AAYAA Yoga is an aspiring school of yoga and Ayurveda with a difference. Customized courses as chosen by you with vision: back to roots with yoga and Ayurveda.

Yoga Teacher Training (10)

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Jaggi Jagjeet

Via Wijaya


Obi Aggasarano

Mukesh singh


Reviews (101)

Aaron Egdechman

from Indonesia, July 2024

"Beautiful experience "

The experience was really beautiful. The teacher are very friendly and they reflect them love for yoga style life.

The accommodation was nice, the staff clean the room and the food was different everyday!

Tahel Rashty

from Thailand, July 2024

"Love this school "

The atmosphere

The instructors

The food

The authentic traditional yoga foundation

Kirti Sharma

from Australia, July 2024

"Ariel yoga "

"Trying Ariel yoga for the first time was an exhilarating experience! The feeling of weightlessness combined with gentle stretches made it incredibly relaxing yet surprisingly challenging. The instructor was fantastic, guiding us through each pose with clarity and ensuring everyone felt safe and supported in their hammocks. By the end of the session, I felt m more flexible, and deeply relaxed. Ariel yoga is a unique blend of yoga, aerial arts, and mindfulness that I would highly recommend to anyone looking to elevate their yoga practice or simply try something new!"

Carine Sebastien

from France, June 2024

"Familly School "

I loved the group size ( 14)

I loved the passion and experience of all teachers for yoga , the time and compassion given to each one of us

I loved the organisation, and been taken cared of like we were a big family

I loved being able to talk to any of the staff easily

Aayaa is just about love , compassion, understanding, kindness exactly what you need when you go on a training like that !


from Republic of Korea, May 2024

"Make double check before your journey."

Teachers, food, people that I met there.


from Canada, April 2024

I enjoyed the teachers energy. I believe they try so hard despite the rudeness of students showing up late or not a all. At opening ceremony there should be clarity about not showing up or being late. Attendance should be mandatory and a short written exam, I understand missing one class not feeling well or exhausted but not more than one or 2 classes especially if you are doing only 50 or 100 hours.


from China, April 2024

"nice experience !"

good location,so nice teacher,i took aerial yoga,thats really fun


from Germany, March 2024

"Loveliest Yoga Teacher Training"

I loved my stay at Aayaa Yoga in Bali. Everything was better than expected. The teachers were all amazing, Obi changed my life with his outstanding knowledge. The course was well balanced and fun, I have learned a lot and I am so grateful that I chose this Yoga Teacher Training because we had a lot of variety and it was really intimate.

Jolanda Fanoni

from Switzerland, March 2024


Wir hatten so vielseitigen Unterricht. Ich habe sehr viel gelernt und ganz tolle Leute kennengelernt.


from Sweden, February 2024

"Highly recommend"

Great teachers. The experience is unique and valuable. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to start their yoga teacher training journey.


from Germany, December 2023

"Such a lovely experience "

I had little expectations because their Instagram does not tell a lot, but it was truly a genuine and amazing experience. We were a small group of 8 people and grew together over time. I felt really comfortable around the teachers, the staff and the whole group. The food was amazing as well (it is mostly Indonesian so rice with a different version of tofu or tempeh and vegetables). I loved the physical experience but also the spiritual (which was rather new for me) was amazing. Learning teaching Hatha from Via was so great. She teaches you to be calm and say just enough for your own teaching but not too much to overwhelm people. It helped me a lot! But all the other teachers were also really really good and embrace sharing their knowledge of yoga. I would recommend it a lot if you look for a truly genuine place with people that live for yoga.

Nina Sherman

from Australia, December 2023

"Excellent experience"

I liked the philosophy lessions, breathing exercises and the asanas practice.

Sarita Naidu

from India, December 2023

"Couldn't have asked for more"

There was nothing not to like. The teachers,Staff,location,food,facilities,yoga,Meditation,Pranayama, morning jal neti, asana. Everything was beyond expectation. Thank you Aayaa yoga.


from India, November 2023

"Il corso è buono ma è proprio per principianti."

