Bala Yoga School offers 200-hour and 300-hour TTCs, wellness and yoga retreats in both the international town of Auroville and Bali, Indonesia.

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28 Day 300-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in Auroville

August 1-28, 2024 | March 3-30, 2025, 2024–2025
    from US$2,580
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    24 Day 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Auroville

    Aug | Oct | Dec | Jan | Feb | Mar, 2024–2025
      from US$2,468
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      Balaganesh Sivaprakasam

      SivaKumar SIva

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      Florjan Djukanovic

      from France, February 2023

      "A trip, in a trip, in a trip."

      India is a trip in itself. Auroville is another trip in this first trip. Balaganesh Yoga School took me even deeper. It was a beautiful and inspiring journey full of knowledge, practice, spirituality. Bala is very serious, eager, and generous. He introduced me to many beautiful things, always connecting yoga to life. Romba nandri teacher. See you soon.

      Laure Huys

      from India, October 2022

      "incredible Bali experience!"

      Travel is surely the best way to take a break from our regular life. This retreat helped me to pause my busy life, look at it without prejudice and plan for a better future.The course is designed in such a way that we get our physical activity through yoga asana, Kalaripayatu and mental relaxation through meditation and sound healing. We have the daytime free to enjoy the sauna and swimming pool or walk in the zen garden. As the course happened in Ubud , we had a lot of things we can participate during the day

      Bala and his team were able to understand the need of the individual and can give wonderful care. I think retreats like these are more authentic and bring meaningful connection for yourself. We had the opportunity to attend a purification ceremony in nearby temple.

      Food was fresh and they have a small kitchen garden also. We also hired a scooter and it was a unique experience of its own. Dragonfly is located in the beautiful rice terrace area of Ubud.

      Asanas were taught at our level and not in a dogmatic way. We were given tools to continue the practice even when back home.

      Manoj Stenstrom

      from India, October 2022

      I am Manoj ,born indian , but raised in Sweden . I returned to India few years ago and got attracted to Vedantic philosophy by Chinmaya mission, where i have taken Brahamacharya deeksha but also wanted to include the practise of Asana into my life..

      I found such a great place in the international town of Auroville. The classes are not beginner-level, but having joined the TTC as a beginner, the course was well tought out and considered people of different levels and at the end of the course, I was able to teach classes on my own..For me, who is not great at Asana yoga but do know the basics and most importantly the "why" this and that has been amazing. During the day you can enjoy Auroville, which has so much diverse projects to offer and also a lot of nice restaurants and relax . Afternoons and evenings we had yoga philosophy classes , satsangs , Bhagavad gita and much more. Its was nice learn different schooIs of indian Philpsophy. Bala is a talented teacher not only just in Asanas, but also in Yogic philosophy of Patanjali and more..And I want to recommend this place and the style of his yoga practice in general. He has diverse cultural experiences and hence he can explain difficult points keep the many nationalities that was present in the TTC. We had people from 8 different countries including China . We had tour of local temples, legends, closing Haven ( Fire ceremony)and a lot of laughter during these 21 days.


      from Portugal, October 2022

      "Excellent Instruction "

      Very happy I attended the Beginner Intermediate course, I feel very prepared with an excellent foundation and understanding of yoga and in such a beautiful environment. Bala is highly qualified and I would not hesitate to continue further study with him.

      Natesh Kumar S

      from India, September 2022

      "Happy yoga from the authentic yoga source "

      I am very happy to say that I have got right place for learning yoga, master was very cooperative, arrangements of rooms was made well and good atmosphere. The way of teaching is good, good place for learning yoga, i suggest it is the right place to learn yoga

      Janes Torp

      from Germany, September 2022

      "Veränderung ist möglich Change is possible"

      I had an amazing life changing experience in this TTC .I joined the course not with an intention to teach , but to improve my own health & to lead a happy life . But now I have not only gained tools to lead a successful self practice , but also have gained confidence to teach my friends & families and initiate them into the life of smile and laughter through Yoga . The communication with Bala was excellent as he uses simple , effective , on the right time communication .The transfers from/to the airport went smooth, check-in and out was easy.The yoga classes were in different styles so it gave us an idea of how we can lead sessions for different people . Yoga classes ,the spiritual and philosophical discussions , local culture & temple visits , volunteering in Organic farm , Kalaripayatu and much more made this experience very unique and unforgettable! Overall, it felt like a big family with the long talks and I made new friends there. Thank you, the Bala yoga School team, for this pleasant and unforgettable experience!

