. You can tell that each instructor is highly knowledgeable in their field and that they have a passion for their subject (anatomy, philosophy, meditation, etc.) that they want to share with the students. More than that, they believe in a yogic lifestyle that encompasses all aspects of life and not just the showy asanas like handstands, though of course they will teach you those as well.

    The support staff were also above and beyond. Special thanks to Haru who provided us with delicious meals every day for 6 weeks. She always accommodated any special dietary requirements and learned all of our preferences quickly. The rest of the staff was also beyond helpful and addressed any concerns we had quickly and efficiently.

    The shala was beautiful and peaceful and a wonderful place to practice and learn. In general, it was beautiful to live together with nature. The love that has gone into creating the retreat space can be seen everywhere.

    Taz Burmeister

    from Mexico, February 2021

    This course is very scientifically based, researched and supported. A huge amount of work has been done to provide the most relevant, up to date and detailed information to build a strong and deep yoga practice and teaching base. all the instructors have a wealth of knowledge and a passion for what they do and it shows in the great quality of the course. The course dives deep into anatomy, class structure and design as well as the non asana based principles of yoga including meditation training. The instructors are wonderful and Santosha is a great way to get in touch with nature. To be part of the first group there was a good experience and i think many things were learned for all parties. Given also that this was in the middle of COVID a huge effort was made and it was greatly appreciated.

    Will Loughrin

    from United States, September 2019

    "Above and Beyond"

    First of all, I’d like to share my appreciation to Ors and Marina for the attention they gave to my development as a yogi and as a human being. Spending 3 weeks in the jungle I was expecting a lot of time to focus on elevating my practice, but it was invaluable having two wonderful teachers who cared whole heartedly about me not only becoming the best yoga teacher I can be, but also becoming the best person I can be. These two teachers have complete confidence in their system, coming from years of study, dedication and practice. They don’t preach anything (besides safety) and give their students space to define yoga for themselves. The food was delicious and made with love. The location was a dream. I am lucky to have stumbled onto VY Vinyasa Yoga and into the lives of my new good friends, Ors and Marina. Yoga needs more people like them.

    Alexandra Isoc

    from Romania, November 2018

    "More than I expected"

    Everything! From the first moment I met Marina and Ors I knew they're amazing, but still, every day they surprised me even more. I am so thankful to have made the VYTT with them! They know so much and we learned a lot from them, but at the same time they are humble. They created a very friendly, lovely environment for us, a space where we could feel safe, loved, respected. They not only took care of our minds, but also of our hearts. Always listening to us, encouraging us, never too tired of BEING THERE. Always having a surprise activity(educating/fun), I could never be bored. They really put so much heart in this training and didn't just do it to get it done. Besides being so smart, they are also the goofiest(especially Ors). They were never scared to let the inner child show up, they had fun hand in hand with us, it felt like they're one of us!

    I don't know what future holds, but I would love to go back and do the 300h TT with them.

    My yogi fellows have been also amazing, supportive, inspiring, hilarious:)). They're all my yogi family now. I feel more inspired than ever, I feel like I've grown a lot during the training. Forever grateful!

    The food was amazing, I was the only vegan but there was always a great variety for me. The cook, the sweetest I've ever seen, always there to help and always, always smiling. The accomodation was great, very nice and clean and the place was as described. I can not put into words how thankful I am for everything about this experience.