Mi è piaciuto il metodo di insegnamento dell'insegnante Obi perché si percepisce che mette anima e corpo.


from United Arab Emirates, August 2023

"This is not the place to learn Yoga. Don't go here"

Food was satvik and ok.

Alexis Mcduffee

from United States, August 2023

"Probably wouldn’t recommend to any of my friends after…"

Azmi and Yansha are some of the best teachers I have ever been able to learn from and I appreciate how passionate they were and the energy they brought every day! They both made sure we were prepared to be yoga teachers and cared about making sure we knew what the difference was between just coming to practice and coming to learn and be able to use this experience. I also really loved Obi and Veny though their classes were more focused on learning as a student versus learning as a potential teacher.

The food was also really good though if you are doing 200 hours and not just 100 hours there is a lot of repetition in the menu. Breakfast could also use a higher protein option as well due to the amount of movement the we are doing each day!

I ended up enjoyed my time because of what I learned about myself through this process, the people I met while here, and the amazing energy from the teachers who actually wanted to be there to teach us!


from Austria, May 2023

"Es war für mich bischen enttäuschend in mehreren Sinnen "

Das Essen war super ,Lage auch sehr gut gelegen

Zoloo Ruby

from Switzerland, April 2023

"Perfect getaway"

I had a great time in Aayaa yoga teacher training in Bali. Loved doing yoga and meditation practices outdoor in the beautiful green surrounding with the birds, lizards singing especially in the morning, and having tropical fruits for breakfast afterwards.

The teachers are very knowledgeable and fun to be around. They really want you to understand and learn yoga and meditation from within.

I needed a break from everything as I was stressed with a lot of things and I needed to learn to meditate. So it was just perfect for me. What was even better was that apart from doing yoga and meditation, I loved meeting new people who were into healthy lifestyles. And the food, nature, weather, sun, massages etc. All amazing!

So yea, I had a great time and learned more than I expected.

Thank you so much for everything to all the teachers and the Aayaa crew!

I’ll be back:)

Bella Sablicka

from France, April 2023

"Obi is very good 👍 teacher we love OBI"

Allés was good ,I took 2 weeks more

Emmie Parsons

from United Kingdom, February 2023

"I had an amazing yoga teacher training experience! "

The teachers where amazing! I could tell straight away how experienced all the teachers were! I did the 200 hour course and I learnt so much more than I thought I would. I had a great experience here, all the people I met my the course were amazing, the staff were so friendly and helpful! The food was really good and the room was quite basic but did the job. I could definitely recommend this school!


from United Kingdom, December 2022

"It was worthy"

The environment was very good, the place was nice, the yoga sala was also very nice and I felt comfy in my bedroom. Most teachers were really excellent, asthanga, vinyasa, hatha, yin and aerial yoga teachers were really really good. Pranayama classes were also very nice :)


from Germany, December 2022

"Aayaa Yoga 100h"

- Gruppengröße war passend

- Stunden / Tag waren angemessen

- 2 Tage zur freien Verfügung um die Gegend zu erkunden

- freundliches Personal & nette Lehrer

Taylor Nedurian

from United States, December 2022

"A must do experience "

This course so so enjoyable! It certainly felt challenging at times physically but was the perfect amount of challenge! The staff are all so lovely and fantastic! The course was very detailed and I learned so much more than I was expecting! Food was amazing! I truly felt a transformation and am so excited to continue on my yoga journey.

Charlotte Leonard

from Belgium, October 2022


Les cours étaient super chouettes et on a appris énormément en si peu de temps! On etait en petit groupe et l'espace ou on faisait le yoga était ouvert et tres agréable. Les profs étaient super pédagogiques, super gentils, attentionné et positifs. Le personnel de l'hôtel était super attentionné. La nourriture était incroyable c'était varié et sain et délicieux. Je recommande!

Adrian Isoldi

from Australia, October 2022

"Amazing place to learn Yoga!"