      Auroville is an international town with many projects are happening and hence you have some thing interesting happening every day and so this TTC is not just about Yoga , but a complete life changing experience .

      I heard Bala will offer 300 hr TTC courses in Bali , knowing Bala and his team’s organizing skills, attention to details & their patience , I already look forward to enjoy Bali from a complete new perspective and to deepen my yogic practice .

      Anusha Klett

      from Germany, September 2022

      "A great experience"

      Bala has an amazingly positive which is very contagious. The yoga sessions were exactly what I was looking for to progress in my practice. Bala was very supportive and patient in helping us with different asanas. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to yoga philosophy and I learned a lot. I would definitely recommend Bala yoga school to anyone who is willing to immerse themselves in a great environment with wonderful asana practice and learn more about yoga philosophy.

      Vroni Serdült

      from Austria, July 2022


      The icing on the cake defo is the conecctedness of Bala.

      He is well connected to "first world problems" yet deeply rooted in tradicion and a true local of Auroville/South India. This itself gives an incredible layer to everything.

      Could not get better than the program he carefully choosen and mend together for the Seekers.

      It is an intense deep dive into the self and a vast knowledge of the surroundings, tradicions, culture, philosophy, world inside and outside.

      That extra mile, he provides with the care and attention to details around the course itself is extraordinary yet effortless.

      This whole experience was way above my expectations, and offered extensions toward other crafts for the still hungry and curious.

      Cant tell more than recommend it hightly, or just pray somehow YOU the seeker end up here somehow.

      Kira Nierste

      from India, April 2020

      "Amazing Experience with super enthusiastic teachers!"

      I had an amazing experience with Bala Yoga School and Balas knowledge and passion for Yoga as well as other teachers who were part of the team. I really enjoyed getting to know various forms and styles of Yoga and deepen my interest and knowledge. Like Kriyas and detailed versions of Asanas.

      Through the training I could explore my own daily practise and my growth, discover new questions and answers about myself and life and at the same time learned how to give this knowledge and practise to others.

      I feel I could trust the teachers completely with their knowledge, their techniques and the teaching in general in the group and felt in good hands throughout the course. The teachers are expanding their own knowledge and practise all the time which is motivating me even more on the path of Yoga.

      I feel now on my way of being a Yoga Teacher myself and bringing the beautiful wisdom of Yoga into the world wherever I am.

      If you are looking for very enthusiastic and passionate teachers who really love what they do and share everything from their heart, I can really recommend this school!

      I am very grateful and blessed for this amazing experience and everything I learned here!

      Kalyani Siva

      from India, April 2020

      "Not just a yoga TTC but a life changing experience"

      First ,The TTC changed me as a person. The TTC happened in a time of constant changes and uncertainties of the virus . But once we were in the place every thing happened with such smooth flow . Starting from our accommodation to every meal was preplanned and executed with such ease. We were people of different background and we all felt that more such prograns shall be the norm in a TTC . Lead teacher Bala is a treasure trove of knowledge both cultural and yogic . He has in depth knowledge about the Asanas and various schools of yoga . He breaks down each asana so that you can first learn it and then taught how to teach our students . Entire concentration is on becoming a teacher with compassion .The TTC made us feel comfortable in our own self . We had many classes like Hatha , Viyasa ,Ashtanga,Yin, Kalaripayatu etc . This gave us a glimpse of various styles and we can choose where we want to concentrate . We had special classes for teaching kids ,pregnant women and senior citizens. We had our Anatony class from a physiotherapist so we had indepth knowledge how our body works . Philosophical terms were explained with lot of examples and Bala is great in it . We can see that all the faculty had travelled and lived in many parts of the world, so they can explain things from all perspective . I got friends for life and I learnt that you can change some ones life through yoga. Glad to see the passion in their teaching and I highly recommend this course