Had an amazing time at Aayaa Yoga. The teachers were super knowledgeable, caring, nuturing, and fun to be around. Was such a pleasant experience! Would definitely recommend doing your 200hrs here if you have the opportunity. Such a welcoming environment.

Silvia Bizzotto

from Netherlands, August 2022

"Namaskar 🙏🏼"

It has been better than I could imagine. The teachers are very knowledgeable souls that passionately share what they have inside. Via is a flower, literally teaching me to breathe in a way I’ll never forget. Shanti a very special person that knew what she was saying in Philoposhy class and out. I am thankful for every meditation class with Hari, being the living demonstration of what he preaches, Jaggy calling all the way from India giving precious teaching on Ayurveda and Yoga Philosophy. Finally the teachings of precious Ida, singing together the Sun salutation.

The place in which we have been staying is perfect, the ricefields and natural paths around it make you breath properly while admiring the most incredible colors around you. The food not only delicious but also very healthy and always given to you with the biggest smile. I definitely benefitted from this experience and I come out having in my coconut more than what I could expect. What I loved the most is that the Traditional basis of yoga are taken into reference, and from what I could see around me in Bali right now, it has become rare to have a non ‘Westernised’ experience of this Oriental art of living. Your body will say thank you.

Alexandra Leise

from Netherlands, March 2020

"Wundervolle Erfahrung"

Unsere Lehrer Via, Shanti, Ida und Igor war sehr herzliche und aufgeschlossene Menschen. Sie haben uns sehr gut angeleitet und an unsere Grenzen geführt. Die Ausbildung hat mich wachgerüttelt und so einiges überdenken lassen. Meine eigene Praxis sieht jetzt sehr viel achtsamer aus. Es geht nicht mehr um schneller, höher und weiter, sondern um was ist gut für mich und wie kann ich dieses Denken in meine Lehrertätigkeit einbinden.

Danke an diese wunderbaren Menschen!

Maarifa Sakkos

from United Kingdom, March 2020

"Excellent teaching "

I would like to thank all the teachers:Via, Igor, Shanti and Ida who all shared their knowledge and skills with open heart, patience and love. The best sources for learning were available and it was up to us, the students how we have and will use it. I appreciate how the course is well balanced between the spiritual aspects of yoga and asana practice. Inspired by the teachers I truly realised in this course the infinite possibilities that yoga as a science that you practice offers.

The food was delicious! I also thank the stuff, specially Hari, who was always there to help if needed.

Sarah Compton

from Indonesia, March 2020

"Mickey Mouse operation. Run!"

The food was okay, the building manager was lovely and apologetic about what transpired

Margaret O Sullivan

from Indonesia, March 2020

"Deepax very poor quality Yin Training .Not acceptable standa"

Nothing.Deepak ?? qualified to teach Yin class and certainly not a 50 Hr Teacher Training Not up to standards ..

I left the course on Day 2 and was offered my Certificate by Manager .


from Germany, February 2020

"es war wieder ein toller Yoga-Urlaub"

Die Betreuung während unseres Retreats durch Kursleiter Suniel war wieder ausgezeichnet. Wir bedanken uns auch diesmal herzlich für die Aufmerksamkeit, Fürsorge und Umsicht. Vielen Dank für die tollen Ausflüge, die wir gemeinsam unternommen haben und die vielen Informationen, die wir erhalten haben. Die Yogastunden, Atemübungen und Meditationen waren durchweg klasse. Vielen Dank an unsere diversen Yogalehrer, die super erklärt haben und uns im Unterricht dort abgeholt haben, wo wir waren. Das Essen war sehr lecker und sehr abwechslungsreich. Wir sind rundherum begeistert.

Amelie Leiva

from Spain, February 2020

Muy atentos y serviciales!

Anna Poledňáková

from Czechia, February 2020

"Amazing experience "

I am so greateful I took this course. The teachers were amazing, food was delicious, staff very helpful, accommodation luxury and location the best with all the green trees and beautiful flowers around, so peaceful. Thank you so much Via, Ida and Shanti.

Lucie Svambergova

from United States, February 2020

"Transformative course I am happy I attended it"

I would like to stay there longer! Or move 😂

In my opinion, it is very different to be taught by real eastern culture. It is indescribable experience that can open your heart and put your ego aside. Best thing that can happen to all western people!

Teachers are unique in their own way and the energy of the presence of all of them together is very loving and beautiful ♥️ They will make you laugh so hard but they take their job seriously so they will teach you, cure you, pass their knowledge. They are there for you and happy to help.

Multistyle yoga was perfect for me because I was able to find the style that suits me the most and I enjoy teaching the most.

Bali, for me, is the most beautiful country with the most beautiful living souls.

There is a swimming pool. Rooms are big with a beautiful view to watch sunset. Restaurants, bars, shops, spas within walk distance. Close to Monkey forest.

Devina Lason

from India, January 2020

"Life Changing experience!"

I went to Aayaa yoga for a one week aerial yoga course and ended up staying one month!

When I arrived at the school I immediately felt welcomed and very much at home. The manager Pabi was really sweet, she helped me settle in quickly and made sure I was comfortable with everything. The students met together in the evening for a welcome ceremony and we got along immediately. The next day the classes started and I absolutely loved aerial yoga , taught by our wonderful teacher Konty. I quickly decided I'd like to spend more time in the school and complete the 200 hour ttc. Once again Pabi and the management team were extremely helpful and made sure they would be able to accomodate me despite my last minute request.

The rest of the classes after aerial yoga including Vinyasa and Yin taught by Konty were wonderful too, designed for everyone from beginners to advanced students. The Philosophy class taught by Vishu was eye opening to say the least, he is an excellent teacher . Anatomy by Dwayne was detailed and insightful, a wonderful teacher as well!

I'm so grateful for the experience, the people, the wonderful skill set I've learned and mostly the family we created together!

Thank you for everything!


from India, January 2020

"You get what you pay for."

Spending the amount of money you spend, you can't really expect luxury service, complete pampering, and amazing quality. For what it's worth, this is an okay thing to do.

Before I signed up I considered TTC so being together with students was great for me to get insight into how it's like.

I got a complimentary rafting experience together with everyone which was really fun.

Ashtanga class teacher is amazing!

You can join all the classes students are going so this is a really great opportunity to find out more about yoga, postures, philosophy, etc.

The food was really tasty and nice.

Kristel Van Eyken

from Belgium, January 2020

"Great experience"

Heel interessant, vooral de yoga filosofie lessen. Voorbij aan de training begon, deed ik vooral yoga oefeningen, de theorie verrijkt en brengt meer duidelijkheid in mijn dagelijkse yoga sessie.

Mahnaz Mousavi

from Qatar, December 2019


This retreat was beyond what we were hoping for. Our teachers Manish and Kounty were incredible. They are highly skillful, experienced, knowledgeable, flexible, with great sense of humor, and adaptability. Manish guided us through complexity of spiritual and philosophical aspects of yoga and answered all our questions patiently. Kaunty took our breath away with his amazing teaching style, physical agility, and unifying yoga with dance, gymnastics, and fitness, all with a beautiful simile, great spirit, and wonderful sense of humor combined with meticulous and seriousness of a yogi. The teachers adapted their training to a diverse class and our family of various ages and abilities. We are speechless in doing justice and send them thanks forever.

The operational manager, Pabitra, and business owner, Manish, attended to us tenderly and accommodated our request. Our 2 chefs, cooked wholesome delicious meals and served them with their quiet and laidback manner. Our home was a charming house with owner living next door and is short distance away from the beach with many quaint restaurants and shops around. The house owners were very prompt in responding and made sure to make us feel comfortable and cared for.

We could not have asked for a better experience and are grateful for all coming together to take us on a short yoga journey. A very grateful namaste from our family to all of you!


from Malaysia, December 2019

Yoga Trainer is Passionate and professional. Her energy was so positive and teaching us with effort and support. I get to explore Astanga, Vinyasa, Yin, Hatha and Aerial Yoga styles as well as pranayama meditation. Vegetarian food are healthy and I have no comment on it. Overall is good.

Martina Schroeter

from Argentina, December 2019

"Good introduction to Aerial Yoga"

Nice and friendly atmosphere in the hotel and classes. The Aerial classes were a lot of fun but also tough to build up strenght. All other classes were interesting, especially philosophy.

Food was tasty, especially breakfast. I liked the huge dining table and low seating...india style.

Accommodation was comfortable, as the room was cold we got a heater. Nice hot shower. Reasonably clean.


from Nepal, December 2019

Met some nice people

Alexis Tate

from United States, November 2019

"Overall an excellent experience "

I went into this journey not knowing what to expect. It was excellent value for the amount of time and training. I loved the teachers also. Via, Shanti, Ida, and Igor all brought something special to the experience.

Malak Fawaz

from Sierra Leone, November 2019

"Malaks review "

The teachers at Aayaa yoga were professional they helped me so much and I would forever be grateful. Via, ida shanti and igor were excellent mentors and they were a great support as I embarked on this journey thank you all.


from Canada, November 2019

"Good yoga retreat but not teacher training"

Ubud is a powerful, spiritual place and I am grateful the course was in a place like this. The teachers were nice and knowledgable, thank you ! I had fun and enjoyed my time here but I wouldn't say that all of us are ready to be teachers. I think it is a good course to do for yourself, to continue/start a spiritual journey. You'll learn the introduction/basic of spirituality, the yoga/hindu philosophy and you will practice yoga everyday but I feel like it is more a yoga retreat than yoga teacher training course.

Grace Joo

from India, November 2019

"Best decision in India"

The instructors and manager at the retreat are very friendly and helpful. Their wealth of knowledge and welcoming character really made a positive impact on our stay. Food was excellent everyday!

Hadeel Taha

from Qatar, October 2019

"Beautiful place to start your yoga journey ❤️"

Everything is great, all the staff are friendly and welcoming, the teachers are great and supportive.. it was beyond my expectations. Sunil the manger was available all the time, very helpful and warm made our stay exceptional. Aayaa yoga was a home and wonderful place to stay in Rishikesh and learn more about yoga.

Eva-maria Faulstich

from Germany, October 2019

"50 Stunden Yin Yoga"

Die Unterkunft war sauber und das Essen super!

Sunil der Manager ist klasse, er kümmert sich um alles und bemüht sich, dass sich alle wohl fühlen.

Jaggi, der Anatomie und Philosophie unterrichtete, hat super viel Wissen und man kann sich stundenlang von ihm inspirieren lassen.

Die Yin-Yogalehrerin und ihr Freund, die den Yin Yoga Kurs letztendlich durchführten machten den Eindruck, dass sie den Kurs nicht vorbereitet hatten. Demnach wirkte der Unterricht sehr unprofessional.

Boram Won

from Qatar, October 2019

"Highly recommend aayaa yoga! "

First of all the enviroment was beautiful, friendly and welcoming staff members, excellent location, nice and knowledgeable instructor!


from Germany, October 2019

"Yoga in Rishikesh"

Die Betreuung während unseres Retreats durch Kursleiter Suniel war exzellent. Herzlichen Dank für die Aufmerksamkeit, Fürsorge und Umsicht. Vielen Dank auch für die tollen Ausflüge, die wir gemeinsam unternommen haben.

Die Yogastunden waren durchweg sehr gut. Vielen Dank an unsere diversen Yogalehrer, die super erklärt haben und uns im Unterricht dort abgeholt haben, wo wir waren.

Das Essen war sehr lecker und sehr abwechslungsreich.

Indira Assylbekova

from United Arab Emirates, October 2019

"Amazing Teachers "

Everything was perfect

Queenie Tsoi

from Australia, October 2019

"Value for money. Friendly staff, accommodation is acceptable"

Friendly staff, amazing and inspiring teachers. Contents of philosophy, meditation and asana classes are very good. Food was great. Location is close to main areas. Pick up service available . Plenty of free time. Tight and intense course.

Rebecca Tannous

from Austria, October 2019

"A great insight to all things Yoga"

I really enjoyed the diversity of classes we had and was able to get a great insight as to the different elements and teaching styles of Yoga. Also the support from Team Pabi and Sunil, you guys were wonderful!


from India, October 2019

"Yin yoga course"

I liked the management and the rooms was in good condition. We had warm water in showers and wifi. I liked Ashtanga yoga teacher and his knowledge. I liked Rishikesh as well

Lorence Clrx

from Canada, September 2019

"Great ttc!"

I am so glad to have done this ttc, I met incredible people, the teachers were great and I would absolutely recommend it to everyone. The food was very good too.

Bitten Nielsen

from Singapore, September 2019

"Better than expected!!"

I didn't expect alot, since the price is very good compared to other 200 hours YTTC in Ubud. However, I was very positively surprised. The instructors is very competent, and very helpful in all aspects, especially Via and Shanti.

I could not ask for anything more. Definitely recommend this place.

Thank you for a unique experience!

Anita Sylim

from Philippines, September 2019

Teachers and staff are very warm and friendly and accommodating!

Hoonbum An

from Republic of Korea, September 2019


Theresa Rumpl

from Austria, September 2019

"My experience of the 200h teacher training"

For me it was the first time doing a yoga teacher training and aayaa yoga school was the perfect school to deepen my practice, to enrich my knowledge about yoga and everything what is related to it. Since there were taught four different styles I got to know different approaches in yoga and can adjust my classes to them. The accomodation was nice, with very very friendly staff and delicious cuisine, who took care about my gluten free eating preference. The accomodation is very close to Ubud, but still you have the feeling that you are pretty close to nature as well since there are rice fields around the place. The teachers are amazing and try to share as much as possible about their experiences and wisdom. I can highly recommend the school, for me it was the perfect beginning of my yoga journey.

All the best, Theresa

Celina Sosic

from Cambodia, September 2019

"I learnt so much!!"

I had so many expectations about the retreat but it was totally exceeded!! I learnt the true meaning of yoga and that it's not all about poses/asanas (although I got my fair share of the hard work In that department!) The philosophy and meditation classes were my favourite because it gave me life changing knowledge and perspective of life which will stick with me forever, i feel so much more calm in my mind and soul.. and I definitely saw a massive difference in my body too just after those three weeks! As a beginner I thought that the course was pretty intense but you get what you pay for and I'm proud to say I am now confident in my own self practice and ready to share my learning with other people as a certified yoga teacher :). And for that I am truly grateful for all the teachers there who helped me along the way, each one very patient, happy, knowledgeable beyond words and caring!! They even organised a day trip to the waterfalls which is pretty cool of them too. And I just cant not mention the food because it was so delicious!!! I couldn't wait for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, I couldn't get enough of it :D. Totally recommend coming here as for the value for money you get what more than you bargain for. Thanks to everyone at Aayaa yoga!!

Amina Trenz

from Indonesia, September 2019

"Eine ganz besondere Erfahrung!"

Was ein wundervoller Ort. Ich habe mich von der ersten Sekunde an total wohl gefühlt. Die Lehrer sind wirklich ausgezeichnet und sind auf jeden Einzelnen eingegangen, was wirklich bewundernswert war! Ein Aufenthalt der mir für immer in Erinnerung bleibt und der mich tatsächlich persönlich sehr weitergebracht hat. Eine ganz besondere Erfahrung. Vielen Dank!

Florine Menez

from France, September 2019

"Aerial yoga training "

L’organisation et le rythme des journées , la nourriture délicieuse , l’accueil du personnel de l’hotel , les cours de Yoga aérien , les cours de pranayama, philosophie et méditation.


from Denmark, August 2019

"As expected - no better, no worse "

The programme provided good value for money. The teachers were competent and the food, location and accommodation was somewhat what I expected.

Reham Saied Elnahrawy

from Egypt, August 2019

Staff is veryy friendly and professional

Warm atmosphere and very good experience! 🙏🏻

Toni Heaton

from Australia, August 2019


There wasn't only 1 thing the whole experience was exceptional.

I will go back for the full course as I was only there for 5 days.

Ligal Aldabah

from Indonesia, August 2019

"Quick yoga retreat in Ubud"

I only had a couple of days in Ubud and wanted to do some yoga. There are yoga classes nearby but I wanted more of a retreat style to immerse myself.

Manish was super responsive and accomodating.

I joined into a yoga teacher training course and was able to attend the asana classes and also yoga philiosopy and teachings. The teachers were great and knowledgeable. Everyone was really friendly and I enjoyed chatting about things off the mat.

This is a new teacher training course and so its still developing - I loved the intimate feel and small group. It was a fantastic experience.

Katrin Rusinski

from Australia, August 2019

"Amazing "

It was a fantastic experience...My room and the accommodation, in general, were tremendous and it is well located in Ubud. The yoga hall is not a closed room, so you feel in nature all the time. After a few days, it felt like home, but not only because of the accommodation. The people I met there are awesome, we had a lot of fun together and so many deep conversations. All of the teachers are super nice, authentic and supportive. You got help anytime you needed it. During the yoga practice, we learned a lot from the advangented teachers and had fun. The teachers are all super sympathetic and always very helpful and explained the stuff twice when it was necessary. What I like the most about this training is the connection between the physical practice and mental knowledge. I think this is an essential part of knowing a lot about your body and yoga as a science, especially when you start teaching. Moreover, you learn different yoga styles and it was so good to try other styles and see which you like the most. The way of teaching was professional, but in a relaxed way, so you always feel comfortable. We all become friends, and the vibes were anytime positive. I enjoyed everything. I highly recommend this YTT!

I am so glad that I chose this school, it was perfect for meeting such great souls and learning a lot about myself. And again a huuuuge thank you to Via, Shani and Jagjeet for being so amazing as well as to my class :) I miss you all already! Sending Love <3


from Australia, July 2019

"Une formation qui ouvre beaucoup d'horizons "

Le fait que la formation soit multi-style. Cela permet de découvrir des styles de yoga que l'on a parfois jamais pratiqué. Cela rend la formation plus diversifiée.

La location dans UBUD: au calme mais proche du centre. Idéal pour aller se détendre avec un massage, manger une glace, ou se rendre au marché.

La nourriture est très bonne et le personnel très gentil.

Jaydee Taylor

from United States, July 2019

"Amazing "

Amazing kind loving teachers

Tana Vitullo

from United States, July 2019

"Meet your new family!"

Amazing food, safe and clean hotel, passionate, knowledgeable teachers, a business that cares.

Michelle Olivier

from Indonesia, July 2019

"Highly recommend "

Such a beautiful setting, with very passionate and knowledgeable instructors.

Covers so many different aspects of yoga styles and meditation.

I’ve loved every minute.

Louisa Janik

from Indonesia, June 2019

"Yoga retreat Aayaa yoga"

Ich hatte eine tolle Woche in der ich nicht nur entspannen sondern auch extrem viel lernen konnte! Die Yoga und Theorie Lehrer waren super nett und konnten in kurzer Zeit sehr viel vermitteln. Was mir besonders gefallen hat, war dass ich bei den Stunden der Teilnehmerinnen des Teacher trainings dabei sein durfte!

Anna Krezel

from United Kingdom, June 2019

"Great opportunity to broaden your skills! "

The 50h Aerial YTT that I have taken part in was well prepared and covered the most crucial aspects necessary to not only practice aerial yoga safely yourself, but most importantly - to teach aerials avoiding accidents and injuries.

The instructor for aerial, was well experienced and structured the course in a great manner, he also gave every single student a great possibility to teach the whole 1h class! The classroom with aerials was available for us 24/7 so during out breaks we were able to do our own practice and prepare for the classes as well.

Communication with Manish - the person organising the training was very professional from the beginning- he replied very quickly and ensured that the students felt welcomed and comfortable. I was pleasantly surprised when I was sent forms asking for my medical history (injuries, allergies etc) as well as for the food preferences!

Once I've reached the retreat, I was welcomed so warmly! Parvitra is doing an amazing job making sure every student feels like a part of the family. She was going above and beyond organising extra activities for the students who asked her to book massage, water rafting in Ganga or even a tattoo artist session! I've observed that if there was any request from students (to adjust schedule, organise extra classes,etc.),Manish and Parvitra would do their best to accommodate students needs.

The place itself is very clean, air conditioned, and with a good WiFi connection.

Great value for the money!

Louise Doran

from Sri Lanka, June 2019

"More of a yoga holiday than a retreat"

You could arrive on any day. The rooms were comfortable and had air conditioning. Pabrita was always around to help and give information or advice. She is friendly and will do all she can to help you have a good experience. The massage was really lovely and rafting was fun. The food was good but if one person in the group doesn't like spice, then everyone eats pretty bland food which in India, is disappointing. We went to a wonderful fire ceremony one evening as a group. It's very good value for money.

Jana Borarosova

from Vietnam, June 2019

My YTTC in Aayaa school was a amazing experience. All the teachers were aknowledgeable and engaged. It was great inside of yoga theory, asanas and philosophy. The schedule and organisation was well maintained. Manish and Popi took care of us so we could feel welcomed and comfortable since the beginning. And last but not least food was very delicious! Thank you for everything.

Anna Prom

from United Arab Emirates, June 2019

"I liked the time spent in Aayaa yoga"

I liked that the hotel bcz mostly all of the rooms have Mountain View. All the teachers were very smart and pleasant as well doing their best to share the knowledge.

Jennifer Chan

from Hong Kong, May 2019

I enjoyed this training so much. The location of the retreat was good. The teachers were knowledgeable and experienced and they had so many to offer. The alignment teacher was so great and I learned a lot from him. I thought all the things he taught were useful for my future as a yoga teacher. The Ashtanga teacher was harsh but knowledgeable. All the adjustments he did were great. And he guided me deeper into an asana. The Philosophy teacher was nice and knowledgeable. Even we had any problems (actually he didn’t need to help us), he helped us to solve them and he spent his private time to communicate with us(about the content of course and any other problems we found). The food was great. They fed me so good! I couldn’t forget the mushrooms and spinach soy bean milk cream sauce!!😋 The staff was nice, they remembered what drink I liked, and prepared it after meal! 😊😊 Our Manager Pabitra was just amazing! I really can't express how much she impressed me. It was very hard managing food for people everyday and all from different parts of the world with different tastes and appetite. She spent her holiday for helping us and arranging activities for us! Specially thanks for holding my hand during hiking😭😭I thought I would fall down without her help😭😭

Sienna Versteeg

from India, May 2019

"Great yoga time in rishikesh! "

The people at this retreat were very accommodating from the amazing manager Pabi to the kitchen workers, the facilities were great and I loved the food! Even with extra tea and special pancake requests :)

Yoga instructors were very informative, morning hatha was a great way to wake up, and ending the day with meditation sessions was very relaxing as well. The ashtanga class was challenging in a good way and Neeraj really helps to improve your form, getting you much deeper into poses.

Also loved the rafting and best massage I’ve had after many in the past 6 months in Asia!!


from India, April 2019

"Not the right place "

Kailyn Robert

from India, April 2019

"Fun Weekend in Rishikesh"

From the moment I walked in the door, the hospitality that was extended to me was phenomenal. Everyone was very friendly and wanted to make sure my every need was taken care of. The food was great, the classes were great, and the people were great, going way out of their way to make sure my experience was awesome.

Tania Hull

from India, February 2019


I could not have asked for a better place.Everything from cleanliness to hygiene to yoga to food was impressive. The people here are a family and you become one of them instantly.I am definitely coming back for a longer duration and best of luck to my new family. I miss you guys already. Thank you so much for the love and yoga and food and the washing machine :). Jaggi is so knowledgeable and loves to give. Vivek can surely make you move like you never thought you could.